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11,rllls, -Sp///$ Put lln/6 to  T.  /, ~ WIid We6t Sl,ow                             I THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY;  SEPT.  29,  1945     PAGE  5

                                                           ~--==--=---------:-------:----:::-~-')  Treasure Island Couple

                                                                                               Will Marry October 2;
                                                                                               Chapel  Stene  of  Event

                                                                                              I  Of interest to their many friends
                                                                                               on  Treasure  Island  is  the  an-
                                                                                              ; nouncement  of  the  forthcoming   Until  further  notice,  mat-
                                                                                            '   , marriage  of  Lt.  (jg)  Marjorie   inees  will  be  shown  at  all  the-
                                                                                             r,  Beacom  to  Lt;  Raymond  Brode-  atres on  week  days starting  at
                                                                                               rick,  scheduled  to  take  place  at   1500. Sundays starting at 1400.
                                                                                              ' 5:00  o'clock  on  October  2,  in  the
                                                                                               Treasure  Island  Chapel.
                                                                                                The bride-elect is a  graduate of   Treasure  Island Theatre  No. 1
                                                                                               the  University  of  Minnesota  and
                                                                                               is  a  member  of  Kappa  Alpha
                                                                                               Theta  and  Zeta· Phi  Eta  sorori-  Last  Showing  Tonight
                                                                                                                               "THREE  STRANGERS"
                                                                                               ties.  Before  being  attached  to
                                                                                               Operational Training school,  Miss  G.  Fitzgerald   S.  Greenstreet
                                                                                              I Beacom  was  attached  to  BuPers  3un.-Mon.,  Sept.  30-Oct.  1_
                                                                                               in Washington, D.  C., and prior tc
                                                                                               that  with  the  Training  Aids  De-  "GUEST WIFE"
                                                                                                                            :'.::laudette Colbert   Don Ameche
                                                                                               velopment  Cente·r  in  New  York
                                                                                               City.                        Tuesday,  Oct. 2
                                                                                                 Lt.  Broderick  had  been  aboard
                                                                                                                            "LOVE,  HONOR  &.  GOODBYE"
                                                                                               an  AP A  for  approximately  twc   ',Tirginia Bruce  Victor McLaglen
                                                                                               years  before  coming  to  PreCom-
                                                                                               missioning Training Center.  Dur-
                                                                                                                            Ned.-Thurs.,  Oct.  3-4
                                                                                               ing that time  he  was beach mas-
                                                                                                                                 "LOVE  LETTERS"
                                                                                               ter,  boat  group  commander,  and
                                                                                              i first  lieutenant,  participating  ir   Tennifer  Jones   Joseph Cotten
                                                                                              II  the  invasions  of  Sicily,  Tarawa,
                                                                                                                            r"ri.-Sat.,  Oct.  5-6
                                                                                               the  Marshalls  and  Saipan.   He
                                                                                               also spent some time in the Office   "MEN  IN  HER  DIARY"
                                                                                                                            Jon  Hall    Louise  Albritton
                                                                                               of  Naval · Intelligence  in  Wash-
                                                                                               ington,  D.  C.
                                                                                                 Attending the bride on her wed-  Treasur,e  Island  Theatre  No. 2
                                                                                               ding day will  be a  Theta sorority
                                                                                               sister,  Ens.  Helen  Urness,  of Re-
                                                                                               ceiving  Ship,  who  will  be  the   Last  Showing  T-onight
                                                                                               maid  of  honor.  Lts.  Marcene    "UNCLE  HARRY"
                                                                                               Fabian,  Tadcen  secretary,  and  George  Sanders   Ella  Raines
                                                                                               Maxine  DuCoty,  assistant  postal
                                                                                               officer,  will  be  the  bridesmaids.   Sun.-Mon.,  Sept.  30-0ct.  1
         TREASURE  ISLAND'S  BIGGEST  DRAWING        cinema  lovely  who  shared  honors  with  our  own   Bernard  Kennedy,  of  Washing-  "STATE  FAIR"
         ATTRACTION,  the  rodeo-left  the  local  scene   Miss  Evening Star as "Rodeo Queen." Commodore  ton,  D.  C.,  will  be  the  best  man  Dana  Andrews   Jeanne  Crain
                                                     R.  W.  Cary,  Commander  Training  and  Distribu- and  the  ushers  will  be  John  Mc-
         after depositing  a  rip-roarin'  two-day spectacle of
                                                     tion  Center,  Treasure  Island,  is  shown  in  bottom   Carty,  former  skipper  of  Com- Tuesday,  Oct. 2
         wild  west  shenanigans.  With  a  rootin'  tootin'   photo  presenting  a  cup  to  Bern  Dwelly,  captain
