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        Benefits  and  Insurance
                                       FREE  FOOTBALL
        Office  Discusses               All  Military  Personnel  in
                                       Uniform,  will  be  admitted
        Disability  Pensions           FREE  to  the  Football  game
                                       between  2nd  Air  Force  and
          (The  office  of  the  Coordinator   Fleet  City  at  Kezar  Stadium
        for Benefits and  Insurance and the
                                       Sunday,  September  23.
        Tadcen  Benefits and  Insurance of-
        ficer  is  now  locate,d  topside  in
        Theatre  N,o.  1.   Local  extension  -nual  income  must  not  exceed
        is  640.)                    $1,000- if married  or  with minor
          Two  types  of  government  pen- children, $2,500.
        sions  are  payable  for  disability   A ~isability pension wil_l be paid
        suffered  by  persons  who  have  ·only 1f  a  man leaves  active  serv-
        served in the armed forces during  ice  under  honorable  conditions,
        the  present  war.  There  are  two  and  it  will  not  be  paid  while  a
        kinds  of disability pensions:   man  is  still in  active service.
                                       There  has  been  no  attempt  here
          1.  Paid  for  disability  suffered   to  explain  the  various  degrees  of
         because  of  service  in  the  armed
                                     disability  or  the  amount  of  pen-
         forces.                                                  MIGHTY  MIDGET-Commissioned  in  November,   weld  new beams into place.  Skipper Lt.  E.  Saroch,
                                     sion  paid  in  each case.  If there is
          2.  Paid for a  permanent and to-  any  question  in  your  mind  about   1944,  the  LCS  119  suff,ered  heavy  damage  when   Jr.,  and  communicati,ons officer  Ens.  E.  P.  Reilly,
         tal  disability  that  occurs  after                     she was hit by  a  Jap  Kamikaze  at the  invai,i,on  of   ( in  picture  at  right),  both  on  the  ship  when  she
                                     the  pension  program,  you  are  ad- Okinawa.  Above  (left)  workmen of  the  Treasure   was  hit,  discuss  repair  schedules.  The  119  is  tied
         leaving  the  service  and  is  in  no   vised  to  see  the  Benefits  and  In- lsla,nd  Industrial  Dept.  clear  away  wreckage  and   up  at  Industrial  Pier  14.
         way connected with  it.     surance  officer  of  your  activity.
          In  the  first  case  stated  above,  correction  Please
         pensions  are  paid  for  the  per-  In our discussion of  death pen- "Facts  For  Your   Veteran . of  Okinawa  Invasion
         manent  loss  of  specific  parts  of  sions last week we committed two   future"  Now  Available   •         f            •
         the  body,  and  a1so  for  an  im-  errors  in  the  provisions  for  pay-           Puts  1n  at  T.  I.  or  Repairs
         pairment  of  the  mind  or  body.   ment. We said, "Pensions are pay-  To  All  Hands
         The  amount  of  pension  paid  is   able for death outside the service               Continued  from  Page  1-    must go  no  small  share of  credit
                                                                    Civil Readjustment Information
         based on a  pe:i:ce_ntage rating. The   if  it  results  from  a  service  con- Officers are directed to provide in-  for  securing Okinawa and all  the
         pensions  in  these  cases  can  run   nected  disability."  Actually,  pen-          given  another  assignment.  This  other  stepping  stones  to  Japan.
                                                                                                              t  1
         as  high  as $265  a  month.                             formation  to  all  hands  on  vet- t·  1me  s  e was  o pa ro  an  screen  Even  the  Japs  called  them
                                      sions  are  payable  whatever  the   erans' rights and benefits and the  th   ma 1 ·n  anchorage  Under  no
                                                                                                                            "Mighty Midgets."
          In  the  case  of  the  non-service  cause  of  death.  Pensions  cannot   Navy  Civil  Readjustment  pro- circumstances  was  anything  to  •
         connected  disability,  the  pension  be paid to a  widow whose income   gram  using  the  references  con- get past her and impair the safety
         is $50 a  month;  but for those who  exceeds $1,000,  to an orphan with   tained  in  Alnav  199-45,  advance  of  the  anchorage.
