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Constintini  Paces  Pre-                                  If You're Buying a Farm      THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  SEPT.  22,  1945     PAGE  11
                                    I_  w A N T_A_o_s_.                                       the  farm  experts  go  on,  that  the
       Com  to  Bowling  Crown                                   Sharpen  a Pencil  First     return  on  agricultural  products  Things  Are  Different
                                    WANTED  TO  BUY:  Used  car,
                                                                                             Army will reduce  its purchases- In  Tokyo  Bay  Now
         Bowling alley No.  2  had all the   priced  between  $150  and  $250.   By  Camp  N-ewspaper  Service ·   will  dr?.P  after this war  too.  The
       sound  effects  of  a  thriving  lum-
                                      Clair  Swonson,  Slc,  Tadcen   (One of a  Series on Post War
       ber camp during the past week as   Pass Office.                   Opportunities)       in  fact,  it has  already  3tarted  to   (SEA) .- Japanese  reaction  to
       the .call  of  "timber"  became  just                                                  cut  back.  Civilian  worker,s,  who   American warships steaming into
                                    LOST- Billfold  containing  NSD
       an  ~cho·  with  the  end  of  the  In-                     If  you're  thinking  of  buying  a  had  more  money  than  ever  be-  Tokyo  Bay  was  much  different
       ti:-;a,-Mural  bowling  tourney.  And   Oakland badge and other identi- farm to settle down on when they  fore,  and worked up  bigger appe-  than a  similar incident nearly 100
       t}:iis  is  one  tournament that RMS   fication.  Call  Mrs.  Schindelar,  hand  you  that  slip  of  paper  and  tites,  are  faced  with  reduced  in-  years  ago.
       didn't  win  although  they  did   TW 4324,  Ext. 256.    gold button, proceed with caution.  comes.  It will  no  longer  be  nec-  When  Commodore  Perry  re-
       figure  in  the  semi-final  round.   WANTED- Rider  to  Boston-  That is the advice of the U. S. De- essary to  feed  our fighting  allies,   turned  to  Japan  after  his  island
                                      leaving  October  1,  to  share  partment of Agriculture.   and  devastated  areas  which were
                                                                                              once  the  scene  of  combat  will   expedition,'  the  Japs  removed
                                      driving  and  expenses.   Call   According to a  survey prepared                    clappers  from  their  temple  bells
                                                                                             soon be producing wheat and beef.
                                      VAllejo  33661  for  appointment.  by  the  I&E  Division,  ASF,  some              and  placed  them on  a  bluff  over-
                                                                 800,000  men  in  the  Army plan to   So if the familiar pattern is fol-
                                    WANTED- Ride  daily  to  Treas-                                                       looking  the  sea.   With  mouths
                                                                 go back to the farm.  Of this num- lowed,  prices will  go  down.  Now,
                                      ure Island from vicinity of 15th                                                    out,  they  resembled  a  row  of
                                                                 ber,  many  will  go  to  farms  they  says the Farm ·Credit Administra-
                                      off  Taraval,  San  Francisco.                                                      formidable  guns- like  those  on
                                                                 or  their  families  had  before  the  tion, "it would be a  different sto•ry
                                      Contact Mary Mazury, Ext. 388.                                                      the  American  ships.
                                                                 war.  But others plans to  buy,  and  if you could buy a  farm and agree
                                                                                                                            But Perry,  undaunted,  came  to
                                    ROOM  and  board  in  San  Fran- that's where the caution is neces- to pay for it with about forty 200-
                                                                                                                          Yokohama,  bringing with  him an
                                      cisco for serviceman's wife and  sary.                 pound hogs a  year. That's what it
                                                                                                                          inv,ention the Japanese had never
                                      husband,  in  exchange  for  light   Prices for farm land,  according  would  take,  by  the  way,  if  pork
                                                                                                                          seen- a   powerful  new  device
                                      household  duties.  Call  y A8870.  to  the  Farm  Credit  Administra- was  worth  $6.82  a  hundred  and
                                                                                                                          known  as  a  spyglass.
                                                                 tion, are high right now. They are  ·you  had  a  $10,000  4%  Federal
                                    WANTED -   Experienced  photo-
                                      grapher,  rated  man  (not  froz-  up  because  of  the  soaring  prices  Land  Bank  loan for  34½  years."
