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                                           *        D. D.  POOL  GAME                  *         T.I.  Basketballers Trounce  Coast  Guard,

                                                                                                 48-30;  Ducich  Scores . 18  Points

                                                                                                   Like  Old Man River, Treasure Island keeps on rolling, this
                                                                                                 time  overpowering the Coast Guard Pilots, 48-30,  in a  free-
                                                                                                 scoring  basketball  tussle  at the  new  Treasure  Island  Gym.
         Lift  thy  sodden  head,                                                                  Although  neither  team  showed
       look  to  the  new  year  that is  upon                                                   anything   outstanding,   it   was  sides in the play was definitely bet-
       you.                                                                                      obvious after 10 minutes'  play that  ter.
         It can  now  be  told.                                                                  Treasure Island's height advantage   Coast Guard started right out to
         The  Christmas  and                                                                     would  be  the  deciding factor.
       holidays  have  seen  their last piece                                                      A  slow  starting  bali  game  that   make  a  fight  of  it,  sinking  a  mid-
                                                                                                                               court  shot  by  Tunnell.  Bertolotti
       of  mistletoe  for  another  year  and                                                    was scor-eless  for the first six min-
                                                                                                                               followed  up  with  a  set-up  basket
       along with it went the annual 12th                                                        utes found  the  Pilots  drawing first
       Naval  Boxing  tourney.                                                                   blood  with  a  free  throw.  T,easure   and Ruble  ended  the  scoring  spree
                                                                                                                               with  a  free  throw.
         Men were trained, taught and re-                                                        Island  responded  to  the  challenge   A  wave  of  Treasure  Island  sub-
       warded  if  they  made  the  grade,                                                       with  Phillips,  Zunic  and  Alston   stitutes  swept the  floor,  giving the
       while favorites fell  by the  wayside,                                                    sinking  a  trio  of field  goals.   tired first  stringers  a  baclly needed
       giving  their  press  clippings  an                                                         At this  point,  the  game got a  bit   rest,  but their play was short lived
       awful pasting.                                                                            wild and  wooly with neither squad   as  the  gun  sounded  a  few  minutes
         Coache!) strained their lungs with                                                      being  able  to  do  much  except lose   later.
       advice,  yelled  a  "we  were  robbed"                                                    the  ball  on  sloppy  play.    Scoring:
       if the bout ended with t he least pos-                                                      Cool  generalship  on  the  part  of   Treasure  Island  ( 48)
       sible  doubt.  But  somebody  had  to                                                     Tunnell  settled  the  Coast  Guard  Position   FG  FT  TP
       win.  After  all,  that's  what  judges                                                   team enough to score a  basket and  Alston,  f  . . . • . . ....... 1   0   2
       are  for.                                                                                 a  free  throw,  while  the  Treasure  ,Phillips, f  ............ 0   4   4
         Some  pr9mising  prospects  were                                                        Island  basketballers  were  still  Rokosh, f  ... . ..... .. . 3   0   6
       revealed  in  the  heated  scrambles,                                                     gathering their wits.         Zunic,  c  ............. 5   0   10
