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                                      High  Jinx  At  T.  I.  Hospital' As  San  Francisco  Troupe  Entertains . Patients  Phil  Sapiro  Spends

                                                                                                                                Birthday  Bringing  Cheer

                                                                                                                               To  Treasure  Island  Sick
                                                                                                                                  Because  he  thought,  it  the  best
                                                                                                                                way to celebrate his  birthday,  Phil
          The biggest New Year news was                                                                                         Sapiro,  Director  of  the  San  Fran-
        the  arrival  of  the  Wave  garrison                                                                                   cisco  Municipal  Band  and  Or-
        caps at Ship's  Service, Officers and                                                                                   chestra,  spent  th·e  afternoon  of
        chiefs  sought  the  corners  for  pro-                                                                                 December 29  touring  the wards  of
        tection  as  the·  girls  poi.ired  in  to                                                                              the  Treasure  Island  Hospital with
        buy  the  new  bonnets.  The  men                                                                                       a  group  of  strolling  entertainers
        grinned  and  shook  their  heads  in                                                                                   who put on a  show wherever there
        wonder,  and one was heard to  say,                                                                                     was room ,enough.
        "Women! What they won't do for a                                                                                          While  patients  who  could  walk
        new hat!" His remark was scarcely                                                                                       crowded  around  and  those  in  bed
        uttered when he was elbowed out of                                                                                      leaned  on  their  elbows  the  better
        sight by  one  of  the  determined  fe-                                                                                 to  see,  pretty  Bernice  Brown  and
        males.                                                                                                                  winsome   Dorothy   Meyer  tap-
          The caps will be worn without in-                                                                                     danced and gave the boys a  tumble
        signia  of  any  kind,  and  the  collar                                                                                in  the  acrobatic  sense.  The  Three
        insignia is  not to  be  used.  All  that                                                                               Bachelorettes played  request  num-
        remains  is  for  BuPers · to  send  the                                                                                bers,  and  there  wer.e  other  musi-
        official  "go-ahead"  signal  which                                                                                     cians and singers aplenty.
        will  make the  new  hats  regulation                                                                                     In order to  bring diversion to as
        headgear.                                                                                                               many  patients  as  possible,  the
        Bridge  By  Easy  Stages                                                                                                -entertainers  ran  a  sort  of  musical
          Beginners who want to learn the                                                                                       relay  race.  Each act,  as  soon as  it
        Culbertson  method  of  contract                                                                                        had  finished  in  one  place,  moved
        bridge  may  join  a  beginning  class                                                                                  to  another  and  began  again,  so
        which  will  be  -held  at  1830  each                                                                                  that sounds  of  merriment  and  en-
        Monday  and  Wednesday  night  be-                                                                                      thusiastic  applause  were  heard
        ginning  January  8,  at  the  Recrea-                                                                                  coming  from  two  locations  simul-
        tion Center. If there are a  sufficient                                                                                 taneously.
        number  interested  in  a  brush-up                                                                                       Bandmaster  S a p i r o  has  an
        course,  these classes will be offered                                                                                  especially  warm  spot  in  his  heart
        as well. This is  an -excellent chance                                                                                  for  sailors  since  he  saw  service  in
        to learn  at no  expense  to  yourself.
                                                                                                                                the Navy as a  musician during the
        Remember  the  time  and  the  date,
                                                                                                                                Spanish-American  War.  His  son,
        January 8  at 1830,                                                                                                     Earl,  is a  musician  first  class  sta-
        "Stitch  in  Time"            HOLIDAY  INN  JAMBOREE-At  t,op  left,  Three  joins  in  the  dance,  bottom  left,  with  Band-  tioned  on  Terminal  Island,  and
          A  sewing machine  is now  avail-  Bachelor.ettes  deliver  melody  to  order  in  front  of   master Sapir-o  and -other entertainers  in  background.   another  son  is  a  captain  in  the
                                      hospital  staff-constructed  replica  of  Bing  Crosby's   At  bottom  right,  Pete  Valente,  TM3c,  is  wished  a
        able  at  tne  Recreation  Center   h-ostelry  in  film  "Holiday  Inn.''  At top  right,  Bernice   speedy  recovery  by  Mr.  Sapiro,  an  old  Navy  man  army.