                                      en).  Apply  at  Ship's  Service   of farm products. When buying a  Takes· Cash ,on  the  Line   the  normal  expectation  for  your
                                                                 farm,  the purchaser should deter-
                                      No.  1  Photo  Lab  immediately.                         But  you  don't  borrow  hogs  to   kind of farming in both good and
                                                                 mine whether his income from his   pay  for  a  farm.  It takes  money,
                                    WANTED- Transportation  back  produce  in  "normal"  times  will                      bad  years.  Make  allowances  for
             Kegler  Constintini                                                             and  it's  important  to  know  how   drought  and  bad  breaks.  Check
                                      East as far  as Chicago,  within  cover  the  cost  of  his  investment.   much 'ilioney your hogs are likely
         Pre-Commissioning  walked  off   the  next  two  weeks.   Contact   This is especially the case if you   to  brin g  so yoi.i 'can pay  for  that   on local conditions with the  coun-
                                                                                                                          ty agent, the National Farm Loan
       with  a  lion's  share  of  the  honors   Delores  Hustedt,  RM2c,  Wave  expect to  buy on credit.  For,  dur-  farm.  If-pork.brings $13.10 a  hun-  Association secretary - treasurer,
       in  total  pins  and  team  average,   Barracks  C,  phone  D0-9670.   ing the period between World War   dredweight 'as  it  did  in  1944,  it   and  well-informed  farmers  near-
       enabling them to cop the Gommo-                           I  and World  War II,  most of  the   would take about 21  hogs to meet
                                    FOR SALE-Practically new five-                                                        by.  Figure  out  family  expenses:
       dore's  Trophy by  a  31  point mar-                      farm  foreclosures  resulted  from   mortgage  payments,  but  when   clothing,  doctor  and  dental  bills,
       gin  over  Radio  Materiel.    room  modern  home  with  two-  the  purchase  of  property  at  in-  pork  sells for  $4  as  it did  during
                                      car  garage.  Home  completely   flated prices, on credit.                          groceries,  church  contributions,
         Pacing the Pre-Com attack wls   furnished  and  located  off  Bay                   the  depression,  it  would  require   insurance,  and  the like. Total  ex-
       Constintini,  a  last  minute  entry,   Shore  Blvd.,  San  Francisco.   Land  Costs  Up   68  hogs to meet payments.   penses  for  labor,  fertilizer,  seed,
       who filled in because of the player   Priced  reasonable.  For  further   From  1913  to  1920,  prices  of   The  Farm  Credit  Administra- machinery, fuel,  repairs, improve-
       shortage.  And  he  did  well  con-                      farm products rose 107%,  accord-
                                     information call Treasure Island                        tion  thinks  it  is  a  good  idea  to  ments, taxes, depreciation, and all
       sidering  the  ten  perfect  consecu-                    ing  to  the  Farm  Credit Adminis-  figure  sales  on the  basis  of prices  the  rest.
                                      Ext.  388.  ·
       tive  strikes he pitched.  Going in-                      tration, while land prices went up   from 1933 to 1940, which includes
                                                                 70%.  Then  farm  products  took  a                        See whether, conservatively fig-
       to  the  last  frame,  and  a  perfect
                                     Then there was the little moron                         both  good  and  bad  years.  You'll   ured,  your  income  will  cover  ex-
       score  in sight,  Constintini  heaved                     tumble,  and  in  a  few  months  fell   find  that  prices  in  March,  1944,
                                    who  ate  bullets  so  his  hair would                                                penses  and  provide  for  payment
       his  most  effective  pitch.  All  the                   off  52%,  That  meant  that  a  man
                                    come  out in  bangs!                                     say,  were  twice  those  of  that  7-  of  interest  and  principal  on  your
       pins went down except one which                          and  his  wife  buying  a  farm  who   year period.
                                                                depended  on  a  continuance  of                          loan.
       staggered drunkenly and  then r.e-
                                     Circus  Actress:  "This  is  my  wartime  prices  were  out  of  luck.  Figure  All  Angles   If you  don't  have  to  borrow  to
       mained  standing.  H0wever,  he
                                    first  job.  You  better tell  me  what  And as a  matter of fact farm fore-  So,  the  thing  to  do  is  shop  buy  a  farm,  that's  no  reason  to
       wound up with a  289  score and a
       series total of 673.         to  do  to  keep  from  making  any  closures  jumped from  4  per  1000  around for a  property. Check wa- squander  your  capital  on  a  poor
                                    mistakes."                  in  1919  to  17  per  1000  in  1924,  ter supply,  drainage,  roads,  elec- investment.
