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PAGE  8        THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  SEPT.  22,  1945 . :::::::::::::::::=::::::::::::::~~=:::::::::::::::::=::::::::::::::~~=::::::
                                                                                                "Confidentially"  Keep       Navy  Issues  Job
          Rocltets  Were  Important  War  Weapons  Radio  Materiel·_ School                     It  Under  Your  Hat         Qualification

                                                                                                  Navy  personnel,  who  have  had
                                                                    RT and  Art Training  Program                            Booklets  to  Vets
                                                                     The  following  is  quoted  for  th:)  access  to  restricted,  confidential
                                                                   information of all hands:  "RT and  or secret information while in the   The  Navy  is  issuing  a  person-
                                                                                                service,  are  warne,d  that  dis- alized  booklet  to  each  ·enlisted
                                                                    ART  Training  Program  in  Pre-
                                                                   Radio  Materiel,  EE  &  RM  and   charge to civilian life  carries cer- man  and  woman  separated  from
                                                                                                tain  responsibilities.      the  service  which  interprets  the
                                                                   Radio  Materiel  will  continue  on
                                                                                                  Ciphers,  codes,  intelligence  ma- veteran's  Navy  experience·  in
                                                                   same  basis  as  prior  to  August
                                                                     _ All  m n  now in  RT  and  ART  terial  and  classified  matter  and  terms of civilian occupations. Offi-
                                                                   15      2
                                                                   training  program  including  those   equipment  must  remain  peace•  cers  will  receive  a  qualification
                                                                    at  recruit  training  centers  will  time  secrets  in order to  maintain  jacket  similar  to  the  enlisted
                                                                                                our  national  security.  The  dis- booklet.
                                                                   complete  the  entire  course  with-  closure of such information makes
                                                                    out  regard  to  USN,  USNR  or                            Booklets, describing the general
                                                                   USN!  status  except  that  those   the  individual  subject  to  trial   function,  duties,  and  responsi-
                                                                                                under  the  provisions  of  the  Es-
                                                                   who  so  desire  may  transfer  to   pionage  Act  of  1917.   bilities  of  approximately  500
                                                                    ~eneral  s2rvice  now  at th3ir own                      Navy ratings have  been prepared
                                                                                                  All service personnel  concerned . for  Separation  Centers.  A  Civil
                                                                    i:equest.  Those sh:dents who have
                                                                                                are  urged  to  remember  that  Readjustment  Officer  is·sues  the
                                                                   voluntarily  enlisted  in  regula,·
                                                                   Navy since August 22  to  continue   national  security  must  be  main- rating  description  booklet  de-
                                                                   their  Radio  Technician  training   tained in peace as well as in wa.r.  scribing the rate  the veteran held
                                                                    are given the option of remaining                        at the  time  of  separation.
                                                                    in  regular  Navy  or  reverting  to   The reappearance of the Alameda   For  example,  the  booklet  out-
                                                                                                group  was the  signal for  an eve- lining  the  qualifications  of  a
                                                                   their  former  status.  Men  eligible
                                                                                                ning of solid entertainment, head- former  pharmacists's  mate,  first
                                                                   for  discharge  on  points  will  be
                                                                                                lined  by  the  red-hot  rhythms  of  class,  will  inform  the  personnel
                                                                    discharged  when  due  in  same
                                                                                                Chief  Bill  Phillips  and  his  band.  manager  of  a  hospital  that  the
                                                                   manner as all  other  ratings.  Stu-
          ENLISTED  MEN  aboard  a  rocket-firing  craft  place  huge  rockets  in              Diminutive  Joey  Reardon.  of  veteran  is  familiar  with  X-ray
          their  launchers.  The  projectiles,  developed  during  World  War  11,   dents  will be placed in the  course   "Camel Caravan" fame, who acted  equipment and can administer an-
          played  an  important  part  in  the  defeat -of  Japan.   at  the  point  deemed  appropriate                                                    .......,
                                                                    by the respective commanding of-  as emcee and impersonator extra•  aesthetics·. This booklet, like those
                                                                    fleer."                     ordinary,  had  the audience  howl- for  other ratings,  contains an ac-
          Cut  Due  Soon  in  United  States                        RMS  Bowling                ing  during  his  routine.  Pleasing  curate  summary  of  the  veteran's
                              '                                      RMS  Bowling  team  annexed   personalities  and  humorous  jest- special  abilities  and  experience
          Army  Now  Stationed  in  Japan                           second place and six points in the   ing  were  the  talents  appreciated  while  in the  Navy.
