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       Marine  War  Dogs· Set  to  Put  Hirohito  in  the  Doghouse  OPA Cracks  Down                                          Mare  Island  Takes

                                                                                                 On Rent Gougers;              30-23  Hoop  Lacing

                                                                                                 War Vets  Benefit             From  Armed  Guard
                                                                                                   Six marines and one  seaman will   Armed  Guard's  basketball  quin-
                                                                                                 be  the  direct  beneficiaries  of  two  tet  continued  on  its  undefeated
                                                                                                 separate  actions  taken  in  their  way,  burying  a  fighting  Mare  Is-
                                                                                                 behalf  by_ the  San Francisco Office  land  squad  beneath  a  shower  of
                                                                                                 of  Price  Administration  in  cases  last  minute  scoring,  30-23,  in  Gym
                                                                                                 involving  rent  overcharges.   No.  1.
                                                                                                   In  the  case  of  the  six  marines,   It  was  just  another  tale  of  su-
                                                                                                 an injunction  action  has  been filed  perior ball  handling  on  the  part of
                                                                                                 in  the  federal  court  against  Mrs.  Armed  Guard,  while  the  zone  de-
                                                                                                 Rose Bories, a  real estate operator,  fense  employed  by  the  Islanders
                                                                                                 to compel her to register with OP A  . proved  itself  very  vulnerable  to
                                                                                                 a  house  in  San  Francisco,  which  the  Armed  Guard  attack.
                                                                                                 she  claims  to  have  "sold"  to  the   Consistent backboard activity by
                                                                                                 six  marines.                 Anet,  Burris  and  Merchant  kept
                                                                                                   Cpl,  Pa-u l  R,eis,  one  of  the  six,   the  Armed  Guard  safely  in  front
                                                                                                                               for  the  first  half,  having  a  17-12
                                                                                                 told  the  OPA  that  he  a nd  his  five
                                                                                                                               advantage  as  they  left  the  hard-
                                                                                                 comrades  had  been  paying  a  total
                                                                                                                               wood  at the  mid-period.
                                                                                                 of $165  per  mont h for the  past nine
                                                                                                 months  fo r  a  house  at  4738  Anza   Shonka  of  Mare  Island  stepped
                                                                                                                               up  the  pace  considerably  in  the
                                                                                                 Street.  In  additi,on  to  th is  they
                                                                                                                               second  stanza,  scoring  a  series  of
                                                                                                 wer,e  compelled  by  Mrs.  Bories  t-o
                                                                                                                               field  goa_ls  in  an  effort  to  check
                                                                                                 pay  a  "secu rity  deposit"  of  $500,
                                                                                                                               the  vaunted  shooting  of  Armed
                                                                                                 against  t he  OPA  regul ations.
                                                                                                                               Guard's  ball-hawk  five.  H is  efforts
                                                                                                   When  r-equested  by  the  enforce-
       Jap-Hunting  Dogs  and                                                                    ment  division  of  OP A  to  register   went  for  null  as  the  eagle-eye
  \.__,,                                                                                         the  property,  Mrs.  Bories  claime_d   shooting of  Herm Fischer and  Jim
       Marine  Masters  Arrive                                                                   that she  "had sold  the  property  to   Mathewson  in  the  closing  minutes
                                                                                                                               put Armed  Guard  out of  reach.
       At  West  Coast  Port                                                                     six  marines."  However,  sh-e  could   In  nabbing  their  third  consecu-
                                                                                                 give  the  name of only  one  marine.
                                                                                                                               tive  12th Naval District encounter,
         The dog is man's best friend, they                                                      She  also  admitted  that  no  agree-  the  Barracks  D  boys  showed  an
       say.  But  man  had  better  not                                                          ment  in  writing  had  ever  been   uncanny  knack in ball  control  and
       be wearing  a  Japanese  uniform  or                                                      executed.
                                                                                                                               in  gaining the win over the power-
       he  will  be  torn  to  pieces  when  he                                                    OP A,  by  action  of  Chief  Rent   ful  Mare  Islanders,  they  definitely
       meets  up  with a  contingent of war                                                      Enforcement Attorney Phil Adams,   stamped themselves as the team to
       dogs  recently  arrived  with  _their                                                     in  addition  to  asking  the  District   watch.
