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                                                                                U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center
          THIS  WEEK'S
                                                       T                            ASTHEAD

       The  Masthead  received  numer-
      ous questions from interested T. I.
      personnel  on  the  recent  article
      concerning the sale of surplus war   VOL.  IV -  No.  34         TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAJ'I  FRANCISCO,  CALIF.          SATURDAY, SEPT: 29,  1945
      materials. The following informa-
      tion  should answer some of those   11 Flot1tl119  Hotel'' Doc/ts tit Tret1sure  lslt111d  • • •                   APL  24 May  Provide
       The  opportunity  to  .purch8.2e                                                                                  More  Barracks  Space
      such  properties  is  offered  prin-
      cipally  to  discharged  veterans.                                                                                 For  Ship's  Company
      Such purchases may be made only
      for use on farms and in businesses                                                                                   A  floating  barracks  became  an
      carried on  by vets.  All  purchaiies                                                                              addition  to  Treasure  Island's
      and  matters  pertaining  thereto                                                                                  housing  facilities  as  the  new
      must  be  made  through  the                                                                                       APL  (Auxiliary Personnel, Light-
      Smaller War Plants Corp.,  whose                                                                                   er)  24  tied  up  at  the  ferry  pier
      offices are located in various U. S.                                                                               on  the  south  side  of  the  island
      cities.  The San Francisco office of                                                                               last  Saturday.
      Smaller  War  Plants  Inc.,  is  loc-                                                                                It  is  expected  that  the  craft
      ated at 1355 Market St., and may                                                                                   will  provide  accommodations  for
      be  reached  by  calling  KLondike                                                                                 almost  700  · members  of  ship's
      2-2300.                                                                                                            company. Just what part of ship's
                *  *  *                                                                                                  company will  be  moved  is as yet
       The  Navy  and  War  depart-                                                                                      unannounced  as  we  go  to  press.
      ments  have·  spent  a  busy  w,eek  NEARLY 700  MEMBERS of Tadcen  Ship's  Com-  24,  the craft  Is  probably  the  only  one  of  its  kind   Commissioned  July  24  of  this
      explaining  to  harassed  Congress·  pany  may be  moved  to  the  APL24,  one  of  several   on  stateside duty. The ship  is  tied  up  at the ferry  year,  the  ship  is  one  of  several
      men why  the  present  rate  of  de- . such  craft built  by  the  Navy.  Commissioned  July   pier  on  the south  side  of  Treasure  Island.   built  by  the  Navy  to  be  used  as
      mobilization  must not be acceler•                                                                                 hospital  evacuation  ships,   to
      ated,  at  least  for  the  present.   Mattresses  to  Become                                                      house  Seabees  and  repair  units,
      Congressmen,  who  receive  daily                        Spare Time? Expanded Educational                          as  a  rest  and  recreation  center,
      letters  from  the  anxious  U.  S.   Government  Property                                                         and  other uses.
      public,  could  think  of  as  many                      Services  Program  Can  Take  Care of  It                   The  craft  has  been  slated  for
      reasons  for  speeding  up  the  dis-  O<tobe·r 15                                                                 duty  in  the  South Pacific  several
      charge  process.  The  figures  for                        Time on your hands?  With the  for  a  diploma,  available  courses   times,  but  on  each  occasion  the
      August 18  through  September 12_   Effective  October  15  all  mat-  fighting  over,  you  may be among  cover  all  the  standard  subjects.   orders  have  been  cancelled.  The
      showed  a  total  of  51,455  Navy   tresses  now  individually  owned  those who will have more off-duty  But whether it's to c9mplete your   latest-and  probably  the  last.-
      discharges.  The  Office  of  War   become government property and  time  while  you  await  your  turn  formal  education  or  not  you'll   sailing  schedule  was  set  for  72
      Mobilization  and  Reconversion                                                       probably find  your choice.   hours  after  the  Japanese  capitu-
                                   will  no  longer  be  transferred  by  for demobilization.  If you are, the
      also  paid  a  visit  to the  Navy  de-                                                 Although  there  are  no  formal   lation.