                                                                                                by  the  crowd  when  Ferriss  and
                                                                    Commodore's  trophy  champion-
                                                                                                Trixie  Robin,  song  stylists,  took
            History's   greatest   military   ----~-------.,..,..,.0""  ship,  being  defeated  by  31  pins   their  bows.  Vagda  Deloro  found   "Send  The  Masthead  Home"
          gamble-the  American  landing  in                   .(0  l..  y  Pre-Com. In the singles event,   a  ready welcome-for her smooth,
                                       12N D FREEZES q,  1  '(0.1·  rolled  on  Tuesday  night,  Lubke-
          armed  Japan  -  has  paid  off  so              rJ--., \&                            tempestuous   South   American  the  Operational  Training  School.
          handsomely   that  occupation                             man  rolled  582  for  three  frames   dances, as did  Julie  Baleau, torch  The  wedding  took  place  at  1000,
          forces  pr,obably  will  be  cut to  not   ALL  YEOMEN  "L'f ,., eJ ~  and came in second. In the doubles   singer with a  repertoire of novel- on September 15,  with Mahlon  L.
                                                          ::>  o
          more  than  200,000  within   six   The  wind blew a  freezing  blast   event  Brown  and  Weight  rolled   ty numbers. A combination adagio  Chism, '  Y2c,  as  best  man  and
          months,  General  MacArthur  said   on  all  yeomen  in   th e  Tweif th   three frames  each for  a  total pin   and balancinis  act of athletic pre- Phyllis  J ewell,  S2c,  as  maid  of
                                                                    fall  of  1075  and  again  garnered
          this  week.                  Naval  District  last  week  and                         cision  by  the  Montaines•  high- honor.  RMS  extends its congratu-
            As  a  result  of  the  successful   made them unavailable for release   '3.  second  place.  In  the  five  man   Ug-hted  the  evening's  events.  The  lations  and  best  wishes  for  their
          penetration of  this conquered na-  under the  dis::harge  point system   event,  Dale,   Palmer,  Levine,   band furnished a  few artists of its  happiness.  Chaplain  Rice,  at-
          tion,  he  added  in  a  formal  state-  until  further  notice.   Broadley  and  Silkkinen  rolled  a   o,,m.  Tony  Espen  played  a  deep  tached  to  RMS,  officiated.   '-../
          ment,  troops  will  be  returned                        total of 2367 good enough for sec-  and  melodious  bass  solo,  while
                                        Division  officers  will  not  ap-
          home as rapidly as ships are made   prove  any  more  requests  for  dis-  '.md  place.   Bob Kittoe,  trumpeter and singer,
          available.  Regular  Army  forces,                        RMS  Basketball             gave  a  repeat  rendition  of  "One   STRIKER
                                       charge  submitted  by  yeomen
          he  said,  probably  will  be  able   ratings and Personnel officers will   With basketball to be played off.   Meat Ball."   ...
          to  maintain  unaided  the·  200,000   return to division heads,  any such   RMS  adds  six  more  points  to  its   "Au  Revoir"
          man  force--"which  will  permit  requests  now ,on  file.   total  of  52 -and  are  definitely  the   Last week  saw the  first of the
          complete  demobilization  of  our                         winners  of the  Commodore's  tro-  Waves  to  leave  RMS  under  the
          citizen  (draftee)  Pacific  forces."                     phy  with  a  total  to  date  of  58
                                       ability  of  materials  and  prope-rty                   new discharge point system. Doro-
          Stakes  Worth  It            values.                      points  with  Pre-Com  in  second   thy  Davison,  Ylc,  of  the  Person-
                                                                    place with  40  points.