        Hobby  Shop  for  the  use  of  all   Brown  taps the  light fantastic  for  patients.  Dor,othy   himself.               With  the  official  blessing  of
        Waves.  Mrs.  Barrett,  hostess,  will
                                                                                                                                Mayor Roger  D.  Lapham  and  San
        be  on  hand  for  help  and  instruc-                      games,  Mescher,  Sweaney,  Dem-                            Francisco's  Art  Commission,  the
        tion.                         OPERATION.Al                  dinger  and  "Sparklers"  McClean  Sailors  Vie  With  Boy   genial  maestro  has  visited  Treas-
        SecNav Appr-oves  Playclothes                               turned in a swell job. It was gratify-
          The  Secretary  of  the  Navy  has  TRAINH~ G SCHOOL      ing  to  our  team  to  see  several  of  Scouts  in  Good  Deeds   tire  Island  many  times  with  his
        approved an exercise suit for mem-                          our Waves in the bleachers. We ap-                          troupers  during  the  past  year,
        bers  of  the  Women's  Reserve  for                        preciate your support, girls.   Although  the  Boy  Scouts  of  entertaining  from   the   theatre
        use  when  engaging  in  sports  ac-                          If  you  have  been  putting  on  too   America  are  traditionally  more   stage  or  cheering  invalids  in  the
        tivities  requiring  this  type  of  gar-                   much  weight  around  the  mid-sec-  famous  for  the performance of  the   hospital.
        ment.                         Delayed !                     tion  contact  Johnnie  Verducci,   daily good deed,  men of the United
          Complete information concerning   The  Operational Training School  CSp(A), as he is organizing a rugby   States  Navy  are  just  as  ready  to
        the wearing of the uniform will  be   Christmas party held the  Saturday  team,  which  team  is  scheduled  to   rush  in  with  a  helping  hand  when  Jobs for Veterans Open
        available in the near future, but the   before  Christmas in  Theatre  No.  2  play  the  University  of  California,   the  opportunity  presents  itself.   On  Treasure  Island
        suit  will  have  light  blue  denim   provided a  good time for more'than  Olympic  Club,  Coast  Guard  Pilots,   A  letter recently received by the
        shorts with matching skirt, and will   60  children,  many  of  whom  had  Amphibious  Forces  of  Albany  and  Commanding  Officer  of  Treasure   Honorably discharged servicemen
        be  worn  with  navy  blue  or  white   their  first  glimpse  of  Santa Claus.  many other local  clubs.  Those  who  Island's  Training  and  Distribution  who  wish  to  render  invaluable  as-
        socks  and  the  regulation  white   The  program  began  with  a  short  have  answered  the  call  so far  are  Center reads  as follows:   sistance to the war effort may stay
        shirt.                        address by our commanding officer,  "Red"  Stephens,  Sp(A)2c;  Vincent   Today  it  sure  rained  at  the   on  at  Treasure  Island  as  civilian
        Stuffing for Your Seabag      Commander H.  E.  Stone.  Then fol- Calosi,  Sp(A)2c;  Jimmy  Coats,   San  Francisco  Terminal  exit.  A   employees  and  work  side  by  side
          A  complete Waves' uniform shop   lowed  movies,  plays,  readings,  and  Sp(A)3c; "Slim" Pickett, Sp(A)3c;   lady slipped on the wet floor and   with former  shipmates.
