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,...                                                                                  THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  SEPT.  29,  1945      PAGE  3
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          SERMONETTE                                       Cl   Treasure and Verba  Buena  Islands   Main  Bases in  Pacific
      )0                                                            DIVINE  SERVICES        Navy Acts to Retain

             0       0       !1     !1      !1      !1                                       The  Navy  disclosed  in  Wash-  Sites  Chosen
                                                                                            ington last week its intention not   Admiral  Horne  told  the  com-
                 Chaplain  R.  W. Jackson, Barracks E                                       to give up any Pacific bases until  mittee berthing areas for  the post-
                                                                                            a  final  decision  on  their  disposi- war  fleet  reserve  have  been  se-
          Th~ wwnspeople gathered around Jack,  fresh home from                             tion is made.                lected  at  Boston,  New  London,
     far off places. "Tell us what it was like, the places you saw and                       The disclosure was made  to the  Bayonne,  N.  J.,  Philadelphia,
                                                                                            liouse  Naval  Committee  by  Ad- Hampton  Roads  - Norfolk  area,
  -.....1  what:you did. We've been stuck here and missed out on it all."                   miral  F.  J .  Horne,  vice  chief  of  Charleston, S. C.; St. John's River,
     And  Jack  said,  "You  didn't  miss  anything.  I'm  the  one  that                   naval  operations.           Fla.;  Orange,  Tex.;  vicinity  of
                                                                                             The  Navy  has  orders,  Admiral  Bremerton,   Wash.;   Tacoma,
     missed out on everything for  four whole years-the four ye~rs
                                                                      Sund; 1y  Services    Horne  told  the  committee,  not  to  Wash.;  Tongue Point,  Ore.;  Mare
     I couldn't get bac~·-"                            t'  ,,\ ·      l.'rotest:.nt  Worship   abandon  any  of  the  bases  but  to  Island and  San Diego.
          Both.parties were right.  We all  are  losing out  on. some-  Treasure  allC,  Yerba  Buena  Islands   keep  }hem,  at least in  care-taker   -A.dditional berths may be estab-
                                                               Treasure  l slan d  (;hapel-"930  and  1030  status, . until a  final  determination  lished  at  Hunter's  Point  in  San
     thing. In fact we' re losing out on nearly everything. For we can  Commu nio n-- 1 1:;,,  { Ch tt~u·I)
                                                               H ospital  < ·tiaJJel-l uuu   is  made  with  respect to  what is- Francisco  Bay  and  at  Terminal
  -__1  be  only  on_e  place  at  a  time  and  nearly  everything  happens   Theatre  No,  3-1030   la,rps the  United States shall con- Island, near Long Beach, Calif.
                                                               Embarkation  Ship's Service  Chapel  0700
                                                               Yerba  Buena  Island  Theatre--0930   trol permanently.    Sullivan  also  told  the  commit-
     where we aren't.
                                                                       Catholic Masses      List  Submitted             tee  the  Navy  wants  to  retain
          Of course  we  haven't  always  been  the  places  we  might  Treasure  Island Chapel-0630,  0720  and   Admiral  Horne  and  Rear  Ad- "partial  control"  of  six  aircraft
     prefer.  Or  had  the  jobs  we  liked.  Maybe  we  won't  be  com-  Thef\tre  No.  1-1030   miral  W.  L.  Burrough  submitted  factories.  He did  not say in what
                                                               Hospital  Chapel-0630  and  0900
     pletely  satisfied  when  we  get  home.  Possibly  the, place  will   Embarkation  Ship's  Service  Ci:apel -  to  the  committee  a  list  of  major  manner  this  should  be . done,  but
                                                                 0600                       and secondary bases the Navy ex- ·told committee members he would
                                                               Yerba  Buena  Island  Theetre-0830·
     have changed.  Certainly the people will not be quite the same,  Confessions  (YB  Theatre  Office)  0800  pects to  retain permanently after  submit  a  memorandum  later
  v  we as well as the others.                                       Mormon  Study  Group   the  war.  Admiral  Burrough  em- ommending  specification.
