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                                                                    Getting  The  Mail  Through  to  the  Armed  Guard
                                      Armed  Guard  Has                                                                          I Masthead Splinters

                                      Huge  Post  Office                                                                         ♦  ♦  •   •   •   •   •   ♦  ♦  •   •   •   •   •   •
                                      In  San  Francisco                                                                        Time  Marches  On
                                                                                                                                  In looking back through the files
                                        Battling  gun  crews  of  th-e                                                          of  the  past  year,  "The  Masthead"
                                      Armed  Guard  are  the  only  single                                                      has  covered  such  stories  as  the
          We  admit  that  the  news  occa- Navy  activity  to  boast  a  postal                                                presidential  appointment  of  Com-
        sionally  gets  ahead  of  us,  but  the  service  all  their  own.  Its  largest                                       modore  R.  W.  Cary to his  present
        one fellow who continually "scoops"  shore   base   division,   formerly                                                rank.  Commodore  Cary has  shown
        our  column  without  mercy  is  Dan  located  on  Treasure  Island  and                                                an unfailing interest in the welfare
        Cupid.  His  latest  scores  are  pub- now  at  521-7  Mission  Street  in                                              and  recreation  of  the  personnel
        lished  for  your  information.  NTS  San  Francisco,  is  one  of  the  five                                           under  his  command.  "The  Mast-
        lost M. L. Sorrell, Y3c, and acquired  biggest  Navy  post  offices  in  the                                            head"  reporters  were  present  on
        Mrs:  0 .  F.  Clint  on  January  2  at  United  States.                                                               the visit of the number one woman
        Hilmar,  Calif.,  the  groom's  home.   Occupying  three  buildings  and                                                of  the  Navy,  Captain  Mildred  M.
        D.  Wardman,  SKD3c of the Armed  60,000  square  feet  of  space,  the                                                 McAfee  of the Waves. The  charm-
        Guard said· "I Do"  to  Ens.  Charles  Armed -Guard  Post  Office  handles                                              ing  leader  of  the  Waves  inspected
        Butts in San Mateo at the  home of  mail  for  all  Navy  men  aboard                                                   Treasure  Island  and  remarked
        Mrs.  Walter  Burton.  Eunice  Put- merchant  vessels  in  the  entire                                                  upon  the  beauty of  the  Island.
        nam,  SKD3c, went along to be sure  Pacific  area.  It  also  serves  their
        that the knot was tied correctly. In- merchant  marine  crews  and  cer-                                                  Away up in Dutch Harbor, gigan-
        cidentally,  the  bride  wore  white,  tain  hospital  ships,  troop  trans-
                                                                                                                                tic  Alaskan  Navy  Base,  "The
        and her veil was her mother's saved  ports,  and  small  Army  craft
                                                                                                                                Masthead"  appears  weekly  upon
        for  just  this  occasion.  Ida  May  manned by Coast Guard personnel.                                                  the  bulletin  board  of  the  Harbor
        Yannotti,  PhM2c,  made a  legal  al-  Planes  Carry  Letters
        liance  with  Ens.  Law,  legal  officer   Upwards  of  one-half  ton  of  let-                                        · News, Army and Navy daily news- .
        at  the  Treasure  Island  hospital.   ters  are  sent out  daily  by airplane                                          paper  in  that  area.  T.  I.'s  news-
        That  brings  the  score  l\P  to  date,   to  ports  which  these  vess-els  will                                      paper is given a  prominent spot on
        but by the time  we  go  to  press we   touch. Packages are routed by sur-                                              the  board,  and  the  men  stationed
        expect  to  have  been  "scooped"
                                      face  carriers.  Fully 85  per  cent of
        again;  confidentially,  we love it.   the  mail  dispatched overseas is re-
        Knit-Witting                  ceived  by  the  ships,  a  record  in                                                      One. of  the  color  guards  at  the
          Are you  an artist when  it comes  which  the  post  office  can  take                                                East  versus · West  football  game
        to "dropping stitches?" Do-you knit  justifiable  pride,  considering  the                                              New Year's Day was of the Marine
        with  confusion,  hesitation  and  un- frequent  movements  of  merchant                                                Guard  from  Treasure  Island's
        certainty?  Would  you like  to  send  vessels.                                                                         Marine Detachment.
