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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATUR DAY,  SEPT.  22,  1945     P AGE  7
       Tokyo  Rose  Prediction Thwarted By                         SPORTS  SCHEDULE  FOR
                                                                          THE  WEEK
                                                                  Tennis                      Hollywood Pin-Op Parade
       Crew of Armed Guard Merchant Ship                            12th  Naval  District  tennis
                                                                  championship to be held at t he
         Picked by Tokyo Rose as a  tar- lay at anchor a  m ile  off  a  P hilip-  University of California courts,
       get  for  destruction,  a  merchant  pine  beach  when  the  ship's  radio   Saturday.   P lay  will  run  a ll
       ship  t hwarted  a  J ap  torpedo   picked up  the  J apanese  broadcast   day.-
       bomber's  attempt  to  sink  her  a
                                    in  w hich  Tokyo  Rose  predicted   Basketba ll
       few hours after the  enemy propa-                            Intra-Mural play commences
                                    Japanese  planes  soon  would  sink
       gandist's threat reached her crew                          this week.
       by shortwave radio.                                        Gym  N,o.  1
                                      Since  the  Japanese  had  re-
         'The story was told by members                             Boxing,   basketball,   judo,
       of  the  ship's  Navy g un  crew w ho   port ed  the  ship  sunk  on  several   body-building,  tumbling  and
       recently  reported  to  t he  U.  S.  previous  occasions,  the crew took   trampoline  now  open  to  all
       Naval  Armed  Guard  Center  (P a - the  threat lightly. Later, however,   hands.
       cific)  on Treasure Island.   a  Jap  torpedo  bomber
         The  ship,  which  had  trans-  over  the  horizon,  cut  its  motors
       ported  troops  to  a  number of Pa-  and  glided  in  upon  the  vessel.  A  NAVY FORCES  IN  NIP
       cific  beachheads  during  the  last
                                    torpedo was launched from  a  dis-
       two  years  and  survived  undam-  tance  of  about  300  yards  and  WATERS  ASSIGNED  TO
       aged,  had been  tagged "The Gray
                                    struck the vessel amidships, start-
       Ghost"  by  Japanese  fliers  w ho                        ADMIRAL  SPRUANCE ...
  .__,,                             ing  a  fire  in  the  hold.  The plane,
       had  found  her  an  extremely   harrassed by the gun crew's anti-
       elusive target. Last Christmas she                          PEARL   HARBOR.  -   Navy
                                    aircra;ft  fire,  failed  to  regain alti-
                                                                 headquarters announced this week
                                    tude  and  crashed  into  the  water   that all United States naval forces
       Cross-Word  Solution         40  yards from  the  ship.  The  pilot   in Japanese waters soon would  be
                                    attempted  to  swim  to  shore,  but
                                    was killed by a  beach guard.   assigned  to  the F ifth  F leet under
        S L O T                B S    During  the  following  16  hours,   Admiral Raymbnd A . Spruance.
        T- 0  T E              I  N  as crewmen battled flames,  other   Spruance  wiil  relieve  Admiral
  I._.,   RITE                GE    Tokyo  Rc-se  broadcasts  indicated   W illiam _F.  HalsE:y,  commander of
        I  T E                G E   the  Japs  knew  the  ship  had  been   the  Third F leet,  who  is  scheduled
        VERS                  ER    hit  and  predicted  other  planes   to  depart  from  Japan  this  week
                                    would r eturn to finish the job. But   for  the  United  States.
        E  R  S     i-±!--1-!~~   R  S
                                    the  fire  was  put  out and  the  ship   Vice Admiral Frank J. F letcher,
        D E M                 S P   towed  to  an  advance  base  for  who  commanded  the  North  Pa-
        EM  E                 TE    emergency repairs without furtheI'  cific  forces  during  the  est ablish-
        BED                   ES    interference from  the  enemy.  She  ment  of  American  naval  occupa-
        TRAP      PAP     STET      now  is  in  an  East  Coast  repair  t ion  of  Northern  J apanese  ports,
        OGLE      IRE     EAVE      yard while her Armed Guard crew  also  will  leave  Japanese  waters
        REST      DEN     SE.ER     waits  at  Treasure  Island  for  an- soon  for  his  Aleutian  headquar-
                                   I  other assignment.          ters.

                                                                                              RECOVERING-Susan_ Peters,  r ising  y,oung  actr,ess  who  was  vir-
                                                                                              t ual ly  par alyzed  as. t he  result  of  a  hunting  accid ent,  made  her  first
                                                                                              public  appeara nce  in  m a ny  months  ,on  a  radio  p r,ogram  last  week.

