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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JUNE  23,  1945          PAGE 3
      A Navy  Baker's                                             Navy  to  Aid  War  Vets      supply stations, air bases and other  training  they  will  need  upon  their
                                                                                                activities, already has placed on its  return.
      Woes - Cakes  Fall;             ~~~  Naval  Employment                                    employment rolls more than 15,000   In  this  manner,  it is  hoped  that
                                                                                                war  veterans  and  the  number  is  definite  plans  can  be  made  to  ab-
      Pies  Turn  tl>  Pancakes      111111  11'11tl IE  1111 IE \'t\'f S   The  Navy  has  taken  steps  to   growing monthly.   sorb  vets  who  have  reemployment
                                                                  assure  discharged  vets  of  their
                                                                                                  "The  Department  recognizes .the  rights,  and  to  properly  employ
       Navy  cooks  and  bakers;  like  all                       rightful  opportunities  as  civilian
                                      Action  came  early  for  Johnny                          importance  of  proper  planning  to  those  who  through  injuries  may
      cooks  and  bakers,  take  special                          employees in naval establishments.
                                    Lane, RM3c,  who has yet to see  his                        assure the best possible  placement,  have  become  handicapped.
      pride  in  preparing  the  delicacies   second year of Navy life. And there   A  recent lette_r  to all Navy shore   utilization  and  adjustment  of  the
      which  give  crewmen  and  officers                         establishments, Rear Admiral F . G.
                                    is good reason for the early hostili-                       large number of returning veterans
      welcome  relief from  standard fare.                        Crisp,  Director of Shore  Establ"sh-
                                    ties because his enlistment at Knox-                        who  will  be  added  to  the  forces  of   And  We  Thought  the
       Fluffy,  light  rolls  and  biscuits   ville, Tenn., while still a  school boy,   ments  and  Civilian  Personnel,  di-  all  shore  stations,"  Rear  Admiral
      which  melt  in  the  mouth;  firm,                         rected personnel officers  to study a
                                    gave early indications of a  hazard-                        Crisp said in his letter.     Navy  Was  Alphabetized
      flavorsome  lemon  pies  with  thick,  ous bellbottom career.   plan  for  the  appointment  of  a   The  program  calls for  the  study
 V    quivering  meringue ;  cakes  with   The  wiry,  blond-thatched  Lane,  Civilian Veteran Placement Advisor
                                                                                                and  preparation  by  the  Veterans'   This  is  the  Army  .  .  .  PDQ,  or
      creamy icing;  these  are  the  things  veteran of 10-months overseas duty  in each activity.   Advisor  of  plans  for  absorption  of  the saga of a  GI in  "apsule form.
      which  the  Navy  baker  prepares  in  the  Marianas,  Saipan,  Guam,   The  division  of  Shore  Establish- vets  as  civilian employees.  He  will   · A  couple  of  soldiers  in  the  In-
      with the care and pride of an artist.• Carolinas and the Marshalls, looked  ments and Civilian Personnel, which   determine the experience and skills   fantry  Repl.  Cent.  of  Camp  Croft,
       There  are  conditions  with which  much  older  than  the  19-years  he  administers the employment of ap- of  vets  entitled  to  reemployment,  S.  C.,  inspired  by  the  alphabetic
      they  have  to  contend,  however;  claimed ownership to. Johnny didn't  proximately  750,000  civilians  in  and to  ascertain  as far  in  advance  abbreviations  used  by  the  Army,
      conditions  with  which  any  house- waste  much  time      Navy shipyards, ammunition depots,  of their return as possible  by com- worked  out  this  history  of  a  sol-
      wife,  who  has  seen  her cake  "fall"   after boot camp and                             munication  with  them  what  addi- dier's  career  in  the  Army,  using
      when  Junior,  or  several  Juniors,
                                    radio  school.  Duty          in less time  than it takes to play a  tional  qualifications  they  have  ob- every letter in the  alphabet:
      have galloped through the kitchen,
                                    aboard  an  ill-fated         quarter  of  a  football  game.   tained  during  military  service.  He   1-A,  RC,  IQ,  PX,  KP,  TS,
      as  lightly  as  a  herd  of  elephants,
                                    A.VD  sent Lane scur ..         Lane  is  pretty  happr  about  the  also  will  determine  what  type  of  SNAFU,  IRTC,  BN,  ITB,  GFU,
      at the  wrong moment,  can sympa-  rying  to  the  South    32  days leave accorded him. All his  work  the  vets  now  desire  and  be- AWOL,  MP,  CM,  JA,  PBY,  POM,
                                    Pacific.   Here   he          thoughts  run  in  one  trend,  "full  lieve  they  are  fitted  to  perform,  POE,  APO,  V-1,  CDD,  PH,  DSC,
        For instance.                                             speed ahea d."                and how much training or refresher  Zl,  USA,  HOME.
                                    spent  a  moderately
        Ronald  C.  Hoover,  Baker,  Sec-  quiet time, patroling
      ond  Class,  was  a  baker  before  the   the  area  until  his  recent  journey
      war  in  Lancaster, _Penn.,  the  city  to  the  battle  - scorched  Okinawa
     ' where his wife,  Mrs.  Sadie Hoover,  sector.
      and  daughter,  La  Verne,  now  live.   "Japs really live up to all stories
      In the  Navy  he  was  assigned  to  a  about  fanaticism,"  states  Lane.
      landing  ship  in  the  Pacific.   "This  one  baby  that  crash-dived
        Until  it went  into  battle  off  Lu- into  the  bridge  of  our  ship  never
      zon  Island in  the  Philippines,  Hoo- had  a  chance  and  he  knew  it.  The
      ver  had  been  very  happy,  baking  body of the suicide  pilot was never
      the  things  which  made  his  ship- found,  but  the  parting  gift  he  left
      mates  reach  for  "seconds."  The  behind  will  never  be  forgotten  in
      night  before  the  invasion,  Hoover  my mind."
      baked  biscuits  for  morning  chow.   The  sinking  occurred  about  120
      That morning he was baking cakes.  miles  off  the  beaches  of  Okinawa
        Suddenly there  was  an explosion  with  casualties  relatively  light.
      to  the  port  side  of  the  ship.  Al- Twenty minutes was all it took for
      though  Hoover  was  wounded,  his  the ship to sink to its watery grave.
      only  expressed  regret was  that he  One  year's  toil  had  been  destroyed
      hadn't  been  able  to  serve  his  bis-.
      cuits  and  that  his  cakes  all  came  most  continuous  Jap  aerial  bom-
      out with a  port list.        bardment  without  suffering  a  cas-
        Richard K.  Schwarz, Baker, Sec- ualty-except  for  Schwarz'  pies.
      ond  Class,  ·of  Long  Island,  N.  Y.,  Schwarz  divided  his  time  between
      formerly  with  a  pie  company  in  his  battle  station  at  a  fantail  gun
      New York City is another who feels  and  the  galley  bake  shop.  "Every
      that  a  landing  ship  during  an  in- time  our  40  millimeters'd  go  up,
      vasion is  not the  place for a  baker  my  cakes'd  go  down,"  Schwarz    - - - -                          --
      to  produce  the  best  in  cakes  and  commented.  "And  those  40  milli-  -- ~: -:-.. -.; -: .. . -_: ;. -~:; -:..=-~~-:.::; = .: --
      pies.  Schwarz  didn't  have  too  meters were  really hot those  days.   . - ·-  .-  -      --
      many complaints until his ship par- I  was  serving  pancake  pies  most
      ticipated  in  the  invasion  of  Leyte,  of  the  time.  And  when  the  guns                                               ffe8 PATT£RSotl
      in  the  Philippines.         weren't  going,  the  ocean  was.   THE  HOIST                                                       t/.S'IVl'c
        During the  D-days  at Leyte,  the  Rough water- wavy cakes. Whatta
      ship  underwent  seven  days  of  al- life  for  a  baker!"                                       "FIRE  ONE!"

