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        EVERY  l\;'IINUTE  COUNTS when the  Navy receives a  call for  help  from  a  downed  pilot.   They  are  especially  built  for these t as ks  a nd  have  gea r  a board  t o aid  in picking  up  sur-
        These  dramatic  pictu res  depict an  air-sea  rescue,  the  pilot's  urgent  message  unti l   vivors.  Lower  left-1 115 ... air-sea  rescue  plane  t a kes off to  give  assistance  in  locating
        the  survivors  are  again  on  solid  land.  Top  left-Engine  dead!  Pilot  radios  his  base . . .   t he  crash  and  rescuing  the  surviv,ors.  It  is  equipped  with  every  type  of  emergency  aid
        Approximate  p.osition  . .. ba iling out ... Mess~ ge  received  a nd  relayed  to  sector  head-  the  survivors  might  need.  Lower  ri ght-11 28---crash  position  verified  . . .  the  plane
        quarters . .. approximate time -of crash-1050. Lower center-at 1106 ai r  informat ion  a nd   sights t he  raft  and  direct s  t he ·cras h  boats  to  the  scene  . .. smoke  lights  a re  dropped.
        control  center a re  informed  . .  _ positi-on  of crash  pl,otted  . .. all  Air-Sea  Rescue  Un its :   At  1215 the first  crash  boat  reaches  t he  raft  and  picks  up t he  survivors.  Upper  right-
        Army; ·Navy and  Coast Guard, notified of the crash . .. added  information compiled  a nd   At 1245-within two  hours of  the call-other  pa rticipat ing  un its  secured  .. . the surviv-
        relayed; 'at  headquarters. Top center-By 1111 air-sea  rescue  crash  boats  are  underway.   ors are wrapped in Navy bla nkets a nd safely  back on dry la nd, mi ghty  happy to be there!
       Hundreds  of  Men             Ships  Service                CommanderJ.M.Wyckoff  Changes  In                            D. A. R.  Plans to Help

       Owe  Their  Lives  to  ...    Number 1 Scene                 Receives Bronze Star          Dependency  For               "Adopted" Amphib
       Air-Sea  Rescue  Units'·      Of Small  Fire                                               WR  Officers                  Crews Get Jobs After War
                                                                                          ..       Women  officers  are  now  entitled
         Editor's  note :  This  is  t he  first  i,n   Ship's  Service  No.  1  was  the         to receive increased rental and sub-  A  program  to  obtain  jobs  for
      ·· a  series  of  a rticfes  with  pictures t,o  scene  of  a  fire  last  week  which      sistence  allowance  on  account  of  2500  men in  the  amphibious forces
       appear  in  "The  Masthead"  o n  Air- caused  slight  damage.                             a  husband,  a  child  or  children,  or  of  the  Navy  when  they  return  to
       Sea  Rescue  in operation." Due t o the   The blaze, caused by a flash back             •  a  parent  or  parents  if  they  are  in  civil  life  has  been  undertaken  by
       :type of  pictures  and  material  used  from  a  pot of grease  in  the  galley           fact dependent upon such officer for  the  Daughters  of  the  American
       in  this seri·e·;  it  has  been  necessary  of  the  building,   was  rapidly             their  chief  support.  These  provi- Revolution,  it was  announced  rec-
      · fo  get the full  appr,oval of the Pub- brought  under  control  by  the  fire           sions  became  effective ·  October,  ently  by  the  president-general  of
       lic  R-elations  Department  before  department.  Hardly had the  alarm                   1944, as contained in ALNAV 200 of  the organization.
