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~***********************'                                    U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center



       VOL.  IV -  No.  19                                  TREASURE  ISLAND,  SAN  .FRANCISCO,  CALIF.                             SATURDAY,  JUll:l,E  23,  1945

        Navy Bond Drive Points to Record-Breaking Total

                                                                                         THE BRIDGE                             One  Extra  Bond  Per
        loans  by  T.  I.  Branch  of  Navy  Relief                                                                             Capita  is  th~  Go~I;

        Reaches  $20,000 Per  Month  Mark                                                                                       last  Navy  Drive

                                                                                                                                ,  After  one  day  of  sales,  starting
                                                                                                                                yesterday,  the  campaign . indicates
       Services  of  local  Relief  Kay  Kyser  Show                                                                            that  the  Navy's  annual  Indepen-
                                                                                                                                dence Day "extra" War Bon,d drive,
       Off ice  Are  Varied;          Scheduled  for  T.  I.                                                                    from  June  22  through J uly  7,  will
                                                                                                                                break all  previous  records  for  any
       loans for  Emergency            A rad io show starring  Kay  Kyser,                                                      similar bond campaign on Treasure
                                      Georg ia  Ca rroll  and  radio's  own                                                     Island.
         The  Navy  Relief  office  in  Bar-  Phil  Ha rris,  plus  Kyser's  ever-pop-                                            It is  hoped that the  personneI  !')~
       racks E  makes emergency loans to
                                      ular  orchest ra,  hav.e  been  tenta-                                                    Treasure  Island  will  go  over  the
        nearly  eight  hundred  sailors  each
                                      t ively  scheduled  to  appear  on  the                                          by buying at least half a
        month.  Last year 8  per cent of the                                                                                    million  dollars  in  bonds.  The  goal
        ov-erall  Navy  Relief  loans  were   stage  of  Theatre  No.,  3,  Tuesday,                                            is  the  purchase  of  one  extra  $100
        made  through  this  office;  a  lot  of   June  26.  The  t ime  for  the  s how                                       bond per capita,  and it is expected
       work  for  •a  staff  of  five  people.   has  not  been  announced  as  we  go                                          that  when  the  final  score  is  hung
                                      t,o  press ;  however,  full  informat ion
        Loans  Are of  Emergency  Nat ure                                                                                       up,  the campaign  total will far ex-
         Chaplain  C.  R.  Kelly,  Coordina-  will  be given via the bullet in  boa.rds                                         ceed  the results of last P-earl  Har-
       tor  of  the  office,  stressed  the  fact  a round  the  island  in  a mple  t ime.                                     bor  Day,  when  the  record  total  of
       that  the  loans  were  all  of  an  ~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~                              WAR                                    $62,568,845  in  War  .Bonds  was
       emergency  nature.  Th~y  are  offi-                                                                                     bought by Navy, Marine Corps, and
       cially  classified  as  loans  to  aid  a   They  Do  It Again                  BONDS                                    Coast  Guard  civilian  and  military
       sailor in "health and comfort, travel                                                                                    personnel,  within  and  beyond . th~
       expenditur-es,  or  care  of  needy  de-                                                                                 continental limits.
       pendents·."  But  there seems  to be   Cargo  Handling  No.  1                                                             The  forthcomnig  campaign  co-
       a  broad  inter1:>retation  of  these                                                                                    incides  to  a  great degree with  the
       classifications  because men cap re-  Packs  Up  and  leaves                                                             concluding  phase  of  the  nation's
       ceive  financial  aid  for  -either  de-                                                                                 Seventh War Loan Drive. Ail Navy
       pendents who  are  hospitalized;  for   Treasure  Island                                                                 purchases  made  prior to this, cam-
       family' expenses if his wife has not                                                                                     paign in  the  national  drive. will  be
       received  her allotment;  or if he  is   it  sounds  like  they  never  pay                                              credited to our own goal.  This is a
       broke  because  of  not  having  been  _their rent- they've moved six times                                              double  - barreled  campaign  and
       paid  for  a  month  or  more.  Last  in  seven  months.  Last  week  they                                               Navy personnel are  all set to make