        has  been  estabished  at  the  Dis-.   an  act  by  a  magician.  Without  a  George  Davis,  Sp(A)lc;  "Rebel"   fell.   "After  being  honorably  dis-
        tribution  Center for  overseas  serv-  doubt  the  outstanding  star  on  the  Easter,  Sp(A)lc ;  and  Jack  White,   No  less  than  six  sailors  from   charged from the military service,"
        ice  at Shoemaker,  Calif,  It is  fully   program was little June Pruitt, 11- Sp(A)3c.  The  first  game  is  Janu-  various  directions  rushed  to  her   stated  Clal'e  McCord,  Regional
        prepared to meet all needs with the   year-old  daughter of  H.  W.  Pruitt,  ary 21st with the Olympic Club, be-       Veterans   Federal   Employment
        exception  of  footwear  (shoes,  rub-  Ch.  Elect.  The  program  was  fur- ing  part of  the  entertainment fur-  aid,  instructed her to  lie still for   Representative in this area,  "many
                                                                                                   a  moment- and  then,  when  she
        ber-soled shoes),  bathing suits  and   nished  in  a  large  measure  by  the  nished during the· commissioning of   had  recovered  some,  after  four   veterans  want  to  continue  to  help
        bathing  caps.  These  you  should   Traver's  Theatrical  School  in  San  the new  gymnasium No.  2   or  five  minutes,  assisted  her  to   the war effort by working in a  war
        purchase yourself, if you signed up   Francisco.  Gifts  were  given  to  all  Her,e and  There at OTS                  or navy establishment until the job
        for  overseas  duty.          the children  by Santa Claus,  in the   The  large  constr-uction  job  un-  her feet.    of  licking  the  Axis  is  completely
        History  in  the  Making      person of E·ns. F. B.  Miller, who did  derway  just  south  of  Operational   You'd  have  been  proud  of   finished.
                                                                                                   them,  sir- and,  as  a  train  from
          The  Navy  Public  Relations  de- a  convincing job.      Training  School  is  the  pride  and                         "Of the 3,159 veterans given jobs
        partment  stated  this  week  that   Sport                  joy  of  the  Deck  School.  Lt.  H.  V.   across  the  Bay  had  just  un-  in the Federal Government in Cali-
        there  are  eight  Wave  officers  and   Lt,  Deane  Langworthy  and  his  Friedle  and  Lt.  (jg)  E.  F.  Keleher   loaded,  most  of  them  must have   fornia during the month of Novem-
        two  enlisted  Waves  overseas  to  Operational  Training  School  bas- have  been  working many hours  on   been  your boys.   ber,  97%  were  employed  by  the
        date, It will be interesting to watch  ketball team deserve  a  lot of credit  it,  together  with  Lt.  W.  S.  Iredale   I  thought  you'd  like  to  know.   War and Navy Departments."
        the days slip by and the figures  in- for the excellent job they are doing.  and Lt. Chechames of the Engineer-  Season's  greetings  to  you  and   For six consecutive  months Cali-
        crease.                       These men are practicing after duty  ing School. Oh yes, when completed   the fine boys.   fornia  has  led every other state in
        "Here Come the  Waves"        hours  and  giving  up  several  -eve- it will  be  winches  and  booms  used   (signed)  W.  H.  Fanand.   the nation in placing ex-servicemen
          The world premiere of the Para- nings  a  week  with  their  families  to train men to load the "big stuff."   Comnwdore  R.  W.  Cary  stated  in  civil  service  jobs.  New  York  is
        mount  musical  "Here  Come  the  in  order  ~hat  we  may have  a  bas-  Operational  Training  School  is  he  was  much  pleased  to  receive  second.
        Waves,"  starring  Bing  Crosby,  ketball  team  of  which  we  are  one of the first activities to be given  such  letters,  and  commended  the   Veterans  who  are  interested  in
       . Betty Hutton and Sonny Tufts, was  proud,  As  of  last  week  the  melon  permanent  custody  of  the  new,  six men  referred  to.   working on Treasure Island should
        scheduled  for ·a  world  premiere  in  tossers  had  won  three  and  lost  black, plastic B-29 bombers, thanks   Iron  ships  and  iron  men  is  the  communicate with the Civilian Per-
        New  York  City  during  Christmas  three,  The  first  two  games  were  to Lt.  Zech  of  the  12th Naval Dis- Navy's  slogan  today,  but  they 'are  sonnel Office, located in the Admin-
        week. Betty Hutton pays the double  played with the 32nd Spec.  Seabees.  trict Training Aids Library.   gentlemen as  well.   istration  Building.