                                                               Theatr e  No,  2-0930        phasized that the  list was  drawn   The  six  plants,  he  said,  should
        Fortunately, God has planted in man the power to do good
                                                                    WEEKDAY  ACTIVITIES     for  "planning"  purposes only and  be allowed to resume regular pro-
      work wherever be is. Srones and dumb animals respond only tO   Daily--:Masses  (Small  Chapel,  Treasure   was tentative until final  arrange- duction,  but  the  Navy  wants  "to
                                                                  I sland)  1150  and  1630
     outward  stimuli.  But  by  God's  grace  man  can  rise  above  his   Daily-Confessions (Small Chapel, Treas·  ments  for  control  of  the  islands  keep  a  string  on  them"  so  they
                                                                  ure  I sland)
                                                               Daily-Masses  (Hospital  Chapel) - 0645  are- made. Among the major home  will be available for any necessary
     environment  and  by  his  very  rising  help  to  change  his  sur-  Daily- Masses   (Embarkation  Ship's  bases  to  be  retained  is  the  San  naval work.
                                                                 Service  Chapel)  1600
      roundings.                                               Daily -  Protestant  Worship  Service -  Francisco Bay area.   The  six  include  Douglas  Air-
                                                                  b!!~el\Embarkation  Ship's  Service  Pacific Area      craft Company,  El  Segundo,  and
          Often we find men or women who have falk:1 into just the
                                                               Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (Firs<   The bas·es tentatively chosen for   Ryan Aeronautical Company, San
     wwn or the  job that suited them. Usually on thinking it over   Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small   retention  in  the  Pacific:   Diego.
                                                               Tnesday -  llfiraculous  Medal  ,Novena.   MaJ· or  Bases:  Pearl  Harbor,
      we discover that person would have fitted well into almost any   1830  (Large  Chapel)                             Navy Designates "Surplus" Fields
                                                               Tuesday-Christian Science Group,  1800  Guam-'Saipan  area,  the  Philip-  Assistant Secrettry of the Navy.
     community or work So it is not always the place or the work or   (Chapel  Reception  Room)
                                                               Tuesday  -  Holy  Name  Society,  1915  pines,  Manus  in  the  Admiralties.  for  Air  Sullivan  last  week  dis-
                                                                  (Small  Chapel)             S   d    B     Ad  k  K  d
      the  neighbors  which  are  wrong  or  fine  as  the  case  may  be.  Wednesdays  -  Christian  Servicemen's   econ  ary  ases:   a  ,   o  i-  clqsed  to  t:tie  House  Naval  Com-
                                                                  League,   1830   (Chapel  Reception  ak, Balboa, Bonins-Volcano group,  mitte.e  74  .naval  air  stations  or
      Usually it is the man himself.                              Room)
                                                               Wednesday-- Organ  Recital  (Hospital  Ryukyus,  Tuto-Twaitawi,  Subic,  major  facilities  to  be  designated
          Some people just will not fit  anywhere. You readers may   Chapel)  121G  and  1400   L  yt  S   p  1   p   rt
                                                               'l'hursday  -  Chapel   Choir  Rehearsal   e  e- amar,   a  au,   ue  o  surplus in the last quarter of this
      not be that kind of people. But most of us after looking at our-  (Chapel  Gallery)  1800   Princessa,  Galapagos,  Attu,  John  year or the first of next, including
                                                               Friday-Wave Singers Rehearsal  (Chap•
                                                                  el  Reception  Room)  1800   Island,  Midway,  Wake,  Samda,  Treasure  Island  and  Mills  Field
      selves will decide we could stand a little overhauling.  Few of
                                                               Friday-Mormon  Study  Group,  1830  Eniwetok,  Kwajalen,  Truk.   in  San Francisco.
                                                                  ( Chapel  Gallery)
      us  are  equal  to  the  task  of  complete  self-repair.  It  will . take  Friday  -  Jewish  Services   (Hospital   Caretaker  - Emergency  Bases:   He also told the committee that
                                                                  Chapel)  1900
      God's  help  and  much  determination.  But  if  we  are  going  to   Saturday-Confessions  (SmaJI  Chapel,  Dutch  Harbor,  Canton  Island,  234 outlying or satellite fieids will
                                                                  Treasure  Island)  1400-2000   p  I   M  ·   UJ"th·
                                                               Saturday-Confessions  (HoRpital  Chap·   a  myra,   aJuro,   1   1.   be reduced to a  similar status.
     attempt it the time to begin is here and now.
