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PAGES             THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JUNE 16,  1945

      Telephone  Users  Urged       trying  to  complete  what  you  are   Diving  Classes  At    The Wolf                                by Sansone
                                    doing  before  you  answer.  Your
                                                                                                  Ctpynght  1945 b)  Leonard  Sansone: disttihlated  by Camp Newsp1pe1  Service
      To  Make  Calls  Brief        train  of  thought  has  already  been   O.T.S.  Prepare  Sailors           . --· -~:
                                      4.  Know the number you are call-  For  Ship  Repair  Work
      Continued from  Page 1-
                                    ing- don't  guess.  Use  the  Treas-
      volved  in  fascinating  conversa- ure Island directory when in doubt   To  combat  the  awkwardness  of
      tions when they are about to make   and  have  the  latest issue  handy.   under-water repair work in a  stan-
                                                                  dard diving suit, Operational Train-
      a  call,  and  apparently  lift  the  re-  We. asked  the  information  girl
      ceiver  to  let  the  operator  in  on   what  was  the  most  unanswerable   ing school  is  conducting  classes  in   ', •
                                                                  the  r,elatively  new  use  of  air-com-
      them. It is only after a  few "Treas-  question  she  was  ever  asked.  She   pressed diving masks.   J-~
      ure  Island's"  have  been  sounded   told  of  a  caller who,  when  finding
                                                                  result  of  this  air-compressed  ma- lit~
      that  their  attention  is  diverted  to   the  line  he  wanted  was  busy,   Repair  work  on  shell  holes  or
      their  intended  call.        asked,  "Do  you  know  how  long  it  damage  to  the  ships  screw,  has
        If  you  want  to  repent  for  your   will  be  busy ? "   been  reduced  to  a  minimum  as  a
      sins  and  become  an  operator's
      dream caller, here's what to  do :                          chine  that  houses  two  separate   t t ;J/
        1.  If there  is  an  emergency  and  Invention,  Research   units,  feeding  its  steady  supply of
      you  must  make  a  personal  call,                         oxygen  to the mask through eight
      make it brief and concise.    0-ffice  Inaugurated          lines caged in a  small corner of the   ;, , },:;,       :u/',ii}
        2.  In  answering  your  own  tele-  A  new Office of Research and In- diving-tank  pool  in  Gym  l':[o.  2
      phone,  it is  most  eff.ective  to  iden- ventions  to  guide  Navy  research  called the "header."   ~'  .. ,, .. ,
      tify your office  by its title or func- activities  has  been  established  by   Shallow-water diving  movies are    _ .. (;£t )''•c.~·
      tion,  and  then· give  your  name.   the  Navy  Department.  The  new  shown  at  the  school  on  Thursdays   ~;;:   ,;;y;,,~
        3.  Answer  your  t e 1 e p h ? n e  office is under direct supervjsion of  and  Fridays,  prior  to  the  actual
      promptly!  Nothing  is  gained  by  the  Secretary  of  the Navy.   training  in  the  tank,  to  acquaint
                                                                  the  sailor  with  the  type  of  mask,   ---
                                                                  precautions, safety methods and to   ~t  ~  _:;-.
      Tuberculosis  Problem  Being  Licked                        eliminate  any  possible  underwater
                                                                                                                        ··leer. please 1 '"
                                                                    Resembling  an  octopus  with  its
      By  New  Unit  on  Treasure  Island                         eight tentacles,  ready  to snatch its
                                                                  innocent  victim,  the  eight,  50-foot
                                    pass before a  mechanism that com-  lines,  serve  as  a  lifeline  from  the   Navy  Seabees  Salvage  The  Nurse Says
                                    putes  the  thickness  of  the  chest,   air-compressor  to  the  body,  pump-
      New X-Ray  Unit              I                              ing  ~ much as 85  to  90 pounds of   Japanese  Equipment,   Any Type Will
                                    and  the  photographing  equipment
                                    is  adjusted  accordingly.  Then  he   pressure  through the  rubber pass-
      ·Can  Examine  Over  steps  in  front  of  the  screen,  holds   age.  A  specially  constructed  lung   Build  Power  Plant   Do, Mates!
