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PAGE  2          THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JUNE  23,  1945

                                                                MORE  ABOUT                    The  ls/anti  Trotter
    * *                                             *      * WAR  BONDS

    Official  Treasure  Island  publication  distributed  every  Saturday  without  cost  to  the   Continued  from  Page  1-  If yott were in charge  of Treasure  ,
    officers,  enlisted  personnel,  and  employees  of  Treasure  Island.  All  communications  and  ing  stamp  which  will  make  the  Island  War Bond Drive,  what ki-nd
    conldbutions  should  be  directed  to  The  Editor,  Recreation  and  Entertainment  Divi•
    siob,  Treasure Island,  San  Francisco,  California. Phone:  EXbrook  3931,  Extension  69.  bonds  invaluable  souvenirs.   of  campaign  would  you  mggest  to
                                                                 Records  Are  Expected        help boost. the sales?
                      COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN
              Commander  U.  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distribution  Center   'A number of records are expected   S.  G.  Goodelman,  _RT3c,  Radio
                                                                 to  be set on Treasure Island before   Materiel  School.  If I was in charge
                      CLYDE  F.  BABB,  Sp(X)3c,  USNR          the  campaign  swings  into  the
                                Editor                                                         of the ·war loan drive,  I  would sug-
                                                                 home-stretch.  The  Treasury's  Sev- gest  a  few  things  which  would
           Robert  E .  Johnson,  Y2c  -  R ex  N.  Olsen,  Y2c,  Associate  Editors   enth War  Loan has  pegged,  as  its  probably  help  boost  th-e  sales.  The
    C;.1rolyn  N.  Brown,  Ylc,  Waves  Editor   Robert  H .  Perez,  BM2c,  Sports
                                                                 quota for individual purchasers, the  scarcest  thing  on  this  base  is  lib-
                     Bruce  A.  W erlhof,  Phl\'!3c,  Reporter
              £The  Masthead  uses  Camp  Newspaper  Service  Material)   largest  amount  yet  stipulated  by  erty,  so  I  would  suggest  that  lib-
                                                                 the  Treasury-----seven  billion  dollars  erty  be  given  to  the  activ,ity  that
     TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  JUNE  23,  1945  - with the  over-all  ql!ota  set at 14  sells  the  most war  bonds.  Perhaps
                                                                 billion.                      a  72-hour  special  liberty would  do
                                                                  Navy  personnel  will  undertake  the  trick.
                                                                 its  share  of  this  quota.  For  tha,t   Most  of  the  fellows  would  enjoy
                                                                 reason  and  others,  the  final  total  a  real  stage  show  with  plenty  of
                                                                                                                               But  seriously,.  Radio  Materiel
                                                                 of Navy purchases .during the cam- zip  comedy,  gags  and girls.  Maybe
                                                                                                                             School  can  play  ball  with  all  the
                                                                 paign  should  be  consider,ed  higher  a  good  Hollywood  Victory  Com-
                                                                                                                             boys  who  do  a  good  job.  A  worth-
                                                                 than  that of last December's  Pearl  mittee  show  would  help  increase
                                                                                                                             while reward for the activity which
                                                                 Harbor  Day  campaign,  wheh  the  the  purchase  of  bonds  by  having
                                                                                                                             sells  the  most  bonds  would  be  to
         The ruins  of  Berlin  on  May  8 were  an  appropriate  setting   concurrent  Sixth  War  Loan  drive  each  man  buy  a  bond  for  admis-  give  the  fellows  a  swell  time  at
                                                                 posed a  lesser objective.    sion.
     for  the signing of the  articles  of unconditional  surrender by  the                                                  Hotel  Claremont  in  Berkeley-
                                                                 An  Outstanding Start           Theres  nothing  like  a  lively
     German High Command.                                          Treasure  Island  has  put  its  party,  and  I  would  also  suggest   along with  a  "72."
                                                                                                                               M-onr-oe  C.ox,  SK2c,  Receiving
         The  surrender  marked  the  end  of  over  five  years  of  the   shoulder  to  the  wheel  with  some  that  a  party  be  given  in  honor  of   Ship.  Why  use  a  war  bond  cam-
     bloodiest war in history and it immediately touched off scenes of   unusually  good  results.  Bond  ral- the  activity  that  sells  the  largest   paign to  g-et  a  man to buy bonds?
