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                                                                                                  New  Building  Opened  On  Osterhaus  Square          •  •  •

                                         Complete  Weekly           CHAPEL             •
                                                                           DIVINE  SERVICES
                                         Schedule  for. Gym                TREASURE  ISLAND
                                         Number 1

                                         Skating- 1300-1600  and  1800-
          Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  1   Boxing-0800-2100.
                                         Ping  Pong- 0800-2100.
        Continuous  Show  Starting at  1700   Badminton- 0800-2100.
        Matinee Saturday &  Sunday at 1400   Body Building- 0800-2100.
                                         Handball- 0800-2100.
              Sunday  and  M,onday                                             Protestant
                                         Swimming -  1300-1600  ( en-
                January 7  and  8                                   Sunday  Worship  Services-0930  and  1030
                                       listed  personnel) .         Sunday,  Holy  Communion,  1130  (Chapel)
         "LAKE  PLACID  SERENADE"                                   Sunday  Worship  Service----0900,  Theatre
                                         2000-2100,  Sat.  1800-1900,   No.  3.
        V€ra  Hruba Ralston  Wm. Frawley
                                         Sun.  1700-1800  ( colored  per-       Catholic
                   *  *  *               sonnel),  1600-1700  and  1900-  Sunday Ma.sses-0630,  0720,  0820
                                                                       (Chapel )
              Tuesday, January 9         2000  (officers),  Sat.  and  Sun.   Sunday  Mass-1030  (Theatr e  No.  3)
                "GIRL  RUSH"             1700-1830  (non-swimmers). ·   Weekday  Masses-0645  (Small  Chapel)
                                                                    We&kday  Confessions-Daily  before  Mass
        Frances Langford   Wally Brown                                 and  from  0630  to  2000  ( Chapel  Of-
                   *  *  *                                          Tuesday-Holy  Name  Society  1915
            Wednesday and Thursday     Recreation  Center              ( Small  Chapel)
               January  10  and  11                                 Saturday-Jewish  Service----1800  Hospital
          "THIN  MAN  GOES  HOME"            Activities                Chapel
        William Powell      Myrna Loy                               Sunday  Service-0830  Chapel  Reception
                   *  *  *              Hobby  Shop  Activities  began  on   Study  Group  Meeting  0930  Theatre  No,  2
              Friday  and  Saturday   Tuesday  evening  when  a  mutual   U.  S.  NAVAL  H OSPITAL
               January  12  and  13   assistance study group  met for the   Sunday  Worship  Service-0900
           "THE  MISSING  JUROR"      first  time.  This  group  is  being   Chapel
        Jim Bannon         Ja.nis Carter  organized  for  those  internsted  in   Sunday  Masses-0630  and  0900
                                      painting,  using  such  media  as  oil,   Chapel
                                                                    Weekday  l\fosses-0645  Hospital  Chapel
          Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2   wat e•r  color,  pastel,  etc.  Wouldn!t  Confessions-Saturday  1800-1900 H ospital
                                      you like to  join them ?         Chapel                     SNUG  HAVEN  FOR  OFFICERS-Following opening of the  Recreation
                                                                       PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER
        Continuous  Show  Starting at  1800      *  *  *                       Protestant         Center  for  en listed  personnel ,on  December  21,  new  Officers'  Recreation
                                        Bridge  Lessons  for  Waves:  Two  Sunday  Worship  Service  -  1000  Ship's  Building  was  commissioned  on  New  Year's  Eve.  Photographs  picture
              Sunday  and  Monday                                      Service Library            (top )  part of the lounge and  (bottom)  the card  room.