                                   or with  personnel.         Treasure  Island  branch  of  the
      partment to urge  the  speedy  dis-                                                   classroom  courses _available  here,   Skipper of  the  ship,  and  head-
      charge  of  men  needed  in  vital   Each  man will  retain  his  pres- Navy's Educational Services Pro-  you have the opportunity to enroll   ing  a  crew  of  65  men  and  six
      peacetime  industry.         ent mattress by signing a  custody  gram  will  be  able  to  help  you   in  the  correspondence  and  self-  officers, is Lt. R.  H.  Carleton.  ,
                                   receipt.  Men who  have  purchased  spend  that  time  profitably.  The
                *  *  *            replacement mattresses with  their  program  has  been  expanded  and   teaching  courses  offered  by  the  "Floating  Hotel"
       The  Navy's  Bomb  Disposal   own  funds  will  be  permitted  to  adjusted  to  meet  this  situation,   U.  S.  Armed  Forces  Institute   About  265  feet  in  length,  the
      School  at  American  University,                                                     (USAF!).                     unique ship is almost square, with
      W.ashington, D. C., will close Sep-  retain  them  permanently  if  they  and on T.  I.  it is under the super-  World for Campus   a  modified  inverted  V  bottom.  It
     · tember  30.   It  has  graduated   wish.  A  statement  to  that  effect  vision  of  Lt.  W.  Nordli,  Educa-  With  headquarters  in  Madison,   has no engines-only rudders and
                                   will  be  entered  in  their  service  tional Services officer.
      1.042 men and flunked 33 per cent                                                     Wis., this joint Army-Navy school   a  great  deal of towing equipment.
      of  its  1,551  .enrollees.  You  can't   records.         Here  ar-e  ways  in  which  you   has  nine  branches  1 o c a t e d   Lining the hull  are tanks capable
                                    Used  mattresses  may  be  reas- can  use  the  program  and  your
     . play with bombs unless you know                                                      throughout the world:  Pearl Har-  of  storing  250,000  gallons  of
                                   signed aboard ship or at a  station  spare time to your advantage:
      the  rules  .savs  the  Navv.  Among                                                  bor,  Manila,  Calcutta,  Noumea,   water.  The  ship's  distilling  ap-
      the graduates are two Navy Cross   without   sterilization   provided   •  If you look forward to plying   Panama,  San Juan,  Seattle,  Lon-  paratus  can  produce  over  24,000
      winners,  18  Bronze  Star winners,   they are not infested or have not  a  trade  after  your  discharge  you   don,  and Rome.   gallons  of  water  pE!r  day. __ _
      five  Navy-Marine  Corps  winners,   been used by persons having com- can  get  vocational  training  now.   In  the  Institute's  catalog  are   Because of its unusual duty the
      11  who  .earned  commendations,   :nunicable  diseases.  Individual   •  If  you  lack  a  high  school   listed  250  different  courses  at   ship  has  often . been  dubbed  a
      three  Legion  of  Merit  awardees,   :>wnership of mattress covers con- diploma  or  a  college  degree  you   levels  ranging  from  elementary   "Floating  Hotel."  Super  size  air·
      three  holders  of  the  Silver  Star   cinues· and use will be· mandatory.  can  take  courses  to  give  you   school  to  college.  Among  the   conditioning  units  keep  tempera-
      and  one  Distinguished  Service   Issue  of  new  mattresses  to  re- credits you need.   titles  are:  "Commercial  Art,"   tures down to those of a  summer
      Cross a:wardee.              ~ruits will be discontinued.   •  If  you  have  a  degree  and  "Applied  Efectricity,"  "American   resort  hotel.  Compartments  are
                *  *  *             The foregoing does not apply to  want to broaden your educational  Literature,"  "Differential  calcu-  unusually large and airy,  and the
        The Navy was on its way home,  personnel  in  a  separation  status   qualifications for a  better civilian      top  deck  is  open  with  a  canvas
                                                               job,  you  can  study  in  any  field  Continued on  Page  12   roof.
      too,  this  week!   Fleet  Admiral  :,r in transit for separation on the
                                                               you choose.
      Chester W. Nimitz and a  fuH  con- effective  date  if  men  concerned                                             Continued  on  Page  12
      stellation  of  Navy  star-wearers  desire  to  retain ,their  mattresses.   •  If you  want  vocational  and
      were  scheduled  to  appear  before                      educational  advice  you  can get it   RED  CROSS  EXPRESSES
      Congress  on  October  2.  Fleet                         from  a  person  who  will  consider                      BOOKWORMS .INVADE
      Admirals  King  and  Leahy,  Ad·   Army-Navy Game        your  individual  problem.   APPRECIATION  TO
      mirals  Spruance,  Halsey,  Turner                         •  If  you're  just  looking  for  a                    T.  I.  LIBRARY  IN
      and  Kinkaid,  Marine  General   Sports  fans  should  red  circle  constructive  way  to  spend  your  T.  I.  BLOOD  DONORS
      Vandegrift  and  Lt.  Generals  calendars,  for  the  annual  Army- time;  this will  do it.   In  a  letter  apdressed  to  the  GREAT NUMBERS
      Smith and Geiger were invited to  Navy  game  will  be  played  at  Wide  Choice  Offered   Commander,  Training and Distri-
      the Congressional party, and they  P_hiladelphia on December 1.   For men· who need extra credits   bution  Center,  Treasure  Island,   Bookworms  by  the  thousands.
