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THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JUNE 16,  1945            PAGE  7
      r:~Th; ·c;;;i B~~k· H~~; ·. ·. :1

                                                                         ACROSS                 DOWN
       vvvvvvvv+••••••••••••••••••~i•~•                            1- Afresh            1- Viper
                                                                   5- Head gear          2-Neither
                                                                   8-Farm implement      3-Teacher
                                                                  12-Soft drink          4- Walk  in water
                                                                  13- Prior to           5- Middle points
                                                                  14- Opera' box         6-Curved line
                                                                  15-Discretion          7-Irritate
                                                                  17- On the ocean       8-Modeled figures
                                                                  18- A  Gael            9- Missing
                                                                  19- More spaciou.s    IO- Curved· molding
                                                                  21-A spring           11- Don
                                                                  23-Fervent            16-Ardor
                                                                  25--Afternoon show    20- Too
                                                                  27-More dreadful      21-Hit
                                                                  31- Fetter            22-Peel
                                                                  32- Assert            24- Allotted
                                                                  34-Heart              26- Natural impulse
                                                                  35-Concise            28-Male birds
                                                                  37- Studies           29-Sea eagle
                                                                  39-Tell tales         30- Remainder
                                                                  41- Determined        33-Barking
                                                                  42- Esteem            36-Solke of corn
                                                                  45--Kind of fuel      38- Observed
                                                                  47-A grant            40- Trials
                                                                  48- Weavers           42- Beers
                                                                  52-Heroic             43-Drug
                                                                  53- 5x2               44-Principal
                                                                  54- Go  by wagon      46-Poker stake
                                                                  55- Mailed            49-A leg-nme                          - Courtesy Dell Publishing Co.
                                                                  56-Droop              50-Cnrded cloth
                                                                  57- Discern           51-The heavens                       (Solution  on  Page  5)

                                                                ~  Those  "Keep  O·ff  The      ing  which  Lt.  Davies  taught  him  developed, and Treasure Island took
                                                                                                and is doing landscaping on his own  on  a  new  atmosphere  of  natural
                                                                                                initiative.  At  present  Flemming  is  beauty.
                                                                j Grass'-'  Signs  Show  How  handling  the  job  at  the  Goat-Hill   When  the  Public Works  Depart-
                                                                11                              Dispensary  on  Yerba  Buena.  B.  C.  ment  was  organized  all  the  work
                                                                          T  1· .  G'  .
                                                                 ·  reen  .  . as  et~1ng       Allred,  CM3c,  who was  a  tree sur- the  staff  had  done  was  placed  un-
                                                                    The architectural landscaping job  geon in civil life,  took over the job  der  that  new  division.  Lt.  Davies
                                                                  done on Treasure and Yerba Buena  of  moving  all  the  trees  on  the  is- was given  a  commendation for do-
                                                                                                land.  Raymond  Meints,  BM2c,  a  ing  such  outstanding  work  under
                                                                  Islands during the past three years
                                                                                                farmer lad by trade, landscaped the  difficulties.  The  work  of  his  staff
                                                                  would cost well over a  quarter of a  Officers  Mess  and  moved  all  the  was  confined  to  "New  Develop-
                                                                  million dollars in  civil life.  But the  shrubs  on  the  island.  Lt.  Davies  ments."
                                                                  intrinsic  cost  to  Treasure  Island  says  Meints  is  a  man  who  "gets   Three  years  have  passed  since
                                                                  has  been  only  several  thousands.  things  done."        the  first  flower  was  planted.  One
                                                                  The other costs make an interesting   Civilian  "Con;iy"  Preston,  the  now can see  row upon  row  of gor-
                                                                  story.                        gardener,  did  the  cuttings  on  the  geous flowers,  beautiful trees, lawn
                                                                    In August, 1942, a  landscape art- flowers  and with  these  started  the  after  lawn,  and  those  "Keep  off
                                                                  ist,  Lt.  W .  L.  Davies,  came  here  nursery from which almost all flow- the Grass" signs.  Meantime the or-
      PRETTY HARRIET GREENMAN and  Arthur Klass,  RM3c,  have  much  from  his  Beverly  Hills  home.  He  ers on the islands have grown.   iginal staff works on  planning new
      in  common  as  basis  for their eventual  marriage.  Among  others,  is  the
      fact that she  pounds a  typewriter for the  Merchandise  Mart in  Chicago   gathered  a  staff  consisting  of  a   When  this  staff  went  to  work  grounds  and  asks  of  the  Public
      and he pounds one at the Armed Guard Radio school here. Their romance  Wave,  three  sailors,  !Uld  a  civilian  they met opposition from every cor- Works Department that they be ap-
      has progressed a year, and they expect to announce their engagement on  gardener.         ner; principally because funds were  proved,  as  to costs.  The  little  staff
      Arthur's next leave.                     '                    The  Wave,  Trudy  Dostmann,  a  so  sorely  lacking.  Moreover,  there  seems  to  be  the  forgotten  people
                                                                  seaman second class, quit her senior  were  only  a  few  trees  1-eft  on  the  of  Treasure  Island.  Their  office  is
        "Give  this  little  girl  a  great big   "Mamma,  why  did  you  marry   year  at  the  Vesper-George  School  island and almost all of the top-soil  an  unfurnished  one-room  affair  in
      hand,"  said  the  cannibal's  small  father?"              of Art at Boston University to  be- had  been  paved  over.  There  were  the Gymnasium No.  2.  "All we  can
      daughter as he was serving dinner.   "So  you've  begun   to  wo nd er  come a Wave. Although she is listed  no  lawns.  Only  a  few  flowers  re- do  now,"  re.marked one of the staff
                                    about that, too?"             as  a  Cartographer  (map-maker)  mained.                    members,"  is  help  others  to  help
        Jean:  "Sorry,  Jack,  but  I'm  all                      she does  most of Lt. Davies'  draft-  The  Garden  Club  of  America   th emselves."
