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U. ~- Naval Training and Distribution Center


      VOL.  111- No. 48                                  TREASURE ISLAND, SAN  FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA                                       JANUARY 13, 1945

      Women Drivers of T. I. move Close to 13,000 navy men Daily

                                                                                                                              Local  Transportation
      Damaged Ship Able to  Join
                                                                                                                              Pool  Only  One  of
      Convoy After Beirig  Repaired  Here
                                                                                                                              Its  Kind  in  the  Navy
        Critically damaged one recent evening in a  collision with
      two sister ships, and almost certainly unable to continue with
                                                                                                                                The  age-old  cliche-"a  woman
      a  convoy sailing early the following morning, a  crippled LCI                                                          driver went to heaven and knocked
      was almost  miraculously  repaired  during the wee  hours  of                                                           off  one  of the  gates  backing in"-
      night in time to  "weigh anchor"  with the convoy,  none the                                                            does not apply in any respect to the
      worse for its previous evening's experience.  The hero's role                                                           women  drivers  doing such a  splen-
                                                                                                                              did job for Treasure Island and the
      in this saga of the sea was played by the Industrial Depart-                                                            Twelfth Naval District.
      ment of the U.  S.  Naval Frontier Base located on Treasure                                                               Yesterday  she  was  a  dental  as-
      Island.                          .                                                                                      sistant, a  beauty parlor operator, a
       The  case history of the wounded  G II   O'  Bl  d Cl  b                                                               sales  clerk  or  a  housewife,--today
      LCI further highlighted an already   a  On   00      U  -                                                               she is a vital cog in one of the most
      distinguished  history  of  speed,  ef- Island  Printers  Near                                                          important activities within the 12th
      ficiency,  and  reliability  in  the  rec-                                                                              Naval District.
      ord book  of the  Industrial Depart- Goal  as  Donors  Increase                                                           We  refer  to  the  young  woman
      ment where every day-without ex-                                                                                        you  saw  at  the  wheel  of  a  Navy
      ception-is a  work day.         When  the  Print  Shop  personnel                                                       bus or truck  on the Bay Bridge or
                                                                                                                              on  the  highway  anywhere  within
       The recent job was a result of the  of  the  Training  and  Distribution
                                                                                                                              a  radius  of  150  miles  of  Treasure
      collision of three LCI's in which the  Center  populated  the  blood  donor
      injured  craft  was  accidentally   center  during  the  initial  stage  of                                             Island.
      sandwiched  and  damaged  by  the   this week, four members of the ac-                                                    She's  a  driver  for  the  district's
      anchors  of  its  sister  ships.  A  six   tivity who became blood donors for                                           transportation  pool -  one  of  ap-
      by  two· foot  hole  was  torn  in  the                                                                                 proximately  285  women  who  whip
                                    the sixth time  resolved to organize
      starboard  side  of  the  vessel  and  a   a  "Gallon  O' . Blood  Club"  after                                         a  big bus or truck  around with  as
      two by two foot  section of plating   their eighth donation.                                                            much  nonchalance  as  she  used  to
      ripped  out  of  the  port  side  of  the                                                                               stroll through Golden Gate Park on
      LCI.  This,  in  addition  to  other   Those ' who  gave  a  pint of  blood                                             a  sunny Sunday afternoon.
      minor holes and bruises both to port  for  the  sixth  time  since  the  incep-                                           This   transportation   pool   is
      and starboard.                tion of the donor program are Chief                                                       unique. First, it is the only pool  of
       Immediately  after  the  crash  an   Printer  E.  W.  Carlson;  G.  Jauch,                                             its  type  within  the  entir-e  naval
                                    Prtrlc;  E.  Musso,  Prtrlc;  and  J .                                                    organization,  and,  secondly,  it  is
      inspector  was  sent  from  shore  to                                                                                   manned  primarily  and,  to  a  large
      survey  the  impairment  and  a  call   Tinney,  Prtr2c.                                                                extent operated entirely by women.
      was  rushed  through  to  Lt:  Cbm-  The Print Shop's drive was inau-  ALL  TRUCK  DRIVERS  AREN'T  BURLY-Comely  Irene  Olsen  is  a
      mander  F.  S.  Allen  at  the• Indus- gurated June 22,  1943, with 15 vol-  driver  in  Treasure  Island's  Transportation  Pool.  Irene  is  five  feet  of   And,  brother!  What  a  job  these
      trial  Department  notifying  him  of  unteers  and  steadily  increased  bl,onde  loveliness,  and  has  been  driving  for  Transportation  one  year   young women are  doing.