                                    his  breath for a  couple of seconds,   regulates the  tempo of  the  oxygen
      800 Men  Per  Day             the  camera  clicks  _and  that's  all   while  weights,  inserted  in·  a  con-  Complete  conversion  and  re-  They  need  ALL  types  too!  The
                                    there  is  to  it- for  him.   verted  cartridge case at the waist,   building of a  Japanese power plant  Treasure  Island  Blood  Bank is re-
        To carry out a  program affecting                                                       to  supply Army,  Navy and Marine  sponsible  for  keeping  an  adequate
      every  man  on  Treasure  Island  is   Now the film is taken to the dark-  3erve as the necessary dead ballast   installations on Tinian Island in the  supply  of plasma  and  whole  blood
      the  purpose  of  the  newly-commis- room  where  a  specially  trained   in  keeping  the  diver  on  the  bot-  Marianas has been accomplished by  aboard to meet the needs of Treas-
      sioned  X-ray  unit  at  Dispe,nsary  technician  (in this  case  a  PhM2c)   tom.  The  only  complaint  from  the   Navy Seabees.   ure  and  Yerba  Buena  Islands  or
      No.  1.                       develops  the  film,  which  at  first   pupil  is  that  a  few  added  pounds   Capable  of  producing  approxi- ships in the harbor. Sometimes they
        "The  problem  of  tuberculosis  in  glance  looks  like  it  might  be  a   in  the case would give the diver on   mately  700  kilovolt  amperes,  the  get low.
      the  naval  service  is  one  that  we  Donald  Duck  cartoon.  On  it,  how-  the sea-deck a  firmer hold.   system,  re-built from  100 per cent   This  very  thing  happened  just
      have  always  considered  to  be  of  eve·r,  are  hundreds  of  chests  late·r   All  gear is  checked  carefully by   enemy  equipment,  powered  by  last  week.  Three  severely  injured
      primary  importance,"  declared  Lt.  to be closely scrutinized  through  a  T.  Malone,  S2c,  before  anyone  is   Japanese  oil,  will  distribute  power  patients  at  the  hospital  needed
      R.  M.  Potter,  officer-in-charge  .of  viewer designed to enlarge the film  1llowed to don the prescribed equip-  through  Japanese  poles  to  Ameri- whole  blood- quickly.  The  bank's
      the unit.                     about four times. As previously ex- ment.  A  complete  service  job  is   can installations.   supply in the particular type needed
        "rt•is obvious that when men are  plained, 'if  a  questionable  chest  is  given  the  compressing  machine          had  been  exhausted.  To  cope  with
      this  far  along  from  the  recruiting  discovered, the man is identified by  :!very  75  hours,  including  the  oil   twice each week.   the situation a  loud-speaker system
      station," he further explains,  "they  the  number  on  the  film  and  re- ::hange and  over-haul.   A  distinct boom to civilian use is   was  set  up  and  the  island  thea-
      have  had  one,  if  not  two,  X-ray  called  for  a  retake  on  the  large   This  gear  has  been  especially  .expected from this well-packed ma-  tres  were  canvassed.  Dozens  of
      examinations. But assuming that it  film.  Otherwise,  the  film  is  rolled   equipped  for  diving  up  to  50  feet  chine that can be crowded into the   helpful  sailors  answered  the  des-
      is virtually impossible to attain 100  up and stored, becoming a  perman-  while  anything over  that is  left to  rear  of  an  automobile.  No  more   perate  call.
      per cent accuracy at the recruiting  ent  part of  the  individual's  health   the  deep-sea  diver.  This  makes  it  fear  of  losing  valuables  in  the   But  this  system  can  never  be-
      station,  it  is  our  aim  to  discover  record.            :nuch easier to work within a  con- water.  Just  roll  out  the  air-com-  come  the  rule  for  they  can  not
      those  cases  that  may  have  been   In  addition  to  processing  men  fined  space  where  a  heavy  diving  pressor,  adjust  the  mask  and  dis-  start  looking  for  donors  when  a
      missed,  and  those  that  were  so  "rom this  base, the unit will  exam- suit would  be a  hindrance.   appear  beneath  the  watery  depths   shipmate  is  dying.  Chaplain  Kelly,
      slight  as  to  escape  detection  at  ·.ne  men  from  naval  installation:   Men  taught  in  classes  of  15  into Neptune's  playground for your   coordinator .of the bank, stated that
      the  time of induction."       ·'1  the  surrounding area.   to  30  by  Chiefs  Ross  and  Mooney  lost prize.          100 donors a  week are needed.  The
        Though the principal function  of                                                                                     laboratory is  open from  0830  until
      the  unit is the examination for  tu-                                                                                    1130  and  from  1300  until  1430-
      berculosis, at the same time it per- K-Ray IJnlt Opens at Dispensary No.I-Quola,80011/ms Per Day                        Monday through Friday . . Coffee,and
      mits  the  study ·of  irregularities  of
                                                                                                                               doughnuts are served and a  card is
      the heart and of pneumonia.