        a  snug,  serviceable  muffler to your   After  the  initial  Philippine  land-
        man in the  North Seas ?  If so  look   ings,  merchant ships  in  the  vicinity
        for the sign-up  slip  on  the  bulletin   of  the  i-nvasi,on  were  the  first  to                                      Time 'Magazine  recently. had  a
        board in your barracks. A  knitting                                                                                      story on a  small wobbly pup named
                                      receive  mail ..
        instructor will be provided for knit-  Check All  Mail                                                                  ':.I'uffy.  Tuffy  hid  in  a  cellar  with
        ting classes if there are enough in-  Every  piece  of  Navy  mail  re-                                                 G.  I.'s  for  ten  hours  in  a  small
        terested in turning out.      ceived at the post office  is checked                                                     town  in  eastern  Belgium  while  a
                                                                                                                                German  armored  division  rolled
        Mexican  H-oliday             ll,gainst  a  directory  which includes
                                                                                                                                through the town.  Tuffy seemed to
          From  San  Francisco  to  Mexico  the  name and_ address of each man
                                                                                                                                 realize  the  danger  of  the  situa-
        City  in one evening is quite  a  trip,  who  is  and  was  in  the  Armed
                                                                                                                                 tion,  and  kept  very  quiet.  Then
        but the travelers really had a  time.  Guard, as addressees may have been
                                                                                                                                Tuffy  thinking  the  danger  over,
        Last Thursday  evening  a  group of   transferred  since  last  notifying
        Waves met at the Recreation Cen-  their  correspondents  of  their  ship.                                                started  to  bark  playfully.  When
        ter to  take  a  trip  through Mexico.   "This  directory,"  commented Lt.                                               his  comrades tried to stop him,  he
        Narrator  was  Miss  Vella  Holmes   J. G.  Eidell,  officer in charge, "pro-                                           thought it was a  game  and played
        who  pointed  out  the  things  to  see                                                                                  more  furiously.  A  quick  council,
                                      vides  a  graphic  illustration  of  our
        and in conversational  Spanish.  The                                                                                     and  one  of  Tuffy's  masters  was
                                      growth  and  that  of  the  Armed
        girls  tried  it,  and  while  they  may   Guard  in  the  Pacific.  When  I  first                                     forced  to  reach  out  in  the  dark
        have  said  "good  morning"  when   reported to  the  original post office                                               and  strangle  him.
        they  meant  "good  night,"  they  all                                                                                    This brings to mind the  story of
                                      on  Treasure  Island  in  July,  1942,
        plan  to  make  a  return  trip  next   the  directory  was  contained in  six                                           Zero,  a  black  dog-half Doberman
        week,  same  time  and  same  place,                                                                                     pinscher  and  the  rest  just  dog.
                                      file drawers. It now requires 72."