      tied  up  tonight.'.'           There  is  a  real  garden  romance  ing.                 gave Treasure Island four hundred   To   is  group  of  six  people,
                                                                             A  E  Fl  emmmg,
        Jack:   "Say,   that'll  simplify  - he's  a  dead beet and she's  an old   The sailor,  .  .   .   CMI  c,,   dollars  to bu1·1d  a  nursery.  No four  Treas1:1re  Island  owes  its  beauty
      things.  I'll be  right over."   tomato.                    "up from Guadalcanal,"  does draft- hundred dollars were ever used bet- which is admired bo  far and wide.
                                                                                                 ter  for  from  this  nursery  have
                                                                                                grown  the  millions  of  flowers  now
       T~rough the Ages the Flag Has Spok.en of Freedom ·
                                                                                                on  the  island.  At  the  same  time
                                                                                                thousands of trees were brought in.
                                                                                                Trees of every type and from every
                                                                                                state on the coast arrived on freight   And  the  old  maid  said:  "Don't
                                                                                                trains. Some of the oliv.e trees came   put  'Miss'  on  my  tombstone  when
                                                                                                from  Spain.  The  third  problem-  I  am gone, for I  haven't missed as
                                                                                                soil- was solved by bringing in tons   much  as  you  think  I  have."
                                                                                                of  rich  top-soil  from  the river  bot-
                                                                                                                                         *  *  *
                                                                                                tom lands of the Sacramento Valley   For an hour the  two  men  in  the
                                                                                                in Northern California.        railway carriage, strangers to each
                                                                                                  While the importing of the trees,  other,  had  sat  face  to  face.  Then
                                                                                                flowers,  and  soil  went  on the  staff  suddenly one  burst out:
                                                                                                worked  day  and  night  preparing   "I never thought this would hap-
                                                                                                plans  for  the  future  beauty  of  pen."
                                                                                                ·r reasure Island.              "What's  wrong?"  asked  the
                                                                                                  The first big job was the grounds  other.
                                          THE  FLAG  SPEAKS                                     of  the  Hospital  Area.  Next  came   "Her-e  you've  been  speaking  to
          Born  during  the  nation's  infancy,  f  have  grown   I  signify  the  Law  of  the  Land.   A venue C,  including Barracks E, F ,  me for  an hour and I  can't hear a
       with it,  my stars increasi,ng in number . • .  the domain   I  tell  the  achievements and  progress  of  the  Amer-  J, and I. The nursery developed and  word."
       over which I wave expanding until the sun on my flying  ican  people  in  art  and  science,  culture  and  literature,  another  one  was started on Yerba   "Speaking  to  you?  I'm  only
       folds  now  never  sets.                     invention  and commerce, trade and industry.   Buena.  Flowers  were  sent  to  the  chewing gum."
          l,l'illed  with significance are my colors of  red, white   I  stand  for  peace and good  will among the nations              *  *  *
       and  blue  into  which  have  been  woven  the strength and   of  the  world.            San  Leandro  hospital.  When  the
       courage of  American manhood,  the  love and  loyalty  of   I  believe  in  tolerance.    chapel was built Lt. Davies proved  There was an old fellow  from  Sid-
       American  womanhood.                            I  am  the  badge  of  the  nation's  Greatness,  and   the  worth  of  landscaping.  Follow-  ney
          Stirring are the stories of my stars and stripes.   the emblem  of  its  Destiny.      ing  this  job  came  the  Hostess  Who drank till  he ruined a  kidney
          I  represent  the  Declaration  of  Independence.                                     House,  and  those  grounds  became  It shriveled and shrank
          I  stand for  the Constitution of  the  United States.   Threaten  Me  and  Millions  Will  Spring  to  My   the most beautiful in Northern Cali- As he sat there  and drank
          I reflect the wealth and grandeur of  this great Land   Defense.                      · fornia.  Finally Barracks C  and the  But  he  had  a  good  time  of  it
       of  Opportunity.                                I  AM  THE  AMERICAN  FLAG.              Armed Guard Center grounds were   didney ?
                                           by Milton Caniff, creator of ''Terry and the Pirates"           Bum Check at a Blood Bank
               YE  eoDG,J TH05E                        OE5  rrsAY     WELL-AH-QUITE       WHAT MAYBE:                     WELL, I  CAN'T GIVE
              c,gAFT BDAIZ.0~  AREN'r                  HY, Doc? I     A FEW TI-IING5     OU<:ilffA  I  DO,               P.i;tlVATE  MEDICAL ADVICE  .J----t
              5C+?.APIN6  THE  BOTTOM                  N'T IZ.EAD     Age  W~ON6  WITH       DOC '?                      - BUT IF! WE/<!E YO!/  I
             -THE.Y'SZ.E  LOOKIN6                                          YOU •••                            ....,.._,.,-=--.\  WOUI..DN'T HAl<:T R:EADINc;
               UNDE~  n!E BA/Z.R:El--f                                                                                     ANY  ~ER:IAI..  STORIE:£.!
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