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                                                                                                Diplo~as  Attained  at        Red  Cross  in
                                                                                          G    T.  I.  Frontier  Base         New Location
                                                      * *                               I!.      From the  moment a  man  or wo-  (Continued from page 1)

      Official  Treasure                                                                        man enters the Naval Service in the   are  varied  in  nature;  family  in-
      * *  Island  publication  distributed  every  Saturday  without  cost  to  the
      officers,  enlisted pe1·sonnel,  and  employees  of  Treasure  Island.  All  communications  and   ranks of  its  enlisted  personnel and   quiries  about  health  and  welfare
      contributions  should  be  directed  to  The  Editor,  Welfare  and  Recreation  Department,   s  so long as he or she remains in the
      Treasure  Island,  San Francisco,  California. Phone:  EXbrook  3931,  Extension  69.                                   of  sons,  husbands,  brothers,  family
                                                                                                Navy in the enlisted status, the bu-  allowances and allotments;  difficul-
                        COMMODORE  R.  W .  CARY,  USN            Did You  Know That            reau  (Enlisted  Training  Section)
               Commander  U.  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distribution  Center                                                  ties with arrangements for  care of
                                                                    Since  July,  1944,  the  Navy  has  is  interested  in  his  or  her  naval
                                                                                                                              parents, children; emergency leaves;
                     LT.  COMMANDER R.  S.  KIMBELL,  USNR        built,  armed,  supplied,  fueled  and  education.          personal needs  of  men  themselves,
                       Director  of  W elfare  and  Recreation    .sent to sea 10,300,000 tons of ships;   Coxswains,  Machinist's  Mates,
                                                                                                                              eye glasses,  dentures, etc. All these
                         CLYDE  F.  BABB,  Slc,  USNR               Built, armed, fueled; and launched  Gunner's  Mates,  Signalman,  Car-  matters  come  up  daily  for  consid-
                                 Editor                           62,000 planes;                penter's Mates,  Cooks- all are· pre-
                                                                                                                              eration  by  the  professional  mem-
                                                                    Built  and  equipped  300  advance  pared,  trained,  tested  for,  and  ad-
                 ROBERT  E.  JOHNSON,  Y3c,  USNR,  Associate  Editor                                                         bers of the staff.
                                                                  bases.                        va;nced  under  the  eye  of  this  divi-  Red  Cross  is  ready  to  carry  on
      Rex. N.  Olsen,  Y3c,  Managing Editor   Robert H.  P erez,  Cox,  Sports   With  the  Navy  in  existence  on  sion.
                      Carolyn  N.  Brown,  Y2c,  ,vaves  E ditor                                                              as  usual.  The  entire  office  force  is
                                                                  July  1,  1940,  these  new  m en  and   A  large  number  of  the  enlisted
                                                                                                                              willing and anxious  to  assist  Navy
                                  Reporters   -                   weapons  add  up  to  the  World's  personnel "joined-up" before finish-
                 Sidney  V.  Smith,  Y2c   Frederick  Drimmer,  SK3c                                                          personnel in  every way possible.
                                                                  Largest Fleet.                ing high school ·and they have found
                (The  Masthead  uses  Camp  Newspaper  Service  Material)                       that inability to say,  "I have grad-
                                                                             *  *  *                                          Technical,  Mechanical,  Industrial,
                                                                  U.  S.  Subs  Scuttle  Foe    uated  from  high  school,"  as  a  dis-
      TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.  CALIF.,  SATURDAY, JANUARY  6,  1945   Thirty-three  enemy  vessels  were  tinct disadvantage.   Liberal Arts, and Engineering fields.
                                                                                                                              An  hour  of  spare  time  now  and
                                                                  knocked  to  atoms  in  the  P acific   Most  high  schools  accept  Navy
                                                                                                                              then will  soon  show results.