                                                                  with  no  accidents.                                          To give  you an idea take  a  look
      the  collision  and  the  amount  of  thereafter.  More  than  175  P.rinters
                                                                                                                              at  these  figures  released  by  Lt.
      damage done. This call was effected  who  have  been  assigned  to  the
                                                                                                                              Commander  H.  G.  Rhodes,  USNR,
     at 4:30 p. m.  One hour later,  when  Training Center Print Shop as duty   Income  Tax  Headaches  Radio Drama to  Air  assistant  transportation  officer  in
     the LCI was brought into the repair  and temporary duty men have made                                                    charge  of  field  operations  for  the
     yard,  plating  and  T  bar  for  new  unselfish  contributions  to  this  life-  To  Be  Eased  For  T. I.   War Role  of  Navy's  pool:
     frames  had  already  been  cut  and  giving program.
     the  Department was  all  set to  ac-  Although their biggest job is that  By  Legal  Officers .   Civilian  Employees     The  drivers  move  on an average
     complish the  impossible.  .  .  Repair   of  producing  printed  material  for                                          of  between  12,000  and  13,000  men
     and  return  to  active  duty  a  ship                        Treasure  Island's  legal  officers   Civilian  employees  of  Treasur-e   daily!•
                                   more  than 16  commands of Treas-                                                            The  trucks  and  buses  travel  an
     so  badly  mauled  that  for  a  while   ure  Island  and  several  commands   stand ready to lend all possib'ie aid  Island are urged to listen to the na-
     it seemed  the better part of  prud~·                        to those  naval personnel who must  tional  radio  program,  "The  First   average  of  400,000  miles  each
                                   in the Twelfth Naval District, these                                                       month!
     ence to write it off the Navy's reg-  men  volunteered  as  donors  during   render  unto  Uncle  Sam  what  be- Line,"  to  be  heard  over  CBS  and   Started  Back  in  1943
     isters.                                                      longs  to  Uncle  Sam  on  or  before  KQW  Thursday,  January  18  from
                                    their  off-duty  hours  or  whenever                                                        Since the start of operations back
       That the Department did in fact   there is a lull in their work.   March 15,  1945.      7:00  to  7:30  p.m.          in  April  of  1943  when the  activity
     have  the ship ready for service ex-                          However,  since  the  first  $1500   The program will dramatize  the   had 24  drivers,  the pool has moved
     actly  12  hours  after  the  accident   Chief Carlson states that the  re-  of active  service pay received each   exploits of civilian employees of the   approximately  5,000,000  men  and
     occasioned no surprise for Lt. Com-  sponse  of  the  Print  Shop  staff  to   year  by  a  member  of  the  armed   Navy. It will focus the spotlight of   their gear!
                                   this  drive  is  generous  and enthus-
     mander Allen, who has com.e to ac-                           forces  is  excluded  from  taxation,   attention  on  the  vital  job  civilians   '·  And  all  this · has  been  accom-
     cept literally the old saw-"The im-  iastic  and periodical donations will   most  men  and women  attached  to   everywhere are doing to get muni-  plished, the soft-spoken, former re-
     possible we  can do  in a  day- Mir-  continue every six weeks.   this  command  are  not  required  to  tions of war to fighting men on far-  tail  merchant  from  Fresno  points
     -acles take a  little longer!"                               file  returns.                flung battle fronts.          out,  with a  per-mile driving safety
                                                                                                 Special  musical  arrangements
                                                                   Anyone with $500  or more  gross                                (Continued on page 2)
                                    Commodore  Cary  Gets         income from other sources or above   are planned for the show. Theme of
     .New Telephone                                               the  $1500  military  exemption  in   the  program  is  designed  to  bring
                                    Distinguished  Award          1944, will have to make out the in-  closer together th~ man in uniform,   Security  Makes  Plea
     Center Planned                                               come tax form and turn it in to the   civilian employees and the  general
                                   From  British  Admiralty       Department of Internal Revenue.   public.                   For  Aid  In  Search
     For  Building  17 4
                                     Honored "for distinguished serv-  Members  and  veterans  of  tlie                       For  Lost  Wallet
       The  Pacific  Telephone  and  Tele- ice  in  operations which resulted  in   armed  forces  and  their  families
     graph  Company, _ in  cooperation  the  final  capture  of  Sicily,"  Com-  should  exclude  from  their  income   Overseas Waves  Report   On  New  Year's  Eve,  Pfc.  C.  A.