                                      classes  for  beginners  in  the  study  Christian  Servicemen's  League  -  1900
                January 7  and  8     of bridge will start next week- one   Sunday
                 "DESTINY"            on  Monday  evening,  and  the  other   Protestant   Communion  -  1100   Daily           to  this  command  and  from  ships
                                                                       "Protestant Chapel"
        Gloria  Jean       Alan  Curtis   on  Wednesday  evening,  both  at   Sunday  Mass  -  0900  Ship 's  Service  Officers'  Recreation   visiting  this  base,  the  handsome
                   *  *  *            1900.  As  these  groups  will  be        Catholic                                        new structure forms  a  unit  on  Os-
                                                                                 0900  Ship's  Service  Building  Commissioned
              Tuesday, January 9      limited  in  size,  please  ~e  hostess   Sunday  Mass  -                                 terhaus  Square  with  the  Hostess
          ".FALCON  IN  HOLLYWOOD"    at  Recreation  Center  for  further  Daily  Mass-1615  Ship's  Service  Library   At  one  festivity,  Treasure  Is-  House and the Chapel, and includ€s
        Tom  Conway     Vera Ann Borg   details.                    Monday-B lessed  Virgin  Sodality  1830,  land's officers and their guests sped   a  lounge,  card  room,  and  billiard
                                                                      WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES
                  *   *   *             Any  of  you  sa.ilors  want  to  join   Recr eation  Room .                            room.
            Wednesday and Thursday                                  Tuesday-Miraculous  l\1edal  Novena,  1830   the  new  year  down  the  slip  and
                                      a  class  for  begil)ners  at  bridge?   Small  Chapel      celebrated the commissioning of the   The  colorful  lounge,  with  trim
               January  10  and  11   And a  "refresher course" for bridge   Tuesday-Christian  Science  Group  1800            rafters  overhead  and  glistening
                                                                       ( Chapel  Reception  Room)
           "SIGN  OF  THE  CROSS"     players  is  also  being planned.   Tuesday  -  Holy  Name  Society  1915   n€W  Officers'  Recreation Building.   parquet  floors  below,  is  furnished
                                                                                                   Designed as a  place of recreation
                                                                       (Sma.11  Chapel)
        Fredric  March   Claudette  Colbert     *  *  *             \.Yednesday  -  Chr istian   Servicemen 's  and relaxation for officers attached   in  the modern style and commands
                   *   *  *             Spanish:  Classes for beginners in   L eague  1830  (Ch ape I  Reception                a  magnificent view of  the  Bay and
              Friday  and  Saturday                                    Room)                                                    the  hills of San Francisco.
                                      conversational  Spanish  are  now  Thursday  -  Chapel   Choir   Rehearsal
               January  12  and  13                                    (Chapel  Gallery)  1800   .
                                      being formed.  A  teacher will  be  on   Friday-Wave  Singers  R ehearsal  (Chapel  Cross-Word  Answers   The building is an addition to the
           "THREE  IS  A  FAMILY"
                                      hand once a  week,  and linguaphone   Reception  Room)  1630-1800                         facilities  of  the  Commissioned  Of-
        Marjorie Reynolds, Charles Ruggles   records  will  aid  you  in  studying   Friday  -  Mormon  Study  Group  1900      ficers'  Mess,  and  is open  1130-2200
                                                                       (Chapel  Reception  Room )
                                      between 1€ssons.              All Treasure  Island  Personnel are eligible.               daily,  with  the  curfew  suspended
          Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3   If  you  are  past  the  "beginner   YERBA  BUENA  ISLAND                         till  2400  on  Saturdays.  Lt.  C.  S.
                                      stage",  see  hostess  for  further  Snnday  Worship  Service-0930  Theatre               Smith is general manager,  and an-
        Continuous  Show  Starting at .1800  details.                           Catholic                                        nounces  that special affairs will  be
                                                                    Sunday  Mass-0830  Theatr e
              Sunday  and  Monday                                   Sunday  Confessions  in  Theatre  Office  -                 held  from  time  to  time.
               January  7  and  8                                    All  Service  Personnel  Are  Welcome.
           "CAN'T .HELP  SINGING"                                                                                                Two  old  maid  sisters  had  liv€d
        Deanna Durbin     Robert Paige                                                                                          for  years  in  hopes  of  getting  a
                   *  *  *              Farmer:  "You  can't go wrong on   At The  Chapel ...                                   husband.  Each  night  they  prayed
              Tuesday, January 9      this  mare.  She's  sound,  gentle,  a                                                    for  the  Lord  to  send  them  a  man.
                                                                          Protestant  Services
        "MAN  IN  HALF  MOON  STREET"   good  worker  and  a  fine  saddle   The  Jubilee  Choir,  Treasure  Is-                In desperation, one night the eldes~
        Nils Asther      Helen  Walker  horse."                                                                                 sister_ decided  to  vary  her  prayer.
