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         Golden  Glove  Champs Tangle With  Armed  Guard  Clark  Gable  Air
                                                                     Combat  Movie  to  Be

                                                                     Shown  to  T. I.  Officers
                                                                       Through  the  courtesy  of  the
                                                                     Army  and  the  Treasury  Depart-
                                                                     ment  the  famous  combat  techni-
                                                                     color  movie  filmed  by  Captain
                                                                     Clark  Gable  on  special  assignment
                                                                     by  the  Army  Air  Forces  will  be
                                                                     shown  to  all  officers  on  Treasure
                                                                     Island,  Wednesday,  January 17,  in
                                                                     the Visual Aids Room, Building 127,
                                                                     of  the  Radio  Materiel  School.  The
                                                                     film  which  is  16mm.  lasts  for  ap;
                                                                     proximately one  hour  and the pro-
                                                                     gram will start promptly at 1230. ·
                                                                       The  movie,  which  is  entitled
                                                                     "Combat America," is a  story of the
                                                                     351st  Bombardment  Squadron  and
                                                                     shows  the  Squadron in its develop-
                                                                     ment  from  early  training  days  in
                                                                     Colorado,  across  the  Atlantic  to
                                                                     England, and finally the heavy raids
         FRONT.I ER  BATTLERS-Top, left to right, G. Teague, J .  Alexander,  H.
         Fortner,  S.  Chapman,  Commander  M.  Carlson,  Dynkowski,  CBM;  N.  on . Berlin  and  the  Rhineland.  The
         Huskey,  E.  Cooper,  F.  Killingham,  C.  Perkins.  Kneeling,  left  to  right,  battle scenes are excellent with the
         M. -Goldman  and  G.  Bellemoni,  CSp(A).                   big forts  fighting  their way to  the
                                                                     targets  against  flak  and  strong
                                                                     enemy  fighter  opposition.  All  of-
         Frontier Base  Faces  Armed  Guard                          ficers  are invited by Commodore R.
                                                                     W. Cary to see this splendid movie .
        . On January 17  Smoker
                                       for their corking exhibitions  in  the
         Floor Show  To                12th  Naval  boxing  tournament  in  U.S. NAVAL
                                       which  Alameda  Air  Base  walked
         Share  Spotlight              off  with  top  honors  after  being  HOSPITAL
                                       pressed  to the limits  by the Treas-
                                                                     Library  Has  Active  Program
          Inaugurating the new bop season  ure  Island  "twins."
                                                                       Tucked in between the Chaplains'
         with  a  first-class  smoker  loaded   Main event will pair Nat Huskey   and  the  Red  Cross  offices  in  the
         with talent in the boxing and enter- and Benny Calla,  who  staged such   Welfare  Building  is  the  Hospital
         tainment  department,  the  punch  a sizzling bout in the tourney finals.
                                                                     Library,  under  the  efficient  super-
         boys from  Armed Guard will  trade  Also scheduled for  heavy  duty  are
         socks with the Frontier Base in the  Jacki_e Burke, Scott Chapman, Ray   vision  of  Miss  Elizabeth  Martin,
         feature  attraction.          Williams,  James  Alexander,  Gene   Librarian.  For  its  size,  it  does  a
          Both  teams  can  be  remembered  Ronstad and Charles P erkins.   tremendous  amount  of  business.
                                                                     During  the  past  month,  over  one
                                                                     thousand  books  were  taken  out.   SWEET  SOUTHERN  CONFECTION  is  Miss  Florence  Barziza.  Paul
                                                                                                   Gag_n~aux,  RT3c!  co~ld  not  have  guessed  when  he  left  the  bayous  of
                                                                     Sailors  are  doing  lots  of  reading   Lou1s1ana  that his  rainbow  wou ld  some  day find  an  ending  "deep  in  the
                                                                     during their stay in the hospital.   heart of Tex_as,"  but that was what happened when  he·met  Florence, o,ne
                                                                      Every patient sees the library at  of the  favorite  daughters ,of  Houston,  Texas,  and  his "girl  back  home."