                                                                 lies  during  the  lunch  hour  have  number  of  bonds.  A  good  .slogan
     varying  celebration  in  the  capitals  of  the  world  (Tokyo  ex-                                                    After  all,  he's  the  one  going  to
                                                                 bef:!n  held in the Industrial Division  for  the  party  would  be  "a  blonde
     cepted) , as well as  on Main Street everywhere.            and Public Works. Lt. George Dye·r,  with  a  bond."        benefit  from  them.  Sure,  sure,  I
                                                                                                                             know  the  comeback  answer.  P eo-
         But after the first excitement had subsided, there were sober   Mrs.  Ha rvey,  Ens.  Sharp  and  Mrs.   James  L.  Lockhart,  SM3c,  Re-  ple  don't  respond  that  way.
     second thoughts.                                            Johnson are part of the hard-work-  ceiving  Ship.  Well,  if  it'·s  bonds   Maybe  there  is  a  good  point  in
                                                                 ing  team  whose  work  and  ideas   that  you  want  to  sell-and  sell  a
         Two down  and one to  go!  But the one to  go  still  promises  are bound to  bring results.                        helping  a  man  help  himself.  But
                                                                                               lot of  them-there  is  no  campaign  just  the  same,  if  I  was  in  charge
     the  bitterest  and  most  sanguine -struggle  of  all,  with  no  holds   Operational   Training   School,   necessary.  Just  arrange  it  so  that  of  the  war  loan  drive  here,  I
     barred  and  the  ultimate  in  sacrifice  the  portion  of  victor  and   Radio  Materiel  school  and  Tadcen   every  man  who  buys  a  ten  thou- would  go  all  out  to  help  put  the
     vanquished alike.                                           Administrative  Unit  have  com-  sand  dollar  war  bond  will  get  his   drive  over.  For one  thing,  I  would
                                                                 pleted  their  organization  for  the   discharge  forthwith.   They'H  dig  sponsor an all-star stage show and
         So  tough will  be  the  concluding phase  of the  war that  the  mighty  Seventh  Drive  and  are  al-  deep,  brother,  and  I  mean  deep!   bond  rally,  with  name  bands  now
     nation's highest naval and military leaders warn against any  let-  ready adding their total of advanc-e   V.  E.  Nigro,  CBM,  Western  Sea  in San Francisco, stage and screen
     down  now.  The  unanimous  appeal  is  to  roll  up  our  sleeves,   sales.              Frontier,  Northern  Calif.ornia.  If I  stars participating. There would be
                                                                   Over $200,000 in bonds have been
     tighten  our belts,  step up our war production,  endure still more   sold  so  far  and  with  such  an  out-  was  in  charge  of  the  war  bond  no  admission,  but I  would  leave  it
     sacrifices  in  our  domestic way  of  life-and  buy  still  more War  standing  beginning,  there  is  li.ttle   campaign,  I  would  stress  in  it the  up  to  the  guest  stars,  women,  of
                                                                                               fact  that  purchasing  bonds  is  an  course,  to  sell  bonds  during  the
     Bori.ds!                                                    doubt that Treasure Island will  top   easy way to save money for future  show.  They  could  raffle  off  some
         The Navy will present a timely opportunity for us to do  the   the $500,000 figure  long before  the   use.  If a  man buys some war bonds  personal  belongings  and  I'm  sure
     latter during the Independence Day Extra War Bonds campaign,   -end of  the  drive.       and  salts  them  away  until  he gets  that  would  keep  the  fellows  shell-
                                                                                               out  of  service,  he  will  have  more  ing  out  with  the  dough.
     which  runs  its course from June 22  through July 7.                                     money  by the  time they mature.   J .  B.  Swain,  F1c, YP,  South  Pier.
         N ot only to throw our every ma'terial resource into the epic  Bond  Drive  to  Be  Last   I  would  also stress  the fact that   I  never  thought  much  about  war
     struggle  with  Japan,  soon  to  mount  in  fury,  but  also  to  make   Sponsored  By  Navy;   the  men  who  buy  war  bonds  are   bond  drives .. It  seems  to  me  that
     more  certain  our  own  future  financial  independence,  the  Navy                      building  future  security  for  them- all  tha,t  is  necessary  to  boost  the
                                                                                               selves  and  at  the  same  time  they  sales  is  tell  the  guys  where  .they
     spans  its  bond-buying  campaign  over  the  space· of two weeks to   Allotments  Encouraged   are helping  the  government:   can find the war bond officer. That's
     afford us every opportunity to buy bonds to the hilt.                                                                   the way we do business aboard our
                                                                   According  to  a  communication   There  will  be  plenty  of  com-
         Over and  above  all  other  ob)ectives,  the forthcoming  cam-  from  the  Secretary  of  the  Navy,   petition  in  the  postwar  world  and   ship.