                                                       c:~ ..  ;:I  ~: 1 Jr,F-<l  5r(iJ                                            €~~~ .. LINC  MOV\N'

                                                                                      ,(GULP):   q                     •            "
                                                                               I  C.                   --,,..._r--     ,                     ' I
                                                                              ✓--- 0                                             or  ,, r    '
                                                                               -  ).:)                               '
                                          ..  ~                                                                                        '
                                       _-/;-  ~~~
                                     .. ,

                                                                                                                                                   , ...  ~
           IRST  Of ALL,  Wt::  ~\)ST                                                                                              ....       UI\JG- Hf.~o
        HA\lf  A HUNG-RY  SAILOR··:                                                                                       OF TH t  f\JAVY,  THf MAN OF  TH'
                                                                                                                           Hou~! .... You~  PA l, AND  MIN~
       (-(wHIC.H  SHouLt>~'T 8€.  TOO
        HARD  To  f:"1/\ID )  ....                                                                                            c:TH'  cootr.!!!
                                                                                                                                IMM~ A eu              - ,,
                                                                                                                                              I   OkE,  ,,.
                                                                                                                                                   '(3.1.  -a.'.

                 - ~
        Cr.HE  RfAL "Pll\)•UP"  Bo'f  OF THE
       Gi:\LLE:1, IS  THE  0(5S0~.T r<lAN,  HE
                                                                                                                      ~ow .... LET us  PA\JS€  Fot'{  A
       t\AJ\ll)LE.S  rce CR~AM,  PIE I CAICE,                                                                       Mo M(.l'JT H~~E. OU"'  H~A~TS  <i-O  OUT
       €TC. ••  A'-10  ALL TH' 8o'f S  l.OV€                                                                        TO  TH~ Poo~ ~IVILIAN .... ,LIFE'..  SE.€/Y\S
                                                                                                                    To P~SS  HIM  B'f THINI<. Of- \IJHAi  H€ S
       HIM ... _ ...  (6UT IT  00€.SN'T  Do  ANY                                                                                    1
                                                                                                                    /V\15511\l c;.., .... PooR. UI\JFO~Tv/\JATE  G-uY."
         Gooo").••··                                                                                                        ... LUCKY  us/ ...
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