                                                                     least once.  Before leaving the Hos-
                                                                     pital  he  turns  in whatever  library
                                                                     books he may have and checks out   RADIO MATERIEL
                                                                     there.  Many up-patients make fre-  SCHOOL
                                                                     quent visits,  both to  borrow books
                                                                     and to  read the  current magazines   Graduation
                                                                     kept on the library porch. They, as   Two more classes have completed
                                                                     well as staff members, are cordially   the  advanced  course  of  instruction
                                                                     invited to continue their use of the   and  are  ready  to  enter  upon  their
                                                                     library  facilities.          assignments  as  radio  technicians
                                                                      Each  ward  receives  books  twice   with  the  fleet  and  at  advanced
                                                                     a  week  from  the  book-truck.  A   bases.  Company  38  graduated  65
                                                                     varied  collection  of over  two  hun-  strong  on  January  5  and  included   One  of our former skippers paid
                                                                     dred  titles,  frequently  changed,   eight Marine students. High man in   a  visit to the office last week. He is
                                                                     ranging  from  who-dun-its  through   his  class  was  M.  F.  Fish,  RT2c,   Lt.  (jg)  Carlos  Luis,  USNR.  Lt . .
                                                                     best-sellers  and non-fiction  are  of-  with the excellent average of 94.16.   Luis  .is  now . aboard  a  new  fleet
                                                                     fered.  At  present  the  collection  is   On January 12 Company 39 reached   minesweeper, an·d  his Commanding
                                                                     largely  for  recreational  reading.   the end of the academic road, grad-  Officer  is  the  former  U.  S .  C.  all-
                                                                     More  technical  books  have  just   uating  88  men,  including  two  Ma-  time  All-American football  player,
                                                                     been added to the collection.   rines.  Scholastic  honors  were  won   Lt.  Commander  Marshall  Duffield.
         ARMED GUARD  BEL TE RS-Back, D: M~digovich, CSp(A); A.  Rasley,   Library hours are from 0830 un-  by  P.  K.  Nicholson,  RT2c,  with  a   Incidentally, Mr. Luis recently mar-
         G.  Ronstad, G.  Y.oka,  J.  Burke,  H.  M·utozo,  Lt.  R.  Allen.  Fr,ont-T. Can-o,  til  1300  and  from  1538  to  1630   final  average  of  94.66.   ried  Yeoman  Lillian  Borofsky,  the
         J.  Samson, C.  Ash,  B.  Calla and  T.  Santora.           Mondays  through  Fridays,  and  Gold  Braid                charming  girl  friend  of  our  Mine
                                                                     from 0830 until 1400 on Saturdays.   If  the  various  members  of  the
                                       also  of  the  Armed  Guard,  trailing   Between 1300 and 1530 the Library  Instruction  Staff  appeared  a  little   Force ,sweetheart, Virginia Durkee.
         UndefeatedArmed Guard  in with nine.                                                                                      Do  you  recall  the  quiet,  soft-
                                                                     is closed while books are distributed  more  chesty  than  usual  this  week   spoken  and  well-versed  civilian
                                         Fine  defensive  work  on the part
         Scores 30-25 NCBA Win         of Fischer kept the  sharp-shooting   through the wards.    their  enthusiasm  can  be  explained   physicist· in the Mine  Force named
                                                                       Among  recent  popular  books  by the recent promotion of their ef-
         Over San Francisco A. C.      Athletic  Club  ace,  Scolari,  to  a   available  are:  "High  'I'.ime,"  by  ficient  leader  Paul  G.  Fritsche!  to   McG~aw?  Well, it is now Ens. Wil-
                                                                                                                                 liam McGraw,  USNR!  He recently
                                       measly two points.
                                                                     Lasswell- the  gay  old  ladies  from  the. rank  of Commander with  date
          Armed  Guard  continued its win-                           "Suds in Your Eye,"  continue their  of  rank  January  1,  1945.  Com-  visited us when the minesweeper to
                                                                                                                                 which  he  is now attached  came  to
         ning ways in the NCBA basketball  W ,E'RE  PROUD  OF  THEM   contribution  to  the  war  effort.  mander Fritsche! arrived on Treas-  Treasure  Island  for  a  short  stay.
         tourney,  · trouncing  a·  tough  San ·   Since D-Day June  6  not a  single  "Freedom Road," by Fast- A novel  ure  Island  in  December,  1941,   Mr. McGraw, since leaving the Mine
         Francisco· Athletic  Club,  30-25,  at  American  soldier  in  France  has  showing  the  freedman's  problems  shortly after Pearl Harbor and im-,   Force,  has been through a  Reserve
         Kezar Pavilion.               been  executed  for  cowardice,  de- and efforts  after the Civil War.   mediately  joined forces  with  Com-  Officers'  Indoctrination  School  and
          Mid-court  shooting  by  Merchant  sertion in the face  of the enemy or                  mander  Ray  H.  Parker,  Executive   is  now  getting  some  salt  on  his
         and  Burris  of  the  Armed  Guard  any other military offense·for which                  Officer, in making plans for the new   chin-strap.
