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                                                                                                   Dispensaries'  Hope  For  a  league  Championship

         Waves  Preparing  for  January  21  Swim  Meet Armed  Guard  Casaba

                                                                     Men  Swamp  San  Bruno
                                                                     For  Fourth  league  Win

                                                                       J efferson  High  School  was  the
                                                                     place,  victory  the object, as a  fight-
                                                                     ing  Armed  Guard  basketball  crew
                                                                     took  both events in stride in down-
                                                                     ing  Bruno,  33-28.
                                                                       Armed  Guard  dominated  play
                                                                     through  the entire  game,  piling up
                                                                     an early lead  and then  coasting in
                                                                     behind  steady  play to  an  easy vic-
                                                                                                   THE  "TEKS,"  dispensaries'  basketball  team  lines  up  for  the  birdie  on
                                                                     tory.                         the cameraman's shutterbox.  Fr-ont  row:  Lt.  (jg)  W.  C.  Cross,  J.  Heinz
                                                                       This  ma rks  the  fourth win  in  as  (coach),  Captain  C.  K.  Younkin,  Commander  H.  F.  Delmore,  E.  R.  Fos-
                                                                     many  starts for  the  Armed  Gua rd   ter,  H.  Marder. Second  r,ow:  C.  Dondero,  L.  Bonar,  F.  Burwell,  lsachson,
                                                                                                   R.  Terranova, C.  Best. Top row:  H .. Liebewitz,  H.  Willcochson,  H.  Oqulin,
                                                                     against Class "A" Navy competition   J .  Piccardo and J.  Egner.
                                                                     with  only  St.  Ma ry's  Pre-Flight
                                                                     standing between  them  and the  in-                        team lost  the  game,  the TEKS  put
                                                                     itial spot in league standings.   Physical  Fitness         up  a  terrific  battle.  At  the  end  of
                                                                       Burris  and  Mathewson  of  the
                                                                     Armed  Guard  shared  high  point  Program  Outlined        the  first  half,  the  score  was  26-25,
                                                                                                                                 with  the  Dispensary  team  on  the
                                                                     honors  for  the  evening  with  10
         WAVES  PREPARE  for  coming  swim  meet.  One  lassie  churns  through  apiece.  Cecil  of  San  Bruno  scored  For  T .I. Dispensaries   big end of the figure. The final score
         _water, Ii ke  torpedo.                                                                                                 of  the  game  was  50-39,  with  the
           . ~:'                                                     eight.  Bobby  Anet,  Oregon  flash   To  promote  physical  fitness  for   Landing  Force  having  the  lion's
                                                                     and high scoring forward, was  held                         share of the points.
         T.l~.Slices  Past Chapel of  Colorful  Swim                 to  five  points,  playing  a  more  de-  the  men  in  his  command,  Captain   T-0  be  Represented  in  all  Sports
                                                                                                   C.  K.  Younkin,  officer-in-charge  of
                                                                     fensive  game  for  the  better  part                         Other  highlights  of  the  recrea-
         Oaks  Hoopsters,  44-36,  Meet Slat~d  For                  of  the night.                Treasure  Island's  dispensaries,  has   tional  program  are  bowling  and
                                                                       Exceptionally  good  for  the  op-  initiated a  recreation program.   swimming. Future plans of the pro-
         In  Kezar  league  Tilt       J a nu a ry  2}               position  were  Dillon  and  Abro-  This  program will  provide  inter-  gram  include  a  play  area  to  be
                                                                     maric,  who  constantly  needled  the  esting  recreation  and  at  the  same   paved  in  the  rear  of  Dispensary
          Trailing by a  mere one point with   Winner takes  all.    loopsters  from  Ba rracks  D  with  time  be  a  body builder for  the  dis-
         still  three  minutes  of play remain-  District  swimmers  are  urged  to   tricky  shots  and  steady  defensive  pensary  personnel.   Number  One.  When  finished,  the
                                                                                                                                 area  will  have  basketball  practice
         ing,  the  Treasure  Island  Tars  get their swimming gear out of the   work.
         turned certain defeat into a  victory  moth  balls for  the  coming District   Neither team  was very proficient   Spotlighting  the  program  is  the  fixtures,  also a  combination volley-
         with  a  last-minute  splurge  that  Championships, January 21 at 1400,   with  their  free  throws,  scoring  a   basketball  team.  Men  of  all  five  ball and badminton court and horse
         left  the  Chapel  of  Oaks  on  the  in the new gymnasium.   miserable total out of all their  trys.   dispensaries  are  eligible  for  team  shoe pits.
         short  end  of  the  basketball  score,   Entries  from  every  section  of   Half-time  scores  were  15-12, .fa-  membership. At present the team is   Captain  Younkin  also  stressed
        44-36.                         Treasure  Island  and  other  out-ly-  voring  the  Armed  Guard.   entered  in the  Class_ ."B"  League  of  that the Dispensaries will be repre-
                                                                                                   the 12th Naval District Tournament.  sented  in  all  12th  Naval  District
          Chapel  of  Oaks,  spreading  its  ing points  are  expected  to  be  well
         scoring  among  11  men,  enjoyed  a  represented.          Armed Guard  (33)   fg   ft   tp  Last  Friday  the  team  took  on  its  sports  events  during  1945.
