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                                                                                                  SEAS  WITH  THEM  Expecting  Folks  From

                                                                                                                               Home?  Meet Them  at
                                                                                                                               T.  l.'s  Hostess  House
         Masthead  Splinters  stands  be-                                                                                        Sailors  who  are  expecting  their
       fore  you  in  the  nakedness  of  its                                                                                  wives  or  mothers  should  not
       infancy.                                                                                                                arrange  to  meet  them  at  railroad
         The aim of this column is to give                                                                                     or bus stations if they do  not want
       to  "The  Masthead"  readers  little                                                                                    to squander precious liberties wait-
        sidelights and sidebars of Treasure                                                                                    ing,  perhaps  miss  their  relatives
        Island  activities,  plus  a  little· out-                                                                             altogether.
        side  spice.                                                                                                             Increasing  numbers  of  cases  in
                                                                                                                               which  this  has  happened  are  re-
        Humanity                                                                                                               ported  by  Mrs.  Virginia  Nielson,
         Leonard  Link,  congenial  man-                                                                                       Director of Hostess Hous-e.
       ager  of  Bank  of  America's  Treas-
                                                                                                                                 Persons  traveling  from  any  dis-
       ure  Island  branch  and  his  em-                                                                                      tance are likely to be delayed along
        ployees played St.  Nick to the men
                                                                                                                               the way,  in view of the uncertainty
        in  Treasure  Island  Hospital  when
                                                                                                                               of  wartime  train  and  bus  sched-
        they  distributed  gifts  to  the  pa-
                                                                                                                               ules.  Sailors who have  arranged  to
        tients.  Mr.  Link  also  had  a  few
                                                                                                                               ·meet  them  at  depots  in  the  Bay
       Marines  with  overseas  duty  as  his
                                                                                                                               Area  may  have  to  wait  for  days
       guests  at  his  home  for  Christmas                                                                                   and  their liberty  may  expire.
                                                                                                                                 Instead,  Mrs.  Nielson  suggests
                                                                                                                               that  anyone  expecting  his  wife  or
        The  Girl  Back  Home
         Hey!  Look  fellows!  How  about                                                                                      mother   should   notify   Hostess
        sharing  that picture  of  your  ever-                                                                                 House of her name and anticipated
        loving  that  adorns  your  locker                                                                                     time of arrival,  and tell  her to call
        door?  Every week "The Masthead"                                                                                       directly  at  Hostess  House.  The
        runs  a  featurette  entitled  "The                                                                                    sailor  should  also  leave  his  name
        Girl  Back  Home".  So  how  abo_ut                                                                                    and  Island  address  there.  In  this
                                                                                                                               way,  Mrs.  Nielson  can  with  mini-
        dropping by "The Masthead"  office
        with her picture,?  And don't worry                                                                                    mum  de1ay  inform ·the  sailor  that
        about  your  pals  kidding  you.  It's   *  *  *  *                                                                    his  relative has arrived.
        just that they are jealous.                                                                                              "One  sad  case  in  point,"  Mrs.
                                        THEY  GAVE-There  never  was  a  greater  r-e-                                         Nielson  stated  "is  that  of  a  girl
        High  Scorer                                                                                                           who  was  coming  to  visit  her
                                        sponse  to  a  greater  cause  than  that  given  by
         To  an  unknown  P.  T.  man  goes   bl·uejackets  of  Treasure  Island  who  made  a                                 brother  who  is  billeted  here.  On
        the  honor  for  setting  the  highest   platoon  rush  to the  Naval  Hospital  Bl,ood  Bank                           the  way  down  her  bus  was
        kegling score at Bowling Alley No.   here as volunteer donors of a pint ,of bl,ood  each                               wrecked.  The brother waited many
        2  to  date.  With  an  average _thr-ee   in  ,order to  increase their ship's  assigned  quota                         hours for her at the bus depot, and
                                        of  bl,ood  plasma.  While  being  primed  at  Pre-
        games  at 198,  he knocked  the  pins   Commissioning  Training  Center  to  man  de-                                   when  she  did  not  appear,  con-
        around  for  a  high  score  game  of   stroyers,  attack  transports  and  attack  carg,o                              cluded  she  had  changed  her  mind
        248.                            ships,  these  bluejackets'  enthusiastic  response                                     about  coming.  When  his  sister
                                        to  this  program  is  noteworthy.  Shipmates,  t,op,
                                        assigned  to  the  USS  Shields;  Coxswain  Wilbur                                      finally arrived,  three days late, and
        Operator, Giv,e  Me  Hempstead  3032
                                        C.  Williams,  center,  and  crew  members  of  the                                     was  referred  to  Hostess  House,  he
          Between  the  hours  of  1800  and   USS  Soubarissen,  bottom,  were  amo,ng  the                                    was  away  on  a  72-hour  pass.
