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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  J UNE  23,  1945         PAGE  3

        T.  I.  SPLITS  EVEN
        IN STANDINGS  ..•              Alameda  Drops  T.  I.  From  League  Lead, 3-2

          Coast Guard's roaring Sea Lions                                                                                        Five Double  Plays
        dtopped  the  boom  on T.I.  Sunday,
        knocking  the  Pirates  into  second                                                                                     Produced  by  T. I.; lewis
        place  of  the  12th  Naval  District
        pennant  chase  for  the  first  time                                                                                    Fans  12  For  Sea  lions
        this year.
          The  3-2  victory  Alameda  scored                                                                                      In what may be classed as a  mild
        over  the  Pirates  was  understand-                                                                                     upset,_ the  bellowing  Sea  Lions
        able,  due  to  the  six errors charged                                                                                  from  Alameda  upset  the  dope
        against  Terasure  Island.                                                                                               bucket Sunday with their stunning
             AMERICAN  LEAGl:JE                                                                                                  3-2  victory  over  Treasure  Island.
        Standings          w.  L.  Pct.                                                                                            Until  their  encounter  with  the
        Alameda Coast Guard  8   1   .889                                                                                        Coa!jt  Guard,  T.I.  was  perched  at
        Treasure Island  .....  8   2   .800                                                                                     the  top  of  the  12th Naval  District
        Camp Parks ... . ... .  8   2   .800                                                                                     baseball heap,  but the sabbath day
        Fleet  City  .........  8   3   .727                                                                                     defeat  sent  the  Pirates  tumbling
        Coast  Guard  .......  6   4   .600                                                                                      into  second  place.
        Alameda Naval Air ..  6   4   .600                                                                                         Although five errors were racked
        St.  Mary's  ...... . ..  6   5   .545                                                                                   up  against  the  local  bellbottoms,
        Coast  Guard  Pilots . .  3   8   .273                                                                                   the  Bartell  chargers  got  some
        Albany  Land.  Force.  2   9   .222                                                                                      consolation in the five  double plays
        Armed  Guard  .... .. 2   9   .222  WHAM-Uoyd  Lowe,  Treasure  Island  third-sacker,   on  the  short  end  of  a  17-5  score.  Dunham  starts  t he  they produced.  Had it not been for
        Y erba Buena       0  10   .000   c,onnects with  a  fast -one that sent two men scurryin g   second  leg  -of  a  double  play  in  t he  Sea  U on- Pirate  the  heads-up  ball  on  the  part  of
                                       h,ome  ahead  of  him.  T his  blow  in  the  eighth  frame   game  Sunday.  Lewis  of  the  Sea  Li ons  struck  out  12   the  infield,  Alameda  might  have
                                      was one -of  the  many that sent Oakland  Supply home   baUers  as  his  team  won,  3-2.
        Softba ll                                                                                                                gone home With an even more ·con-
               P ACIF IC  LEAGUE                                                                                                 vincing win.
          Armed  Guard  dominates  play  in  Armed  Guard  Scores                                  'Chumps'  Clout  'Champs'       Alameda scored first in their half
        the  Pacific  league  of  the  softball                                                                                  of  the  second  on  a   single  by
        championship  while  the  Pre-Com- 7-6  Win  Over  Albany                                  In Armed Guard Softball;      Westlake,  Richardson's  error  of
                                                                                                                                 Schulte's fly,  and Belanger's double
        missioning  nine  moved  up  two
                                        Armed  Guard's  so  far  winless,                                                        that scored  both runners ..
         spots  in  the  standings  as  a  result                                                  Capt.  Flaherty  Hurls
        of their wins o•ver Mare Island and   baseball nine spotted Albany Land-                                                   Tauby  produced  the  initial  T.I.
        the Coast Guard.               ing  Force  six  runs in the  first  two                      It  was  a  seven-inning  pitching  run  on  a  double,  advanced  on  the
        Standings-         W.  L.   Pct.   innings  and  came  from  behind  to                    duel  betwe·en Captain Flaherty and  third  baseman's  error  and  scored
        Armed  Guard  . . . . . .  7   1   .875  win,  7-6.                                        Lt.  Commander  "Buck"  Grayson  on Dunham's long fly  ball.