                                                                     Merchant, f  .. .. . .. . .. 2
                                                                                                                                   The  recreation program is under
                                                                                                 5  first  opponent in the  USN Landing
         comfortable  margin  after  a  slow   Backstroke,  breaststroke,  free
        first  half,  but melted under a  fury  style and diving events will be fea-  Ed Julio, f  ... . . ... . . . 0   0   0  Force  Equipment  Depot,  Albany.  the  · guidance  of  E.  R.  Foster,
        of points led  by  Alston,  Zunic  and  tured. A  cup will be awarded to the   Anet,  f  ...... .. . . .. . . 2   5  The Landing  Force  team  leads  the  Sp(A)lc,  and  R.  J.  Terranova,
                                                                                                 2  league,  and though the Dispensary  PhM3c.
        Ducich.  It  was  13-19  as  the  half  highest scoring team while individ-  Twohig, c  .. . .. . .. . .. . 1   0
        ended with Treasure Island having  uals will receive separate awards.   Burris, c  . . . . . . .. . . . . . 5   0   10
                                                                     Mathewson,  g  . . ..... 5
        things pretty much their own  way,   Competition is expected to be  hot   Fischer,  g  . ... . .. ... . 0   Q   1  Cal.  Photo  Finishes  With  Treasu,re
        but a  series of Oak baskets  as  the  and  heavy on  all sides.   Rhine,  g  . .... . ...... 0   0   0
        second half got under way, knotted                                                         Island  In  Rugby-Football  Opener
        the count at 26-26. With 10 minutes
                                        The  Navy's  aerial  attack  navi-  Totals  . . ...... . ... 15   3   33
        to  play  the  Chapel  of  Oaks  men                                                         In the first practice  game  of  the
                                       gated by Danny Vargo, former Ak- San  Bruno  (28)   fg   ft   tp                            University of California.
        shot  ahead  on  Harry  Abel's  one                                                 0    2   season, Treasure Island's newly in-
        hander  and  progressed  even  more   ron,  Ohio,  sandlot  player,  and  the  Richardson,  f  . . . . . . . •. 1   0   0   augurated rugby-football team bat-  Olympic Club.
        on Genesy's field goal.        line  smashing  of  John  McQuary,  Sinclair,  f  .. . .... .. .. 0   0   4   tled  a  strong  University  of  Cali-  Coast  Guard  Pilots.
          Th~  advantage  see-sawed  from   one-time  backfield  man for  South- Dillon,  f  , ... . .. ... .. . 2   fornia  squad  to  a  3-3  tie.   USN Landing Force, Albany.
        here until Zunic, Alston and Ducich   ern California, provided four  of the  Bolon,  f  .... . . : .. .. . . 0   0   0   California  scored  in  the  early   California Ramblers.
        each contributed two pointers to ice   bluejackets'  touchdowns  and made  Abromaric,  c  ... ..... 3   period  of  the  game  when  the  ball   Treasure  Island.
                                       its  victory  the  most  one-sided  in  Cecil,  g  ... .. ........ 3   2   8                The  first  league  game  will  be
        the affair.                                                                                was  kicked  over  the  Treasure  Is-
                                       the series to date.           Gustafson,  g  .... . .. .. 1   0   2                       played  here  on  January  21,  when
          Zunic  paced the winners  with 17                                                        land  goal  line.  When  the  pile- was
                                        Army won the first match,  19 to  Leas, g  .... . . ...... .. 2   2   6                  Treasure  Island  plays  host  to  a
        points with Ducich  being his near-  18,  and  Navy  took  last  year's  re-               uncovered,  a  Cal  player  had  the   strong  Olympic  Club.  The  two
        est competitor at 10 digets.                                                               pigskin  clutched  to  his  breast  for
                                       newal,  19  to 0.              Totals  .... . ..... . . 12   4   28                       teams will  bang heads on the Ath-
          Treasure  Island  (44)                                                                   three  points.
                       fg   ft   f   tp                                                              The  second  half was  sparked  by   letic Field,  and a  good turn-out for
       . Crum  .. . .... ... 0   3   1   3   *  Come  On  Mates - Let's  Box                       Treasure Island starting from the,ir   the  game  is  hopeful.
        Phillips  . .. . . ... . 1   1   2   3                                                *                                    Treasure  Island  has  six  experi-
                                                                                                   20  yard  line  on  a  gambled  lateral
        Zunic  ... .... ... 1   2   2   17                                                         pass from  Stephen  to Fassler.  The   enced  men  who  played  with  the
        Clark  .... . .. .. . 1   0   1   2                                                        gamble  proved  in  the  winner's   Olympic Club last year. The Olym-
        Haines  .. ...... . 2   0   2   4                                                          circle,  netting  50  yards.  After  an   pic  Club  was  co-champs  of  the
        Alston  ......... 2   1   4   5                                                            exchange  of  kick·s,  Treasure  Is-  Northern  California  Rugby  Union.
