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THE- MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY;  SEPT:  29;  19"45_ s.
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                                                                       S. MARCUS  DALY

        ·I.__ __ C _IV_I_LI_A_N_PE_R_S_O_N_N_E_L _  __,\
                                                                   Crack Armed  Guard Ctew Dealt Lacing  to  Japs
                                                                  SeamanAwarded Bronze         1

         There's  On~y  One  Way  to  Pick  Up  a Pen~il          Star  for  Heroic  Acti t>n ·
                                       Joe  Doaks was  ambling  slowly   Durin3  leyte  Invasion
                                      toward the mess hall. It was chow
                                      time  and  there  was  no  point  in   In  special  ceremonies  in  the
                                      hurrying  for  he  would  have  to  Armed  Guard  recreation  lounge I
                                      wait  in  line  when  he  finally  last  Friday,  JC  Volley  Boliver,
                                      reached his destination. As he ap- Slc,  was  decorated  with  the
                                      proached Galley K something glit- Bronze  Star medal.
                                      tering caught his eye. It was large   The  P.resentation  was made  by : "''
                                     ' and round and had just the shine  Lt.  Commander  E.  E .  Jaques, ·
                                      of a  new silver dollar.  He turned  executive •officer_ of Armed Guard.
                                      his  head  to  look  again.  "Never   Boliver,  19-year-old  San  Ber-
                                      can  tell,"  he  mumbled.  Stepping  nardino,  Calif-.,  youth, who is cur-
                                      off  the  curb  and  then  glancing  rently awaiting his  orders  at the ·
                                      quickly  about,  he  bent  over  and  Armed  Guard  Center  here,  was i
                                      scooped  the  bright  disc  from  the  cited for bravery while aboard the
                                      road.                        S.S.  Marcus  Daly  in  action  in
                                        A  sharp,  sickening  pain,  like  Philippine  waters.
                                      the  sudden thrust of  a  sword cut   Although  seriously  injured  in
                                      'its  way  across  the  lower  part of  one  engagement,  Boliver  refused
                                      his back. Slowly, he became erect,  to  leave  his  gun  station.  Three
                                      grimacing  as  his  back  mus~les  Jap planes were accounted for  in
                                                                                                SMILING  BROADLY  after  receiving  the  Bronze  Star  Medal,  J,  C.
                                      sent  little  electric  shocks  up  his  this particular action.   Boliver,  S1c,  is  shown  shaking  hands  with  Lt.  Commander  E.  E.
                                      spine.  As  he  stood  there  for  a   The  S.S. Marcus Daly has quite   Jaques,  executive  officer  of  Armed  Guard.  Boliver· was  aboard  the
                                      moment,  he  looked  at the  bright  a  war  record  to  her  credit.  Gen- SS  Marcus  Daly  during  the  _invasion  of  Leyte  Gu'f.  His  role  as  a
                                      piece  of  metal  in  his  hand.  He  eral  of  the  Army  Douglas  Mac- member of the gun crew earned for him the coveted award.  ·
               COMMON  LIFTINC  METHOD
                                      had picked up a  bright tin waslfer  Arthur was first to sing the ship's
                                      -and had  strained  his  back  do- praises  for  her  role  in  the  inva-  Boliver' s  citation reads in part:  in the face of terrific onset, B.oliv-
         Will Award  Recognition      ing it!                      sion of Leyte Gulf,  P .  I.   "For  heroic  achievement  as  er  maintained  his  station  stead-
                                        "Ridiculous,"  you  say,  "impos-
                                                                     Four  Bronze  Stars  and  three  Loader  No.  4  of  the  U.  S.  Navy  fastly despite the fury of repeated
         Of s~rvice Certificates      sible." Nevertheless, more than 50  Silver Stars were presented to the  Armed  Guard  Crew  attached  to  dive and torpedo bombing attacks
                                      back  strains  have  been  reported  g-allant  crew of this  fighting Lib- the  S.S.  Marcus  Daly  in  combat  by Japanese and assisted in rout-
         To  Civil  Employees         to  the  Safety Office  since the  be- erty  Ship.  From  Aug.  25,  1944,  against attacking enemy planes in  ing  or  destroying  several  enemy
                                      ginning of the year, many the re- to  Jan.  6,  1945,  these  Armed  the  Philippine  Islands  area  at  bombers,  thereby  rendering  in-
           "Recognition of Service" certifi-  sult  of  a  scene  as  simple  as  the  Guard  sharpshooters  demolished  Tacloban,  Leyte,  Mindanao,  and  valuable service in the defense  of
         cates  will  be  awarded  Navy   one  above.              seven  Nip  planes,  damaged  two  at  Tarragona,  Leyte,  during  the  the  Marcus  Daly  and  the  vital
         civilian  employees  who  were  in   A  clerk in a Treasul'.e Island of- others and sunk a  mine.   latt er months of 1944. Courageous  Leyte invasion docks."