                                                                                             Central Legal  Office
                                                                                              Established for Tadcen        HOSPITAL  NOTES

                                                                                               A  Central  Legal  Assistance  of-
                                                                                             fice  has  been  set up  fo·r  all  Naval  T. l.'s Red  Cross
                                                                                             personnel  on  Treasure  Island and
                                                                                             Yerba  Buena.  Subordinate  com- Staff  Helps  Medical
                                                                                              mands  will  not  be  required  to
                                                                                             maintain  a  Legal  Assistanoe  Of- Dischargees Readiust
                                                                                             ficer  in  the  future. ·      Over  250  patients  a  month  are
                                                                                               Legal  officers  are  licensed  at- receiving assistance from  the  So-
                                                                                             torneys-at-law and all  legal  deal- cial Service staff of the Red Cross
                                                                                             ings  will  be  confidential  as  is  on  duty  at  Treasure  Island's
                                                                                             usual  in  the  reiationship  of  at-  Naval  H ospital in  filing  disability
                                                                                             torney and client.           pension claims with  the Veterans'
                                                                                               Such officers are not authorized  Administration and with  post dis-
                                                                                             to  advise  or  assist  personnel  in  charge  plans.
                                                                                             any  case  involving  an  investiga-  Assistance  is  also  provided  in
                                                                                             tion,  cou rt  martial  or  other  offi- filing  of  power  of  attorney  if  de-
                                                                                              cial proceedings and  may not rep- sired in  prese·ntation  of disability
                                                                                              resent   personneI   before   civil  claims.  If  immediate  hospitaliza-
       "HELLO!  GERT,  DARLING,  thi,s  is     AT  LAST  HOME.  Home  to  the  wife  he  hasn't  talked   courts.  However,  where  repre- tion  is  required  from  the  Veter-
       Ph i l !"  Mrs.  Sands  can  hardly  beli,eve  her   to  or  seen  in  ,over  -eighteen  months,  and  home  t.o  a
       husband  is  back,  and  going  to  be  dis-  daughter  he  has  n,ever  seen.  Gert r ude  is  in  t ears  and   sentation  before  civil  authorities  ans' H ospital upon discharge from
       charged  so  quickly.  But when  he  says  he   Philip  very  nervous.  Thei r  smiles  are  for  the  camera- is  necessary  they  may  men  the  Navy H ospit al.  the  Red  Cross
       w i ll  be  with  her  within  the  hour  it  is   man's  ben,efit,  and  only  the · ·baby  remains  naively  concerned  to  appropriate  bar  will  assist the  patient  in filing  his
       t.oo  much!  Their  home  is  1430-11th  Ave.   composed.                              committees or legal aid organiza- application  for  hospit alization.
                                                                                             tions  in  order  to  minimize  legal   At the  time  of separation from
                                                                                             fees.                        the  service, the Red Cross on  dutv
                                                                                               The  Central  Legal  Assistance  at this  hospital  interprets t o  each
                                                                                             office  is  located on the second deck  patient  the  problems  involved  in
                                                                                             -of  the  building  known  as  Theatre  the  transition  from  the  protected
                                                                                              No.  1,  across  from  Ship's  Se r vice  noncompetitive  hospital  situation
                                                                                             N-o.  1.                     to  civilian life.
                                                                                               H ospitalized  personnel  may  re-  Patients  with  special  disabili-
                                                                                             quest  a  legal  officer's  services  al- ties  or  problems  are  referred  t o
                                                                                             thoug h  unable  to  call personna.lly  the  Red  Cross  Chapter  in  their
                                                                                             at  the  main  office.  Men  in  Pre- home towns for arrangements for
                                                                                             Em barkation·  barracks  will  be  continued medical  t reatment,  con-
                                                                                             served  bv  legal  officers  detailrd  sultation  and  guidance  in  indi-
                                                                                             to  cqnsult  with  them  in  the  Em- vidual  and  familv  problems.
                                                                                             barkation area. In  addition, an of-  Th e  Red  Cross  seeks  to  give
                                                                                             ficer  will  be  assigned  from  the  continuous, help  from  the  hospital
                                                                                             main  office  to  handle  legal  mat- where  the  serviceman  is  dis-
                                                                                             ters on  Yerba Buena.        charg.ed,  until  he  is  finally  re-
                                                                                                                          adjusted  to  the  new  status  of
                                                                                                                          civilian  again .
                                                                                             TO  RETURN  CIVIL  PLANES
                                                                                               Airports  leased  from  civil  au-
                                                                                             thorities  for  use  by  the  armed  WHO  WOULD  BUY  IT?
                                                                                             forces  will  be  returned  to  civil   General  Makato  Onodera,  mili-
                                                                                             control  as  soon  as  m ilitary  need  tary  attache  of  the  Jap  legation
                                                                                             can  be  determined.   Until  s uch  in  Sweden ,  has  definite  post-war
                                                                                             time,  the  airports  may  be  used  plans.  He's  going  t o  writ e  his
       LIBERTY  EXPIRES  AT  1730 and  muster was  at   at 1330 if -orders a ren't in.  Usually a  man  doesn't  jointly  in most  cases  by civil and  memoirs and  now is  concerned as
       0800  in  I-ower  r ight  end  of  building  218.   Sands   spend  over 36  hours  in  T .  I.  RecShip  before  he  is
       is  awaiti ng  -orders,  to  Shoemak,er  and  discharge,   on  way t,o  destinatio-n.  Once  at Separation  Center,   m ilitary  air  t raffic  under  special  to  a  probable  market foi:: •t hein iii
       topside.  Muster will  again  be  at  1300 and  liberty   he  is  out  in  72  hours.   permit.                    the  U.  S.    ··>   ~  ·~d..·:::·-.: ..
                                                                                                                              .c  .. c  . .   ·51:bt" ·c!:t)';  .
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