        Shoemaker, TAD  . ..  6   2   .750   It was the second win in the 12th                     that developed when· the "Chumps"   Lewis,  the  Coast  Guard's  ace
  V      Camp  Parks  . . . . . . .  6   2   .750  Naval  District  for  the  Gunners              coached  by  Lt.  Commander  Gray- chucker,  helped  his  own  cause  by
                                       who  moved  up  a  notch  in  the                          -son  dumped  the  "Champs",  18-12.  singling  in  the  third  frame.  The
        Albany  Land.  Force.  5   2   .714
        Coast Guard  . . . . . . . .  4   4   .500   standings.  Eyrich,  Gunners'  fire-            The  Officers  softball  tilt  proved  next  batter  up  advanced  him  to
        Pre-Commissioning  :  4   4   .500   ball  artist,  pitched  three-hit  ball               rather  healthy  in  the  scoring  de- second  base  on  a  fielder's  choice,
         Coast Guard Pi1ots  . .  2   5   .286   for  the  innings  he  toiled  and  got           partment and  only  after Lt.  Baird  and Anido's  double  scored  him.
        Mare Island Builders .  2   6   .250   credit  for  the  victory.                          had  homered  in  the  second  frame   Treasure  Island  came  to  life  in
        Mare Island  . . . . . . . .  2   6   .250                                                 with  the  bases  loaded  did  either  the sixth when Lowe  doubled down
                                                                     LT. COMMANDER GRAYSO N  and  team look  to  advantage .
        N.  Supply,  Oakland.  :I,   7   . 125                       Captain  Flaherty  (ri ght)  square off                     the third base line,  and Tauby sin-
                                                                                                                                 gled  to  score  him.  Tauby  was  re-
              WESTERN  LEAGUE          Smoker  to  Feature           for  officers  soft ball  ti It.                            sponsible for  all  of T.I.'s  runs.
          Buried  in  the  scramble  for  the                                                                                      Bender  suffered  his  first  league
         Western  softball  loop  are  the  T.I.   Oakland  Supply-Frontier   Willie  Clemmons,  of  Oakland  Sup- Oakland,  of  PCL,  Halts   defeat  and  was  relieved  for  a
         Marines:  Losers.  in  the  first-half                      ply,  and  Hal  Fortner,  senior  run-                      pinch-hitter.  Lewis delivered  them
         play-offs, the Marines have already   Base  Boxers  Tuesday   ner-up for  the heavyweight crown.  T.  I.  Win  Streak,  6-S;   over  the  plate  for  Alameda  and
         dropped  an  opening  contest  to  the   Oakland Supply Depot brings her  Both lads can belt with either hand           whiffed  out  12  batters  in  the
         Naval  Barracks,  Vallejo.    prize punch pupils here  June 26, to  and  the  bout  isn't  expected  to  go  Richardson  Homers   process.
             Second  Round  Standings   battle  a  combined  T.I.-Frontier  the iimit.                                             Score by innings :
         Standings-        w.  L.  Pct.   Base  sock aggregation Tuesday,  in   A  top-notch  floor  show  fur-  Silvanic's  ninth-inning home  run    RH  E
         Vallejo  N.  Barracks .  1   0   1000   one-half  of  the  double  bill  on  the  nished  by  th.e  Armed  Forces  En-  -ended  Thursday's  Oakland-Treas-  Ala.  S.L.. .  021  000  000- 3  10  1
         Coast  Guard  ...... . 1   0   1000   tri-weekly smoker.    tertainment committee and brought   ure  Island  classic  in  story  book   T.I.  . . . . . .  010  001  000-  2  8  5
         Hunters Point  ......  0   0   .000   Scheduled for  heavy  duty  in  the  to  T .I.  by Paige  and Wise  will  un-  fashion,  as  the  rampaging  Oaks   Batteries- T.I. :  Bender,  Condon_
         Port Chicago Marines  0  ·o   .000   boxing  main  event  is  the  Pacific  ravel  their fun  prior  to  the  boxing   from  Emeryville  ended T.I.'s  reign   and  Sheely;  Alameda:  Lewis  and
         Port Chicag,o  . ... . ..  0   0   .000   C_oast  novice  heavyweight  champ,  show.      of  terror  on  Pacific  Coast  league   Hart.