         have been on  the pension  rolls  10  a  like income,  or to a  widow with                                         Navy  Will  Retain
                                                                  copies  of  "Facts  For  Your  Another  "Close  Shave"
         years,  or  attained  the  age  of  65,  children  whose  income  exceeds   th
         the rate is $60  a  month. However,  $2,500.  Last week we  applied  the   Future,"  and   e  chart,  "Rights   "It was about 0100 of the morn-  ROTC  Graduates
                                                                  and  Benefits  of . Navy  Enlisted
         if  unmarried,  the  veteran's  an- figure $2,500 to all cases.   Dischargees."  Specialized inform-  ing  we  were  hit  when  we  heard   The Navy, this week, announced
                                                                  ation on  legal matters,  education,   anti-aircraft fire and saw the sky   the  future  of  some  of  its  train-
                                                                                               fill  with flack,"  said Ens.  Presen-
                                                                  and insurance  should be  obtained                        ing  programs.
         Half of Navy to be  Home in Six Months                   only from individuals aboard com-  za.  'The  bogies'  (enemy aircraft)   Trainees  in  naval  reserve  offi-
                                                                  petent to supply accurate data.   ' were there and the other ships on   cers'  training  corps  scheduled  to
          Washington  (SEA). - SecNav  20,000  pharmacists'  mates,  9,000   Civil Readjustment Information  patrol  were  firing  at  them.  Soon   be  graduated on  November 1  will
         estimates  one  out  of  every  two,  hospital corpsmen and 500 nurses.  Officers  will  not undertake to  in- the planes  dropped flares  so  they   be  retained  on  active  duty  after
                                                                                               could  see  us  more  clearly.  There
         Navy  personnel  "will  be  home  Male  doctors  need  60  points  and   terpret  statues,  regulations,  or  must have been 50 of them in that  commissioning  unless  eligible  for
         within_six months," in announcing  nurses must have- 35  points to be  rulings.  Personnel  should  be  ad-        release  on  points  under  the  de-
         credit  of  one-fourth  point  for  eligible.  Dentists have  been  eligi- vised that the ultimate decision as  one area.  Before we hard_ly knew   mobilization  formula.
                                                                                               it,  a  bomber was  heading for  us,
         every  month  of  activ,e  duty  out- ble  for  release  with  49  points  to eligibility for a  benefit is deter-  Transfers From V-12
         side  the  continental  limits  since  since  August  15.   mined by the agency charged with  strafing  all  the  way  in.  Our  aft   Transfers to this training group
         Sept.  1,  1939.  The  credit  became   The  Navy's  demobilization  is  the  administration  of  the  parti- gunner let go with all he had and   from  V-12  will  increase the num-
                                                                                               knocked  off  the  right  wing,  and
         effective  September 15  and  made  "the  most  ambitious  and  fastest  cular benefit.                            ber  in  the  program  to  approxi-  '-.,,
         750,000  immediately  eligible  for  schedule  of  any  armed  service,"   Advance  copies  of  "Facts  For   the plane crashed q!f  our bow."   mately  19,000  by  November  1.
         release.                     SecNav said.                Your  Future,"  have  been  sent  to   The  bomber had barely hit the   Disposition  of  other  groups  now
           Future reductions in the critical   The  Coast  Guard  has  lowered  all  Civil  Readjustment  Informa- water when  a fighter "Rufe" came   enrolled iii' the NROTC will be de-
         scores  will  be  made  as  soon  as  its  requirements for  male  officers  tion  Officers;  shipments  in  suffi- in on the llD's starboard side.  Al-  termined  later.
         conditions  permit,  he  said.  The  fz:om  49  to 43 points and for male  cient quantities for distribution to  though hit and burning, the plane   Engineers,  p h y s i c s  majors,
         scores  remain  as  before--49  for  enlisted  personnel  from  44  to 40.  all hands have begun. Info,rmation  scream:::d  in- it  was  very  close   aerology,  majors  and  pre-supply
         male officers  (except 44 for naval  This  reduction was made  because- copies  of "Going Back to Civilian  a'ld  the  gunners  had  little  time   candidates  will  complete  train-
         aviators  in  flight  status),  44  for  average  age of Coast Guard  per- Life,"  booklet  designed  only  for  to  train.   ing  in  V-12  and  be  retained  on
         male  enlisted  personnel,  35  for  sonnel is lo-wer than that of Navy  distribution to dischargees as they  Then  It  Happened   active  duty.  They  will  be  com-
         Wave officers  and  29  for  enlisted  personnel.        leave  separation  centers,  will  be   "Before the plane hit it dropped  missioned  as  officers  when  they
         Waves.                        Sixty  per  cent  of  the  750,000  sent  to  Civil  Readjustment  In- a  large  bomb  on  our fantail,  and  complet,e'', their  V-12  courses.
