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PAGE 6            THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  JUNE 16,  1945


                                                                   CHAPEL        •    •   •    •
                                                                                                       :1, ;,,,eciu'I oiJ
                                                                           Divine  Services
                                                                   Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands
                                                                                                    Se'Wic,u lfv,,  ~ J.

                                                                                                               *                 Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  1
   /                                                                                                 BANKING  FACILITIES
                                                                                                       WESTERN  UNION          Last Time Today
                                                                                                         PosT OFFICE                    "NOB  HILL"
                                                                                                                               Joan Bennett       George Raft
                                                                                                      w AR  BOND  OFFICE
                                                                                                   All 4  services  located  in  Bldg.   Sun.-Mon.,  June  17  and  18
                                                                                                     258,  Ave.  H, near 4th St.     "TWICE  BLESSED"
                                                                   Sunday Worship  Services-0930  and  103')   t               Lee & Lynn Wilde   James Craig
                                                                   Sunday,  H oly  Communion,  1130  ( Chap ,•))
                                                                   Sunday  Worship  Ser vice-1030  Theatre   SMALL  $TORES     Tuesday, June 19
                                                                      No.  3.
                                                                              Catholic             Bldg.  215,  10th  St.,  between   "SWING  OUT,  SISTER"
                                                                   W eekcl av  }'asses-0630  and  1800  ( Small                Rod  Cameron   Arthur Treacher
                                                                      Chapel)     .                      Aves. M  {Ind N.
                                                                   Sunday  Masses-0630  and  0820  (Cl•apel)
                                                                   -'lund,iy  Msss-1030  (Theatre  No.  1)     *               Wed.-Thurs.,  June 20 and 21
                                                                   W eekrlay  Confessions-Daily  in  the  Small                   "THE  CORN  IS  GREEN"
                                                                      Chapel.  Saturday  1400  to  2000.   TELEPHONE  CENTERS
                                                                               Jewish              Recreation  Bldg.  263,  9th  St.   Bette Davis   John Dall
                                                                   Sund1ty  Ser vice-0830  Chapel  R eception
                                                                      Room,                                and Ave.  H .       Fri.-Sat.,  June 22 and 23
                                                                              Mormon               Bldg. 174,  4th St.  and Ave. C.
                                                                   Sunday  Study  Group  -  0930  (Theatre                        "A  MEDAL  FOR  BENNY"
                                                                      No.  2: )                           ( Band Circle)       Dorothy Lamour  Arturo Cordova
       ROBERT  F. TASKER,  SAl3c,  of the Typewriter  Repair  Shop  is  shown   U.  S.  NAVAL  HOSPITAL
       above  replacing  a  worn-out  armature  -of  an  Electromatic  computer   Protestant                  *                  Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
       which  adds,  subtracts,  multiplies,  and  divides.  Tasker  must  know  the  Sundav  Worship  Service-1000  H ospital   RAILWAY COACH TICKETS ·
       2500  parts of this machine.                                   Chapel                        AIRLINE RESERVATIONS
                                                                              Catholic                                         Last Time Today
                                                                   Sundav  Jlfasses-0630  and  0900  H ospital   TRAVELERS '  CHECKS   "THAT'S  THE  SPIRIT"
                                      Aside  from  typewriters the  shop  W eekdav  Masses- 0645  H  Cran°1
      Typewriter Repair ShDp         fixes  smashed-up  calculators,  add-  Colifassions-Saturday  1800-1900 H ospital   INSURANCE   Jack Oakie   Peggy Ryan
                                                                      Chapel.                      Bldg.  174,  4th St.  a-,id Ave. C.   Sun.-Mon.,  June  17  and  18
      Services, Over  125            ing  machines,  and  IBM  electro-  PRE-EMBARKA.TION  CENTER   Bldg.  221,  11th  St. ,  between   "DON  JUAN  QUILLIGAN"'
                                     matic  writers.  It seems  like  a  ter-
                                                                              Protestant                 Aves. G and H .       William Bendix    Joan Blondell
      Machines  Per  Month           lads take it all in their stride. They   Ser vice  Chap•])
                                     rific  job,  but these  two easy  going  Daily  Worship  Services-1430  ( Ship 's
                                                                   Sunday  W orshio  S&rvice-0700  (Ship 's   *                Tuesday, June 19
                                     contend  their  only  headache is  the   Service  Chap el)      SHIP ' s  SERVICE  No .  1
        Usually about all  a  typist knows                                                                                     "TARZAN  AND THE  AMAZONS"
                                     misinformed sailor who hands them        Catholic
       about  his  machine  is  how  to  put                       Daily   Masses-1600   (Ship 's   Service   Bldg. 152,  9th St. and Ave.  C.   Johnny Weissmuller  Brenda Joyce
                                     a  complete wreck and says: "I'll be   Chapel
       the paper in _and produce black and                         Sundny   Mass-0600   ( Ship 's   Service
                                     back  for  it -in  the  morning!"