       year,  around  $300,000  was  loaned  did it again.  This time,  they think,                                             it the  most outstanding in  the his-
       for  so  many  different  reasons  it  it  is  the  last  for  they  are  now                                            tory of the Navy bond program.
       seems  feasible  that if  a  sailor has  located  permanently  at  NSD  in
                                                                                                                                All  Kinds  Counted
       a  valid  need  for  a  quick  loan,  no  Oakland- closer  to  their  work!
                                                                                                                                 War bonds of  series E,  F  and  G
       matter what th-e  reason may be, he   Theit  commanding  officer,  Com-                                                  will  be  counted  in  determining
       stands a  good  chance  of  obtaining  mander  W.  B.  Combs,  organized                                                 sales  volume.  Only  cash  sales  are
       it  through  this  office.   However,  the  Cargo  Handling  Group  No.  1,                     Navy War Bond Cartoon Service   eligible, and bonds purchased under
       money  cannot  be  loaned  for  the  consisting  of  979  men,  in  Davis-
                                                                                                                                either  the  allotment  or  the  Pay-
       purchase  of  automobiles,  to  pay·  ville,  R.  I.,  in  November,  1944.
       debts,  or to reimburse a  sailor who  Formerly  he  was  skipper  of  the  Navy  Survey  Reveals   Shore  Patrolmen  on   Roll  Savings  Plan  will  not  be  in-
                                                                                                                                cluded  in  the  Ind-ependence  Day
       is broke  because of paying fines  of  PY  USS  Amber,  after  which  he                                               •  campaign total.
       court-martial  sentences.     took  over  the  Section  Base  com- Gifts  Preferred  by   Shuttle  Buses  Circle
                                                                                                                                 The smashing wind-up of the war
       How  Repayment  Is  Made      mand  of  Seattle,  Wash.  Then  he   Sailors  Overseas                                    in  Europe  and  the  shifting  of  em-
         As with any loan the question of  went to the Russell-Solomons group                     Island  20 Times  Daily
                                                                                                                                phasis  to  the  Pacific  are  expected
       repayment must be taken into con- for  command  of  Advanced  Base   To help  level  out the heavy load   If  a  Treasure  Island  sailor  tells  to  give  added  stimulus  to  Navy's
       sideration.  Navy Relief  charges  no  Unit  No.  10  for  the  Admirality   of Christmas mail and to conserve   you  he  goes  around  in  circles  all  own campaign. Navy personnel will
       interest.  Only  the  principal  must  Island invasion. After that he came  shipping  space,  the  Navy  has  an-
                                                    .  d  h'
       be  repaid,  and repayment is not to  home  and  organize   1s  presen  nounced  to  the  home  front  that,   day long he probably doesn't mean  be  afforded  a  made-to-ord-er oppor-
                                                                                                 he lives  in constant confusion.  Not  tunity of  expressing their personal
       extend  beyond  one  year.  Before   command.               unlike last year, "Christmas" pack-  at all, he will undoubtedly turn out  convictions  on  the  matter  through
       you  receive  the  loan  you  must   All the cargo handlers are expert   ages  may  be  mailed  at  any  time  to  be  one  of  the  43  Shore  Patrol  additional  bond  purchases,  and  at
       make out  an allotment to the Navy   winch,  crane,  jitney,  and lift  oper-  during   th e  year  a nd   may  be  in- "conductors"  on  the  island's  ten  the  same  time  intensifying  their
       Relief fund which is  dedU'cted  on a   ators.  Almost  all  of  them  have   sur.ed.     intra-island shuttle buses.    own savings programs with a  view
       monthly  basis  according  to  your   completed  the  stevedore  course  at   The  Navy  also  revealed  to  the        of  self-security  after  the  final
       ability to pay.               Endicot,  R .  I.  They  have  to  know   folks  back  home  that  extensive   Dividing  the  around-the-clock   knock-out punch is  administered to
       Other  Functi,ons of  Navy  Rel ief   how to load ships of all types.   surveys  have  shown  that  Navy   service into three shifts,  it is their   the Japanese.
         The  Treasure  Island  office  is  a   Commander  Combs  stated  that   personnel  •overseas  prefer  t he  fol-  job  to  signal  the  driver  when  to   And added inspirational  touch is
       branch  of  the  San Francisco  Aux- his  men  were  also  specialists  in   lowing  as  gifts  (in  order  named ):   start  and  when  to  stop ;  teU  be-  given  through  an  unusual  validat-
       iliary Navy Relief  Society and has  different  fields  of  cargo  handling.   pictu res,   canned   luxury   foods   wildered  newcomers  where  Small
       been  in  operation  since  January,  One group is charged with s-ecuring   (olives,  nuts,  sardines, etc.), books,   Stores,  Disbursing  Office,  Ship's  Continued  on  Page  2-
       1944,  although  it  was  only  three  cargo  in  the  ship's  hold  before  it   writi ng  portfolios, servic-e  watches,   Service,  etc.,  are;  and  answer  all
       month~ ago that this office was au- gets  underway.  Another  group   pipes,  pe,ns,  engraved  identificat ion   sorts  of  questions  from  "How  do