            "There  was  probably  no  great-                                                   nel  Office,  was transferred to the
          er  gamble  taken  in  history,"  his                     RMS  Stage  Revue            Separation Center on T.I.  and of-
          statement  explained.  "than  the                          Two  return  engagements  fea- ficially  ·departed  with  discharge
          initial  landings"  where  ground                         tured the RMS  amusement calen- papers  in  hand  the  last  of  the
          forces  were  -out-numbered  1,000                        dar last week  when  "City  of  San  week.  She  will  join  her  husband
          to  one  by  armed  Japanese.  But,                       Francisco"  and  the  Alameda  who  also  has  become  a  civilian.
          he  added,  "the stakes  were  worth                      Naval  Air  Show  were  presented  RMS  extends  its  best  wishes  to           "Elfrs
          it."                                                      in the school auditorium. The fii:st  them both in  their new roles.
                                                                    program  offered  a  vodvil  r evue
                                                    *               with  maestro  Phil  Sapiro  head- Wedding  Bells                                 'fir
                                                                                                  The Treasure Island Chapel was
                                                                    ing  an  augmented  pit  orchestra
          Veterans  are  Reminded          BANKING FACILITIES       which provided mellow renditions  the scene for the exchange of vows              _.  ~
                                            WESTERN  UNION                                                                                              A
                                                                    of  current  melodies.  Ever  popu- between · Leora  M.  Foster,  S2c.
          That  Rationing  is  Still           PosT OFFICE          Jar  acrobatic  dancers  Bonnie,  RMS Instructional Aids office, and
                                           w AR  BOND OFFICE        Raye,  Iris  Wayne,  and  Judy  ~ harles  P .  Henderson,  RM3c,  of
          In  Ufect;  Observe  It        All 4 services located in Bldg.   Blake appeared again. Miss Blake !.......,~~~~-------~~~~~~~~~------~~
                                           258,  Ave.  H,  near 4th St.   secured  "volunteer"  J ack  Cohen,  The Wolf
            War-time  rationing  is  still  in                                                                                           by Sansone
          effect in many instances  and dis-        *               RMS  printer,  from  the  audience
          charged  men  and  women,  ration-  SMALL STORES          for  a  jitterbug  number.  Sonia   Copyright  1945  by  Leonard  S,nsone, distrib11ted  by  C.amp  Newspaper  Strvice
          free  till now,  are  advised  to  read   Bldg.  215,  10th  St.,  between   Shaw, KGO songstress with a  fine
          the rationing rules.                Aves.Mand N.          reputation here,  had a  new group
            Wartime price controls are still                        of  ballads  for  her  admirers.  Ma-
          determining  the  costs of  most  of   -  *               gicians  Consuelo  and  Sweeney
          the  necessities  of life.  One  of the   TELEPHONE CENTERS   performed  their feats  of  legerde-
          important things for a  veteran to                        main, and juggler Delmar demon-
                                         Recreation  Bldg.  263,  9th  St.
          do  is  contact his  local  Price  and   and Ave.  H.     strated  his  prowess  by  balancing
          Rationing  Board  for  information   Bldg. 174, 4th St. and Ave. C.   weird  African  poles  on  his  feet.
          and rationing books.                 ( Band Circle)
            Men or women  who plan  to  go
          into  business  should  check  with       *
          the Board to be  certain that busi-  RAILWAY  COACH  TICKETS
          ness supplies will be available be-  AIRLINE RESERVATIONS
          fore  making  any  investment.
                                           TRAVELERS'  CHECKS
            Ceiling prices should be strictly
          observed  and  violators  reported.
            Areas wher.e housing shortages   Bldg. 174, 4th St. and Ave. C.
          exist are under  Federal Rent Con-  Bldg.  221,  11th  St.,  between
          trol.  Landlords in such areas can-  Aves. G and H.
          not  charge  more  rent  than  legal      *
          ceilings set by the OP A Rent Con-  SHIP's SERVICE No,  1
          trol Office.  Renters are entitled to
          request a  copy of landlord's regis-  Bldg. 152, 9th St. and Ave. C.
          tration  certificate  with  the OP A.     *
            Returning veterans are warned   SHIP's SERVICE No.  2
          against  the  signing  of  contracts   Bldg.  8, 5th St., between  Aves.
          or  the  spending  of  any  funds  in
          construction  of  homes  without                                                                 "Do  you  have  this  type  of  nightmare  oJten ?"
          first consulting the OPA on avail-
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