       Marine  handlers  at  a  Pacific  base                                                    Court  to  complete the  r-egistration
       en route to the combat  zones, where                                                      of  the  property  for  rent  adjust-  G.  A .  Faraday,  chief  -enforce-
       they will  join other USMC war dog                                                        ment, is also seeking an order com-  me,nt  -execut ive  of  the  San  Fran-
       units.                                                                                    peling  refund  to  the  marines  for  cisco  district  of  OPA  advises  serv-
         Lithe,  powerful  Doberman  Pin-                                                        all  overcharges.             ice  men  a nd  women  to  report  im-
       schers  and German Shepherds,  the                                                        Sail-or  Hit  by  Vena l  Cha rges   medi ately  t o  the  OPA  office  any
       dogs  are  literally  straining  at  the                                                    George  Lee,  naval  seaman  and  insta nces  where  t hey  have  reason
       leash to  get  into  the  fight  against                                                  his  wife,  were  being  charged  $60  to  believe  they  a re  being  ,ove r-
       t he Sons of Nippon. They underwent                                                       per month for  a  4-room apartment   cha rged,  as  every  room,  either  in
       an intensive  training course  in  the                                                    at  158  Jasper  Place,  San  Fran-  homes,  a pa rtments  or  hote ls  of-
       art of scouting, patrolling, and car-                                                     cisco  where  the  rent  ceiling  price   fe red  for  rent,  is,  -or  should  be,
       rying  messages  at  Camp  Lejeune,                                                       was  $18  per month.          under  OPA  cei ling  regulati-ons.
       N .  C.,  accompanied  every  inch  of                                                      When  he  made  a  report  to  the
       the  way  by  their .  leatherneck                                                        OP A  an  injunction  suit  was  filed   Just before he was to have a  ton-
       handlers.  Instructed  by  Marines                                                        against the owner of the  premises-,  sillectomy, young Johnny laid down
       who  have  handled  war dogs  in  the                                                     one  Lee  Chung,  on  December  16,  this  ultimatum:  "I'll  be  brave,
       battle  for  Bougainville  and  other                                                     for . treble  damages  as  a  result  of  Mother,  but  I  don't  want a  crying
       engagements in the Pacific  theatre                                                       violating  OPA  rental  rates for  the  baby  like  you  got  at  the  hospital
       of operations, these canines know a                                                       pr-emises.                    last time.  I  want a  pup."
       Jap even before  they see one.  ·
         The  dog  unit  is  under  the  com-        MARINE  DOGS  ,of  war  shown  above  with  t hei r
       mand  of  Marine  Second  Lt.  John           masters  r-ecently  fin ished·  boot  trai ning  at  Ca mp
                                                     Lejeune,  N.  C.  Dogs  a nd  men  keep  in  t rim  wh ile
       H.  Murphy,  Jr.,  of  Philadelphia,          wa iting  for  orders  to  ship  ,out  to  Pacific  combat r:: .,i,;; ·c;;;i B~~'te' H~~~ ·:. :11
       Pa.,  a  v-eteran  of  the  battle  for
                                                     z,ones.  We'll  see  who  howls  the  loudest then.