         essential war work during World   fice stooped to pick a pencil off the
         War  II,  according  to  an  official   deck.  Result  -  ·back  strain.  A           following throughout the country.  of the national  effort.  Of  his  five
         statement by Under Se·cretary of   classified laborer bent over to lift  Industrial  Artist   At  the  San  Francisco  Exposi- sons,  two are  in  the  Navy,  one  a
         Navy A.  L.  Gates.          a  board.  Result-back strain·.                           tion  here  on  Treasure  Island,  he  paratrooper, one in a  North Caro-
                                        Sometimes it is not a  board,  or   Can  Paint  Water   designed  and  did  most  of  the  lina rest center,  and  the  other in
           "During World War II" was de-  a  pencil,  but  a  heavy  object:  a
         fined  as meaning until  the end of   filled  box,  a  gas cylinder,  an elec-  Color in  An  Hour   painting  of  the  Alta  California  the Army.  Members of a  dancing
         hostilities  as  proclaimed  by  the   tric  motor.  The  results,  however,           building, which housed exhibits of  group, O'Bryne and his wife  (who
         President  or  until  such  time  as   are  the  same.  When  someone   Whatever adverse effect the de-  13  northern  California  counties.  is  a  former  pr9fessional)  hav.e
         the  worker's  services  could  be   strains his back by lifting a  heavy   pression  of  the  1930's  may  have   He  has  also  done  map  and  ship  been giving exhibitions in various
         spared.                      desk,  people· are prone  to dismiss   on  Paul  O'Bryne's  fortunes,  at   drafting.   USO's and hospitals i,n  this vicin- ·
           Certificates  are  to  be  awarded   the incident as  a  hazard  that ex-  least  one  good  thing  came  of  it.   At  52,  he  can,  with  the ,aid  of   ity.
         to  all  present  and  former  em-  ists as part of the job. But a  pen-              previously drawn pencil sketches,           d
                                                                     For  it  was  1935  when  the  In- finish  a  water  color  of  exquisite
         ployees who make written or oral   cil-"Quit the k.idding!"  Such ac-  dustrial Dept.  engineering drafts- quality in one  hour.  According to  Questions an  Answers
         requests  for  such.  Term  of  em-  cidents · do happen,  and  there  are
         ployment with the Navy must be   records to prove it.     man found  that when everything  his  standards,  if  it  takes  him  By Ships'  Editorial Association
         for a period of six or more months.   Back strains  occur most of the   else  failed,  his  water  colors  car-  longer,  the  painting  is  n'b  good   Q ,  How  long  is  my  temporary
           If  the  worker  has  been  sep-                        ried  him  through.  He  had  long  and  he  discards  it.  His  work has  commission  good  for?
                                      time  for  only  one  reason- ignor- dra:wn  for  his  own  amusement,
         arated  from  naval  employ,  such   ance of the conect method of lift-                been exhibited in several art gal-  A.  All  temporary  commissions
         action  must  have  been  taken  as   ing  an  object.  Whether  the  ob-  but  ne".er  realized  that .he  was  leries  throughout this  region.   are for the period of the war plus
         a  result  of  one  of  the· following   ject is  a  pencil  or a  keg of  beer,   capable  of earning  a  livlihood  by   A  good  deal  of  his  painting  is  six  months.  If  not  released  by
         reasons for  separation:    ·   knowing how to use muscles is the   art alone.         of  small  fishing  boats  or  water- then  officers  will  revert  to  en-
           1.  By  reduction in  force.   difference  between  strain  and   Since  that  time,  O'Bryne  has  front scenes  around San Francis- listed  status  and  their  eligibility
           2.  Because of injury or physical   safety.             been  employed  with work  closely  co  bay.  O_ccasionally  he  takes  a  for  discharge  will  be  determined
         disability.                    The important thing to remem-  allied to his profession. His meth- trip to Marin county and sketches  on  that  basis.
