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                                                                                                 Women  Drivers  of  T.  I.  War  Bond  Purchases
                                                                                           G     Move  Close  to  13,000  Reach  Record-Breaking
       * *                                    AD       * *                                e.     Navy  Men  Daily              Climax  at $62,568,845

       Official  Treasure  Island  publication  distributed  every  Saturday  without  cost  to.  the   s   (Continued from page 1)   An  all-time  high record  was  set
       officers,  enlisted personnel,  and  employees  of Treasure  Island.  All  communications  and
       contributions  should  be  directed  to  The  Editor,  Welfare  and  Recreation  Department,   record better than any commercial   by  Navy  personnel  in  their  pur-
       Treasure  Island,  San Francisco,  California.  Phone:  EXbrook  3931,  Extension  69.                                  chases of War Bonds in any single
                                                                   V-3 Nazi "Paralytic Bomb"     trucking  or  bus  line  in  the  nation;   campaign when they bought a  total
                         COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN               A  new  secret weapon capable  of  a  record  that is almost as  good  as  of $62,568,845 in bonds during their
                 Commander  U.  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distribution  Center   freezing  au  persons  within  the  that  of  the  railroads!   Pearl Harbor Day  campaign,  from
                      LT.  COMMANDER R.  S.  KIMBELL,  USNR        range  of 150 yards of its  explosion   Typical  of  the  young  women  in  Deoomber 1 to 7.  This total was ex-
                        Director  of  Welfare  and  Recreatiou     was  reported  by  a  Zuric  dispatch  the pool  are Mrs.  Delphine Kellogg  elusive  of  bonds  purchased  regu~
                                                                   of  the  Exchange  Telegraph.  Re- and  Mrs.  Jacqueline  H.  Croft  of  larly  through  Navy's  payroll  and
                          CLYDE  F.  BABB,  Slc,  USNR
                                   Editor                          ports claim that Nazi propagandists  San Francisco.          allotment  plans,  and  was  almost
                                                                   are  spreading  rumors  in  Switzer-  Both  have  been  in  the  pool  18  three  times  the  $23,079,770  volume
                  ROBERT  E.  JOHNSON,  Y3c,  USNR,  Associate  Editor
                                                                   land  that  the  Germans  now  are  months.  For  a  year  they  drove  of  Pearl  Harbor  Day  of  1943  and
       Rex  N. Olsen,  Y3c,  Managing Editor   Rober t  H. P er ez,  Cox,  Sports  using the new weapon,  V-3,  on  the  trucks,  buses,  jeeps,  sedans, in fact  one  and  one-third  as  much  as
                        Carolyn  N.  Brown,  Y2 c,  Waves  Editor   western front.                anything with wheels on it.   Navy's  1944  Independence  Day
                                   Reporters                                  *  *  *              Now  they  have  graduated  to   campafgn.
                  Sidney  V.  Smith,  Y2c   Frederick  Drimmer ,  SK3c
                                                                   Did  You  Know  That  .       more  responsible . positions.  Mrs.   Pearl  Harbor  Day  purchases
                 (The  Masthead  uses  Camp  Newspaper  Service  Material)
                                                                     The  United  States  Fleet  in  three  Kellogg  is  a  pool  supervisor  and   raised  the  total  since  the  Navy
                                                                   years  of  war  has  convoyed  in  the  her working hours are spent at the   War Bond program was established
       TREASURE  ISLAND, S.  F.,  CALIF., SATURDAY, JANUARY 13, 1945  Atlant·,c   d   .        d  Navy  piers  where  she  serves  as  a   in October 1941 to $924,359,306.