         Tr.  Island  Marines . .  0   1   . 000                                                   baseball teams,  6-5 .
         12th N : Dist Hdqtrs ..  0   1   .000                                                       Treasure  Island  had  tied  up  the
                                                                                                   ball  game  in  the  last  half  of  the
              H OSP li A L  LEAG UE                                                                -eighth  inning  when  big  Bob  Wil- Softball Tourney looms
          Losers  of  three  consecutive  con-
                                                                                                   liams  doubled  to center field.  Dun-
         tests,  the  T. I.  Dispensary  and  the                                                  ham let two strikes go by and then  As  Biggest Ever;  Entries
         T.I.  Hospital  "Docs"  only  have  to
                                                                                                   smashed into what was presumably
         play  each  other  to  determine  the                                                     a  third  one,  knocking  it  just  a  Close  July 13
         rightful  cellar-dweller.
         Standings-        W.  L.  Pct.                                                            little  too  far  for  the  pitcher  and   Plans  for  a  gigantic  softball
         Oak  Knoll  . . . . . . . . .  3   0   1000                                               not  far  enough  for  the  second  tournament  that  will  terminate
         San  Leandro  Hosp.  . . 3   0   1000                                                     baseman. A  play was made at first,   with an extravaganza of entertain-
         USN Receiving  . . . . .  2   1   . 667                                                   allowing  Williams  to  score.  A .
                                                                                                   Raimondi  retired  the  side  before  ment  have  been  completed  for  the
         Shoemaker  TAD  . . .  1   2   .333                                                                                     week  starting  July  i3.
         T.I.  Disp . . .. . . .....  0   3   . 000                                                further damage was done .       Acti_vities  have  been divided  into
         T.I.  Hosp . . ....... . .  O   3   .000                                                    Here is where  outfielder Silvanic   three  divisions,  mainly:  A,  B,  and
                                                                                                   became  a  distasteful  word  in  the
                                                                                                                                 C.  Winners  of  each  class  will  be
                                                                                                   T.I.  dugout.  Two  men  had  flied
                                                                                                                                 awarded gold baseballs plus a  per-
         Oakland Supply  Depot                                                                     out  when  the  big  pasture  patroler   petual  trophy.  The  winner  of  the
                                                                                                   did his dirty work. One ball was all
                                                                                                                                 "A" division will  be chosen  to  rep-
         Is  17-S  Victim  of  T.  I~                                                              that  got  by  him  as  he  plastered   resent  T.I.  in  the  California  State
                                                                                                   Wilson's  next  offering  completely
           Overcoming a  four-r1;111  lead piled,,                                                 past  leftfielder  Richardson's  out-  play-offs.
                                                                                                                                   Activities  interested  in  entering
         up  by  the  Oakland  Supply  Depot                                                       stretched arm, for a  home run. And   a  team can do so by contacting Lt.
         in  the  first  two  innings,  the  T.I.   BIR DS  OF A  FEATH ER-Just some ,of the rugged  ringsters developed   there  went your  ball  game.   Patrick, Ex-685, or Chief Spaulding
         Pirates  bombarded  Sierko  in  the  in  the  Gym  No.  1  emporium  of  punch.  Left to  right,  front:  Instructor   Oakland  collected  four  runs  in   at  EX-682.
         following  five  frames  for  16  hits  Eddie  Irvin,  Hank  Watkins,  Ernie  Woods,  Andrew  Chapman,  Henry  their  half  of  the  third  stanza  on
         in scoring a  lopsided 17-5 win,  Sat-  Pfifer;  back  row:  Lou  Fioila,  Mickey  Young,  Acey  Rogey,  Phil  Pales-  singles  by Raimondi, Zidich,  Hafey
                                       t ina,  Bi ll  Rousseau  and  chief  instructor  Chuck  Pinz,one.