        learning  both  about  Mexico  and                                                                                       Zero  was  born  in  Pearl  Harbor,
                                        A  crew _ of  more  than  200- it
        how  to  get  along  in  the  language                                                                                   a~d  he  adopted  the  entire  First
                                      started  with  nine- sees  that  the
        of the country. They all agree that   mail  gets  through.  Half  are  rated                                             Marine  Division.  When  the  initial
        there  could  be no more  interesting   mailmen,  the  rest  seamen,  and                                                landing was  made on Guadalcanal,
        way  of , learning  •Spanish  than  by   there  are  five  enlisted  Waves.                                              Zero  hit  the  beach  with  the
        this  somewhat  unusual  travelogue                                                                                      Marines. During the bombing raids
                                       Mailmen  Saw  Action
        method.                                                                                                                  by  the  Japs  on  the  island,  Zero's
                                        "Many  of  our staff,"  related Lt.  ·
        Water Ways                                                                                                               ears  could  pick  up  the  peculiar
                                      (jg)  Barbara  Corkern,  only  Wave                                                        hum  of  a  Jap  plane  motor.  He
          The  swimming  pool  at  · gym- officer  aboard  and  Lt.  Eidell's
        nasium  No.  2  is  open  to  Waves                                                                                      would  light  out  for  a  fox  hole,  be
                                      assistant,  "know  the  mail  game
        every week night from 7 to 8. Bring                                                                                      the  first  one  in  and  the  last  one
                                      from  both  sides  of  the  post  office
        your own suits and caps, and if you   window,  for  they  shipped  as · sea-                                             out.  During  the  raids,  Zero  was  a
        want  to  become  a  second  Esther   men  gunners  with  the  Armed                                                     marvelous  booster  to  the  men's
        Williams  you  will  find  an  instruc-                                                                                  morale.  In  a  bombing  run,  there
        tor on hand to give you a few point- Gua rd   befo-re  being  rated  and                                                 is  always  someone  who  will  have
                                      billeted  here.  Take  Curtis  Hart-
        ers.                                                                                                                     a  case  of  nerves.  Zero  seemed  to
        sos                           man-he  spent  more  than  a  week                                                         be able to sense it, and if the nerve
          The Waves  choir at the  hospital   on  a  life  raft  after  his  ship  sank                                          case was in .the  same  fox  hole,  he
        made  a  beautiful  beginning,  and   in  the Pacific.  William J. Edmond-  LETTERMEN  AND  WOMAN-At top,  Lt.  J.  G.  Eidell, ,officer in  charge   would crawl over to the fellow and
                                      son  was  injured  when  his  vessel  of  the  Armed  Guard's  San  Francisco  post  office,  and  his  assistant,  Lt.
        they  really  deserve  a  bouquet  for                       (jg)  Barbara  Corkern.  He's  soon  to  leave ,on  inspection  tour of  Navy   lick  his  face  and  hands.  Such
                                      was  hit,  and  he  wears  the  Purple
        the  singing  they  through  the                      postal  service  in  Pacific.  Below,  men  check  each  piece  of  mail  against  actions would usually bring a  scur-
                                      Heart.  Harry Valladao was part of  directory givi-ng present address of every-one in the Pacific Armed Guard.  rilous  remark,  and  the  tension
        wards at Christmas time. We here-
                                      a  crew  that  managed  to  bring  its  In circle,  mail orderlies fr,om  ships in  port call  for their mail at Delivery
        by  deliver  the  bouquet  and  in  the                      R,oom,  open  24  hours daily.  At  bottom,  men  dispatch  parcel  post  pack-  would relax.
        next  breath  ask  for  volunteers.   torpedoed  tanker  into  port,  an   ages to Armed Guard personnel ,overseas.
        Many  choir  members,  through   almost  unheard-of  feat.  These  are                                                   "Chip" Wanted
                                      just  a  few."                                                                              Carpenters  to  work  in  three
        transfer . and  heavy  duty  schedule,                                                                                   shifts  from  1530  to  2330  are
        have  been  unable  to  attend,  and   The  Delivery  Room  at  the  post  three  assistants  try  to  throw  the   OPA Cautions  Use   wanted at the Moore Dry Dock Co.,
        the courageous few have been car-  office,  which  is  conveniently . locat- gremlins on their backs, often writ-
                                      ed  near  the  San  Francisco  water- ing  to  the  sender  for  further  in-              1492  12th  Street,  Oakland.  The
        rying on  alone.  Choir meets in the                                                       Of Rations
        hospital chapel Monday and Friday   front,  is  open  24  hours  daily  so  formation.  Mail  for  merchant sea-         telephone  number  is  Higate  3913,
        at 1230,  and in the lounge at Wave   that mail orderlies for-the crews of  men  who  cannot  be  located  is   Applications   Extension 840. Mr. Sanborn at that
        quarters at the same time on Wed-  ships  in  port / here  may  call  for  referred to the company which em-             number is the one  to be contacted.
        nesday.                       their mail.                   ploys  them.                    The  Office  of  Price  Administra- The work pays $1.32  an hour.
