Page 93 - Mastheads July-Dec 1945
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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  SEPT.  22,  1945      PAGE  9
                                                                                                                           Stars  claimed  a  four-inning  win
                                                                                                                           over  Shoemaker  last  Monday,
              ACROSS         53- Leer                l   2   J   4                 9   10  ll                              with  the  game  called  because  of
        I- Narrow opening    54- Anger
        5- High mountain     55- Roof edge          12                                                                     darkness  ... Shoemaker was  not
        8- Spheres           56- Remainder                                                                                 inclined  to  agree  about  the  vic-
       12-Carry              57- Lair               l5                                                                     tory  and  a re  coming  down  here
       13- Hint              58- Prophet
       14- Bridle·                   DOWN           18                                                                     to  fight  !t  out Monday  night' ....
       15-Ceremony            I- Struggle                                                       ·who said the Navy doesn't look  Our congrats to Helen Kurzynow-
       16-Sea eagle           2- Linger             2)
                                                                                            '  out for its Waves?  Lupe Zarrage,  ski  ... Helen's  first  active  duty
       17-Rim                 3- Amphibious  mammals                         ~-+---+--+-+-,I
       18-Articles            4- Pours                                                        P hN[2c,  was  on  leave  in  Mexicc  date  reads  December,  1942  ...
       20- Lobe               5- Highcard                                                     City.  Suddenly  she  cane  down  Complement has just been opened
       22- Mature             6- Entice
       23- Poems              7- Relating to                                                  with a  disease contacted while at~  to  allow her to don  well-deserved
       25- Written  communi-    punishment                                                    tached  to  the  Navy  unit  of  th r  first-class  stripes  ... We  hate to
           cation             8- Crude metal                                                  S1;>ecia.l   Pr'"'je:!ts   Division   oe  tell  you,  but  it's  true  ... Emily
       27- Bitter vetch       9- Change the date                                              Chemical  Warf'.lre  Service  at
       28- Small bed         10- Larg~r                                                       Camp  Dietrich, F 'rederick,  Md.   Adam is no more . . . Nrme vou're
       30-Turns              11- Scoffs ·                                                                                  wrong,  she's  not  over  the hill  or
       31-Cringed            19- Irregulars                                                     A  Navy  cantain.  naval  atta che   under the ground,  but  she  pick,ed
       33- Devil             21- Worships                                                     in  Mexico  Citv,  out  in  a  call  for
       36- Negative          24- Seed                                                         Washington,  D.  C.  Admirals  con-  out  a  new  name  while  she  was
       37- Serpent           26- Spread hay                                                                                home and now it's Emily Tangmo,
       4~Corrects            29- Half a  score                                                ferred  to decide  the  best dispatch   if  you  please  . . .  Millie  Kahler,
       42- Signify           31- Peruse                                                       po'nt  for  a  Navy  plane.  Shortly   Betty Juleen  and  Thelma Yocum
       44- Article of furniture   32- Stick                                                   thereafter the plane took off from
       45- Undermine         33- Person o•wing money   39- Annoy       46-Peel                Miami,  Fla.,  staffed with doctors,   are  conspicuous  with  three  red
       47- Tender spots      34-Come forth          41-Savory          49- Caress                                          stripes this month . .. Edith Mif-
       48- Snare             35- Badges             43- Sniffs         51-Sty                 nurses,  corpsmen  and  flight  per- flin  can  tell  you  what  husbands
       5~Softfood            37- Large blood vessels           ( Solution  on  Page  7 )      sonnel.                      are good for  (in  case you've won-
       52- Let it stand      38- A derrick                     -Courtesy Dell  Publishing  Co.   Twenty-hours later Pharmacist   dered)  .  .  .  Hers  got  discharged
                                                                                              Mate Zarrage was receiving treat-  and  now  she's  going  home,  too
                                    Then  someone  yells  'Bingo'  and  appeared  to  return  the  book  and  ment  at  the  huge  Navy  medical   .. . Sore arms all belong to MAA's
                                    everyone  else  says,  'Oh  Hell'!"   ask  for  another.  "Surely  you  center  in  Bethesda,  Md.
                                              *  * *             haven't finished· that book  in  this                     who  have  made  new  second  and
                                      Voter: Why,  I wouldn't vote for  time.  What did •-you  think  of it?"   Nylons  Are  Coming   first class rates and now are  busy
                                                                                                Hang on to  your patience.  Two  patting  one  another  on  the  back
                                    you  if you were St.  Peter himself.  "Well,"  said  the  inmate,   "I   nylon plants, whose capacit ywork  ... The war bond office  is  getting
                                      Candidate:  If I  were  St.  Peter,  thought the  plot was terrible,  but   level  is  360,000,000  pairs  of  ho- ready  to  have  a  parade,  just  as
         She:  "My,  what slim expressive  you  couldn't  vote  for  me.  You  man,  what  a  ca st !"   siery  a  year,  are  working  night  soon  as  Eleanor  Johnson  com-
       hands  you  have.  They  belong  on  wouldn't  be  in  my  district.   *  *  *         and  day  to  get  the  stockings  to  pletes  plans for  her coming  altar
       a  girl."                              *  *  *              We  know  a  sailor  who  is  fast  the  markets  by  Christmas.  Wo- trip . . . They all want to get into
         He:  "Are  you  serious,  lady?"   Voice  from  the  re-ar  seat  of  a  growing  old  but  is• still  in  there  men  are  warned,  however,  that  the  act,  even  Lt.  Lincoln  . . .  Not
                 *  *  *            taxi:  "I  say,  driver,  what's  the  pinching.          tl\ere  will  be only about one  pair  to  be  outdone  is  a  lady  named
         An  aviator  had  to  bail  out  on  idea  of  stopping?"         *  *  *            per- custoT:1er  by  the  holiday  sea- Foster  from  RMS  who  changed
       account of engine trouble.  On his   Driver :  "I  thought  I  heard   Have  you  heard  the  one  about  son,  and  asked  to  be patient  and  her  name  to  something  else  ...