                                                                  el)  1800-1900            Atlantic  Bases               The  74  major facilities  affected
                                                                                              In the .Atlantic, .Navy plans call  and  to  be  made  surplus  before
                                                               AT THE  CHAPEL ...           for  a  major  base  in  the  Puerto  the  end  of  the  year,  include  the
                                  and  the  age  of  beneficiaries.  The
     Navy Personnel Urged         insurance is effective regardless of   Pr-otestant Services   Rico-Virgin  Islands  area,  and  for  following  in  northern  California
                                  travel  and  any  other  hazards,   The  newly  formed  Chapel  Oc-  these  secondary  bases:   (location · and  area  by  acre_s):
     To  Study  Conversion  of  such as occupation and residence.  tette will  sing at both services in   Argentin~,  Bermuda,  Guantan- Hollister,  210;  King  City,  (acre-
                                                                                            amo,  Trinidad,  Coco  Solo.   age  not given);  Watsonville,  322.
                                    Once  he  is  out  of  service,  the  the  Chapel  on  Sunda.y  morning,
     Service  Insurance           veteran's first  payment should  be  their  selection  being  "Hear  My   Caretaker-emergency  bas~s  in   The following to be released the
                                                                                            the  Atlantic  wo .1L.  be  located  at  first quarter of 1946: Eureka, 459 ;
                                  made in the first month following  Prayer'!,. by  James.  Chaplain  H.
       Conversion  -of  service  life  in-                                                  St.  Thomas,  Antigua,  Great  Ex- Lompoc  (acreage  not  given);
     surance to a  standard policy was   discharge,  a  check,  money  order  G.  Gatlin's  S<"rmon · topic  for  the   uma,  Georgetown,  Jamaica,  and  Mills  Field  (So.  San  Francisco) ,
      urged  by  Commander  Carl  A.   or  bank  draft,  payable  to  the  1030 service  will  be  "The Clothes   Santa Lucia.   85;  Watsonville,  81.
     Zoller,  Supply  Corps,  head of the   Treasurer  of  the  United  States,  That Make a  Man," and Chaplain   In  continental  United  States,  , Arcata,  687;  ·Oakland,  1,016 ;
     Insurance  Section  of Dependents'   being  mailed  to  the  Collections  E.  C.  Andrews  will  speak  at the   the  admirals  disclosed,  these  fa- Tre,,sure  Island,  15.
     Welfare Division, Bureau of Naval   Sub-Division,  Veterans'  Adminis- 0930  service  on  "What  Is  Your   cilities  are  planned  for  the  post-  -Among  outlying  or  satellite
                                  tration, Washington 25,  D,  C,
      Personnel.                                               Life?"  The Chapel  choir will sing   war  Navy:          field.s  to  be  released  in  the· final
                                    The insurance may be converted  the  anthem,  "How  Long  Wilt
       "When  you  leave  the  service,"                                                      Fleet  Operations  Areas:  Nor- quarter  of  1945  (site  and  area
                                  after it has  been in force  for one  Thou  Forget  Me?"  at  both  serv-
      Commander Zoller said,  "we sug-                                                      folk-Hampton  Roads-Chesapeake  near  where  located):  Mendocino
                                  year arid  within  the  term period,  ices,  and  the  organist  will  be
      gest  you  delay  converting  to  an-                                                 Bay area; New York-Long.Island- (Alameda,  Calif.) ;  Crescent  City
                                  without physical examination. The  John Tremaine,  Sp(W)lc.
      other type of policy until you can   new policy may be made effective                 Narragansett   Bay-Casco   Bay  (Arcata, Calif.); Eureka seaplane
      see a  clear financial  road ahead-  as  of  the  same  date  of  the  orig-  Theatre  N.o.  3   ar.ea;  -San  Pedro-San Diego area;  facility  (Arcata); No."  27704  (Liv-
      until  you  are  once  again  estab-  inal term policy or as of the date   Chaplain  E.  M.  Reig;1a rd's  ser-  Puget Soun_d  area and >San  Fran- ermore-,  Calif.)
      lished  in  the  business  or  profes-  any premium becomes or has be-  mon subject for  the  1030  service   cisco area.   ,  Half Moon  Bay  (Moffett  Field,
      sional world.  Then you will know   come  due. ·The  premium  rate  is   at Theatre No. 3 will be "Combat   On  East Coast   Calif.)