           Among  the  750,000  eligible  on  eligible  on  September  15  were  formation  Officers  beginninrr  Oc- the  instant  the  plane  and  bomb   Medical,  dental,  and  theologi-
         September 15  were  1,100  doctors,  outside the continental limits.   tober 1.       struck,  the ship  was enveloped in  cal students will be released to in-
                                                                                               raging  flames.  All  our fire  fight- active  duty  in  the  naval  reserve
            AREAS  SERVED  BY  SEPARATION  CENTERS  FOR  ENLISTED  MIEN                        ing equipment had been  damaged  with  the  stipulation  that  they
                                                                                               ai;,id  we could not fight the flames,  continue  their training.
                                                                                               but  still  no  one  abandoned  ship.  Middies  Retained
                                                                                               It wasn't 'Jong before the ammuni-  In  the  midshipmen  training
                                                                                               tion  started  going  off  and  we  program,  carried  on  through  the
                                                                                               knew  we  wouldn't  be  on  the  119  naval  reserve  midshipmen's
                                                                                               much  longer."               schools,  all  graduates  prior  to
                                                                                                 The  skipper  gave  the  order  to  'sep,t~mber  1  and  since  that  date
                                                                                               abandon  ship  and  the  wounded  haVe  been  called  on  active  duty.
                                                                                               men  were first  into the life  rafts-.  Those  graduating  in  tpe  future
                                                                                               Everyone  who  was  not  badly  in-  will be retained on active duty.
                                                                                               jured  was  rounding  up  less  for-
                                                                                               tunates  and  helping  them  onto
                                                                                               life  rafts.  The  pharmacist's  mate  Submarines  Sink
                                                                                               worked  calmly and quickly ... an
                                                                                               officer swam back after a  drown- 1,187 Jap  Ships
                                                                                               ing  man ... a  crew member  dove   (SEA).  -  The  Navy's  under-
                                                                                               after  a  badly  burned  mate.  In   water fleet  sank  1,187  vessels  in-
                                                                                               minutes  each  man  had  become  a   cluding  146  combatant  ships  at
                                                                                                                            a  cost  of  52  submarines.  Since
                                                                                               Saved  by  Tug               1940  the  Navy  has  inc;reased  its
                                                                                                 A  tug  that  soon  pulled  along- sub  fleet  to  240.  A  total  o{: ._211
                                                                                               side  the  119  finally  succeeded  in  subs  were  built  in  the  last ,tjcye
                                                                                               dousing  the  raging  flames,  and  years.
                                                                                               after  two  hours  in  the  water the   Of  U.  S.  submarines  lost, :';i3
                                                                                               crew  was  picked  up  by  a  rescue  failed  to return from  patroI,  fqµr
                                                                                               ship.  The  LCS  was  saved  but  14  are  known  sunk,  two  were  de-
                                                                                               men  had  lost  their lives.   stroyed to avoid capture and three
              Enlisted  personnel  meeting  demobilization  requirements  will,  with  certain  exceptions,  be   There you have it- the  saga of  were  scrapped  as  obsolete-.
          transferred  or  ordered  to  the  Separation  Center  nearest their home.  To find the Separation  Center   the  trial by fire  of a  157-foot ship   Jap  submarine  losses  are  esti-
          to  which  you  will  be  tram,ferred,  locate  your  home on the map and check the number shown for that
                                                                                               in  the  battle  for  Okinawa.  She  mated  at  around  130.  Approxi-
          area  with  this  list:  1-Lfdo Beach,  Long  Island,  N.  Y.  2-Great  Lakes,  Ill.  3-Bainbridge,  Md.
           4-Boston,  -5-Toledo, Ohi'o.  6-Minneapolis.  7-New Orleans. , 8-San Pedro, Calif.  9-Shoemaker,   alone  didn't  make  the  headlines,  mately  50  are  still  afloat.  Nazi
          Calif.  10-Camp  Wallace,  Tex.  11-Jacksonville, Fla.  12-Norfolk, Va.  13-Sampson, N. Y.  14-  but to the 119, to her valiant crew  losses were 713, of which 151 were
          Bremerton, Wash.  15-Charleston~ S. C.  16-Memphis.  17-Norman,  Okla.  18-St. Louis,   and  hundreds  of  others  like  her  sunk  by  U.  S.  Naval forces.
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