      brought  a  total  of  41  stars  of                                                                               have  invaded  Treasure  Island;it.
      rank to impress the Americans at                                                      the  Director  of  the  Red  Cross   main library to such an extent the·
      home.                        Discharge System  Drops Gates for                        blood  donor  center  expr.essed  his   last two months, that the pinnacle ·
                                                                                            appreciation  to  men  of  Treasure
                *  *  *                                                                     Island  who  donated  their  blood   of  books  being  loaned  out  has;
      off  the ocean floor was attributed  Sailors;  Fathers  Receive  Consideration        during the war years.        been  reache<;t          . "
       The ability  to keep  Navy ships
                                                                                                                           "At  no  time  during  the  three-
      by  the  Navy  this  week  to  be  a                                                    The  following  two  paragraphs   years that I've been working here  1
      complicated  system  of  compart-  WASHINGTON  -  The  Navy  porters that while the Navy hopes  are quoted from the message:   has  business  been  so  good,"  re-
                                  hopes  to  have  500,000  peacetime  to  man  its  ships  with  500,000   "The  task  of  procuring  blood
      ments,  doors  and  hatches  which                                                                                 ported Mrs.  Louise  F.  Barr,  head
      are  familiar  to  any  sea-going   sailors--without  resorting  to  a  volunteers, it still favors universal  for  the  armed  forces  was  com-  librarian at T.  I.
      sailor  under.  the  heading  of   draft.                military training.           pleted  on  September  15,  and  the   The  feeding  center  of  print-
      "water-tight integrity." Extensive   Moreover  it  has  decided  to  re-  The Navy did not say how many  San  Francisco Blood  Donor  Cen-  eaters of every activity on Treas-
      research  and  development  in  lease  any  enlisted  man,  now  in   fathers  would  benefit  by  its  new  ter ceased operations on that date.  ure iisland,  the  15,000  volumes  of
      water-tight safety devices allowed  service,  who  has  three  or  more  policy.,       "We  should  like  to  extend  to  fiction,  non-fiction  and  technical
      the  cruiser,  New  Orleans,  to  children  under 18 and who wants  Many  Released    you  and  to the  members  of  your  books  at  this  main  library  have
      steam home under her own power  to  get  out.              When  the  point  system  first  command  who  volunteered .  as  had more than their share of con-
      after  losing  150  feet  of  her  bow   These  were  the  two  major  de- went into effect,  it said in a  news   blood·  donors  at  the  -Center  our  centrated stares in  recent weeks.
      ( one-fourth  of  her  length) !   velopments  in  Navy  news  this   release,  there were  97,000 fathers  appreciation of their generous aid   It is  felt  that  the  increase  of
                                                               with · three  or  more  children  in  which contributed  in large  meas- business  is  due  a  ·great  deal  to
                *  *  *           week.                        the  Navy.  But a  "sizable percen-  ure  to  the outstanding. record  of  the  fact  that  men  about  to  be
       Navy  minds  have  settled  on
     some  of  the  bases  they will  need  Plan  for  Peace   tage"  of these hav.e  been released   the  San  Francisco  Blood  Donor  shipped  overseas  from  Pre-Em-
      in  the  Pacific.  Among  these  are   Vice Admiral Louis E . Denfield,  already.     Center  of  having  obtained  ap- barkation  are  now  permitted  to
      Kodiak,  Adak,  Hawaii,  Balboa,  ~hief of personnel, gave the House   The  new  plan  does  not  affect   proximately  800,000  of.  the  13,- take  books  out from  the  library.
     Guam,  Saipan,  Tinian,  Bonins,  Naval committee the  Navy's plan  officers or the point system, which   '.)00,000  pints  of  blood  procured   Library hours are from  0900 to
     Ryukyus,  Manus  and  the  Philip- for  peace.            gives 10 points for dependents re-  throughout  the  Nation."   2100  daily and from  1300 to  2100
      pines.                        Later,  however,  he  told  re-  gardless  of  their  number.                        on  Sundays.
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