                                                                           an   Pacific,  troops  an-
                                                                   supplies  aggregating  to  61,000  coordinator  between  the  pool  and   Top-ranking activity in the cam-
       EDITORIAL-                                                  ships;                        the port director's office.    paign was the Third Na val District
                                                                     Landed on  enemy beaches assault   Her job is to coordinate activities   with  headquarters  in  New  York
                                                                   waves  of  1,200,000 troops;   so  that  men  may  be  loaded  and   City,  which  led  the  entire  Navy
                                                                     Sunk,  1,400  enemy ships totaling   unloaded from ships and be on their   with  a  total  of  $8,944,773.  Other
        (Statements  and  opinions  herein  are  those  of  the  writer  and  are  not  to  appr-oximately 4,750,000 tons;   way with a  minimum of delay.   Naval  Districts  whose  totals  were
        be  construed  as  reflecting  the  views  of the  Navy  Department.)   Shot  down  or  destroyed  10,000  Prepared for Any  Emergency   over  five  million  dollars  were  the
                                                                   planes;                         Sometimes  her job calls for split-  Twelfth,  with  headquarters  in  San
                                                                     Cleared  the  Japs  from  a  Pacific  second thinking and firm  decisions.   Francisco,  with  $5,914,992;  the
                                                                   area  of  8,170,000  square  miles?   For instance,  there was the time   Ninth,  at  Great  Lakes,  with  $5,-
                                                                              *  *  *             an  incoming  ship  was  delayed.  It   880,311;  the Fifth, at Norfolk, with
                                                                                                                                $5,500,723;  and the Eighth, at New
            We believe  the  following  tribute, written  by  the  editors  of   Gravity  Suits  f.or  Pilots   was  a  windy,  rainy  afternoon  and   Orleans, with $5,079,759.
                                                                     "Gremlin" gravity will henceforth  a  large  contingent  of  sailors  was
       the ship's paper of the USS San Francisco, deserves a circulation in  find  it  difficult  to  pull  blood  away  huddled  miserably  on  the  dock   Fleet  personnel  added  consider~
                                                                   from the  brains of Army and Navy  waiting  for  transportation  to  take  ably to  the  grand total,  with  their
       the  fleet.  Fighting men from  a  fighting  ship, hon0r  the  gallant                                                   combined  purchases  of  $6,771,214.
                                                                   pilots,  according  to  a  Navy  press   them to a  nearby camp.
       'crew of a comrade in battle. It is a tribute chat should still forever  release.  It was revealed that Army   When  the  buses  arrived  there  The  Pacific  Fleet  led  the  forces
                                                                   and  Navy  fighter  pilots  are  being  weren't enough to handle the draft.  afloat  with  $3,717,083,  with  the
       the cry "the Frisco hogged the glory" .-Ed.
                                                                   equipped  with  new  gravity  suits  Mrs.  Kellogg  took  one  look,  sized  Seventh Fl-eet in second place, with
                                                                                                 up  the  situation  and  figuratively   $1,061,687.
            Our hearts  were heavy  from  the  loss  of  buddies  and  ship- designed to counteract the pressure
                                                                   that causes fliers  to "black out"  in  threw the rule book out the window
       mates, our stomachs were upset from the sight of blood and smell  dives  and  other  violent  combat  by  double-loading  every  bus  under
                                                                                                 her  jurisdiction.             Do  You  Play  a
       of  dea~h,  our eyes  were  half-closed  from  lack  of  sleep  and  rest  maneuvers.       "The boys were a  little crowded,"
                                                                              *  *  *
       -our lives were empty and useless from heartache, lonesomeness,  u. s.  Air Aces          she  smilingly recalled,  "but we got   Musical  Instrument?
       fear and disgust.                                             A\ list  of  34  fighter  pilots  who   them  there and  that was  the  main   Musicians  are  needed  for  the
                                                                   have · shot  down 15  or  more  enemy   thing."              Arme_d  Guard  Band  badly.
                                                                                                   Largely  be.cause  of  her  efforts,
            Limping  into  pore,  worn  and  beaten,  we  flopped  into  our   planes up to December has been is-  perfect  timing  has  been  developed   If you'd  like  to  be  a  part of  the
                                                                    sued  in Washington by U.  S.  Army
       berth alongside a sister through fortune, a brother through battle,                        between  the  pool  and  the  port  di-  entertainment group  of  the  Armed
                                                                    Air Forces.                                                 Guard Center. If you sing, dance or
        a twin through perseverance.  On our cleaning stations we heard   Heading the list is  Major Richard   rector's  office.  Delays  are  infre-
                                                                                                 -quent.                        can  otherwise  perform,  see  Russ ·
                                                                    Bong,  credited  with  a  total  of  40.'
        something, we bent our ears,  our hearts jumped,  life  awakened,                          Her  superiors  will  tell  you  that   Kantor,  Cox.,  in the Armed Guard
                                                                    Second  man  is  Major  Thomas  C.                          Center Welfare office.