       white by pounding on the keys. But                             Chapel.                        SHIP·s SERVICE  No .  2   Wed.-Thurs., June 20 and 21
       Robert  F .  Tasker,  SAI3c,  and  Coy                        WEEKLY  CHAPEt  ACTIVITJE!;                                "THOSE  ENDEARING  YOUNG
                                                                   Monday-Blessed  Viru:in  Sodality  (First
      R.  Dillehay,  SAI3c,  must know the                            Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small   Bldg.  8, 5th St., between  Aves.   CHARMS"
       intricate workings  of from 1800  to   Naval Training       Tuesday-Or.-an Recital  (Hospital  Chap el)   M  andN.      Robert Young      Laraine  Day
                                                                      Chap ell
       2000  parts of different typewriters,                          1215-1300                                                Fri.-Sat., June 22 and 23
       adding  machines,  and  computers.   Schools                Tuesday-Miraculous  Medal  Novena,  1830                         "IT'S  IN  THE  BAG"
                                                                      (Lar ge  Chap el)
        Although a  typewriter is  a  com-                         Tuesday- Christian  Sci•.nce  Group,  1800                  Fred  Allen        Jack  Benny
                                                                      (Chapel  Reception  Room)
                                      Eleanor  Kahrt,  SK3c,  was  the      H oly  Name  Society  1915  I                    I
       plicated  piece  of  machinery  it                          Tuesday  -                       w A N T  A D s
                                                                      (Small  Chapel)
       seldom  wears  out.  However,  they   ':ause  of many Oh's and Ah's when   Wednesday  -  Christian   Ser vicemen 's   .   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3
      · do  get  fouled  up  because  a  typist   she handed those paper bills to Miss   Leag-ue,   1830   ( Chapel   Reception
                                     Worden  early  Monday morning  in
                                                                      Room )  -
       going  at the  rate  of  60  words  per                     Thursday   Chapel   Choir   Rehearsal   •-------------•
                                     return for a  big fat bond.  The  rest   Chap el  Gall ery)  1800   FOR  SALE:  Set  of  Community  Last Time Today
       minute motivates 200 moving parts                           F riday-Wave  Singers  R ehearsal  (Chapel   Plate  silverware  engraved  with  "THOSE  ENDEARING  YOUNG
                                                                      Reception  Room)  1800
       a  second  and  even  such  things  as   of us are going to have to draw our   F riday  ~ Mormon  Study  Gr oup,  1900   letter  "H."  Service for  six,  com-  CHARMS"
       an uneven desk can create a  vibra~   purse  strings  a  little  tighter  be-  (Chapel  Gallery)   plete with salad forks, etc.; price,  Robert Young   Laraine Day
       tion which will upset the most per-  tween now and the end of the bond   YERBA  BUEN A.  ISLAND
      fectly  adjusted machine.      drive  if  we  expect  to  keep  up · to   Protestant         $40.00.  Call R.  F. Gleason,  GMlc,   Sun.-Mon.,  June  17  and  18
                                     the  pace  set  by  Eleanor.  From  all  Sunday  Worship  ;:,.-,·v,cc-0930  Theatre   extension  192.
