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  ~ ARMED  GUARD                   leave.  Pharmacist's  Mate  Eisen- without a  scratch.                                     ercises  were  the  recognition  given
                                   barth had been a  passenger on the
                                                                   Says Harold,  "Five  other fellows  Armed  Guardsman's  home  is  in
      CENTER                       Southern  Pacific  train  which  was  and I  were sleeping in the smoker.  Torrington,  Wyo.   W.  H.  Van  Erp,  CM( PA) ,  for  his
                                                                                                                              fine  workmanship  on  two  brass
                                   wrecked  in  the  early  morning  of  A  terrific  jar woke  us  up  and  the  As  Time  Goes  By
      PhM  Escapes  Disaster       Sunday,  December 31,  near Odgen,  chairs  in  which  we  were  sleeping   Lt. Commander Thomas Macklin,   vases  which  were  presented  to the
       No lengthy explanations were de- Utah.                     were  sliding  from  one  side  of  the  Executive  Officer  of  the  Armed   Treasure  Island  Chapel,  and  the
     manded  of  Harold  Eisenbarth,   His shipmates, who had anxiously  train  to  the  other."   Guard  Center,  observed  his  67th   commendatory  mast  which  Com-
     PhM2c,  of  the  Armed  Guard  Cen- gleaned the casualty lists in the lo-  Although uninjured, he was a  bit · birthday  New  Year's  Day  in  his   mander Falge  read for  M.  C.  Wil-
  '-....,  ter  Operations  office,  when  he  re~  cal papers for his and other names  worried about being AWOL. A  note  customary manner- working.   son,  EM3c,  who,  while  in  attend-
     ported  for  duty  seven  hours  over  were  relieved when reassured later  from  the  train/ shore  patrol set his   Commander  Macklin's  naval  ca-  ance  at  NTSch  (Gyro  Compass) ,
     the  time  of  his  allotted  holiday  that  he  had  survived  the  disaster  mind  at  ease  on  that  score.  The  reer has been both long and varied   has  given  very  generously  of . his
                                                                                                and presently is in its 48th year.   musical  talent  for  the  welfare  of
                                                                                                 To  paraphrase  a  famous  poet,  men  on  Treasure Island.
                      CROSS-WORD ------------------------------------- "For men may come and men  may                         Wedding  Bells
                                                                                                go but  Commander Macklin goes on   Coming  as  a  pleasant  surprise
                                                                                                forever,"  seems to catch the idea at
                                                  ACROSS                 DOWN                   hand.  Guardsmen  join  in  wishing   to  personnel  of  NTS  is  the  an-
                                                  1-Shut forcibly        1- Mast                their  executive  officer  the  best  in   nouncement  of  the  engagement  of
                                                  5-Stop up              2-Wash gently                                        M.  L.  Sorrel,  Y3c(WR),  and  0.  F.
                                                                         3- Tract               health and  success during  the  new
                                                  8- Cloth gaiter                               year.                         Klint,  SK3c.  The wedding was  sol-
                                                  12-Hanger-on           4- Parader                                           emnized on Tuesday,  January 2,  at
                                                  14- Narrative          6-Gnawed                                             Hilmar,  California,  the  groom's
                                                  15- Reduces  to  a  mean   7-Botch                                          home.  Following the  ceremony,  the
                                                  16--0pera solo         8- Decorous            Naval  Training               couple proceeded to Morehead, Ken-
                                                  17- Respond            9- Bundled                                           tucky,  to  visit  the  bride's  parents.
                                                  18-Cuts  across        10-Estrange            Schools                       Our  best  wishes  for  a  long  life  of
                                                  20-Accumulate          11- Light suppers                                    continued happiness!
                                                  23- Blissful place     13---'Cloy             Graduation  Exercises
                                                  24-Additional          19- Protection          Expressing the great faith which
                                                  27-Bare                21-Word  of  benediction   he  has  in  the youth  of  today- the
                                                  29- Simple song        22- Non-security                                     11
