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THE  MASTHE AD,  sATURDA~.  SEP-:'.  21.  1045  Alameda
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                                                                                     Whips  T.  I.              Baseball  Semi's
         Moffet  Field  Loses  Net                                                                                            Tre3,sure  Island  took  a
         Encounter to T.  I. -12th                                                                                          seat  in  the  12th  Naval  District
                                                                                                                            baseball  tourney  Saturday,  when
         Naval Meet Starts Today                                                                                            they  bumped  heads with  the Ala-  '-../
                                                                                                                            meda  Air  St ation  nine.  Alameda
          Only  the  12th  Naval  District                                                                                  won  13-3,  and  put the  Pirates  on
         tennis  tournament  remains,  on   The  mightiest blast -m ight rock                                               the  outside,  looking  in.
         this  season's  swat  slate  after  the  sturdiest  mountain  but  it                                                The  outcome  was  never  in
         Treasure  Island's  unmerciful  9-0                                                                                doubt.  Alameda pumped two runs
                                      t akes  an  atomic  explosion  and  a
         drubbing  of  Moffet  Field,  Thurs-                                                                               across  in  the  third,  two  more  in
                                      war's  end  to  dislodge  Chief  Ath-
         day.                         letic  Specialist  Bill  Eagan,  from                                                 the  fifth  and nine  in t he  final  two
           A  guarantee  of  no  worse  than   his  essential  swimming  post  at                                           frames  to  ice  the  game  before
         second  place in the  District stand-  the  head  of  the  aquatic  warfare                                        Treasure  Island  could  scratch.
         ings,  provided  they  win  Thurs-  and  non-swimmers  program  on                                                 And  so  goes  the  T.I.  baseball
         day's  excursi-on on the T.  I. cou rts,                                                                           season.
                                      T.  I.
         put  the  Pirate  stalwarts  in  the                                                                                 A  base-on-balls  to  Friberge·r,  a
                                       Eagan  is  no  "rocking  chair"
         r ight  frame  -of  mind  and  by  m id-                                                                           pair  of  singles  by  Welker  and
                                      executive  who  imparts  his  swim-
         afternoon  they  had  the  Flyer's                                                                                 Evart, and Barker's two-run dou-
                                      ming  curriculum  from  the  com-
         we ll  grounded  beh ind  a  5-0  score.                                                                           ble,  sta.rted  T.I.  on  the  road  to
                                      forts  of his four-wa!J.ed  recluse  in
           Lt.   Johnny  Foreman  came   Gym  No.  2,  but  from  the  brinks                                               ruin.  Three  more  singles  in  the
         through with Treasure Island's in-                        AN  ALAMEDA  SCORE-This  s ingl e  by  an  Ala meda  man  scored   fifth  inning  gave  the  Alameda   -..J
                                      of  the  two  large  pools  that  sup-  two  runs  and  paved  t he  way  for  the  13-3  victory.  She,ely  wa its  for
         itial  win by turning back Sleator,                                                                                baseballers  a  four  run  lead  and
                                      port  his  200  daily,  swimming  the  ball  t hat  never came.
         6-0,  6-1, and t hen doubled up with                                                                               .sent  T.I.'s  Rip  Collins  to  the
                                      pupils.  Now  and  t hen  Bill  will
         Lt.  Ted  Gruhle,r  to  take  the                                                                                  showers.
                                      venture  away  from  his  "first
         second doubles match from Emer-  love"  but  his  trek  will  prove  a  Fleet  City  Advances  in  Treasure  Island  Ends   Condon ran into the same trou-
         son  and  Neil,  6-3,  6-3.   Bobby                                                                                ble,  being nicked for five  blows in
                                      failure  because  his  commanding
         Perez  waxed  off  Jim  Emerson,   officer has a  habit of saying  "no"  12th  Naval  Tourny -  Season  With  5-4  Win   the  eighth  and  four  more  tallies
         Fly,er first  man,  6-2,  6-3  and then   to  questions  like,  "Gee,  I  sure                                     in  the  ninth.  Barker and  McCon-
         t urned  the  trick  with  Lt.  J oey   would like  to teach  the  boys  over  Armed  Guard  is  Victim   Darkness  ended  the  Treasur.e  nell  got their third  hit each  w hen
         Abrams in the doubles over Jones   there"  or  "I  could  be  of  more                Island-Camp Parks Girls'  softball  the  entire  Hellcat  team  batted
         and  Stratford,  6-0,  6-0.                                It  took  Fleet  City  eleven  in- t ussle  Monday,  after four innings  around in the wild eighth. Bender
                                      service  to  the  lads  on  New
           Abrams  suffered  a  tor rid  first                    nings  to  turn  the  tables  on  the  of  play.   T.I.  won  the  contest   replaced  Condon  at  this  stage.