       publication  'could  be  made.  Other  been  turned in,  before the  halls of              November  2.  •Dependency  is  deter-  Members  of  the  crews  of  LCI-
       articles· a nd  pictures on  the subject  the  building  were  crowded  with               mined in  accordance  with the  pro- (L)'s,  which  the  DAR  has  spon-
       will  appear  in  future  issues -of  th is  firemen  with  axes  and  fire  h9ses.        visions  of  Article  2142-3(e)  of  the  sored,  would  be  aided  in  finding
       publication.                    For  several  moments,  the  fire-                         Bureau  of  Supplies  and  Accounts   the  jobs  they  wanted  in  the  com-
         This  is  a  step  by  step  summary   men were hampered in their efforts                Manual.  The  new  rul~ng  does  not  munities  where  they  wanted  to
       of  · the  activities  that  follow  an   to quench the flames by the onrush               affect  current  regulations  concern-  live.  The  plan  has  been  approved
       actual  plane  crash  at sea  and  the   of  patrons  from  the  barber  shop.             ing allowances for  enlisted  person-  by the DAR's executive committee
       way in which  the  various types  of   Some  had  lather  on  their  faces,                nel.                          and will  be put into effect at once.
       rescue craft, built and equipped for   and  some  with  one  side  of  their               lands,  on January 31,  1944,  and  at   The  DAR  has  sponsored  81  of
       this  purpose,  are  mobilized to give   hair cut.                                         Saipan  Island  during  J une  and  the  amphibious  landing  craft.
       aid and rescue to the victims.· Air-  The only  '.'injury"  caused by  the                 July,  1944.  With exceptionally  cool  Every state DAR organization has
       Sea  Rescue  Units  of  the  Army,   fire was due to the excitement of a                   and  capable  direction,  he  brought  "adopted"  at  least  one,  and  more
       Navy and Coast Guard work in co-  waitress. An officer ordered a  piece                    his ship through a  hazardous sweep  are being added from ~ime to time.
      , ordination for  efficient  and  speedy  of apple pie,  and in the excitement              of several enemy minefields without  Letters  with  questionnaires  to  be
       recov·ery  of  personnel  in  distress.  of the fire,  he was wearing the pie              casualty to ship, personnel or gear,  filled  out  are  being  sent  to  the
       The  time  element is  the  important  like  a  halo.                                      thereby  clearihg  channels  and  an- members of the crews aboard these
      · factor  in  all  these  operations.  In                                                   chorages  for  our  ships engaged  in  ships.
       eighty-five  minutes these men were   Send  The  Mast head  Home                           the  occupation  of  formerly  held   The  man  aboard  ship  who  is
       rescued {rom  the  sea.  Many  times
                                                                                                  enemy bases.  His  skillful  and  cap- interested  sends  in  t he  question-
       the  fishing  craft  and  commercial   linger,  USN,  is  the  staff  Air~sea              able performance of duty was at all  -naire  stating  the  kind  of  job  he
       planes in the vicinity have been ex-  Rescue  Officer  who  acts  as  con-                 times  in  keeping  with  the  highest  wants  and  is  best  fitted  for,  and
       tremely helpful  in locating  surviv-  troller. He coordinates the activities              traditions of the naval service."   the  community where  he wants to
       ors .. Civilians who  witness  a  plane   of  the  surface and  air-borne  craft            The  presentation  was  made  by   make his home.
       in tr_guble over land or sea can play   assigned to these missions.   COM M AN D E R  J O H N  McKAY  Captain  Paul  P.  Blackburn,  USN
       an  important part in Air-Sea Res-  The  order  to  "proceed  to  the   WYCKOFF,  receivi ng  t he  Bronze   (Ret), Commander of the Northern   The  questionnaire  is  sent  from
       . cue by notifying the nearest law en-  scene  of  the  emergency"  comes   Star  Medal  fo r  "distinguishing   California  Sector,  ·Western  Sea   the  DAR  War  Service  Committee
                                                                    hi mself by meritorious achievement
       forcement agency.             from the controller at Sector Head- as  Comma ndin g  Officer of a  mine- Frontier.       ·to  the chapter of the  DAR nearest
         Air-Sea  Rescue  operates  and  quarters,  Treasure Island. The tac- sweeper   in   operations  against   Commander  Wyckoff  was  com-  the  place  where  the  signer  will
       maintains  a  number of planes  and  tical orders are issued by the com-  e·nemy  territory."  Ca ptain  Paul  P.   missioned  in  the  Naval  Reserve  in   work  and  make  his  home.  The
                                                                    Blackburn,  USN (Ret ),  made  t he                         chapter will do its utmost to obtain
       boats  to  cover  the  geographical  mander,  Air-Sea  Rescue  Unit,  to                   1931  and  reported  for  active  duty
                                                                    presentation.  Commander  Wyc~off                           the  job and  help  the  man and  his
       limits  of  northern California,  con- the various ASRU operating bases  is  in  command  .of  Mi ne  Force,  in  November,  1940.  He  has  ha¢!