       way through space, he met an old  someone  tell  me  to."   the man who wandered through a  generous.              What's  the  matter  with  Foster,
       lady  floating  upward.        Rear  Seat:  "Drive  on.  She  S.  F .  department  store?  He  Just  Between  Us    we'd  like  to  know?  . . .  Don't
         "Hey!"  he  shouted.  "Have  you  wasn't  talking to  you."   s1ueezed  one  doll  and  it  cried   Polly Brumis  and Anjean  Sluis  know whether you  agree,  but  we
       seen  a  Mustang  going  down?"        *  *  *            "mama."  The  next  one  was  dif- ran  a  hard  race  this  week  and  think it's unfair to crown a  statue
         "No,"  she  replied.  "Have  you   A  rooster  strutting  around  the  ferent ; it screamed "floorwalker!"  managed  to  dash  under  the  dis- the  temporary queen of  th e  rodeo
   \.._,;   seen  a  gas  stove going up? "   barnyard early one  Easter morn-  *  *  *       charge  tape  a  scant  few  hours  wi th  so many good-looking Waves
                 *  *  *            ing came across a  nest of colored   Seabees  tell  about  the naughty  before the freezing of yeomen was  aboard  ... Movie  stars  we  don't
                                    eggs.  H e  stood  and  cocked  his  little  Australian  kangaroo,  who  eff,ected  . .. Will  somebody  lend  mind,  after all they have  to make
         An  Englishman returned to his
                                    head  and  thought  a  while  . ..  ran off  and left its mama holding  Angie  Ci!ione  a  suitcase  for  her  a  living,  too  ·  ·  ·  but  st atues-
       home from a  trip to America and   then  made  a  beeiine  across  the  the  bag.      next  outing?  .. .  On  the  trip  to  well now that's another thing en-
       was  telling  his  friends  of  odd                                 *  *  *
                                    barnyard  and kicked  $@tb @hZ?                           Yosemite  Angie  was  caught  out  tirely.
       American games.
                                    out of  the  peacock.          Policeman:  "Why  are  there  so  in  the  open  bearing  certain  un-
         "And  they  have  t he  queerest     *  *  *            many  guns  in your  car?"   mentionables for,  all  the  wor;ld  to  HELEN  HIGHWATER
       game  in  the  movie  houses.  It's   An inmate of an insane  asylum   Gangster:  "Guess  my  gat  had  see ... Claire  Burns is  no longer
       called 'Oh  Hell,'  I  think."   was  a  record  reader  of  books.  gittens."         on Treasure  Island  . .. With  the
         "How do they play that?"   Every  day  he  would  visit  the  Ii-  *  *  *           de-commissioning  of  some  parts
         "Well,  when  you  go  in,  they  brary  and  carry  off  huge  arm-  Sailor:  "Do  you  shrink  from  of  Western  Sea  Frontier  Com-
       give  you  a  card  with  a  lot  of  loads.  The  librarian,  becoming  kissing?"     mands Claire's job here  was done
       numbers  and  during intermission  despe·rate, gave him the telephone   Wave:  " If I  did  I'd  be  nothing  and  she  is  now  discharging  offi-
       a  man yells· out a  lot of numbe·rs.  directory.  Fi¥e  hours  later he  re- but skin  and  bones."   cers  in  the  district  ... The  All-
         STALEMATE                                 By  Nick  Pouletsos  Sp(X)lc                       Galley Slave

                                                                                                                                               ;   '   {., ,
                                                                                                                            "It's  past  midnight,  Mac-What
                                                                                                                           >rings  you  here? •"    r" :

          Male Call                         by Milton Caniff, creator of "Terry and the Pirates"                Permanent Party Came ,i
                               I.JY,  SUIZ.E      6EEZT/  NO!     YOU  MEAN, THEY      YEAH - THAT5  IT,                     THAT~  BETTER-FOR A
                               ENE-IZ.AL         BUT  YOU  KNOW   DoN'r l.lKE THAT     I  GUESS ••• I'LL..                   FEW  MINUTES  I  WA'7
                                OBJECT!          HOW  IT 15 ••• PEOPLE  BIG  RED  E-N0 1 NE   PROBABLY FEEL..  TIJE::        Afl~AID  YOU'D  WON  THE
                                                 AIN T50 NUT5    Bl.OCKIN0  THE/2.    SAME  WAY  AFTE/Z..                    ~ACE,BUT  I.OST  INTERE5T
                                                 Al~OUT 5O1.DI ER5   '5Te.EET  WHEN   THEY'VE- HANDED ME                        IN  THE  CI-IME !
                                                 AFTER  A  WAR f   THEY  KNOW  THE    THE BLUE  PIN  S-TR:./PE
                                                                    FlgE5  OUT?        PUl<CI-IA5E  5L.I P ••.
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