                                      Guine1 or maybe the Philippines."
         set  but finished  strong  in  w inning                  Armed Guard Saturday, but  when  played  at  Camp  Parks,  5-4.   Treasure  Island  got  out  of  its
         ov-e r  Ted  Jones,  6-2,  6-0.   Dick                   they did they eliminated any hope   This  was  the  third  victory   batting  slump  on  Tauby'.s  single
         Grenfell  continued  his  remarkable                     the Gunners had in the 12th Naval  scored  by  the  damsels  from   to leftfield. Dunham singled, send-
         winning  st rea k  in  st opping  school                 District baseball championship.  A  Treasure  Island,  ending  their   ing  Tauby  to  third  base.  Bartell
         t eacher,  Stratford,  a nd  Don  Mc-                    three  run  avalanche  in  the  elev- league  campaign  in  a  blaze  of   filled the bags on a  walk and then
         Neil  defeated  Ed.  Spreiter,  6-0,                     enth  frame  did  the  trick  for  the  glory.            Sheely  slammed  a  hot  grounder
         6-3.                                                     Bluejackets,  6-3.             Camp  Parks  almost  turned  the  to  the first baseman that was too
           Summar y:  Singles- B .  Perez  def.  E m-               It was  by  far  the  closest  and  tide  in  the  last  inning  but  heavy  hot  to  handle.  It went  for  two
         erson,  6-2,  6-3;  J .  Abrams  def.  J ones,
         6-2,  6-0;  T.  Gruhler  def.  Neil,  6-4,  6-0;         best  game  of  the  tourney.   f-:::g  and  darkness  prevented  any  bases,  scoring  Tauby  and  Dun-
         Grenfell  def.  Str atfor d,  6-1,  6-2;  J.  F ore·       Armed  Guard  drew  first  blood  further  damage.   T.I.  scored  in  ham.   Marshall's  long;  fly  ball
         man  def.  Sleator,  6-0,  6-1;  D.  McNeil
         def.  Spreitor,  6-0,  6-3.  Doubles-Perez-              in the second inning when Larrieu  every  inning.         scored  Bartell.
         Abrams  def. · J ones-Stratford,  6-0,  6-0;
         Gruhler-Foremau  def.  Emerson-Neil,  6-3,               doubled  to  center  and  .scored   -----·1----             This  sixteen-hit  tragedy  suf-
         6-3;  Grenfell-McNeil  and  Sleator -Sprei-              minutes  later  on  Moore's  single.                      fered by T.I., ended their baseball
         ter  match  unfinished.
                                                                  The  lead  went  back  and  forth  Burke  Transfered  to   season and put  their playing togs
                                                                  after the third inning when  Fleet                        away  for  another  hardball  sum-
         Girl Softball Champs are                                 City  tied  up  the  ball  game  on  a  Alameda  Air Station   mer.
                                                                  pair  of  errors.  A  single  in  the                       Alameda  was  brought  to  her
         Humbled by T. I. Bats -                                  sixth  by Harvey store:v  put Fleet   The  familiar  face  of  Jackie  knees  by  the  st)3,r-studded  Fleet
                                                                   City  in  scoring  position.  A  wild  Burke,  former  boxing  instructor  City  in  the  final  round  by  the
         Spaulding Hurl,s Win               "Swimme r  Eagan"      pitch  advanced  him  to  second  of Gym No.  1, has been missed by  identical  score.  Lt.  Commander
                                                                   where  he  scored  on  a  hit  by  many the  past week and for good  Kimball presented Fleet City with
           A  pair  of  singles  in  the  ninth   A  long  athletic  history  lies  be- Andres.   reason.  For  the  benefit  of  you  the  Commandant's Trophy.