       two rri.en  standing a  couple  of hairs                                                    Danny  Ducich,  string-bean  cen- Ducich,  c  ............ 8   2   18
       above  the  rest.                                                                         ter,  was  injected  into  the  game  at  Clark,  g  ..... . ...... 0   0   0
         Take  Nathaniel  Huskey  of  the                                                        this  stage,  scoring  a  quick  basket  Haines, g  .... ....... . 2   0   4
       Frontier  Base.  Here  is  a  lad  with                                                   and  passing  to  Ed  Rokosh  for  an- Morse,  g  .. . . ..... ... 0   2   2
       plenty  of  savvy  and  a  pair  of  in-                                                  other  tally.  A.  Bartolotti,  Coast  Britton,  g  ............ 0   2   2
       structive  mits  as  able  helpers.  He                                                   Guard  forward,  intervened  here
       got  no  breather  in  Benny  Calla,   A  NEAR  HIT  .. .  Believe it or  not the ball  did  not go in.  An  immediate   with a  fancy  underhand shot,  add-  Totals  ......... . ... 19  10   48
                                     tip-in  by  Schriener  (14)  of  the  D. D.  Pool  was  necessary  to  score  the
       but  the  way he  handled  the  cagey   two points.                                       ing  to  this  with  a  free  throw  to   Coast Guard  (30)
       veteran, stopping him repeatedly in                                                       shorten  the  gap  between  Treasure  Position   -  FG  FT  TP
       his  tracks  with  stinging  left  jabs,                                                  Island  and  them.  H ere  Rokosh,  Kirwan,  f  "" ... . ".0   0   0
       and an incessant body attack,  cer-                         most,  at the game's end.     Zul).ic  and  Ducich  ran  wild  with  Stout,  f  .. ... ........ 0   0   0
       tainly  told  a  convincing  story  in   T. I.  Trims  Cal.   Phillips  was  exceptionally  un-  baskets,  turning  a  rather  close  Duncan,  f  ........... o   2   2
       the end.                      Varsity, 45-39;               canny with the pig-hide,  looping 17   game  into  a  near  rout.  Spencer  of  Richardson,  f  .. .... .. o   1   1
         Huskey  is  a  former  Chicago                            points through the  basket.  Mota of   the Pilots sank a  center court shot  Bertolotti,  C  ......... 5   3   13
       Golden Gloves  champ,  having piled   Support Lacking       the  Bears  ended  up  with  16  digits   just  as  the  gun  sounded,  leaving  Spencer,  C  . .......... 2   1   5
       up  an enviable  record and the way                         to his credit.                the  score  27-14  as  the  half  ended.  Tunnell,  g  . . ......... 2   1   5
       in which he handled himself Friday   Treasure   Island's   basketball   Treasure  Island  support  was   Inspiring  pep  talks  must  have  Ruble, g  . .. .... .. .... 0   2   2
       night,  certainly proved it.   "spoilers" did another thorough  job  lacking,  so  few  white  hats  being  put  the  boys  in  the  right  state  of  McKay,  g  ........... 1   0   2
         Unheralded  Gene  Ronstad  came   Saturday  night,  pinning  a  45-39  sprinkled  in  the  stands  that  they  mind  for  the  second  half  because
       through  very nicely for the  Armed   loss  on  previously  undefeated  Uni- were hardly  noticeable.   the  enthusiasm  showed  by  both   Totals  .. . . ... . . ... 10   10   30
       Guard, living up to pre-fight expec-  versity of  California.
       tations  even  more  than  expected.   To make matters worse,  they did                                                 eludes the following:
       Base,  t he  smooth-punching  Ron- make  it a  one· team affair,  running .. SPORTS ..                                    Fred  Scolari  and  Trude  Sperry,
       Dancing a  circle around  the highly  it in  Cal's  own -back  yard.
       touted J. Alexander of the Frontier
                                       California  started  right  out  to
                                                                                                                               San  Francisco  Athletic  Club,  for-
       stad  hardly  mussed  his  hair  in  up  a  13-4  lead  on  a  series  of  bas-                                         wards;  Art  Burris,  Armed  Guard;
                                                                                                                               Herman  Fischer,  Armed  Guard;
       coasting  to  a  victory  behind  a  kets  by  Mota  and  O'Farrell.                                                    Kevin  O'Shea,  Coast  Guard  Sea
       screen  of  lefts  and  rights.   Treasure  Island  grabbed  the  in-                       Anet, directing defense and play-  Lions,  guards.
