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PAGE  2           THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JUNE  23,  1945

     Hollywood  Pin-Up  Parade                                   Ensign  Finds                 Marine  Sergeant ·ralks  It  Over  With  a Senator

                                                                 Ship  at  Last -
                                                                 Wrong  One
                                                                   A  treasure  hunt  is  okeh.  But
                                                                 then,  you  can  overdo  even  a  good
                                                                   Take  the  case  of ·  20-year-old
                                                                 Ens.  Irving Ojala of Berkeley, who
                                                                 set out to join his first ship, hunted
                                                                 for two months over  20,000 miles of
                                                                 Pacific,  only  to  find  her  sitting  a t
                                                                 San Pedro- no  longer his  ship.
                                                                   He  had  been  detached  and  as-
                                                                 signed  to  one in  the  Philippines.
                                                                 Story of an  Odyssey
                                                                   Yesterday at Oak  Knoll Hospital
                                                                 where  he  is  under  observation,  the
                                                                 young  Ensign  told this story:
                                                                   Ojala,  commissioned  from  the-
                                                                 ROTC at the University of Califor
                                                                 nia, Jeff  San Francisco in March tc
                                                                 catch  up  with his ship  at a  Pacific
                                                                 rendezvous. Missing the rendezvous.
                                                                 he continued aboard the ship he wa:::
                                                                 riding,  which,  after landing  at  the
                                                                 New  Hebrides,  detoured  to  New
                                                                 Caledonia,   picking   up   troopr
                                                                 through  the  Solomons  and  New  DETACH ED  from the  Marine Guards on  Treasure  Island for temporary
                                                                 Guinea,  and landed  them  at Leyte   duty  at  the  U,nited  Nations  Conference  is  Marine  Staff  Sergeant  J,oel
                                                                                                Taylor.  He  is  shown  above  with  Senator  Tom  Connally  of  Texas, _a
                                                                   Ojala said he crossed from Leyte
                                                                                                United  States, de.legate.  Taylor, .who  acts  as  an ·orderly  to  the  Naval
                                                                 to Sama r,  and learned his ship had  Advisory  Board  officers  in  the  State  Department of the conference,  is  a
                                                                 put  in  there,  and  was  on  its  way  veteran of Guadalcanal, Tulagi  and  Guam.
                                                                 back  to  the  States,  stopping  at
                                                                 Takes to  Airplane            Alarm Spreads Over Jap Suicide Plane
                                                                   He  picked  up  a  ride  on  a  Naval
                                                                 Air  Transport  Service  plane  and   Attaclts on  fl. S. Sl,lps,- War End Delayed'!
     FASHION  MODEL-It  would  be  obvious  at  a  glance  that  Pat  Clark  landed  at  Kwajelein,  only  to  find
     could  be  a  very  successful  fashion  model,  beca·use  she  knows  what  to  his  ship  had  left  Eniwetok  for  the   J apanese sui: ide plane attacks on  have  called  the  country's  attention
     wear and  how to wear it. Then, too,  she  casts  such  a  beautiful  shadow   States ..   U.  S.  warships  have  brought  this  to  this  state  of  affairs  and  have
     Actually,  Pat was a  New York  model  before she  was spotted  in  a  night              country  up  against  a  situation  so  urged  ship  repair  workers  to  stay
     club  by  a  talent  scout  from  Warners.  These  talent  scouts  are  really  on   Ar.riving at San Pedro, Ojala said
     their toes,  aren't they?                                   he  found  his  ship  there,  but  wa::   -:ritical  that,  Manpower Chief Paul  on  the  job.
                                                                 told  he  had  been  detached- as-  V.  McNutt  said  today  "the  end  of   In his message to Congress Presi-
     The  Australians  Have        going to engage in a little chat with  signed to a  ship in the Philippines.   the war may be seriously delay~~-"  dent  Truman  disclosed  that- Navy
                                    a  man  over  the  wire.  Moan  and
                                                                                                 Naval  observers  believed· success  and  Coast  Guard  casualties  off
                                                                   On reporting-to  12th Naval Dis -
     A. Word  For  lt,-             Wail is a  jail.  Tit for Tat is a  hat.  trict headquarters,  he  said  he  wai?  of  the  suicide  attacks  off  Okinawa I Okinawa up,t °i May 29 had reached
                                    Lump  of Lead  is  the  head,  we  re- sent  to  Treasure  Island  Hospita:  might  for:e  the  Pacific  high  com- the  unprecedented  total  of  4729
     Say  Correspondents            peat.  Dicky  Dirt  is  a  shirt.  Mince  for a  medical examination and then  mand  to  make  changes  in  ship  killed  and  4640  wounded.