                                      hind Bill.  He has  been a  two-time
                                                                                     _ ,  Boyko,  Burlrn  followers,  Jackie  has  been
         inning  spelled  defeat  to  Willie                        With  the  score   2 1                                    Summary-          R.  H.  E .
         Turner  and  her  Bay  Meadows  winner of  the  Golden Gate swim-                     transferred  to  the  Alameda  Air  Alameda 002  020  054- 13  16   2
                                                                  Armed  Guard  catcher,  singled.  A
         Girls softball team Sunday, as the  ming  classic  while  under  the                  Station  where  he  is  expected  to  TI   000  000  003   3   9   4
                                      colors  of  the  San  Francisco   sacrifice  by  Stone  moved  Boyko                   ·  ·  · · · ·   -
         'cuties in knickers, were edged by                       to  second  base.  A  long  single  to-  carrv on his instruction.   B  tt  ·   c  11·   C  d   B
                                                                                                                               a  en-es:  o  ms,  on  on,  en-
         the  T.  I.  All-Stars,  3-2.   Olympic  Club.  Sectional  titles  in   centerfield  by  Fred  May,  drove   While  teaching  boxing  here  on  der  and  Sheely·,  Houge  and  Mc-
                                      the  longer  swims  are  customary
          One  of  the  largest  crowds  to                       the  Gunner  catcher  across  the  Treasure  Island,  Jackie competed  Connell.
                                      to  him.  Relegated  to  the  role  of
         pack  the  athletic  field  stands  all                  plate with  the  tying  run.   in  a  number  of  tournaments  and
                                      instructor  while  serving  in  the
         year  witnessed  a  tight,  extra-                                                    was triumphant in the 12th Naval
                                      Navy,  Bill participated as well  as   After  a  scoreless  ninth  inning,
         inning pitching duel between "fire-                                                   District  championship  two  years   Oakland Hospital Ousted
         ball" Ben Spaulding and the high-  coached,  in  a  number  of  12th  Fleet City  scratched  on  a  pair of   running.
                                      Naval  District  and  outside  swim  singles  and  a  fielders  choice.
         ly  publicized  Willie  Turner.  Al-                                                                               By  Pirates,  18-4; 12th
                                      meets.  His  teams  have  captured  Armed  Guard again  tied  it up  in
         though  not  as  effective  as  the                                                      Send  THE  MASTHEAD  Home
                                      one  district  swimming  champion- their half of the tenth on Moore's
         brainy  Spaulding,  Turner  turned                                                                                 Naval  Tourney  Tilt
                                      ship  and  one second  place  ribbon  walk,  a  sacrifice  and   Stone's
         in a  brilliant fiv,e  hit perfo·rmance
                                      while  competing  under  his  tute- single.              ensuing inning ended  any further
         and  fanned  eight  w hile  going                                                                                    Coasting  behind  the  effective
                                      lage  in  the  past  two  years.  Even   A  three  run  outburst  in  the  Armed  Guard  threat.
         through  the  motions.                                                                                             pitching of Sol Bender and a  com-
                                      the  Coast  Guard felt  the  sting of
           The  longest  hit  of  the  day  off                                                                             fortable  10-0  lead,  Treasure  Is-
                                      T.  L's  "busy  bee"  on  two  oc-
         Miss Turner was a  t wo base clout                       Camp  Parks· Garners  12th  Naval  Title                  land's tournament hunting P irates
         by  catcher  Shirley.  Shirley  was   He  leaves Treasure  Island with                                             ousted Oakland H ospital from the
         also  involved  in  a  few  hidden   no  regrets because he knows t hat  With  1-0  Win  Over  Armed  Guard        12th  Naval  District  baseball
         ball  tricks  with  Spaulding.                                                                                     tourney Thursday,  18-4.