           3.  To enter military service,                          ods  of  audio-visual  education  for  from  the beaches  and hills.   Q.  What $Ort ,of papers do  I g,et
                                      ber in lifting objects is:  use  your
           4.  Death  ( certificates  are  for-  legs,  not  your  back.  It is  a  law  elementary schools, which involve   During the war years,  his fam- from  the  Navy  when  I'm  dis-
         warded to next of kin without re- of mechanics not to place a  heavy  three-dimensional  principles,  are  ily has been a  100 per cent backer  charged?
         quest.)                      object  at  the  end  of  an  unsup-                                                    A.  Each  separatee  will  receive
           5.  Retir~ment be~ause of age.   ported  beam.  Yet  that  is  just                                              a  discharge  certificate,  notice  of
           Further mform~twn on the pro~  what you  do  when you  try to lift  Artist O'lryne Conducts a Class              separation,  card  of  satisfactory
         gram will be-published as it is re-•  something by stiffening your legs                                            f'ervice,  rating  description,  re- ·
         leased from  Navy sources.   and bending at the waist.                                                             ferral  .sheet,  veterans'  rights  and
                                        The heaviest part of the body is                                                    benefits  pamphlet,  honorable  dis-
                                                                                                                            charge  button,  honorable  service
         Next  Chemical Warfare  the  trunk,  and  when  you  add  to
                                      that the weight of the object you                                                     lapel  button,  honorable discharge
         Course  Open  N:ow           are lifing,  the  entire strain must                                                  emblem  for  the  uniform  and  an
                                      be absorbed by .the muscles in the                                                    insurance pamphlet.
         For  Registration            small of the back.                                                                      ·Q,  My enlistment expires in  Oc-
                                        It  is  very  easy  to  overstrain                                                  tober. Will  I be discharged at that
           Enlisted  men  and  officers  who  those  muscles.  A  slight  slip,  an                                         time?
         wish to attend the Chemical War- awkward  twist,  and  it  happens.                                                  A.  Not  unless  you  have  the
         fare  Instructor's  Course  to  be  Rem!'lmber,  you  can  avoid  a  seri-                                         points  or  unless· the·  emergency
         held at Treasure Island from  Oc- ous  strain by simply bending the                                                extension  of  enlistments  is  dis-
         tober  8  to  October  12,  inclusive,  knees  and  using  the  heavy  leg                                         continued.
         should make application for nom- ·muscles instead  of  depending  en-                                                Q.  Is  is  possible  to  g,et  a  dis-
         ination by October 4.        tirely on~ those of the back.                                                       '  charge  for  having  fo·ur children?
           The  cour!3e  will  cover  specific                                                                                A.  Your situation may be clas-
       '  problems of First Lieutenants and  berthing facilities for all enrollees                                          sified  hardship.  Each  man  has  a
         chemical  defense  officers  of  fleet  will  be  provided  on  Treasure                                            right  to  ask  for  discharge  on
         and shore activities. Doctors with- Isl!!Jld.                                                                      hardship  grounds  stating  all  the
         out previous training in chemical   Nominations  for  the  course'                                                 facts and each case will be judged
        . warfare  find  the  course  valuable  should  include  applicants  name,                                          on  its  merits.  If serious  hardship
         although  technical  medical  as- rank  or  rate,  corps  and  file  or                                            is  involved, the case will be given
         pects  are  not  included  in  the  serial  nmnber.  They  should  be                                              every  favorable  consideration.
         course· of  study.           submitted  by  October  4  to  the                                                      Q.  Must  I  wear  my  uniform
           Priority for reservations will be  District  Chemical  Warfare  Offi-                                             while on terminal  leave?
                                                                   PAUL  O'BRYNE,  artist,  whose  specialty  is  water  colors,  empha-
         given  to  members  of  fleet  and  cer, 560 Mission Street, San Fran- si.zes a  fine  point in  composition to his pupil, A.  Sinton, S1c  (left), of   A.  It is not required.  You  may
         advance  base  units.  Adequate  cisco 5, Calif.          Industrial  Dept.  sheetmetal  shop.                      do  so if you desire.
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