        Ducich  ..... .... 3   4   1   10                                                          land's  Stephens  carried  the  ball  to   The  six  former  players  for  the
                                                                                                                                 Olympic  Club  are  Easter,  break-
                                                                                                   Cal's  20  yard  line  where  he  was
          Total  .. . . . . .. 16   12   13   44                                                   hit hard,  dropping  the  ball.  Eagle-  away; Medigovich, fullback ; White,
                                                                                                                                 wing  half;  Douse,  forward ;  Steph-
          Chapel -of Oaks  (36)                                                                    eyed  Ronnie  Easter,  Treasure  Is-  ens,  first five ;  and Verducci,  scrum
                       fg   ft   f   tp                                                            land,  pounced  on  the  fumbled  ball,
        Abel  .. .. ...... :2   3   0   7                                                          and  a mbled  the  remainder  of  the   half.
                                                                                                                                   Johnnie  Verducci  and  Ronnie
        Hurley  : .. .... .. 0   1   0   1                                                         distance  to  the  Bears'  goal  line,   Easter  share  the  coach's  bench
        Faszholz  . . . ... . 2   1   1   5                                                        making the score 3-3.         on the Treasure Island Rugby-foot-
        Leslie  .... ...... 2   0   1   4                                                            Rugby-football  is  a  compara-  ball  team.
        Hill  ...... . ..... 2   0   4   4                                                         tively new game, being played with
        Bailey  .. .. ... .. 1   0   2   2                                                         15  men  on  a  side.  In  the  action  of
        Genesey  .. . . .... 1   0   1   2                                                         the  game it differs  from  American   TEKS  Climb  Into
        Inman  ....... .. 1   2   3   4                                                            football  in  that  there  are  no  for-
        Mulgrew  .. .. ... 1   0   0   2                                                           ward passes  or blocking.  The play- Third  Place  With
        Pirak  .... ...... 2   0   4   4                                                           ers  wear  no  padding,  but  they
        Haas  . ..... ..... 0   1   0   1  EVEN  THE ONLOOKERS  had  to  give elbow  room.  Taken when  boxing  tackle  with  vicious  intent  to  do  N. T. S.  Victory
                                       was ,on  the up-swing  at the Treasure  Island  gymnasium.
                                                                                                   bodily  harm.                   The  rejuvenated TEKS  from  the
          Totals  .. .. ... 14   8   16   36
                                                                     you  are  out of shape.  Steam baths,   In  the  scoring  end  of  the  game,  Treasure  Island  dispensary  used
                                       Boxing  Takes  Holiday;       rub  downs,  heavy  bag  work,  jump  a  touchdown  counts  three  points;  NTS  as  a  spring board to  the first
                                                                     rope and workouts in the ring bring  conversion  is  good  for  two  points,  division  of  the  Treasure  Island
        Navy  Scuttles  Army  Rings  Get  Rust,y  From               vim and vigor to  your body:   a  place kick  hits  the  cash register  basketball  league,  cutting  loose
                                                                       All  it takes  is 15  minutes  a  day.  for  three  points,  while,  in  motion,  with  a  barrage  of  baskets  in win-
        In  Bermuda  Lily              lack  of  Enthusiasum           It  isn't  necessary  to  box  at  a  drop-kicking the  ball  over  the goal  ning the league tussle, 42-19.
                                                                     Smoker  or  even spar with  anyone.  ne ts  four  points.     The  School  boys  were  unable  to
                                         The  manly  art of  self-defense  is
         Bowl  Fray,  39-6             taking  an  awful  beating.   Fundamentals  are  given  to  you  in   In  rugby-football  th e  forward  cope  with  the  automatic  shooting
                                                                     moderate  doses,  so  if  you  are  on  line  is  called  the  scrum,  and  the  of  Burwell,  who  scored  16  points
          A  powerful Navy eleven clutched   Two good boxing rings are prac- immediate  call,  you  can  carry  on  backfield  is  still  the  backfield.  The  for the winners.
        the "rubber game" with Army after  tically  going to waste  in Gym One  working  with  what  you  have  s.crum consists of eight players and   This  marks the fifth victory in a
        winning  the  third  all-service  Lily  for lack  of fistic  enthusiasts.   learned  and  adding to  it as you  go  the  backfield  of  seven  players.   row for the hospital men, and with
        Bowl grid feud,  39-6,  before 11,000   The  ticket  to  good  health  is  a  along.         A  conference  has  been  set  up  three  games  still  on  the  schedule,
        servicemen at the Bermuda Athletic  clean  life  and  boxing  will  be  the   See  your  boxing  instructor  the  with  the  following  teams  partici- the championship is still very much
         Field.                        first  step  in  the  right  direction  if  nrst chance you get.   pating:                the topic  of discussion.
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