        2000, the two telephone operators in   numberless  thr,ong  ,of  enlisted  men  who  gave.                               "Much delay and heartache could
        the  Telephone  Center  of  the  new                                                                                    have  been  avoided  if  the  young
        Recreation Building pla~ an aver-
                                                                                                                                man had communicated with us  in
        age  of  200  long  distance  ca.11  for                                                                                the  first  place,"  Mrs.  Nielson  con-
        endurance  and  perseverance  while  *  *  *  *                                                                         cluded.
        Treasure  Island  sailors,  Marines
        and Waves.  For a  study in human
                                                                                                                                 Hostess  House  is  also  ready  to
                                                                                                                             . j  assist  wives  and  mothers  of  per-
        working  under  great  pressure,                                                                                        sonnel. on Treasure Island to secure
        those  two  telephone  operators  are
                                                                                                                                temporary lodging in the Bay Area
        wonderful specimens. They can talk
                                                                                                                                whenever  possible;  howe,ver,  the
        to a  sailor who is trying to call his                                                                                  sailor  should  make  every  effort  to
        "goil''  in  Flatbush,  talk  to  several
                                                                                                                                arrange  reservations  before  their
        others  on  the  lines,  and  nev,er  get                                                                               arrival  working  with  servicemen's
        the  wires  crossed.  It's  a  ·wonder
                                                                                                                                housing organizations  ashore.  This
        how  the  two  operators  can  keep
                                                                                                                                is  by no means intended  to convey
        from  hanging  themselves  the  way
                                                                                                                                the  impression  that  even  tempor-
        they  poke  and  tug the  trunk  lines
                                                                                                                                ary  accommodations  are  easy  to
        into  the holes  on the switch board.
                                                                                                                                find  because  it  is  increasingly
        And  when  a  call is -not  completed,
        the  operators  are  just  as  disap-
        pointed as the boy making the call.
                                                                                                                                Swim  Classes
        Star ,of  Bethle,hem
          The  small  patrol                                                                                                    Offered  Waves
        at her mooring lines,  seemed proud.
        of  the  wooden  roughly  hewn  five                                                                                      The  next few  weeks  will  see  the
        pointed  star  nailed  to  the  top  of                                                                                 opening  of  the  recreation  pool  at
        her mast. On the tip of each of the                                                                                     gymnasium No. 2.  Wave swimming
        star's five  points,  there sparkled a                                                                                  classes  are  planned  for  beginners
        colored  light.  To  the  crew  of  this                                                                                an"d  advanced  pupils  if  there  are  a
        small  v-essel,  the  wooden  star was                                                                                  sufficient number interested to war-
        their  Star  of  Bethlehem,  shining                                                                                    rant  instruction.  Wave  r-ecreation
        their  hopes . that this  would  be  the                                                                                officer, Lt.  (jg) Virginia Gross, asks
        last Christmas  they would  have  to                                                                                    that  those  interested  contact  her
        be  away from  their families.                                                                                          at Extension 77 as soon as possible.
                                                                                                                                In  this  way  the  new  program  can.
