Page 199 - Mastheads Jan-June 1945
P. 199

W ·e  CAN •• We WILL

                                                                                    We  MUST!

                                                                     Put (!)tte/1, tJie M u;J,4 7t/4 'klrvi .f oan

                                                                                  JUNE  22  - -                JULY  7


                                                                     All  right, Shipmates,  let's go.  We  have our enemies  on  the  run- now  we
                                                                      have to put everything into one great effort!  Remember, last year we  had
                                                                     two  war  loan  drives  by  this  time.  The  7th  is  two  great  drives  in  one.
                                                                      Let's  make  it  count!

                                                                             The  Navy  Independence  Day

                                                                           War  Bond  Campaign  is  now  on

                                                                            .fei'4- Maize  (jw,,  2uo-ta  (j""""'  $too Caci,,  <Jku  <Ji-me

                                                                      "POUR  OUT YOUR. MIGHT for the MIGHTY SEVENTH"
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