        When  this  happens  to  a  type"                                     Catholic                                               "WONDER  MAN"
       writer on Treasure or Yerba Buena   reports,  the  personnel  is  getting  a   Sunday  Mass-0830  Theatre   :)".,OST:  Maroon  Parker  Vacumatic  Danny Kaye   Virginia Mayo
       Island  o·r  to  ships  tied  up  here,  it   good  start  on  the  7th  War  Bond  Sunday  Confessions  in  Theatr e  Office  -  . fountain  pen  in  or around  bank.
       is  taken  to  the  typewriter  repair   Drive  which  begins  officially  on   ALL  SERV ICE  PERSONNEL  W ELCOME   Jror  reward  see  Mrs.  Frances  Tuesday, June 19
                                     June 22.
       shop in the 'GSK building for repair.                                                      .Meyers,  Ship's  Service  Laundry   ".HONEYMOON  AHEAD"
        Tasker estimated there are about   A  former  ship's  company  man,                       office.                      Allan Jones    Grace McDonald
       3000  machines  in  operation ·under   G.  H.  Hill,  BM2c,  returned  for  a   At The  Chapel ...   WANTED TO BUY: Old style 23-43  Wednesday,  June  20
       this activity, of which 125 are being   few brief moments last week to get                 plate  table  mounting  variable   "THAT'S THE SPIRIT"
       cleaned,  repaired,  or  re-made  each   one  last  glimpse  of  NTS  and  his   Protestant Services   condensor. High frequency trans-  1745  and  2025
       month.  The  boys  try  to  give  three  former  shipmates  before  shipping   "Stern  Responsibilities  of  Man-  former, type used with spark gap  Jack Oakie   Peggy Ryan
       day service when .possib'.e, and they  out.  We  were  happy  to  have  an   hood"  will be the topic of a  sermon   and Helix.  Triple honeycomb coil  "SAN  FRANCISCO  VARIETIES"
       usually can, but sometimes they are  opportunity  to  send  Hill  off  with   by  Chaplain  H.  G.  Gatlin  at  the   mounting  (panel  type) .  Right   One  performance--1915
       either  swamped  or  short  of  ma- our best wishes.        Treasure  Island  Chapel  Sunday,   price paid for any above items in
       terials  which  slow  them  up.  Of   It  won't  be  long  until  E.  C.  June  17,  at  1030.  Chaplain  H .  0 .   good  condition.  Contact  George  Thursday,  June 21
       all  machines  coming  in  for  serv- Gurley,  CFC(PA),  will  answer  to  Egertson  will  speak  at  0930  on   C.  Starry,  Cox,  Barracks 204.   "THAT'S THE SPIRIT"
       ice  those  from  ships  naturally  get  the title  of  mister instead of  chief.  "F aith,  Hope  and  Love."          Jack Oakie        P eggy Ryan
       first  priority,  but  after  that  they  Chief Gurley has been an instructor   Janeth Keen,  Y3c,  from the staff   LOST:  Tan  suitcase  containing
       attend  to  the  work as it comes in.  in the  fire  control  school since  Oc- of Operational Training School, will   time - check   machine,   watch- Friday, June 22
       If a  typewriter frame is broken the  tober of '43  and he will be the first  sing  "Bless  This  House"  (Brahe)   maker's  lathe  and  complete  as-  Broadcast-1800
       serial  number  must  be  cut  off  the  of our retired men to be released to  as  a  soprano  solo  at both services,   sortment  of  watchmaker's  tools.  "VISITS TO TREASURE ISLAND"
       frame, and sent to the factory before  inactive duty.       and the Chapel Choir will sing "Di-  Contact  Security  Officer,  Treas-  "TWICE  BLESSED"
       a  new one can be issued.  This regu-  Miss  Virginia  Cummings,  a  civ- vine  Praise"  (Bortniansky).  Spe-  ure  Island.   Lee & Lynn Wilde   James Craig
       lation exists so that no enterprising  ilian  secretary,  returned  from  her  cia l  organ  music  by  Ross  McKee   LOST:  Valuable  key  and  knife,   Saturday,  June  23