     with  the  Navy,  will  open  a  new  modore  R.  W.  Cary,  Commander   all  mustering-out  pay  and  contri-           Rhodes, USMC, arrived on Treasure
     telephone  center  during  the  latter  U. S. Naval Training and Distribu-  butions  by  the  Government  to   To  California  Center   Island  after  26  months'  overseas
     part of January in Building 174 on  tion Center, and three United States   monthly family  allowances.   According · to  reports  from  the   combat  duty.  Stopping  at  Ship's
     the  bandcircle.              Naval  Officers  were  made  Com-  If, on the filing date,  you are on   Bureau  of  Naval  Personnel,  all   Service to make a  purchase,  he in-
       Two switchboard sections _and 23  panion  of  Distinguished  Service   sea duty or outside the continental             advertently  -left  his  wallet  on  the
     telephone  booths  are  being  in- Order,  Great  Britain,  by  Admiral   United  States,  you  may  postpone   Waves  assigned  to  duty  in  the   counter.  He  returned  immediately,
                                                                                                Fourteenth  Naval  District  are  be-
     stalled.                      James  Somerville,  Royal  Navy,   filing  your  return  until  the  fif-  ing ordered to report to the Naval   but  in  the  few  minutes  time  tha:t
       Due  to the shortage of material,  head of the British Admiralty Dele-  teenth  day  of  the  fourth  month   Training  and  Distribution  Center,   had elapsed,  the  wallet  containing
     the  tebiphones  are  to  be  trans- gation.                 after you  come  back,  but not  be-  Shoemaker,  Calif.,  before  leaving   all of his back pay had been taken.
     ferred_ from _the  telephone  room  in   . Commodore Cary, who was serv- yond the fifteenth day of the third   the United States.   Anyone who may have taken the
     Ship's  Service No.  1, which will be   ing  as Commanding  Officer  of  the  month after the end of the war.            wallet  in  error,  or  any  individual
     closed down shortly before the new                                                                                      ·who  can  furnish  information  that
                                   gallant  cruiser  Brooklyn  which  Who  To  Consult  on  T.  1.
     one  is opened.      .        played  an  heroic  role  with the  de-                      tion  Center,  Lts.  W.  E.  Craven,  A.  might lead to its recovery is asked
       The  new  location  has  been  stroyer Mayo while repelling enemy   Naval  personnel on Treasure Is-  E.  Deasy,  and  H.  E.  Tourney;  for  to  contact  the  lost  and  found  bu-
     chosen  because it will  better serve  attacks  at  Anzio,  screening  the  land  who  need  help  in  filling  out  the  Naval  Local  Defense  Fo·rces,  reau  of  the  Security Office,  Build-
     the  interests  of  Island  personnel.  USS Plunkett on her assigned mis- the return should consult the legal  Lt.  W.  G.  Leonard;  for  the  Hos- ing No.  222  (Exbrook 3931,  Exten-
     It  will  be  more , convenient  for  sion,  was  awarded  the  Medal  of  officer  of  the  activity  to  which  pital, Pharmacist H. M . Stuckgold;  sion 76).
     those attached to the Armed Guard  Honor  and  the  Navy  Cross.  He  is  they are  attached.  For the  Receiv- for  the  Receiving  Ship,  Yerba   The  Security  Office  is  making
     Center, .  the  Receiving  Ship,  and  also  the  recipient of  the  Legion of  ing  Ship,  Treasure  Island,  Lt.  Buena,  Lt.  (jg)  F.  McAuliffe.  every  effort  to  recover  his  wallet
     neighboring  activities.  The  Tele- Merit,  Gold  Stars  in  lieu  of  the  Commander  L.  S.  McElwain  will  Forms are also  available.   and  the  accumulated  pay which  it
     phone  Center  in  the  Recreation  second and fourth Legions of Merit  assist;  for  Pre-Embarkation  Cen-  TADCEN  legal  officers,  located  contained,  and i-s  appealing for the
     Building  will  constitute  tlie  op- and  the  Oak  Leaf  Cluster  in  lieu  ter,  Lt.  (jg)  H.  B.  Clark;  for  the  in  the  Administration  Building,  help  of  every  person  assigned  to
     ~ite  end  of  tp.e  communications  of the third Legion of Merit in the  Armed Guard, Lt.  (jg)  I.  J.  Hayu- will  be  glad  to  assist personnel  in  activities on Treasure Island in this
     axis.                         present war.                   tin;  for the  Training and Distribu- activities having no legal officer.   quest.
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