         Alexander  was  a  willing  mixer,  itiative  from the Golden  Bears with  Anet  of  Armed  Guard   ing. an extraordinary  game  on  the   First  10  leading  scorers  in  the
        but  had  a  great deal  of  trouble  in  a  pair of field goals  from mid-court          pivot  post  for  a  lad  just  five  feet  NCBA  for  the  week  ending  De-
       finding  his  slippery  foe   with  by Phillips and then tied the game  Gets  Cage  Honor   nine,  led  the  Armed  Guard  in  its  cember 23:
       punches.  Ronstad  is  definitely  one  up  with  a  free  throw  by  Zunic.  A            victory  over  the  Coast  Guard  Sea
                                                                     Bobby . Anet,  small  but  clever                         Name               G  FGFTTP
        to watch in the  future.      tip  in  by  Phillips  left  the  blue-                     Lions.  Bobby  played  for  the  Uni-
                                                                    guard  of  the  Armed  Guard,  was                         Scolari,  SFAC  .... . . 2  14  2  30
                                      jackets  with  a  20-16  lead  as  the
        NCBA  Basketball  Tournament . . .                          chosen  player  of  t he  week  of  the   versity of Oregon against Stanford  Kramer,  Fleet City  .. 2   9  6  24
                                      half ended.
         Unpredictable  St.  Mary's  Pre-                           Northern California Basketball As- and  "Hank"  Luisetti in 1938.   Anet,  Armed Guard .. 2   9  4  22
       Flight  and  the  Coast  Guard  Sea   Five  points  were  the  most  that   sociation by the basketball writers.   Team  of  the  week  named  in- Sperry, SF AC  . ...... 2   9  3  21
       Lions  have  made  the  NCBA  cage   separated these two evenly matched                                                 Burris, Armed Guard 2   9  1  19
                                      teams at any time through the  sec-
        tourney a  jig-saw puzzle with their                                                                                   Connelly, SF AC  . .... 2   4   9  17
                                      ond half, this being when it counted
       stunning  defeats  to  the  San  Fran-                                                                                  Wolfe,  St. Marys  .... 1   7  2  16
        cisco Athletic  Club  and the Armed                                                                                    Mathewson, AG  ..... 2   7  2  16
       Guard,  respectively.                                                                                                   Mortola, SF AC  ...... 2   5   6  16
         Both  rode  the  crest of  an  unde- D. D.  Pool  Drops                                                               Cox,  Hamilton Field  .1   6  2  14
       feated season and were expected to
        do  so  until  they  met in  the  finals,  4S-32  Cage  Setback
       _ but  they  were  keeled  over  by  un-                                                                                T. I.,  Alameda  Air
        expected  competition  from  their  To  Coast  Guard  Supply
       .plucky foes.                   Although Jacob Meyer scored 18                                                          Clash  In  Double
         Now r unning  neck  and neck in a
                                      points for the D.  D.  Pool,  it wasn't
        four-team race, Treasure Island, St.                                                                                   Header  at  New  Gym
                                      enough  to  stave  off  the  45-32
        Mary's  Pre-Flight,  Armed  Guard   defeat suffered at the hands of the
        and the  Sea Lions are all vying for   Coast  Guard  District  S u p p 1 y                                               Basketball titans of both the 12th
        the  hoop  crown,  with  no  big  name   basketball  quintet  Friday  night  in                                         Naval and NCBA  tourney headline
        player · like  Luisetti  or . Pollard  to                                                                               a  double  header  here  on  Treasure
                                      the  Treasure  Island  gymnasium.                                                         Island,  Wednesday,  January  10,  in
        lead  any  of  them.  Instead  the   After  a  neck-and-neck  battle                                                    the  new gymnasium.