       young soul can order a couple dozen  annual  leave  looking  rested  and  Sp(W)2c,  will  include  "Chansons   while  riding  in  car  with  Treas-  "TWICE  BLESSED"
       frames  and  build  some  new  black- happy  from  her  trip  to  southern  Triestes"  by  Tschaikowsky  and   ure Island CBM, Sunday, June 10.  Lee & Lynn Wilde   James Craig
       market  typewriters.  Materials  are  California.           Ravel,  and the  "Triumphal March"   Return  to  Lt.  Aubrey  Sykes,
       too scarce to allow that.      BuPers  brought  start 1 in g  (Grieg) .                    Small Craft Training Center, San
        Tasker  and  Dillehay  reported  changes  to  NTS  in  the  form  of   Theatre  No.  3    P edro,  Calif.              YERBA  BUENA  MOVIES
       aboard here about fourteen months  orders  for  four  of  our  officers.   . Chaplain  Edward  M.  Reighard             Last  Showing  Tonight
       ago,  and  in  June,  1944,  put  into  Lieutenants  L.  J .  Luft  and  R.  C.   will  speak  at  the  Protestant  wor-  LOST:  Bottom  part  of  a  Sheaffer   "WONDER  MAN"
       commission  the  repair  shop  which  Hunter,  "old-timers",  at  this  ac-  ship  service  in  Theatre  No.  3  at   life-time  fountain  pen.  Reward  Danny Kaye   Virginia Mayo
       now  handles  a  big  enough  volume  tivity have 'left us in favor of OTS.   1030  Sunday on "The Prodigal  Fa-  to the finder.  Robert Faddis, Slc,
       of  work  to  keep  four  men  busy.  The other two who also reported to   ther."           Co.  73,  RMS,  or  leave  at  The  Sun.-Mon.,  June  17  and  18
       Before  the  shop  opened  all  the  re- OTS,  are  Lt.  (jg)  B.  E.  Epperson             Masthead  office:             "A  MEDAL  FOR  BENNY"
       pair  work  was  done  through  com- and Ens.  W.  A.  Rowlett.  We  shall   Catholic  Services   - ----,.-'-----       Dorothy Lamour   Arturo Cordova
       mercial  plants  in  San  Francisco.  miss them all-and our good wishes   An  afternoon  mass  is  now  held
       This  took  longer  to  complete  and  go  with them  in  their  new assign-  daily at 1630 instead of 1800 in the   'Redballing  a  Road'   Tuesday, June 19
                                                                                                                                      "UP  IN  ARMS"
       cost  an  enormous   amount  of  ments.                    Treasure  Island  Chapel.  The  daily   To  Tokyo            Danny Kaye         Dinah' Shore
       money.                         Lt. Commander Izod, R.N.V.R. of   morning mass continues at 0630.
       '  Tasker  entered  the  Navy  from  the  British  Admiralty  Delegation                   Indicative  of  the  tremendous  Wed.-Thurs.,  June 20 and 21
       his  Dodge  City Kans.,  home  where  visited  Naval  Training  Schools  on   A  disgruntled  American  soldier  shore  construction  tasks  which  lie   "WHERE  DO  WE  GO  FROM
       he operated his own repair shop for  Monday  afternoon.  The  British  in London,  rather depressed by the  ahead  in the war against  Japan  is   HERE"
       twelve  years,  while  Dillehay  of  officer  was  sent  here  for  the  pur- rainy season,  gazed up  at the  bar- the  fact  that  more  than  200,000  Fred McMurray   Joan Leslie
       Nashville,  Tenn.,  overhauled  ma- pose  of  studying  naval  training  in  rage  balloons.   Navy  Seabees,  over 80  per cent  of
       chines  for  over  ten  years  before  this  country.  He  expressed  much   "Say,"  he  said  suddenly,  "why  the entire enlisted personnel  in the  Fri.-Sat., June 22 and 23
       entering  the  service.  Both  these  interest  and praise  for  the various  don't  they  cut  those  wires  and  let  Construction  Battalion,  were  in !   " DON  JUAN  QUILLIGAN"
       lads  know  their  business.   schools at this activity.    the whole  place  sink ? "    overseas billets as of June 1,  1945.  William Bendix   Joan Blondell
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