                                                                                                                                family  to get settled.
       centrating on  the  areas where  fly- located up and down the coast. The  Northe rn  Californ ia  Sector,  West- command of each o:f;  the three types
       ing is most intense. The planes with  first  craft to arrive at the scene  of   ern  Sea  Frontier  and  received  no-  of Navy minesweepers, AMS, YMS,
                                                                    tice  of  his  promotion  in  rank  t o
       the  yellow  wing  tip  floats  and  the  the crash takes charge of the actual             and  AM,  during  his  four  years  of
                                                                    Commander  immediately  fo llowi ng
       crash  boats  with  their  distinctive  rescue. The air-borne craft and the  the ceremonies . .   sea  duty.  He  was  assigned .C'om-  GI  Job  Rights
       markings of yellow paint are easily  surface  vessels  work  as  a  team.                  mander  of  Mine  Force,  Northern
       recognizable  as  the  vessels  dedi- They  are  in  constant  radio  com-  Commander  John  McKay  Wyc- California  Sector, .  Western  Sea   Backed  by  NAM
       cated to these "missions of mercy."  munication with each other and the  koff,  USNR,  was  presented.  the  Frontier  in  November,  1944.  He
       During the month of October there  planes and blimps often act as the  Bronze Star Medal at ceremonies on  wears  the  Pacific  Theatre  ribbon,   WASHINGTON  (CNS)  -  A  re-
       were approximately 258 incidents in  "eyes". Jor the  surface vessels.   Treasure Island,  December 30.  The  American  Theatre,  American  De- turning  veteran  is  entitled  to  his
       which  the  Air-Sea  Units  were  in-  Air-Sea  Rescue  is  an  excellent  citation was  signed  by Admiral C.  fense and the, Nav/:1,l  Re.serve Medal  old  job . back,  even  if  he  displaces
       volved.                        example  of  teamwork  in  its  finest  W.  Nimitz,  USN,  Commander-in- with the new Bronze Star Medal.   a  man  of  greater  ability  or  more
         The Air-S~ Rescue  Units in the  sense- and  the  teamwork  gets  re- Chief of the Pacific Fleet.   Commander Wyckoff is a  gr_adu- seniority,  the  legal  department  of
       San Francisco area are .set up as a  sults.  Many  hundreds  of  men  owe   "For  distinguishing  himself  by  ate  of  the  Vniversity  of  Washing- the  National · Association . of Manu-
       division of t_he Northern California  their lives today to the Air-Sea Res- meritorious  achievement  as  Com- ton and in civilian life served as Di- facturers  holds.  Language  of  the
       Sector,  Western  Sea  Frontier,  un- cue  Vnits  who  maintain  such  a  ~andin·g  Officer  of  a  minesweeper  ector  of  Finance  and  Statistics,  Selected  Service  Act  clearly  sup-
       der  Captain  Paul  P.  Blackbum,  vigilant watch along the  shores  of  in  operations  against  enemy  terri- Federal  Security ·Agency,  'for  the  p9rts  that  premise,  the  NAM  law-
       USN. Lt. Commander. Julian T. Bol- our· nation.              tory'  at  Kwajalein,  Marshall  Is- state.of. Washington.   yers say:
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