        struggle  has  turned  into  a  team-  through three sessions,  the  District
        work  affair  with  different  names   Supply  men  poured  on  the  steam                                               Alameda  Air  Station,  present
        giving   sparkling   performances   with  a  bit  of  razzle  dazzle  in  the                                           king-pin of the 12th Naval District,
        week  in  and  week  out.  Paul  Na-  final  quarter  to  smother  the  tin                                             will  risk  its  perfect 'record  against
        politano  of  the  Sea  Lions  seems  can men in a  barrage of baskets.  .                                              the efforts of Treasure Island, while
                                                                                                                                in  the  second  place  Armed  Guard
        to be the most consistent hardwood   Playing a  bang-up  game for  the                                                  will  tangle  with  St.  Marys'  Pre-
        performer,  with  Fred  Scolari  of  pool  were  Schriener  at  guard  and                H E Y,  MAC,  Q U IT  SHOVIN' .. ...  Flight  in  the  other  half  of  the
        the  San  Francisco  A.  C.  and  Jack  David,  forward.                                  two  teams  playing  " razzle-dazzle"   double  bill.
        Haines of Treasure Island doing an                                                        are seen  as they  try vainly  to  push   Play is scheduled for 1930.
        above  average  job.                                                                      the  rubber  ball  in  the  right  direc-
                                                                                                  tion.  The  game  off.ers  excellent
         Upsets  occur  so · frequently  in
        basketball and bad nights can come  ATHLETE  OF  THE  'WEEK                               body  conditioning  to  those  taking
                                                                                                  a n  active  part.
        so  unexpectedly  that  it  is  practi-                                                                                 Bakers  Down  D. D.
                                       Comely  Phyllis  Parsons,  PhM2c,
        cally  impossible  for  your  sports   grabs  this  we,ek's  sportslight  for             making her  debut  before  a  critical
        analyst  to  choose  a  winner  ahead   her ,outstanding  performance in  the             audience.                     Pool  Keglers,  2349-
        of  time.                                                   "Razzle  Dazzle"  Game
                                      Waves  Pin  tourney.                                          This  is  "razzle-dazzle",  a  game  2251,  in  Pin  Fest
        P-ot  Sho·,s.                  Taking  the  play            Like  Bargain  Day  at        played  with  a  rubber  ball,  19  feet
         Frontier Base certainly keeps its  away  f  r o m  t  h e                                in  circumference  and  weighing   Galley  K  Bakers  added  another
        fighters  under  a  veil  of  secrecy.  stronger  sex  with   Macy's  Basement            about 30 pounds. There are 12 men   candle  to  their  victory  cake  with
        And  very  wisely  so,  because  they  her  achievements  on                              on  a  side,  and  the ·object  being  to   their  2349-2251  win  over  the  D.D.
        surely  did  surprise  the  bunch  of  the  bowling  alleys,   Just a  bunch of guys pushing the   push  the  ball  to  their  opponent's   -Pool in a  bowling contest.
        optimists  that  had  the  Armed  the  versa ti le  Phy I I is   "ball"  around  and  not  getting   goal  line.  The  Navy  has  adopted   Pin  boys  had  a  field  day  in  the
        Guard  pegged  and  Alameda  Air  nabbed  high  indivi-     plaees  fast  .  .  .         this  game  as  part  of  its  tremen-  respect that both  teams were  quite
        Station  pegged  from  the  start.  .  .  dual  honors  with  a   They  shove  and  push  and  push   dous  body  building  program.   wild with. the  ball, guttering a  sur-
        The Rugby-Football League  is  now  153   average  a  n d   and shove some more ...                                     prising  amount.
        in  the  offing  and  it  is  hoped  that  completed  her  d-omination  with  a   And  the  huge  r ubber  ball  steps   Men  are  urged  to  form  teams   Any  team  wanting  competition
        Treasure Island can scrape enough  high  series  run  of  503  to  grab  top  across  the  outstretched  hands  of  for  participation  in  this  excellent  with  the  above  mentioned  should
        men  together  to  get  a  winning  honors  for  the  Doc-ettes.   the  players,  as  a  ballarina  of  the  body  building  pastime.  The  game  contact  V.  Kozanecki  of  the  D.D.
        combination.                                                Ballet Russe steps across the stage  is  played  at  Gym  No.  1.   Pool.
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