       eyes  opened, faces  broke into smiles-life was  worthwhile  after   McGuire, credited with 30 Japanese   she has  done  a  "grand"  job which
       all-the  Helena  band  was  gathered  on  our  well-deck  playing  planes.                 is no mean achievement for a young   women  not  now  employed  in  war
                                                                                                  woman  who  was  in  the  wholesale
       music! A tribute to our pead, a shot-in-the-arm co our living.         *  *  *             beauty supply business prior to the   industries signing up with the pool
                                                                    Britain  Musters  More  Men                                 for  jobs as  drivers.
            The USS Helena, who fought side by side with us, who gave   Reports from  the  office  of Prime   Auburn-haired Mrs. Croft, a  pre-  "Anyone  who  likes  to  drive  and
                                                                    Minister  Winston  Churchill  an-                           who  is  not  too small or too  heavy
        and  took  as  much  as  we, who  stood  mightily  against  the  same                     war dental assistant,  is field  repre-
                                                                    nounced  that 250,000  more fighting   sentative  for  the pool.  It is her re-  can be· taught to handle· our equip-
        odds, and who emerged as viccori0t~s  as  any, was proving herself  men  will  have  to  be found  for  the   sponsibility to visit all naval bases   ment,"  he pointed out.
        a lady of magnanimity by gi"ing us the credit she herself deserved   United Kingdom's armies in 1945. A   in the area and make arrangement!?   Trainees are put through a  short
                                                                    "large part" will be furnished by a   expediting the loading or unloading   but  intensified  training  program
        as much as we.                                              new call-up  of civilians and the re-                       which  enables  them  to  take  over
                                                                                                  of men.
                                                                    mainder will  be obtained by trans-  "At  first  I  was  a  bit  apprehen-  any  vehicle  and  operate  the  ma-
            The night of October  11, when  the USS  Boise was  hie  and   fers  from  the  Royal  Navy  and  Air   sive about confronting a  captain or   chine  as  an  independent unit or in
        afire from  stem to  stern, we  were aware  chat  the  Helena pulled  Force  and  from  static  jobs  in  the   other high-ranking officer and tell-  convoy  with  other  vehicles.  They
                                                                    army  itself.                                               get  a  short  course  in  mechanics,
        up to protect her,  and as  she placed herself between this  unfor-                       ing him what we needed in the way   learn  the  best  driving  routes  and
        tunate sister of the seas and the enemy,  her guns were blazing in    *  *  *             of loading facilities, how we wanted   become  acquainted  with  loading
                                                                    "The  Fighting  Lady" ·       the  men  lined  up  and  how  we
        tempo with every beat of her huge heart. The effects  of her fire-  The  technicolor  motion  picture,  wanted their gear piled.   zones  and  stops  within  each  base. ·
                                                                                                                                During  this  training  period  they
        power were felt  by  the  Jap Navy,  even  if not publicized  by  our   "The Fighting Lady,"  has been pro-  "But  now  I'm  all  over that.  I've   draw  regular  startinp"  driver's
                                                                    duced  by  Twentieth  Century-Fox  found  everyone  cooperative  and
        own.                                                        entirely  from  Official  Navy  films  that cooperation has simplified our   wages.
                                                                    made  at sea  by  Navy photograph- task  tremendously."     Headquarters ,on  Treasure  Island
            The  morning  of  November  13,  as  the  Frisco  pulled  away  ers,  and  from  16mm.  film  exposed                 Hub  of  the  entire  operation  is
                                                                                                  A  Great  Achievement         the  dispatcher's  office  on  Treasure
        from  the  enemy  battle-fleet,  the  Helena  seemed  to  know  our   in  wing  cameras  of  carrier planes.   Probably  the  greatest  achieve- Island.  Requests  for  transporta-
                                                                    All  production  expenses  have  been
       Admiral was_ gone, our Captain, Executive Officer and Navigator                            ment  of  the  women  drivers  in  an  tion  are  received  here;  drivers  are
                                                                    paid  by  Twentieth  Century-Fox
                                                                                                  emergency  was  during  a  recent  assigned  and  within  the  shortest
       were  lost,  she  seemed  co  feel  our helplessness  and waded  in co  and  net  profits  will  be  donated  to   commercial bus strike in this area.  time  possible  buses  and trucks are
        lend  a  helping  hand.  With  the  care  of  a  Guardian  Angel  she   the  Navy  Relief  Society.  The  film   The Navy stepped in and took over  on  their  way  for  another  load  of
                                                                    is one hour long and tells the story
       hovered about us  directing and leading, literally hustling us into   of the men and planes of a  fighting   the  buses ;  the  women  moved  in  men.