     paign should give  this  one  answer  to  the  now desperate  Japs- the coming Navy Independence Day   a  man  who  has  some  money  in-
     that  the  American  family,  and  particularly  its  Navy  members,  "Extra" Cash War Bond Sale, June   vested  in  war  bonds · will  have  a
                                                                                               worthwhile  stake  during  the  re- Navy  Fliers  Down
     are not only  jealous  of their prerogatives  of personal  independ-  22  through July  7,  will  be the  last
                                                                 Navy "Extra" War Bond campaign.   adjustment  period.
     ence and freedom  of action,  but are eager to say it in every way                                                      11,601  Jap  Aircraft
                                                                   The  department will  continue  to   Al  Coon,  RM1c,  Radio  Materiel
     possible,  including their full  support of the bond program . .   accent  the  Navy's  payroll  savings  School.  There  are  many  things  a   Increasing  their victory  ratio  as
         The  complete  success  of  the  Seventh  War  Loan  and  of  and  bond  allotment plans,  for  it is  fellow  could  suggest  to  h_elp  boost  the Allies  continue  to  redball  their
     N avy's important part in it, will demonstrate clearly that America   through  these  regular  mediums  the  sales  of  war  bonds  on  this  yvay  into  nuc1eus  of  enemy  de-
                                                                                                                             fenses,  Navy  and  Marine  fliers  de-
                                                                 that  78  per  cent  of  the  Navy's  island.
     does not intend to let up with the surrender of Germany, but will
                                                                 grand  total  of  $1,200,000,000  in   I  don't  think  the  Navy  has  said  stroyed at least 1,782  Japanese air-
     throw  everything it has  into the overwhelming defeat of Japan.   bonds have been purchased.   anything  about  ·adopting  a  point  craft,  while  losing  188,  during  the
                                                                   Currently over 93  per cent of all   system similar to that of the Army,  three-month  period  ending  March
                                                                 civilian employees are investing 11   but  should  they  do  so there  would  31,  1945,  bringing the tally for  the
                                                                 per cent  of  their gross  pay and 58   be  an  angle  to  help  increase  the  entire  war  to  11,601  to  2,070-a
                                                                 µer  cent  of  the  personnel  of  the   sales.  All  you  would  have  to  do  is  favorable score of 5.6  to 1.
                                                                 Navy,  Marine  Corps  and  Coast   give a  man an extra 100 points for
                                                                 Guard have bond allotments. Under   every  ten  thousand  dollars  worth   Run to the  fe.rry,  Nellie, you  can
                                                                 this  system  the  "Navy  family"  is   of war bonds  which  he  sells.   give  him  the  slip  there.
                                                                 salting  away  $44,000,000  a  month
                                                                 in Series "E" War Bonds alone.
                                                                   The facilities for the purchase of  11111 ON EYES AND EARS.         • •
                                                                 bonds  of  Series  "E,"  "F"  and  "G"
                                                                 for  cash  through  regular  issuing
                                                                 agencies  and  through the Personal
                                                                 Remittance  Plan  will  continue  as
                                                                 heretofore, so  that the  "Navy fam-
                                                                 ily"  will  have  ample  facilities  to
                                                                 continue  to  purchase  these  extra
                                                                 best  investments  in  the  world-U.
                                                                 S. War Savings Bonds.

                                                                 Nazis  Sunk  92 Ships
                                                                 On  U.  S.  Gulf Coast
                                                                   Nazi U-Boats attacked 111 ships,
                                                                 sinking 92  of them, from F ebruary,
                                                                 1942,  till  V-E  Day,  along  the  Gulf
                                                                 Sea  frontier,  which  includes  the
                                                                 coast of Florida, the Bahamas, half
                                                                 of Cuba,  and the  entire Gulf coast-
                                                                 line.  Of  this  total,  only  four  were
                                                                 attacked  in  1943,  and  none  since.
                                                                 Twenty-five  shlps  got  the  works
                                                                 right outside  N  w ·orleans alone.
                                                                   The Navy estimates that at least
                                                                 two subs a  month  were sent to  the
                                                                 Gulf-Sea frontier early in 1942, and
                                                                 by  May  there  were  at  least  nine
                                                                 and possible  16 loose in the  region.
                                                                 It  was  estimated  that' at  least  38
       "If you  forget  our  anniversary  again,  I'll  get ,a 48-hour   U-Boats  were fought ·by  the  Navy  NOT  HARD  TO  LOOK  AT  OR  TO  LISTEN  TO  are  Flo  and  Jo  Cook,
                    pass  and  go  home to  motherl"             in the area during the war,  but the   double  xyl,opho·nists  from  Indianapolis,  Ind.  They  are  part  of  the  USO
                                                                 number sunk was not given.    Variety _show,  " Broadway  Maneu_ve ~s"  to  be· :present,ed  at  Verba  Buena
                                                                                               Theatre,  W-ednesday, June 27 at 1930.
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