                                                                                               equipment  and  perhaps  in  tactical
                                                                                                                               Admiral  Raymond  A.  Spruance,
                                    Pies,  the  eyes.  Cain  and Abel  is  ~  was sent to Oak Knoll.
       Our  soldiers  will  probably  come   table.  Mumbelty  Pegs  the  legs.                 methods to meet  a  threat as serious  commander of the Fifth Fleet,  said
     back  from  Australia  loaded  up   I'm  Afloat  is  a  coat.  Fiddle  and   Ardent Rooter   as  the  German  submarine offensive  the  Okinawa  operation  "has  re-
     with what is now commonly called  Flute is a  suit.  Daisy Roots  means                    in  1942.                    suited  in  the  greatest  naval  cas-
     Australian  slang,  though  it is  not  the  boots.  Chalk  Farm  is  an  arm.   The  1935  game  between  Dart-  Meanwhile,  there  were  indica- ualties  encountered  in  any  of  our
     Australian in ori\~in at all.  We  no- If  your  attention  is  called  to  the  mouth and Princeton was played in  tions that the whole strategy of the  operations."
     tice  that  the  corresporidehts  with  Heap  of  Coke  on  your  left  Chalk  a  blinding snowstorm. A Dartmouth  long and costly Okinawa campaign   When  it is  considered  that these
     our troops  down under are already  Farm you  are  to note  the bloke  on  man  was  on  his  way  to  a  touch- is  being  reviewed  in  the  hope  of  casualties  were  inflicted  aboard
     announcing  that  the  Australians  your left.  Of course, it could be the  down,  with  no  Tiger player within  profiting by past mistakes in future  ship,  it  becomes  apparent  that
     are  saying  the Americans  are  fair  Right  Chalk,  too.  Bottle and  Stop- _ten feet of him, when from the side- and  even  more  haza rdous  cam- damage  to  the  ships  themselves
     dinkum.  This  means  okay,  or  all  per means a  copper. Oh, My Dear is  lines  a  spectator,  who  had  found  paigns closer to the heart of Japan.  has  been  more  than severe.
     right.                        beer  and  the  Near  and  Far is  the  adequate means of keeping himsel:'   McNutt  referred  specifically  to   And,   as   President   Truman
                                   bar.  Gay  and  Frisky  is  whiskey.  warm,  suddenly  scampered  onto  the  lag  in  ship  damage  repair  pointed  out  to  Congress,  in  the
       This  slang is the  rhyming  slang
                                   Elephant's Trunk is a  drunk. Candy  the field  and made a  perfect  tackle.  caused by failure of the hiring rate  future  there  will  be  more  damage
     of  the  English  underworld  of  a
                                   Fudge  is a  judge.  A  good  rhyming  The  touchdown  was  allowed,  of  in  West  Coast  Gov~rnment  yards  and  casualties  rather  than  less.
     hundred  years  or  more  ago.  It is
     the  simplest  of  all  slang,  because   linguist can invent terms as he goes  course,  and  the  doughty  tackler  to  keep  "pace  with  enemy  attacks   The  size  of  the  naval  force  off
     the  key  to  the  whole  business  is  a   along and while it all sounds mean- was rewarded for  his  pains  by  be- on  naval vessels  in the  Pacific."   Okinawa  may  be  roughly  inferred
                                   ingless  jargon, some of the expres- ing bounced out of the Palmer Sta-  President Truman and Secretary  from  a  Treasury estimate  that the
     rhyme. It probably got to Australia
                                   sions  are amazingly pat.-D. R.   dium on his ear.          nf  Navv  James  V.  Forrestal  also  Navy  has  invested  nearly  $8,800,-
     generations   back  through  the
                                   -~~-~~--~~-~~~~~~-~~-----~~~-------~~-~~-~~~-- 000,000  in  that  operation.  This  in-
     ticket-of-leave  men  who  were  sent
     there in the old days from England.                                                                                     cludes  the  $7,800,000,000  original
     It struck  the  fancy  of  the  Aus-                                                                                    cost of the  ships  used.