        Guiding  Star ·                Rout  Gremlins                 The   December   rush  almost  tion  has  returned  to  Treasure  Is-  Mail  Bottleneck,s
          Emily  Adam,  Y2c,  TADCEN,  is   The  post  office's  "Nixie  Room"  doubled the 1,000,000 pieces of mail  land  an  application  for  temporary   Don't  be  a  bottleneck  and  jam
        the  new  manager  of  the  Treasure   is  an interesting place.  Here  every  handled  in  November.  Fifty  addi- food  rations  on which the  only en- the mail  system!
        Island Women's Hoop team, and as   effort  is  made  to  spite  the  grem- tional  hands  had  to  be  ·taken  tries  were the name  of the issuing   And  you  letter  writers  who_ are
        such assumes full responsibility for   !ins- by  which  name  nixies  are  aboard.         activity  and  the  signature  of  the  using  the  airmail  envelopes  with
        bringing  our girls  in  at the  top  of  known  nowadays- who  make mail   "Still,  we  couldn't  satisfy every- authenticating  officer.   the  blue  and  red  border  and  then
        the league. We expect a  lot of both  difficult  to  deliver.  Sometimes  a  body,"  declared  Lt.  Eidell.  "Re-  These forms are intended to per- sending the letter "free" are bottle-
        the manager and the team. Here is  rain  gremlin  blurs  the  name  and  cently  I  received  a  letter  of  com- mit  the  issue  of  food  rationing  necks.
        hoping that they "bring the bacon"  address on an envelope, or a  grem- plaint  from  a  woman  who,  acting  points  to  persons  not  entitled  to .   Lt.  G. P .  Maushart,  Treasure Is-
        home  to  Treasure  Island.    lin  who  never  could  learn  how  to  promptly  on our early mailing ad- food  rationing books. Misuse of the  land  Post  Office,  points  out  that
        That  Is  It                  write  at school  shakes the hand of  vice,  sent her son a  gift package in  forms  endangers the  whole  plan.   when  the  airmail  envelope  is  used
          January 15 is the date set for the  the  sender  as  he  addresses  it.  September.  He  received  it the  fol-  Officers issuing S  &  A  Form 570  as  "free"  mail,  the  letter  is  re-
        official  wearing  of  the  new  garri- There  is  a  special  Bupers  gremlin  lowing_ month, and this thrifty lady  are enjoined to follow carefully the  turned  to  the  sender.  The  time
        son cap on Treasure Island. That is  who places two men with the same  scolded  us  soundly for  making her  instructions  contained  in  S  &  A  taken  sorting  the  envelopes  and
        exactly two days from today, count  name  and  rate  in  the  Armed  send  him  a  second  so  l'fe  would  Memo  No·.  496,  January,  1944,  and  returning  them  to  the  sender  is
        them  if  you  think  we  are  wrong,  Guard  or  arranges  that  a  man  have  something  for  Christmas.''   to  complete  all  applications  before  valuable. There is a  terrific amount
        and  then  it will  indeed  be  a  great  should be transferred from his ship   A  branch  of  the  post  office  is  issue.   of  mail  to  be  delivered  each  day,
        day.                           by  the  time  his  mail  reaches  it.   still  maintained  in  the  Armed                and  if  letter  writers  will  refrain
                                        Working  with  Navy  crew  lists,  Guard  Center  on  Treasure  Island,   Imagination  is  something  that  from  using  airmail  envelopes  as
          How come gals with cotton stock- disbursing lists,  and other records,  under the supervision of Chief Mail- sits up with the wife when her "free"  mail,  the  mail  will  be  de•
        ings  never  see  a  mouse ?   Edward  F .  Fuselli,  MaMlc,  and  man Ralph  A.  Wanzer.   band is out late.            livered more rapidly.
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