        whittled an early 9-4 Athletic Club  death is mandatory,  an Associated   One  GI  Out  of 8   Radio  Materiel  School.  As  head  of   Lt.  (jg)  E.  W.  Boley,  Jr.,  is  an-
         lead to nil!, pasting the backboards  Press dispatch issued at the end of                 the  Department  of  Instruction  his   other  alumnus  from  Mine  Force
         at will  to  leave  the  San  Francisco  1944  revealed.                                  work  has  been  outstanding  in  de-  who recently visited us. While here,
         club  on  the  short ·end  of  a  18-12   This  is  a  record  believed  to  be   Plans  Own  Business  veloping a  curriculum and instruc-  he was skipper of one of our AMc's.
         score at half time.  ·        unparalleled in modern war and for   WASIDNGTON (CNS)--One en-  tion  staff  to  train  young  men  for   It was good to see Mr.  Boley again
          Merchant led the Armed Guards- a  theatre  where  hundreds  of  thou-  listed man out of 8 plans to operate   the highly specialized rate  of radio
        men  with  13  points  with  Burris,  sands of troops are under arms.   a  business or farm of his own after   technician.  A  hard  and  tireless   and to learn that he is enjoying his
                                                                                                                                 new  ship.
                                                                     he is  discharged from the services,   worker  himself  he  has  set  a  pace   We  recently  welcomed  aboard
                                                                     a  recent  survey  conducted  by  the   that  has  sparked his  associates  in
            lnter-Dispe~sary  Bowling  League                        I  &  E  Division,  ASF,  indicates.   developing the school to its present   Chief Yeoman Reece, USN  ( and he
                                                                                                                                 wants  it  known  that  there  is  no
                                                                                                   high efficiency which is attested by
                            G    w    L     TP     Av.    HG     HS   Among  enterprises  listed  by   the fine  job turned in by the gradu-  "R"  after  that USN).  Chief Reece
         Cornsqueezers  ... .. .. 12   11   1   10,293   858   936   2394   servicemen  who  plan  to  work  for   ates  and  reported  by  commanding   is  visible  evidence that the  Bureau
                                                                     themselves  are  manufacturing  and
         Hell Cats  . .... .. . .. .. 15   11   4   9149   609   788   2180   wholesaling;  construction  or  con-  officers  from  the  various  units  of   of  Personnel's  rotation policy  does
         Hula  Bears  ... . . . . . . : 15   10   5   9190   613   715   1922   tracting; retailing food,  automotive   the fleet.  All hands  join in offering   work.  Reece  has  been  a  "flat-top"
         Sadie Hawkins  . ... .. . 12   6   6   6111   509   703   1990   parts,  including  repair  services,   congratulations to this young officer   sailor for  the most part of his five
         Bear Cats  .. . . ...... . 15   6   9   9627   642   751   2136   restaurants,  etc.,  transportation,   for a  job well done.   years  in  the  Navy.  He  was
         Gizmoes  .. .. ... . ..... 15   6   9   6325   415   707   1363                           Promotions                    aboard  the  Yorktown  in  1940  and
         Eager Beavers  .. . .... 12   4   8   7059   667   647   1257   communication,  utilities.   New stripes were added January   spent 1941  and 1942  on the  Enter-
         Groaners  .. . .. . ... ... 15   5   10   8273   552   705   1920                         1  by  the  following  members  of   prise. For the past year he has been
         Raiders  ..... . .... . . . 15   5   10   7357   490   706   1994   ANYBODY  WANT  $25,000,000?   Ship's  Company:  L.  A.  Paskvan to   with the staff of Commander, South
         Mud  Hens  . .. . ....... 12 .   2   10   7521   628   740   2020   WASHINGTON  (CNS)  -  The  Sp(X)lc;  Everett Lehman to Y2c;   Pacific  Headquarters.
          High Average- Commander V.  A. Le Clair.                   Veterans  Administration  disclosed  Norman Stewart to Y3c; and Anna
          High Games-Commander V.  A. Le Clair.                      that it has  $25,000,000  going  beg- Swecker to Y3c. Congratulations on  bers  of  Ship's  Company  to  keep
          High Series- Commander V.  A. Le Clair.                    gin-bonus  money  due  30,000  vet- your  advancement  which  we  hope  working  for  their  advancement · in
           (G,  g,ames; _w,  won;  L,  lost;  TP,  total  pins;  Av,  average;  HG,  high
          game; HS, high series.)                                    erans  of World War L         will  be an incentive to  other mem- rate.
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