       thorized to write  and issue  checks.  lashes  deck  loads  of  airplanes,   tags,  waterproof  wallets  a nd  cig-  I  get to the  train for  'Frisco'?"  to   Returning  Servicemen to
         Other  than  lending  money,  this  boats,  and  other  heavy  lifts.  Still   a ret  lighters.   "Who  was  that  blonde  you  were
       office  serves  many  other  purposes  ano·ther  group,  the  rigging  gang,   Overseas men and women do not   talking  to ? "   Receive Gasoline  Rations
       in  helping  the  service  men  and  rigs  cables  and  booms  aloft  and   want  cakes,  soft  candies  and   The  boys say that although they
       women. They help in arranging for  splices  the  cables  making  slings.                  are asked virtually the same  ques-  Servicemen  r.eturning  to  this
                                                                   cookies,  which  don't  stand  travel
       maternal patients, funeral services,  The  maintenance  gang  takes  care                 tions  every day,  they  are  asked in  country  from  overseas,  who  are
                                                                   well,  the  surveys  revealed,  nor
       leave  requests,  and in  making pro- of  the  condition  of  the  cranes,  jit-          a  variety  of  ways  and  always  by  issued  temporary  duty  orders  for
                                                                   such  items ·  as  cigarets,  soaps,
       visions  for  other  family  welfare  ney,  and all the lifts.   shaving crea~s, shaving kits,  sew-  different  people,  so  it  doesn't  get  "rehabilitation,  recuperation  and
       matters.  The five  p-eople  who  man-  As  Commander  Combs  climbed                     too  monotonous.  Their  chief  diver- recovery" may now obtain furlough
                                                                   ing  kits,  hair  tonics,  shampoos,
       age  this  office  are:  Chaplain C.  R .  into his  car to  leave  he  said:  "Tell   lotions,  lipsticks,  cosmetics,  etc.,   sion  is  comforting  those  unfor- gaso.Jine  rations.
       Kelly,  Wave  Lt.  Vivian  Hossack,  Treasure Island my boys have only   which  are  on  sale  at  Navy  stores   tunates who bump their heads when   The returning servicemen should
       Waves  Hazel  Taylor  and  Gwenn  the  highest praise for  your library                   they fail to clear the iron bar above  apply  to  their  local  OP A  . War
                                                                   ashore  and  afloat.  Worst  of  all  is
       Blockmun,  both  Slc,  and  yeoman  and recr,eation facilities, and we all   any sort of food or material which,   the seats in the front section of the  Price  and  Rationing  Boards  and
       strikers  who  were  secretaries  in  appreciate  the  cooperation  shown   if its container becomes crushed or   car.   present  both  their  temporary  duty
       civil  life,  and Mrs.  Robert Towner,  us  during  the  two  and  a  half                  Not the least of their worries are  orders  and  the  mileage  rationing
                                                                   broken, will damage the rest of the
       civilian secretary.           months  we  were  here."      mail  in  the  sack.          those  people  who  persist  in  at- record  (OPA  Form R-534)  for  the
                                                                                                 tempting to board the  bus when it  car that  they  are  going  to  use.
                                                                                                                                 Pr.eviously,  the ration was issued
       Cooperatfon  Plus    • •  •   Columbus Overlooked           Navy  Department's            is  in  motion.  Here  is  a  gentle
                                                                                                 warning  for  those  reckless  indivi- only  when  servicemen  on  leave  or
                                     This One-Navy Didn't                                        duals:  If  they  succeed  in  scram- fu_rlough  for  three  days  or  more
         Lt.  Regis R.  Forbes of Ft. Lewis,                       Switchboard  Turns  Salty     bling  aboard,  the  SP  has  orders  presented leave or furlough papers.
       Wash.,  received  this wire from  his   The  Navy  Hydrographic  Office   Washington's staid Navy Depart-  to  place  them  on  report  for  dis- This  change  was  found  necessary
       wife:                         announced  today  the  discovery  of  ment  switchboard,  which  handles   ciplinary action by their command- because  men  being  sent home  for
         Going  to  hospital  nine  AM   for  a  new  islet off  the northwest coast  more  than  60,000  calls  a  day,  has   ing  officer.   periods  of  about  30  days  will  not
       extra  24  points.  How's,  that  fo r  of  Colombia  in  the  Gulf  of  Darien  suddenly  turned  as  salty  as  a     be  issued such papers.
                                                                                                   Although  the  number  of  acci-
       cooperati.on ?                near Point  Sabanilla.  The islet ap- talker  on  a  battlewagon's  bridge.   dents  stemming  from  such  action   The  furlough  ration,  which  will
         Twin  boys were  born  to  Lt.  and   pearance is pres.umably due to sub- No  longer  will  operators  answer         remain  unchanged,  provides  one
       Mrs.  Forbes  on  May  12,  10  hours   terranean  activity  in  that  area.   with,  "I'll  get  your  number,  Sir,"   has been  negligent, offenders are a   gallon of gasoline  each  day  of  the
                                                                                                 potential hazard not only  to them-
       before  the  deadline  for  computing   The new islet lies about 200 miles  or even just plain, "Yes, Sir." From        furlough,  leave,  or temporary duty,
       points  toward  discharge.    from  the  Isthmus of Panama.   now on it's "Aye, aye, Sir."   Cont inued  on  page  8-   up  to  a  maximum of  30  gallons.
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