         urday.                                                                                    and a  long double  by Picetti.  They   Bay  Area  .Boys' Team
           Lloyd  Lowe  collected  three  hits                                                     had  previously  hung  one  marker
         in  four  official  trips  to  the  plate,   Instructors  Voice  The   combine their skills and knowledge   on  the  score·  board  when  Hafey   Drops  6-S  Contest
         one  being  a  homer  in  the  eighth                       in  giving  you  the  spirit  and  fight   walked,  advanced  on  a  fielder's
         stanza with two  mates aboard.   Necessity  of  Boxing;     that makes our Navy the toughest   choice  and  scored  on  Caufield's   To  Treasure  Island
           Grantham  handled  the  pitching                          afloat.                       single.
         chores  for  T.I.  in  the_ nonJJeague   Pinzone  New  Edition   Bill  Rousseau,  Martin  Smith,   Richardson  blasted  a  homer  in   Treasure Island scored a  6-5  vic-
         contest.                                                    Jackie Burke and Phil Palestina act   the  third  frame  while  doubles  by  tory  over  the  Esquire  Boys'  ball
                                                                     as second fathers to you punch en-
                                         Getting results and using them to                         Williams  and  Bartell  and  a  single  club Friday,  but not until  the  East
  V                                    advantage  are  two  problems  that   thusiasts  who  want  to  learn  the   by Tauby  in  the  fourth,  accounted  Bay  All-Stars  had  given  a  good
            SPORTS  SC HEDU L E  F OR                                patten-leather trade.
                  T HIS  WE EK         are being tackled  by  the  new  crop                       for  the  four  markers  in  the  early  account of  what  the  younger  gen-
                                                                       Talent  is  plentiful  but  the  in-
          Baseba ll  · .. .            of boxing instructors who have set   .structors  are  always  looking  for   going.       eration has to offer . .
            Treasure  Island  vs.  Hamilton   up  shop in·Gym No.  1.                                Oakland  used  15  men  and  two   The  Esquire  team will  represent
          Field,  June  23,  at  Hamilton                            new  performers  who  want  to  box   pitchers in the process of trimming  the  East  Bay  area  in  the  Legion
                                         Endowed  with  the  managerial  on  smokers,  bond  shows,  and  hos-
          Field.                                                                                   T.  I.,  while  the  local  bat-toters  play-offs,  and  should  have  no
                                       reins  of  the  "sock  'em  and  rock  pital  benefit  shows.  There  is  no
            Treasure  Island  vs.  Coast                                                           were  content  with  their  original  trouble  in  reaching  the  round  of
                                       'em" trade that is rapidly becoming  fear  of  being over-matched.
          Guard Surf Riders, Sunday, June                                                          line-up except for  the pinch-hitting  eight  with  such  a  well-rounded
                                       one of the  more  attended sports  in   Some of  the  lads  pictured above
          24,  at Coast Guard.                                                                     of Marshall in the ·ninth.  Score by  squad.
                                       ·the  country  is  Charley  Pinzone,  had never  donned  a  pair of  gloves
            Treasure  Island  vs.  Los  An-  Sp(A)2c.  Charley,  a  versatile  per- until  they  had  entered  the  punch   innings:   Shortstop Arenrich wa.s a fielding
          geles  of  PCL,  Thursday,  June                                                                                R  H  E  standout  as  well  as  a  batting
                                       former  if  there  ever  was  one,'  fil!.s  school  as  elementary  pupils.  Now,
          28, here at 1430.            the  gap  left by popular  chief  Max  most  of  them  can  handle  their   Oakland   014  000  001-  6  8  3  menace.
          Smoker  .. .                 Marek.                        dukes with the best of them.   T.I.  . . . . . .  001  300  010-  5  9  1
            T.I.-Frontier Base vs. Oakland                             Don't  be _afraid  to  ask  for  help.   Batteries-T.I.:  Sheely. and  Wil-  A  girl who  slaps her  sweetheart
                                         A  capable  squad  of  "right  hand
          Supply,  plus  Floor  Show,  Gym   men"  who  not  only  teach  but who  It is. there  for  your  benefit.  Take  son;  Oaks:  A.  Raimondi,  Lotz,  B.  may  not  want  to hurt his feelings
          No.  1,  Tuesday, June 26,  at 1915.                                                      Raimondi,  French.            as much as she wants to stop them.
                                       actually gel: in there and show you  advantage of it.
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