Page 202 - Mastheads Jan-June 1945
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PAGE4             THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JUNE 23,  1945

                                         1923-was the  year  in  which  the  most    Our donation then included food, clothing,
                                         devastating earthquake of our time ravaged   medicines-even doctors. They repaid us for
                                         Japan.  It was also  the year  that  a  sympa-  this softhearted gesture, all right- at Pearl
                                         thetic America rushed relief by the shipload   Harbor.  And  that  was  only  the  beginning
                                          to the stricken islands.                 of their gratitude.


         lt:;'\:.:.;;;/►,;;·:··:;·:·:\·,.::;:::, ... ..._. ....... •--.. • .. ❖.·.·•w·•:•:.>c-.❖:.•.· ••• •  •••• •.·:,;s:;.;:;::;::··;·:.:/··:····,<if":?;?:;:;:;:'?''';:::\;   .. {;';;;;;;;;:;:;,·;::};';'; ,;w...  .,., ................. .

              1945-is a  year  for  donation,  too.  The   us comes in for our share of the cost.   with  fast  is  to  support  our  Forces  to  the
              kind the war lords will understand. A gift of   If you are to meet the quota Uncle Sam   limit of our ability with cash.
              bombs and incendiaries. Of mighty broad-  has set for you in his great 7th War Loan, it   Remember-last year, by this time, you
              sides from our battleships.              will ~ean sacrifice on your part.        had twice bought extra Bonds. The Mighty
                It's  going  to  cost  plenty  to  show  those   Well,  we've  learned  a  lot  since  1923.   7th is really two loans in one: that's why it's
              Japs we  aren't  the suckers  they played  us   We've learned a lot about sacrifice •.. and   bigger  than  before.  Find  out  what  your
              for. And that's where each and every one of   war. The best way to get this business over   quota is ... and make it!

                                                                 *                 *                 *


                     The  closer  we  get  to  .victory,  the  greater  the  casualty  lists  grow-

                     the  higher  the  war  costs  soar.  You  are  being  asked  to  loan,

                                            not  give,  more  and  more  of  your  money.


              LET'S  GO  ALL  OUT  FOR  THE  MIGHTY 7th WAR  LOAN
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