        Back  'Em                                                                                                               be  better  suited  to  Wave  recrea-
          When Treasure Island's sparkling                                                                                      tional needs.
        basketball team humbled the Golden
        Bears  last night at Cali-
        fornia,  the  stands  showed  a  nega-                                                                                  Break  for
        tive  report  on  the  support  from
        Treasure  Island  personnel.  This                                                                                     · Berkeleyites
        basketball  team  is  one  of  the  hot-                                                                                  Lt.  Frank  D.  Butler of  this;  sta-
        test teams on  the coast.  If you fel-                                                                                  tion will carry a  limited number of
        lows give  'em a  little support,  they                     asked  for  volunteers  who  will  do- I "These· men  will  very  shortly  be  Treasure Island riders to and from
        will  be  the  hottest  team  on  the  Sailors  Taking  Own   nate  a  pint  of  blood  per  man  to  manning  destroyers,  attack  trans-  Berkeley  in  his  car  daily.  If you
        coast.  A  lot  of  you  hate  to  go  to                   augment  the  ship's  assigned ·sup- ports  and  attack  cargo  ships  in   have  a  shore  address  west  of
        the games  because it means  losing  Blood  Plasma  Into    ply.  The  blood  received from these  new assaults on the Japs and there   Sacramento  Street  and  between
        a  liberty night.  But have  you  ever                      donors  is  made  into  plasma  at the  is  no  telling  when  extra  blood   University  South  and  Ashby  Ave-
        realized that the guys  on  the  team  War  Zones           Blood Bank, Naval Hospital, Treas- plasma will  be needed."   nue  and wish to  ride  with Lt. But-
        are also losing a  liberty night when   Treasure  Island  bluejackets  pre-  ure  Island,  and  turned over to  the   An  allotment  of  plasma  is  as-  ler,  you  should  call  him  at  Exten-
        they  play?  So,  come  on,  a  little
                                      paring  for  ov-erseas  duty  on  the   Medical  Officer  of  the  vessel.   signed . each  ship  by  the Navy  De-  sion  225  for  further  details.
        loyal  spirit  support  for  the  team.
                                      Navy's  new fighting  ships are tak-  From  the  moment  the  program  partment.  This  supply  is, based  on
        The games  are  over early,  and  the
        "gas  joints"  don't  close  until  mid-  ing  their  own  blood  plasma  out  was  announced  the  response  from  average  requirements,  however,
                                                                    both  offic.ers  and  men  has·  ·been  and  Navy  medical  authorities  be- Hours  for  New
                                      into the war zones with them.
                                        While  awaiting  the  completion  spontaneous  and  enthusiastic.   lieve  the  additional  plasma  fur-
                                      of combat ships under construction   "The  idea  of  having  their  own  nished by the ship's own crews will   Library  Posted
          For centuries it has b.een the cus-  in  Pacific  Coast  yards,  crews  are  blood plasma in their dispensary to  take  care of  all emergency needs.  .  The following  hours  for  the  new
        tom  in  Arabia for  the man  to  ride  assigned  and  instructed  _in  the  help  . themselves  and  their  ship-      library  located  on  the  top  deck  of"
        the  family  donkey  while  the  wo- handling  of  their future  vessels  at  mates has made a  definite  hit with      the  Recreation  Building have  been
        man,  carrying the household goods,  Pre-Commissioning  Training  Cen- our  personnel,"  Lt.  Commander   "Is  your  daddy  home,  son?"   announced  by  Mrs.  L.  F .  Barr,
        walked  behind.  Now  the woman  is  ter,  Treasure Island,  California.   Harry J . Alvis  (MC)  USN, medical   "No,  sir,  he  hasn't  been  home  head  librarian:  Week  days  from
        emancipated.  She  walks  in  front   During the course of the training  liaison  officer for  the  Pre-Commis- since  mother  caught  Santa  Claus  0900  to  2100  and  on  Sunday from_
        as  there may be land mines.   program each crew is mustered and  sioning  Training  Center  explains.  kissing  the  maid."   1300  until  2100.
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