        a port of safety.                                           carrier.                      behind the wheels.              Even the most casual observation
                                                                     General release of the picture will   From  a  nearby  naval  base  they  or discussion with any of the  driv-
            Then with little thought for herself, she sent her men aboard  occur  this  month.    operated the buses to and from San  ers  reveals  that  the  major  factor
                                                                                                  Francisco  on  a  24-hour  basis.  The  in  the  successful  operation  of  the
        co  cheer us  up,  to brighten our lives,  co  cell  us  we had finished  a   *  *  *     first night they slept in their buses.  pool  is  a  vital  and  fervent  esprit
                                                                    To  Hall of  Flags            for  the  next  two  nights  they  slept  de corps unsurpassed anywhere.
        job well-done-a job she  herself had played more  than her pare
                                                                     The last flag to fly  from  the  bat-  on  cots in the base  loading station   These young women-the major-
       co finish.                                                   tleship  'USS  Oklahoma  was  pre-  with canvas walls around them that  ity are -under 30- are tremendously
                                                                    sented to the state  of Oklahoma re-  grateful sailors had constructed.   proud  of  the  job  they  are  doing.
            While all  her comrades  pulled out  and  away  to  recuperate  cently by Rear Admiral William R.   But  they  kept  the  buses  rolling  They wear their trim uniforms with
                                                                   Furlong, Commandant, Navy Yard,
       from all their wounds, the Helena Princess merely shined her guns                          and none  of  them  has  ever  driven  the  transportation  pool  insignia
                                                                   Pearl Harbor, in a  ceremony in the   such large vehicles before!   with  more  pride  than  they  would
        and  greased  her  engines,  and  stayed  on  co  fight,  and  stood  her  Hall  of  Flags  at  Civilian  Housing   "And we didn't scratch a  fender,"  have  a · pre-war  fur  coat.  Many  of
       ground even until her end!                                  Area No.  3  near the  Navy Yard.   Mrs.  Kellogg proudly recalls.   them  have  husbands  in  service.
                                                                     The national ensign was received   Preparing  for  Bigger  Things   Many have children.
            We know not the circumsca,nces  surrounding her death,  but   by Marion S. Zachary, acting presi-  The  pool  i 9  preparing  for  in-  "Where could I  find  a  job that is
                                                                   dent  of  the  Oklahoma  State  Club,
       we do know the consequences thereof-Uncle Sam's Navy has lose   and  will  be  sent  to  the  State  His-  creased  activities  and  demands for  more  important  to  the  war  effort
                                                                                                  service  in  this  area after Germany  than this one?"  one young woman,
       apocher fighting lady, A Lady With A Heare of Pure Gold.    torical  Society  Museum  at  Okla-
                                                                                                  is  whipped.  It is  anticipated  that  a  Navy wife,  inquired.
                                                                   homa City.
                                                                                                  movements  of  men  will  reach new   "My  husband is  on  a  ship  some-
            Ic seems fitting co  the USS  San Francisco chat in view of her                       peaks.  To  meet  this  demand  more  where in the Pacific. I  can't be with
       gallant exit from the seas her epitaph should read :         Quote-worthy  *  *  *         women drivers are needed now.   him,  but  at  least  I  can  help  by
                                                                     Admiral  Halsey:  "I've  always   Lt.  Commander G.  A.  Schlueter,  moving  the  men of  the Navy back
            "No greater love hath any man,                          been ,one of the few  people  who  be- USNR, transportation officer, points  here  in  the  states."
                                                                   lieve Japan will quit when the going  out that this  critical need for  driv-  And there you have a  bit of logic
            But chat he lay down his life for ochers."             gets  too  rough."             ers  can  only  be  met  by  patriotic  over which there is no argument.
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