                  *  *  *               S.   F.   restaurant  proprietor:   land's popular colored choral organ-                 "D€ar God,"  she pleaded,  "please
            Wednesday an-d Thursday   "What I  want to  know,  is  she  ten-  ization  will  sing  at  both  0930  and          send  my sister a  brother-in-law."
                                                                    1030 services in the Tr€asure Island
               January  10  and  11   der?"                         Chapel  Sunday,  January  7.  At  the
              " DARK  WATERS"                   *  *  *             same  services  the  chapel  choir,
        Merle  Oberon   Franchot Tone   Hitler  was  being  shown  around                          The Wolf                                by Sansone
                  *  *  *             Hell by a  guide. In an endless room   directed  by Hugh  Folkins,  Sp(W)-  Copyl'lii;ht  1944  by  Leon1rd  S.ansone.  distributed  by  C,mp  Ncw,p,pu Service
                                      where  damned  souls  were  cease-  2c,  will  sing  the  anthem,  "Teach
              Friday  and  Saturday                                 Me  Thy  Way"  (Herbert)  and  John
                                      lessly  turning  round  and  round  in
               January  12  and  13                                 Tremain€,  Sp (W) le  will  play  two
                                      their coffins,  the guide said,  "Thes€
                 "DESTINY"                                          organ  solos  from  "The  Holy  City"
                                      are the  liars,  they cannot rest even
        Gloria  Jean       Alan  Curtis                             (Gaul).
                                      after  death,  but  for  eternity  must
                                      keep turning."                 Chaplain  Robert W.  Towner  will
        VERBA  BUENA  MOVIES            "Isn't  Goebbels  here?"  Hitl€r   speak at  0930  on  "The  Return  of
                                      asked.                        the  Shepherds"  and  at  1030  the
          Shows start at 1715  and 2000                             sermon  by  Chaplain  H.  G.  Gatlin
                                        "Certainly. He's our electric fan."
                                                                    will  be  titled  "Building  a  New
              Sunday  and  Monday
                                                 *  *  *  a  man  would  World".
               January 7  and  8        Once  upon  a  time
           "THREE  IS  A  FAMILY"     walk  a  mile  for a  Camel.  Now  he's   Theatre  No.  3
        Charles  Ruggles   Fay Bainter   willing to walk five  or six miles for   Chaplain William N.  Vincent will
                                      a  Hassan,  a  Blue  Goose,  a  Spud,  conduct  a  Protestant  ~rvice  in
                  *  *  *
              Tuesday, January 9      or  even  a  Hussar.  They've  been  Theatre No.  3  Sunday  at 0900.  The
                                      calling   for  Phillip   Mor:ris  fo~  title  of  his  sermon  will  be  "The
        Sidn-ey Greenstreet   Peter Lorre   months  now,  but  he  doesn't  an- Unfilled  Sea".  Special  music  will
                                      swer . .. Lighting a  fag has become  be  arranged  by  Specialist  John  S.
                  *  *   *            a  sort of public ceremony like burn- Devereaux,
            Wednesday a nd Thursday
                                      ing  the  mortgage  of  the  Little Red
              January  10  and  11
          "NONE  BUT THE  LONELY
                                                *   *  *            Lost  and Found
                  HEART"               "You  say  you  were  ·rejected  by
        Cary Grant     Ethel Barrymore  the  Navy?"                  The  folbwing  lost  and  found
                  * *  *                "Yes,  my seeing-eye  dog had flat   articles  have  been  reported  to  the
              Friday and  Saturday    feet."                        Security Office,  located  in  Building
              January  12  and  13                                  No.  222.
                                                *  *  *
          " SUNDAY  DINNER  FOR  A     Advice  to  sailors~ send  your  LOST- 1.7  wnllets,  2  penro11ts,  1  ove1·c:ott,I,
                  SOLDIER"            clothes  to  the  laundry  and  get  to   1  foot  locker,  checks.
        Anne Baxter       Joru1 H odiak  know the names of your shipmat€s.  FOUND-0 wnllets,  1  lrnndbag-,  t ravel('r~·
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