                                      out  of  the two  hundred  thousand
           The·  World's  Champs  scored                            In a  seven inning  "heartbreak-                          The score of the Seals'  Stadium
                                      or so sailors he has taught aquatic
         their only two tallies in the  third                     er,"  the  Armed  Guard softballers                       fracas  indicat es  the  wildness  of
                                      warfare,  some have  lived  because
         and  sixth  frames  while   T.   I.                      lost  the  12th  Naval  District soft -                   the  game  and  although  Oakland
                                      they listened.
         bunched  two  runs  in  the  second   Goodbye  Blues  ...   ball  title  to  Camp Parks Monday,                    scored four  runs,  they  might  not
         and  one  in  the  ninth .  Some  mi-                     1-0.   This  was  the  third  game                       have made any if Treasure Island
                                       A  letter  from
         raculous  shoe-top  catches by Bay           Max  Marek,  of  a  two  out  of  three  series.                      had played  a  lot tighter ball  in  a
                                      somewhere in the P hilippines,  in-
         Meadows  saved  them  from  at                                                                                     number  of  innings.  The  win
                                      dicat es  that  the· boxing  professor   Both  teams  went  scoreless  for
         least two more runs.                                                                                               moved  T.  I.  into  the  selected
                                      will  be  donning  a  civilian  suit  the entire seven innings  and  then             circle of four  and leaves only  two
                                      within a  month  or so.      things  happened.  Weaver,  Sea-                         encounters  in  doubt  before  the
                                        Bill  Rousseau ,  Armed  Guard  bee  catcher,  slammed  a  long  hit                semifinal  play-off.
         Pre-Com Drops  Opening  boxer,  also  left T .  I.  on  the  "Dis- ball  to  centerfield   that  looked              Dick  Bartell's  combine  regis-
                                      char ge   Limited"   along   with  good for at 1east two  bases.  With                tered  sixteen  hits,  six  of  these   ..._,.
         Game  of  Play-off  to       "Sandy"  Sanford,  swimming  in- the  tension  high  and  both  teams                 coming off  the  bats of Billy Mar-
                                      structor.  Rousseau  will  make  his  playing  ti g ht  ball,  outfielder             shall and Bob Williams. Both  lads
         Armed  Guard                 home  in  New  Orleans  where  he  Brown,  decided  to  gamble  on  a                 slammed five runs across the plate
                                      expects  to  continue  his  punch  shoestring  catch  but  failed  when
           Armed  Guard  trounced  P re-                                                                                    while Bartell scored three runs in
                                      trade.  Sanford  is  a  local  resident  the  ball grazed his shoe-laces and
         Commissioning, 7-0 in the first leg                                                                                only  two  official  trips  to  the  rub-
                                      and  will   remain  within  the  rolled  into  rightfield.  The  throw
         of  a  two  out  of  three  series  for                                                                            ber.
                                      shadows  of  San  F rancisco.   to  the  plate  was  too  late  to  trap   Sheley  ( AG )  Clo uts  One
         the  championship  of  Treasure   'Oh,  woe  is  me,  w hen  are  they  Weaver.                                      All   games   at  the   Seals'
         Island,  Monday.  It was  a  distinct   going to lower the standards to 30                                         Stadium,  whether  night  or  day,   ..,,.
         reversal  of  the· first  game  which                      Armed  Guard  salvaged  some  kept  the  base  paths  clear  of  all  are free.        I
         Pre-Com  won,  4-0.          points?                      prestige  in  out-hitting  the  new  but six  of  the  Seabees.
           Pre-Commissioning suffered its  Gunners  scored  two  more  in  the  District  champs  but  fell  miser-  Sum ma ry:  .......... R.  H .  E   1945  definition  of  Japan:  "A
         first  blow  in  the  opening  frame  fourth  and four  more  in  the sev- ably short in the error department  Armed Guard  ........... 0  4  3  rather  unimportant  group  of  Pa-
         when  Levy  singled  to  leftfield,  enth  inning.       with three miscues.  T ubby hurled  Camp Parks  . .. . . . ... .. . 1  3  1  cific   islands   completely   sur-
         stole  second  and  scored  on  Shel-  Ten  hits  were  reco-rded  by  th e  the  victory for  Camp Parks while   Batteries: Maddy: and'Stryhart;  rounded  by  the  United  St ates
         ey's  .single.  From  h ere  on.  the  Armed Guard batsmen.   Maddy, ;  Armed  Guard  pitcher,  Tubby  and  Weave'r.   Navy."
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