         bunch  of  bucking  broncos  (as  pictured  at  upper   of  the  Palomino  Club  of  San  Francisco.  Luscious   TraCen's  C.I.C.  training  ship,  "RADIO  STARS  ON  PARADE"
         rignt),  the  show  was  studded  with  thrills  and   Dale  Evans  is  shown  feeding  a  hot  dog  to  a  T.  I.  USS  Palomas,  and  Lt.  James  Frances Langford  Wally Brown
         spills  galore.  Pictured  to  the  left  is  Dale  Evans,   sailor.- No  comment!    Nolan.
                                                                                                                            Wed.-Thurs.,  Oct.  3-4
                                                                  from  their  families  continue  to                           "LADY  ON  A  TRAIN"
        Memorial to be-ErecteII in -Honor of                      roll  in,  Mr.  Bussing says.   Said  the  outraged  customer  to   Deanna  Durbin  Ralph  Bellamy
                                                                    Individuals  who  desire  to  con- the  proprietor of a  grocery store:
                                                                  tribute t-owards the memorial  may  "I'd like  to know one· thing.  That   Fri.-Sat., Oc-t.  5-6
        Ernie Pyle, Late G. I.  Biographer                        do  so  by  sending  their  contribu- cheese  you  sold  me  yesterday-  "THREE  STRANGERS"
                                                                  tions  to  "Ernie  Pyle  Memorial, J was it imported or deported from   G.  Fitzgerald   S.  Greenstreet
          Now  that  Mrs.  Ernie  Pyle,  families and friends, who read his  Inc.,"  Dana,  Ind.   Switzerland?"
        widow  of  the  famed  war  corres- stories  so  avidly,  will  want  to
                                                                                   TICKLISH  BUSINESS
        pondent  has  given  her  unequali- share in this tribute.  We  have no                                              Tr,easure  Island Theatre  No.  3
        fied  approval  to  the  erection of a  intentions  of  building  an  out-of-
        memorial  to  her  late  husband,  reason  memorial.  It  will  be  a
                                                                                                                            Last  Showing  Tonight
        citizens of Dana, Ind., a  few miles  symbol  of  his  humanity,  a  token
        from  the  hanks  of  the  Wabash  of the love the G. I.'s held for him.                                               "MEN  IN  HER  DIARY"
        prepared  today to  carry on  their  His  father and his  beloved  "Aunt                                            Jon  Hall     Louise  Albritton
        campaign  to  build  by  public  sub- Mary"  Bales  share·  with  us  th;s                                          Sun.-Mon., Sept. 30-Oct. 1
        scription,  a  library  dedicated  to  objective.  They  are  confidants.                                                 "CAPTAIN  KIDD"
        the  memory  of the  late friend  of  They  with  Mrs.  Pyle  approved
                                                                                                                            Charles  Laughton   R.  Scott
        the service man.             this  tribute  to  their  son  and
          John  Bussing,  Dana  lumber  nephew."                                                                            Tuesday,  Oct.  2
        merchant  and  president  of  the   The  memorial  has  the  support                                                       "RIVER  GANG"
        committee,  has confirmed the  ap- of an unusual number of military,                                                Gloria  Jean     John  Qualan
        pointment  of  a  planning  com- educational,  business,  newspaper
        mittee  to  be  made  up  · of  the  and communication leaders which                                                Wed.-Thurs.,  Oct:  3-4
         directors  who  have  been  given  include more than 300 mayors, the                                                "FIRST  YANK  IN  TOKYO"
         authority  to  seek  such  architec- governors  of  46  states  and  en- _                                         Tom Neal        Barbara Hale
         tural and financial advice as they  listed  men  and  women.  Among .
         see fit.                    those  who  have  accepted  places                                                     Fri.-Sat., Oct. 5-6
                                                                                                                             "HOUSE ON  92nd  STREET"
          Mrs.  Pyle  not  only  approved  on the honorary committee w:ithin
         the  Memorial  Library  in  Dana,  the  past  two  days  are  General                                              William Eythe    Lloyd Nolan
         but  made  a  request  that  an  Dwight  Eisenhower,  the  mayors
         "Ernie Pyle Room" be inclu,ded in  of'Fort Wayne, Ind., Los Angeles,                                                    Verba  Buena  M-ovies
         plans  for  the  structure.  She  has  El Paso and Racine, Wis.
         many  of  her  late  husband's  per-  At  a  directors  meeting  the
         sonal  effects,  manuscripts,  etc.,  directors went on record thanking                                            Last Showing  Tonight
         that  she  would  like  to  place  in  Richard  Condon,  Inc.,  for  their                                              "LOVE  LETTERS"
         this  room  and  also  expressed  the  co.operation and  efforts.  This was                                        Jennifer  Jones   Joseph  Cotton
         thought that many other persons  the  public  relation  organization                                               Sun.-Mon.,  Sept.  29-Oct.  1
         may  have  something  connected  retained to assist in the prelimin-
                                                                                                                             "HOUSE ON  92nd  STREET"
         with Pyle that they would like to  ary  formation  of  the  project.  Iµ
                                                                                                                            William Eythe    Lloyd Nolan
         give.                       resigning,  Richard  Condon,  who
          The body of the famed war cor- from  the  first  insisted  that  none                                             T·uesday,  October 2
         respondent  will  not  be  brought  of  the  contributions  be  used  for                                             . "FOREST  RANGERS"
         back  to  this  country,  the  widow  promotion  contributed  the  fees                                            F.  MacMurray,  Paulette Goddard
         states.  It  will  lie  in  rest  among  still due him to the Memorial Pro-
         the  graves  of  those  G.  I.'s  whose  ject.  The  preliminary  costs  are                                       Wed.-Thurs.,  Oct.  3-4
         saga  he  so  well  narrated.   being  paid  by friends  and  neigh-                                                    "CAPTAIN  KIDD"
          "There are a  few erroneous im- bors  of the  late G.  I.  biographer.                                            Charles Laughton, Randolph Scott
         pressions  which  should  be  clear-  The  campaign  is  being  con-
         ed,"  Mr.  Bussing  said.  "We have  ducted  from  Dana  and  contribu-                                            Fri.-Sat., Oet. 5-6
         every  reason  to  believe  that  the  tions  from  men  in  service,  from   Virginia Mayo, of RKO Pictures, looks  tickled pink in this  picture.   "FIRST  YANK  IN  TOKYO"
         millions  of  service  men,  their  those  recently  discharged  and  Maybe  she  is!                              Tom  Neal       Barbara  Ha.le
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