       Guadalcanal,  and  Marine  Second                                                          •   •   ♦  ♦  ♦  •   •   •   •   •   ♦  y   ♦  ♦  •   ♦  •   •   ♦  •   •   •   •   •   •   •   y   ♦  ♦  ♦  •   ♦
       Lt.  Robert  Venn  Worth  of  West-
       field,  N.  J .               Gl's  Courage  and  Disabled  Vets to  Receive
         The  majority  of  the  men  in  the
       unit come from r ural Atlantic coast   Stamina  Saves       Free  Transporta_tion  to
       sections, -and this will be  their first   Lives  of Medics   Station  of  Preference
       tour  of  battl.e  duty.  "Most  of  us,"
       said  Pvt.  Robert  L.  Bennett  of   A  wounded  GI  with  the  4th  Di-  Provisions  for  transportation  at
       Durham,  N.  C.,  "used  to  hunt rab- vision  inside  Germany  became  a  gov-ernment  expense  of  disabled
       bits,  possum,  birds,  and  the  like  human  booby  trap  when  Nazis  enlisted  p er son n e I  hospitalized
       back in more peaceful days and that  placed  mines  under  his  body,  but  from  activities , within  the  United
       is when w-e  got to love dogs.  Hunt- the GI's courag:e and stamina saved  States  have  been  liberalized  by  a
       ing  J aps  will  be  a  little  different  the medics who finally rescued him,  r-ecent  BuPers  directive,
       from  hunting  rabbits  and the like,  reports  Sgt.  Mack  Morriss,  Yank   Under the provisions  of the  pre-
       but  they're  the  kind  of  game  we  staff  correspondent.   vious  directive,  transportation  at
       want  now."  The  war  dogs  barked   The  American  soldier  had  been  government  expense  was  author-
       their agr-eement.             wounded   during   an   advance  ized  for  only  those  disabled  -en•
         Canine  warriors  have  rendered  through  the  Hurtgen  Forest.  He  listed men  returned from overseas,
       distinguished service  in  every  the- wasn't abl-e  to bandage his wounds  Those  hospitalized  from  activities
       atre  of  operations  in  the  present  and w hen medics tried to reach him  within  the  United  Stat-es  were  re-
       war.  In  the  Pacific  area,  where  they  were fired  upon.  One  was  hit,  quired  to  perform  the  travel  at
       jungle  fighting  predominates,  the  and the trees around the man were  their  own  expense  to  the  district
       keen  sense  of  hearing  and  sm-ell  white  with  scars  of  the  machine  of  their  choice.  The  current policy
       these  animals  possess  has  proved  gun  bullets  that  k-ept  the  medics  permits  transportation  allowances
       invaluable  in detecting snipers and  away.  Finally- after  70  hours-  for  disabled  enlisted  personnel  of
       infiltrating  enemy  patrols,  often  they  managed to  reach  him.   both  categories,
       saving  the  lives  of  their  human   He  was  still  conscious,  and  for
       comrades-in-arms.             the  medics,  it was  a  blessing  that
                                     he was conscious-and for the man  Admiral  Nimitz  Lauds
                                     himself it was a  blessing. F or dur•   Navy's Speedy,  Efficient
                                     ing  the  darkness  the Germans  had
       Ingram  Becomes  18th         moved  up  to  the  wound-ed  man.   Yuletide  Postal  Service
                                     They booby trapped him by setting
       Full  Admiral  in  Navy       a  charge  under  his  back  so  that   Fleet  Admiral   Ch-ester  W.
                                     who  ever  lifted  him  would  die.  So  Nimitz,  Commander-in-Chief,  U.  S.
         Vice  Admiral  Jonas  H.  Ingram,
                                     the  wounded  man,  knowing  this,  Pacific  Fleet,  has  sent  the  follow-
       former head football mentor at the   lay  quietly  on  the  charge  and  told  ing  message  to  all  commands  in
       Naval Academy- his alma mater-  the  men  who  came  to  help  him  the Pacific area through  which the
       :and  recipient  of  the  sword  for   what the  Germans  had  done.  They  Navy  Postal  Servic-e  has  operated
       general excellence in athletics, was
                                     cut  the  wires  of  the  booby  trap   to  deliver  thousands  of  tons  of
       promot-ed  to  the  rank  of  full
                                     and carried him away .        Christmas  packages  and  letters.
       . admiral,  according to reports from   Morriss'  article,  which  describes   "The  commendable  manner  in
       Washington,  D.  C.           the agonizing advance of American   which  the  Christmas  mail  for  the
         .Admiral  Ingram,  a  graduate  of   infantrymen  through  one  of  G-er-  fleet  and  forward  ar-eas  personnel
       the  class  of  1907  and  now  Com- many's most heavily fortified areas,  has  been  delivered  is  noted  with   A  LOVE LY  I.SLA NDE R  is  M iss  Lillian  Palin,  "delicious,  de lightful  and
       mander  of  the  Atlantic  and  2nd  is  featured  in  the  January  5th  is- great satisfaction. To all personnel   delovely."  Another  islan der  is  W ilbert  Carbin,  S1c,  who  carries  guard
       Fleet,  b-ecame  the  18th  four-star  sue  of  Yank,  the  Army  Weekly,  engaged  in  the  important  job  of  mail  for  Treasure  Isl and  and  dreams of  the  day  w hen  he  can  exchange
       ; in the United'States Navy.  on  sale  at Ship's  Service.   delivering  the  mail,  a  well-done."  islands  and  ma ke  Staten  Island,  N ew  Y ork,  his  permanent  add ress.
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