                                                                                                                               The fact  remains  that from  now
     tralians  and  at  one  time  was  as
                                                                                                                             on the Navy will have to risk more
     generally employed as the pig latin
     of young Americans of another day.                                                                                      and  more  of  its  ships  as  the  war
                                                                                                                             moves·  nearer  Japan  where  the
       "To  what  extent  the  rhyming
                                                                                                                             enemy  has  the  bulk  of  his  power
     slang now prevails in Australia we
     do  not  know,  but  probably  it  is
                                                                                                                               The  closer the  war moves  to  Ja-
     limited to a  comparatively few ex-                                                                                     pan,  the  more  suicide  planes  the
     pressions among certain classes.
                                                                                                                             enemy  can  throw  at  American
       Many  of  the  expressions  have
                                                                                                                             ships.  The  Japanese will  be able  to
     long  slipped  our  mind  but  a  few                                                                                   use  obsolete  craft,  training  planes
     that  have  lodged  in  our  lump  of                                                                                   and  the  like,  for  offshore  suicide
     lead,  that means head,  we  will  try                                                                                  attacks.
      to convey .to you.                                                                                                       Unless and until  some answer to
       A  twist and  twirl,  usually short-
                                                                                                                             suicide planes is found, comparable
      ened  to  twist,  is  a  girl.  When  a                                                                                in  effect  to  methods  developed
      man  remarks  that  he  had  a  bull                                                                                   against the U-boat, the Navy would
      and cow with a  tom tug,  he  means                                                                                    seem  to  be  faced  with three costly
      he  has  had  a  row  with  a  mugg.                                                                                   and  time-killing  necessities:
       "I'm  going  to  the  Johnny  Dob-                                                                                      1- Installation  of  more  anti-air-
      ber's to get a  misbehave" means an                                                                                    craft  guns  to  increase  the  fire-
      expedition  to  the  barber  for  a                                                                                    power  of  ships  already  bristling
      shave. Chirp and Chase is the face.                                                                                    with  guns.
      Barney Fair is  the hair.  I-Suppose                                                                                     2-Unceasing  air  attacks  on
      is  the  nose.  German  Bands  mean                                                                                    Japanese  airfields · to  kill  off  as   '-
      the  hands.  Gunga  Din  is  the  chin.                                                                                many suicide planes on  the ground
      Thus if a  guy tells  you he is going                                           C  H  I  N  A                          as possible and to keep the airfields
      to  hang  a  German  Band  on  your                                                                                    neutralized.
      Gunga  Din  you  better  take  a                                                                                         3- Speeding  up  the ·  repair  of
      Breeze.  Lean  and  Linger  a  finger,                                                                                 damaged ships.
      so if you are told to pipe the Simple                                                                                    No.  3  will  be  the  most  difficult
      Simon on a  Twist's Lean aµd  Ling-                           MARIANAS 0,                                              to  carry out.  It is  5000  miles  from
      er,  you  are  being  advised  to  ob-                  HILIPPINES   ·'.                                               Okinawa  to  Pearl  Harbor,  where
                                                             ,            SAIPAN
      serve  the  diamond  on  a  dame's                 ~ ~          GUAMi                                                  minor  damage  can  be  repaired.  It
      digit.                                                ~  ,  ..                                                         is  halfway  around  the  world  from
       Plates  of  -Meat  means  the  feet.                                                                                  the  Brook~yn  Navy Yard.   ·
      Fields  of Wheat  is  a  street.  Mum-                                                                                   And so crowded have West Coast
      ble  and  Moan  is  the  phone.  If  we                                                                                repair yards been  lately,  that soine
      should  tell  you  that  w,e  are  going                                                                               damaged  ships  -the aircraft  car-
      to  have  a  Bowl  of  Chalk  with  a                                                                                  rier  Franklin,  for  example-have
      Pot  and  Pan· on  the  Mumble  and                                                                                    had to travel an the way to Brook-
      Moan, you would know that we a re                                                                                      lyn.
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