                                                  31-Finished            24-Kitchen implement   members  of  our  fighting  forces-  Hell's  Grim  Tyrant"
                                                  32- Noted period       25- Come  up  with     Captain  H.  G.  Gatlin,  (ChC)  USN,
                                                  33-Measure             26-Retold              addressed the graduates of NTS at  Clutches  13  Japs
                                                  34-"Ginger"            28- Reckon             exercises  held  in  Theatre  No.  1  on
                                                  35-Single  thing       30- Affirmation        Saturday, Dec~mber 30.  "It is spirit  For  Every  Yank
                                                  36-Fruit drinks        33- Deranged persons
                                                  37- Anarchists         35- Application        such  as  theirs  which  will  help
                                                  39- Overhang           38- Gown .             America  to  win  the  war,"  said   Thirteen  Japs  "kick  the  bucket"
                                                  41-Goggled             40- Mimic              Chaplain  Gatlin.  In addition  to the   for  every  Yank,  according  to
                                                  43---Concert grand     41- Twist  about                                     reports from  the Pacific  theatre of
                                                  47- Retarded           42- Globule            sincere  and  profound  tone  of  his   warfare.
                                                  48- Discloser          44- Lilylike plant   .   speech,  Captain  Gatlin  added  a
                                                  51-Makes do            45- Refined  in  person   humorous  note  with  his  stories,   Latest reports  show  that Ameri-
      (Reprinted from  the January issue  of  "Gross-words               46- Leavings
                                                  52- Masculine  garment                        which  immediately  gained  the  in- can troops have killed at least 277,-
      and  Contest News,"  copyright 1944  by Harle Publi-  53- Espouses   49-Eventide
      cations.  Answers  on page  8)              54-Tame animal         50-Animal  doctor  pop- terest and attention of his audience.  000  Jap  soldiers,  while  there  have
                                                  55- Hardens               ular)                 O;utstanding  features  of  the  ex- been  21,000  American  fatalities.
                                                                                                             Tetched-nition Fifth Crade
            WE LL,  GENERAL, YOU                  BUT ONE  T'ING  KfEP5                                          AN'  I  NEVER
           '30T  l<OTATED  AND  HEi;?E           e;oDDfR:IN '  ME •••  oNE                                     DID  FIND  OUT WHO
           YOU  Al<E  WITI-I  l<:I BSON5         DAY  D15  HERE  0-IZ.EE-EN"-                                  WON  DAT  DERE
           Af.JD  EVERYTHING!. •• I'LL           TASH UN  AWFl55ER  WA5                                             BATTLE!
           BET  You  HAVE  PLENTY m              LECTU12.IN I  AT  UG  ABOUT
                 ~EMEMBER .•.                      A  BATTLE  NAMED
                                                  WATEI< LOO • •• VEl<!-EE:
                                                      INTERESTIN •••


                                                                  STYLES  -AND ·  TY-P£S  W+-lO  +!AV£
                                                                   PART  BY  REPlACI NG- A              MAN  Ill                        ,,~11    .
                                                                                                                                        I B.ECAUS£  OF  Mf:.)
                                                                                                                                        SOM£  MAN 'S ,
                                                                                                                                         AT  Sf.A!'' .. · l,
                                                                            ~      \                                                    OR  IN SPl1:E  .../
                                                                            (  ~~~I~. JU                                               ,;\_~  ,1~
                                                                           ~ oR  THE  'PRI
                                                                            '-..01=  MUDf                           :: 11-11:Rf'S ALW:;;;)
                                                                             ~ o~AN6EJU                             i   T.f-llS  'PAIR!!  )~
                                                                            G    CLUB!                               '----'!/.._/ fl'-.__./
  \.....,                                                                          II

                                                  I          ~ /
                                                  D Sf..E

                         Ttlf TAll!
                    ~       //  '
                 QoNcr 011 'BR~~
                 ' -eur YOU  CAN'T  ':::
                  tHWf  £VERY:_)
                    ?~       \\
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