        role  of  twin  sisters  who  join  the  and  Ship  Repair  &  Training  Ac-  Operational  Training  School  ex-
        Waves and after their training are  tivity, with our boys coming out on  tends  thanks to the RK'O  Film Ex-
        assigned to duty in San Diego, Also  the  long  end  of  the  score  and  the  change  for  motion  pictures  loaned    Waves  Enter
        on  duty  in  San  Diego  are  Sonny  opponents with long faces. The next  us.  They  have  done  much  for  the   Magazine  Offers
        Tufts,  a  petty  officer  home  from  two  games  were  with  the  Coast  morale of the armed forces.                  Hoop Tourney
        overseas,  and  Bing  Crosby,  who  Guard  Barracks  and  the  Coast   Thanks to  the untiring efforts of   Free  Job  Ads  to   Waves and nurses  have  been  en-
        makes  his  fellow-shipmates  swoon  Guard, Captain of the Port. We lost  our  executive  officer,  Lt.  Com-           joying  weekly  basketball  practice
        as  he  croons,  but not  like  Sinatra,  both  games,  The  game  with  the  mander R.  A. Ibach,  the Waves at-  Service  Personnel   for the past month.  Hard work has
        Coming  soon!                 Captain  of  the  Port  team  was  a  tached  to  Operational  Training                   brought  results  in  the  form  of  a
                                      close,  hardfought  game  that  made  School now have a  beautiful lounge   Service  men  and  women  of  the
        A  Wave for "Yank"                                                                                                      team  of  Treasure Island girl hoop-
          Jack Marshall, well-known Camp   Lt,  Langworthy proud of his  boys,  completely furnished with new fur- armed forces  who  wish to  enter or   sters  who  will  enter  the  district
        Parks photographer, was the lucky   and in this game Woods,  Ryan and  niture and furnishings.  We greatly  return  to  the  advertising  fields  in   tournament this month. The various
        fellow  who  made  the  official  cover   Reed were the stars. Following this  appreciate  the  swell  job,  Com- civilian  life  may insert free  classi-  island  activities  have  combined
                                      game we put the skids to the Hunt- mander,- and also the work you did,  fied  advertisements  in  "Tide",
        photo  of  the  first  Wave  to be  fea-                                                                                forces to fight for the trophies.
                                      er's  Point  Drydock  Club.  In  these  Lt.  {jg)  M.  E.  Beacom.   advertising  and  marketing  maga-
        tured in the famous Army overseas                                                                                         Ens.  Gunther and  the  girls from
        paper, "Yank." The photogenic lady                                                        zine  published  at  232  Madison   the Armed Guard, Saltzmann, Skin-
        was Doris Perkins, SK3c, blond and  ure Island Waves soon will be tiUed,   In  a  contest  to  explain,  in  15   Ave.,  New  York  16,  N.  Y.   ner,  Chavez,  McBride,  Donham,
        beautiful  at  127  pounds,  now  at,  "Make-up from the Neck Down." A  words or less,  why workers  should   'Ads,  not  to  exceed  40  words,  in  Whittington,  Adam  of  TADCEN,
        Shoemaker awaiting overseas  short  feature  giving  some  of  the  wear  protective  helmets  on  their  addition . to  the  person's  name,  and  hospital  corpsmen,  Grooman,
        orders. Her picture will be featured  best exercises to carry away excess  jobs in war plants, an entry from a  present  address, .  service  address  Johnson,  Young,  Cooley,  Collins,
        in  a  coming edition.        pounds,  fatigue  and  worry,  it is  to  woman  worker  attracted  a  good  and  rank  or  rating  should  be  sent  Guntsch,  Robertson  and  Krull  will
        New "Make-Up"                 be  shown  during  the  noon  hour  at  deal  of  attention:  "I  love  to  hear  to the  editorial office  of  the maga- make  their try for  fame  sometime
          A  movie to be shown to all Treas- a  date to be disclosed later.   the sound of rain on a  tin roof."   zine.        this  month.
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