                                                                  and  Far  East  by  American  sub- Training  Courses  and  experience
      EDITORIAL                                                   marines,  according  to  a  Navy  De- gained  in  the  service  for  academic
                                                                  partment communique.          credit.  No matter when  or how the
                                                                    Striking  with  crushing  effect,  subject  was  learned.  Enlisted  per-
                                                                                                                                   . - =::::::-~
                                                                  undersea  raiders  sent  tottering  to  sonnel,  who  have  been  to  service   ~ ~  SEA~RONTIER
                                                                  Davy Jones'  Locker 33 en,emy ships,  schools  or  "made  their  rates  the
                                                                  including  12 combat vessels,  a  light  hard  way"  can  sometimes  receive   ~5:C~~~
                                                                  cruiser, three destroyers,  six  escort  as much  as  two  full  years  of  high
        Treasure Island seagoing bluejackets whose nightly bouts with                                                                      and
                                                                  vessels,  a  mine  weeper  and  mine  school  credit.         LOCAL  DEFENSE
      the  Navy's  traditional  hammocks  leave  them  still  want  for  rest  layer,  two  medium  cargo  trans-  The  following  letter  is  one  of
      and  ·very  unhappy,  and  whose  the-blessings-of-home  lists  are   ports and  three small cargo vessels.  many  received  by  the  Educational
                                                                             *  *  *            Officer at Frontier Base:       Fifteen  years  aboard  the  same
      headed "that good ole bed  with  an  innerspring  mattress"  will   Naval  Honor
                                                                                                                              ship and progressing through every
      find  little  comfort  in  the  recent  prediction  that  hammocks  will   For  outstanding  assistance  and   DEPARTMENT  OF  PUBLIC   rate from seaman to Chief Warrant
                                                                  cooperation  during  salvage  opera-  INSTRUCTION
      lift us  by the ears out of this bedridden era just as  the automobile                                                  Officer,  is  the  unusual  record  of
                                                                  tions in Tunisia, an officer and two   County of  Comanche   Chief  Carpenter  Thomas  E.  Fla-
      took us  out of the horse and buggy stage.                  enlisted  men  of  the  United  States   Lawton,  Oklahoma,   debo,  USN. He served on the U .S.S.
                                                                  Navy  have  been honored  by  Great
                                                                                                             December  14,  1944  Saratoga  and  firmly  believes  that
         In an  article in the December Esquire titled "So  Now I Sleep  Britain  with  appointment  to  the   Lt.  George F. Dyer   "CV  duty"  is  the  best  duty  in  the
                                                                  Order of  the British Empire  (Mili-
      in a Hammock,"  Bob Brown says  goodbye to  the lumpy, bumpy                              Educational Officer           Navy,  and  of  course,  that a CV  is
                                                                  tary) .                       U.  S.  Naval  Frontier Base
      mattress  as  he  hangs  himself  up  under  the  nearest  shade  tree.                                                 the most valuable part of the fleet!
                                                                             *  *  *            Treasure  Island              But after 15  years aboard one ship
      Brown, a civilian writer who has been laboring in the sweltering  Navy  Decorates San  Franciscans   San  Francisco,  California   he  was  "getting  in  a  rut"  and  de-
      equatorial regions,  is  an incurable hammock-addict, and believes   Recognition  for  Navy  construc-  Re:  File  No.  NB36-Pll/ J:K   cided  to  put  in  for  transfer.  Ad-
                                                                  tion work  "beyond normal  require- Dear Lt. Dyer:          miral H. M. Mullinix, who was Cap-
      that  the  mobility  and  comfort  of  hammocks,  as  well  as  their  ments" has brought the Navy Meri-
                                                                                                  This is to acknowledge receipt of  tain  at  that  time,  signed  his  re-
      housework-saving  qualities,  will  endear  them  to  the  American   torious Civilian Service Emblem to  enclosures A,  B,  C,  and D  concern- quest and he  was  soon  on  his  way
                                                                  Ernest  J .  Kump,  architect,  and  ing  the Navy  courses that my son,  back to the states.  Part of the trip
      public  so  solid~y  that  soon  the  bed· will  be  little  more  than  a
                                                                  Mark  Falk,  structural  engineer,  E. L.  Scott,  completed in the Navy.  was made on a  Liberty that seemed
      museum piece.                                               both  of  San  Francisco,  for  aiding   The  high  school  officials  h ere  in  to  crawl,  after  the  speed  he  was
                                                                  in  the  design  and  expansion  of  air  Lawton,  Oklahoma,  accepted  his  used to  on the  "Sara."  H e  was  as-
         Before going into his rave about what he considers the world's  bases and other facilities  involving  work  completed  in  the  Navy  for   signed  to  the  Industrial  Depart-
      perfect way  to  spend the graveyard shifr,  not to  meµcion  siestas   $35,000,000  worth  of  construction.  credits,  which  permitted  him  to  ment, Frontier Base and has served
                                                                  The  award was made  by  Vice  Ad- graduate with the high school grad-
                                                                                                                              there  for  over a  year.