                                                                                                                               given,  indicating  when  the  dona-
       Method Comparatively N-ew                                                                                               tion  was  made.  You  should  not
          Using  the  recently  developed                                                                                      make  donations  more  often  than
      35 mm. fluorography technique,  the                                                                                      once  eve·ry  two  months.
      crew can turn out from  100 to  150                                                                                       The bank  is  located between the
      films  per hour,  in marked contrast                                                                                     Waves'  quarters  and  the  Nurses'
      to  the  usual  14  by  17-inch  X-ray                                                                                   home  in  the  hospital  area.  The
      film,  which  yields  not  many  over                                                                                    building  is  No.  235- the  second
      30  films· per day.                                                                                                      from  the  corner  of  Fourth  street
       · The standard 14 by 17-inch cellu-                                                                                     and  Avenue  M  _towards  the  Hos-
       loid  film  is,  of  course,  ideal  for                                                                               pital.  Remember,  mates,  your type
      chest  X-ray  examination.  But  the                                                                                     is\ @e  of  those  needed.  Your  sp.ip-
      high cost of film  and processing,  to                                                                                   mates  will  appreciate  your  help,
      say  nothing  of  the  storage  bullt,                                                                                   and you,  yourself,  may desperately
      makes it entirely impractical. Even                                                                                      nee<;!  to  borrow  from  the  bank  at
      4  by  5-inch  film  costs  about  six                                                                                   any _unforeseen minute.
      times  as  much  as 35  mm.,  and  its
      use involves a very large, expensive
      lens  made  of  imported  optical                                                                                       All  Men  On  Leave
      glass,  and  there  are  few  of  these
      lenses  available  in  this  country.                                                                                    Eligihle  for  Ratfons;
        After  weighing  the  advantages
      and  disadvantages  of  all  methods,                                                                                    New  Books  for  Vets
      the medical department of the Navy
      has decided that fluorography with                                                                                        Service men and women on leave
       the  35  mm.  film  is  the  very  best                                                                                 or  furlough  should  contact, their
      solution  to its problem.                                                                                                local  OP A  War Price  and  Ration-
       A Screening Test                                                                                                        ing Board immediately on their a.r-
        The  35  mm.  process  is  not  in-                                                                                    ri val  at  home.  Men  on  leave  or
       tended  as  a  final  examination.  If                                                                                  furlough are eligible for food: ration
       technicians  find  a  suspicious-look-                                                                                  points  and ~n  some  cases shoe ,and
       ing chest,  a  standard 14 by 17-inch                                                                                   gasoline  c·o1.1pons.
       celluloid film  is made for  confirma-                                                                                   The OP A  is setting up  a  special
       tion  and  accurate  diagnosis.  The                                                                                    service  for  discharged  veterans  of
       small film  merely acts as a  sieve to                                                                                  this  war.  A  Veteran's  Advisory
       screen  out  the  abnormal  from  the                                                                                   Committee  is  being  organized  in •
      normal  chests.  It is estimated  that                                                                                   each  district  office  and  local  War
       no m'ore than one per cent of signi-                                                                                    Price and Ration Boards are asking
       ficant tuberculosis will be missed by                                                                                   returned  veterans  to  volunteer for   ~
       using 35  mm.  fluorography.                                                                                            a  few hours a  week of seryice.
       Fast  But  Thor,ough                                                                                                     Discharged  veterans  should  con-
        Amid  shining  equipment  that                                                                                         tact their local board and apply for
       pretty  bewildering  to  the  layman,  EVEN  THE  OFFICERS  LINE  UP  at  top  left  for   A.  Gortz,  PhM3c,  preparing  film  for  st,orage.  At  ration  books.  Veterans who  intend
       Dr.  Potter  and  his  five  assistants  t•heir  X-ray  examinations  at  the  newly-opened  unit   lower left is shown  Lt.  Potter, officer-in-charge of the  to  open their  own business will  be
       work  swiftly  but  carefully.  After   at Dispensary  No.  1.  At top  right,  operating the  ma-  unit,  and  his  staff.  Left  to  right,  they  are  A.  Gortz,   assisted in obtaining priorities  and
                                     chinery  that  measures  the  thickness  of  the  chest  is   PhM3c;  Q.  Ray,  HA1c;  J .. S.  Zablotowicz,  PhM2c;
       filling  out  a  card and  stripping  to                                                                                making  other  necessary  arrange-·
                                     J.  S.  Zablotowicz,  PhM2c .. The  scene  at  lower  left   L.  W.  Whitbred,  HA1c;  R.  E.  Talbot,  PhM3c;  and
       the waist,  the men to be examined  -.vas taken  in  the photographic dark-room and sh_<>_IIVS   Lt.  Potter.           ments  under  wartime  regulations.
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