         The  Hospital  entry  grabbed   Manager:  "Well,  girlie,  just  and  reached  a  peak  of  39  per   tricity,  telephone,  flood  danger,   All  this  may sound like  a  busi-
       first  place  in  the  doubles  event  don't  und11e·ss  in  front  of  the  1000 in  1932.   sch9ol bus, soil productivity,  ra in- nessman's  approach  to  tilling the
       with a  1079 series.  Tadcen nosed  bearded  lady."        It seems  reasonable to suppose,   fall,  and  the  like. Then figure  out . soil.  It is.  Nowadays it has to  be.
       out Pre-Com in  the final  game  of
       the  five  man  event  with  a  2563
                                    THE RO/ID 8/ICK:  HOW fill/ED MIGHT DEFEATED  THE  JIIPS
                                                                          .... =~.-....  --. ::
        WeeklyGym Schedules                                            ... : ~·  . . ..   . .  .
        Gymnasium  No. 1                                                 :;-~:  ·-·· __ ·.
          Skating- 1400-1600  &  1800-
  .._   2100 .
          Ping  Pong-0800-2100.
          Body Building- 0800-2100.
          H andball-0800-2100.
          Basketball- 0800-2100.
          Volleyball-0800-2100.            - .7';
          Trampoline-0800-2100.      : .. _J ~.- -·· CHIN -
          Tum bling-0800-2100.       -:·:}_:·~-~-:  -~ -.   :
          Judo-0800-2100.            -~   ..  "  .   - .  :
          Tennis-0800-2100.          '
          Swimming-0800-1500, week .
        days,  Welfare  Aquatics;  1500-
        1600,  week  days,  officers  only;                                                                                      .,  .   HAWAIIAN
        1600-1800,  week  days,  colored                                                                                                   IS .
        personnel;  1100-1500,  Satur-                                                                                                         ..
        day,  recreational  swimming                                                                                                          . ;  1
        for  colored  personnel.  Sunday,                                                                                                    Pearl   ~  C
        1300-1800.                                                                                                                           Harbor
        Gymnasium  No.  2                                                                                                        JOHNSTON
          Recreational  swimming,
        0800-1600,   1700-1900,   2000-
        2100   (enlisted);   Saturday,
        0800-1600,  1700-1900  ( enlist-
        ed);  Sunday,  1300-1600,  1700-                                                                                              PALMYRA'•
        1800  (enlisted).
          Recreational  s w i Ill'm in g,                                                                                                        •
        1600-1700,  1900-2000  ( officers                                                                                                    EQUATOR•
        and  Waves);  Saturday,  1600-                                                                            ., 01  ,.,;r.,  ......   PHOENIX  IS.
        1700  (officers  and  Waves);                                                                                           ...
        Sunday,   1600-1700   ( officers                                                                    ~  ..
                                                                                                                       •••. EL/CE  IS.
        and Waves) .
                                                                                                                 '' ·   ·   •   Aug.  7,  1942,
          Boxing-0800-2100.                                                                     •   lb       O   marked  first  step  in  American  comeback .
         Body Building-0800-2100.                                                                .  GUADALCANAL  ~
         Basketball-0800-1900.                                                                                                      0          lOOO
         Volleyball-0800-2100.                                                                                                        ST A TUTE MILES
                                                                                                                                       AT  EQUATOR
                                   THE  ALLIED  drive  to  free  the  Pacific  and  Far  East of  Jap  militar- 1 Solomons,  the  size  of  the  campaign  gradually  increased  until  our
         Tumbling-0800-2100.       ism began after our f:orces  had ?een r~>Uted  in  the Philippines,_ Malaya,  full  ITlight  struck  the  !'J_ips.  The  final  blow  was  the  losing  of  the
         Trampoline-0800-2100.      Burma  and  the  Indies.  Starting  with  a  handful  ,of  American  and  At-om1c  bomb on  Jap  Heroshima  a_nd  Nagasaki  felt  the deva-
                                   Australian  troops  in  New  Guinea  and  with  a  Marine  division  in  the  tation  wrought  by the new weapon.
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