      at any old hour, he explains that he was not convened without a  miral  Moree!,  Chief  of  the  Navy's  uating  class May  17,  1944,  here  in
                                                                                                                                Carpenter  Fladebo  recalls  the
       bit  of  a  struggle.  Swinging  in  anything  has  made  him  seasick   Bureau of Yards and Docks, Wash- Lawton, Oklahoma.
                                                                  ington, D.  C.                  My  wife  and · I  appreciate  your   time  in 1942  when the· Sara was in
       since  early  days  in rural  Illinois when the  other kids got a kick                   kindness  and  assistance  you  have   trouble  and  they  built  a  concrete
                                                                             *  *  *                                          bulkhead  to  keep  the  water  out of
       out  of  sitting  in  one  of  those  barrd-stave  contraptions  that  Navy Squadron  Bombing  Record   given him  in  the  completion  of  his   the  fire  rooms.  Another  time  the
      creaked on the side porch by  day and squeaked by night.      Navy  Patrol  Bombing  Squadron   high school education for which we   ship  was  hit,  he  was  thrown  45
                                                                  115, known as the "Bulldog Squad-  are  most  grateful.     feet and landed with a  pile of mess
         The writer claims he has seen squads of returning Yanks, who   ron,"  has carried out searches that   We  wish  for  you  and  yours  a   tables  and  about  15  chi,efs  on  top
                                                                  ext ended as far west as Borneo, all   very Merry Christmas and a  Happy
       had become incurable hammock addicts while building vast mili-  through  the  Philippines  and  well   New Year.   _   of  him.  H e  picked  himself  up  as
       tary  aviation  fields  and  hospitals  around  the  bulge  of  Brazil,  into the China Sea.   Respectfully submitted,   one  chief,  175  pounder,  walked  up
                                                                                                                              one side of him and right down  the
                                                                    The  squadron's  primary  mission   / s/   CLARENCE J .  SCOTT,
       buying hammocks to bring back to the States. The modern house                                                          other!
                                                                  was search and reconnaissance, but      County· Superintendent.
       will  have  "S"  hooks  in every  wall.  Just  think  of  being  able  to  the  airmen also shot down  18  Jap-  If  you  haven't  sufficient  experi-  Carpenter Fladebo enlisted in the
       hang your bed wherever the breeze is  best on hot nights,  and in   anese  planes,  destroyed  17  more  in   ence, _or you lack  a  high school sub- Navy  in  Mt.  V;ernop,  Washington,
                                                                  the  water and on  the  ground,  sank   ject  that  is  not  covered  by  Navy  in  1928  and  had  his  boot  training
       the :warmest spot in the house in sub-zero weather, or California's  or  damaged  92  enemy  ships  and   training,  consult  your  Educational  in  San  Diego,  where  he  was  as-
       peerless winter.                                           participated  in  22  bombing  strikes   Officer for  an  Armed  Forces  Insti- signed  to  the  Saratoga  as  an  ap-
                                                                   against  Japanese  bases  and  instal-  tute course.       prentice  seaman,  ship  fitter.
                                                                   lations.                       Over- seven  hundred  high  school   Anxiously  awaiting  his  17th
                                                                                                 and  college  courses  are  offe':red  to  birthday  in  January,  Thomas,  Jr.,
       Navy Bond  Sales              Pearl  Harbor Na.vy            One  of  the  squadron's  greatest   choose  from.  You  can  obtain  in- is set to enlist in the Nayy and fol-
                                                                   feats was  made by  Lt.  Hamilton  M.