      what  monetary  burdens  you  can                        Fatigue.''  The  soloist  will  be                          Outlying or satellite fields to be
                                  based  on  the  age  of  the  insured                       1Secondary  Bases:  Submarine
      assume without material injury to                        Charlotte  Wolford,  Y3c,  who will
                                  on hi.s  birthday nearest the  effec-                     base  at  New  London,  Conn.;  released  in  first  quarter  of  1946
      yourself  or  to·  those  dependent                      sing  Franck's  "O  Lord  Most
                                  tive  date  of  the  new  policy  se-                     amphibious  bases  at  San  Diego  include:  San  Luis  Obispo  (Ala-
      upon y0u for support.''                                  Holy."
                                  lected. If the policy is dated back,                      and  Lfttle  Creek,  Va.;  sound  meda, Calif.)
       Due to a  three-year extension in   it  will  be  necessary  to  pay  the   Hospital   schools  at  key  West,  Fla.,  and
      service insurance policies recently                        At  the  Naval  Hospital  Chapel,   San Diego;  mine school and mine
                                  difference  in reserve which is the                                                    STRIKER
      granted  by Congress,  all  policies   approximate  equivalent  of  the   Chaplain  C.  H.  Loveland  will   warfare test station  in the Ches-
      may be continued for eight years   premiums on the new policy back   s:peak at 1000 and the soloist will   apeake  Bay  area;  advance  base
      after their effective dates,  the of-                    be  Lois  Koch,  Y2c,  singing  "O
                                  to  that  date.                                           depot  and  training  schools  at
      ficer  pointed  out,  giving  Navy   Illustrations  of  the  monthly   pivine  Redeemer,"  by  Gounod.   Davisville,  R.  I.,  and  Hueneme,
      policy-holders  plenty  of  time  to                     Organ numbers by Allan Gastren,   Calif.;  repair base  at San Diego,
                                  premiums  for  $10,000  insurance
      decide  upon  a  desirable  conver-                      PhM2c, will incll;tde "Thou Art My
                                  on each of the three plans f~llow:                        and  net school  at Tiburon,  Calif.
      sion  plan . .                                           Rock"  (Mueller)  and "Finale: Al-  Most  of  the  Pacific  bases
       Service  insurance  may  be  con-       Monthly Pretpium  legro  Maestoso"  from  "Water. named  by  the  admirals  coincide
      verted into ordinary life (payment  Plan-  · ',  ;,-:/,  _for  $10,000   Music," by Handel.   ·   with those recently recommended
      of premiums for life),  30-pay life  Based on age 25:           Catholic  Services ·   for  retention  by  a  House  naval
      (pay  premiums  for  30  years)  or   20-payment  life . ..... . .. $21.20   Until  further  notice,  Catholic  subcommittee.
      20-pay life  (pay premiums for 20                        Mass at 1150 in the Main Chapel
                                  30-payment life . .. ......  16.70
      years). The government pays the   Ordinary life  ....... , . . .  13. 70   Building  (Small  Chapel)  will  be  Gavotte  .. ...... · .. . ..... Martini
      costs  of  administering  the  pro-                      discontinued.                Liebestraum  . ............. Liszt
                                   Based on age 30-
      gram.                       20-year life  .. . . , . , . , , . .  23.10   Organ  Recital   Canon B Minor .. ...... Schumann
       The  insurance  may  be  carried  30-year life  .. , . . . . . . . . .  18.30   Following  is  the  program  for  Clair  de  Lune . . . .... .. . Debussy
      in  amounts  from  $1,000  to  $10,- Ordinary  life  . .... .. ...  15.60   the  weekly  organ  recital  played  Achieved  is  the  Glorious  Work
      000.  Under  present  law  benefi- Based on age 35:      by  Allan  J.  Gastren,  PhM2c,  on   (from "The Creation") .. Haydn
      ciaries  receive monthly  income- 20-year life  . . , . . . . . . . . .  25.30   October  3,  1945,  at 1215:   All  personnel  and  their  guests
      not  a  lump  sum--depending  on  30-year life  .... , ........ 20.30   Fantasy Prelude  on  "Miles   ar.e·invited to attend these weekly
      the  amount  of  insurance  carried  Ordinary life  . . . . . . . . . . .  18.00   Lane"  ..... . ........ Attwater  organ programs.
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