                                                                                                 struction  in:  Business,  Scientific,  low  his  father's  Navy  career.
       Top  30 Million               Yard  Needs  3,200            Dawes,  Jr.,  who  destroyed  a  six-
                                                                   ship  convoy  near  Cebu,  Philippine
       Dollar Average                Skilled  Workers              Islands.  He wiped out six freighters
                                                                   by  bombing  and  strafing,  shot  two
        Exceeding  30  million  dollars  in   Rear  Admiral  William  R.  Fur- enemy  planes  out  of  the  air  and  ,
       bond  sales,  a  better  than  30  mil- long,  Commandant  of  the  Navy   sank  three  troop-laden  'barges,  a
                                                                   river  steamboat,  a  lugger  and  a
       lion dollar average was m aintained  Yard,  Pearl  Harbor,  Territory  of
                                                                   naval  auxiliary.
       in  Navy  War bond  purchases  dur- Hawaii,  revealed  that  this  Pacific
                                                                    For  his  actiens,  Lt.  Dawes  was
       ing  the  month  of  November.  The  Island  base  has  expanded  to  such  awarded  the  Navy's  Distinguished
       figures  totaled  $32,097,049,  for  a  proportions that an additional 3,200  Flying Cross and the Air Medal.
       28  per  cent  increase  over  the  No- skilled workers from  the  mainland
                                                                             *  *  *
       vember,  1943, figure  of $25,008,506.  are needed  to  man  its faciities  and  Quote-worthy
       The grand total through November,  to  render  maximum  service  to  the   Japanese radio: "The enemy fleet,
       1944,  was  $861,790,461.     U.  S.  Pacific  Fleet.       despite  the  fact  that  it  had  been
                                                                   annihilated  in  the  waters  off  For-
        O'f  the  November,  1944,  results,   The  scope  of  work  which  the   ;,,osa,  has  continued  the  execution
       $17,483,738  were  civilian purchases  Yard is  called  upon  to  do  is  great,   of its plans ... without making the
       under  the  payroll  savings  plan;  varying  from  major  structural  re-  slightest change  in  its  strategy."
       $12,817,238  were  allotment  pur- pair  jobs  resulting  from  collisions,
       chases by uniformed personnel, and   grounding,  etc.,  to  highly  technical
       $1,796,073  were  cash purchases.   shop processes.
                                       "Pearl Harbor Navy Yard is now
        The  Naval  Training  Centers  led
       the bond program for the 11th con-  one  of  the  greatest  sea-fortresses
       secutive  month,  with  95.3  per  cent   of  the  world,"  said  Rear  Admiral
       of their civilian personnel investing   Furlong,  "and  the  number  of  m en
       14.2 per cent of gross·pay in bonds,   .needed  to  keep  it  at  full  produc-
       followed by the Naval Air Stations,   tion  is  astounding-but  must  re-                 THOMAS  E.  FLADEBO, Chief Carpenter,  USN,  kneels  beside the chest
                                                                                                 that was  presented  to  him  when  he  left th,e  U.S.S.  Saratoga after serv-
       with  94.7  per  cent  investing  11.8   main  untold  for  security  reasons."           ing  15  years  aboard  her.  The  chest  is  made  -of  inlaid  woods  picke_d  u!'
       per  cent.  For the  entire  naval  es-  Persons  interested  should  apply               on  the  South  Pacific  islands.  It  took  three  men  1000  hours  t.o  build  1t
       tablishment,  93.7  per  cent  of  the  to  the  nearest  Civil  Service  Com-            and  all  hands  had  a  part  in  its  c-ompletion  and  safe  delivery  to  the
       civilians  invested  11.5  per  cent  in  mission  Office  or  Office  of  the            states. On  the front  panel  is  inlaid  the silhouette of the "Sara" with  her
                                                                                                 plan-es coming  home.  The  monogram  of  its owner is  on  the  cover of the
       bonds.                        United States Employment Service.                          cedar  lined  chest.
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