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THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, JUNE 16,  1945             PAGE 5
      THE  OIRlS  BEHIND  THE  OfJNS •••                          Brains  and                                                 and  there  is  room  to  watch.  Why
                                                                                                OPfERAT~ONAL                  not  come  out  and  cheer  the  boys
                                                                  Charm  Required               TRAJNllN G SC~OOL             on!
                                                                  For  OTS  Gunners                                            Here and There at OTS
                                                                                                                                Wedding  bells  rang out recently
                                                                    Ten  Operational  Training  school                        for  P .  N.  Bearstail,  Slc,  and  Jan-
                                                                  gunners  find  that  charm  and  per-                       nett Kiffe- best wishes  to the  hap-
                                                                  sonality,  together with brains,  pro-                      py couple!. . . Shouldering their sea-
                                                                                                Seventh War Loan  Bond  Drive
                                                                  vide  the  perfect  qualifications  far   For the  second  consecutive week  going packs and departing for their
                                                                  their work.                   the  Second Division,  headed by Lt.  new  assignments  are  T.  F.  Van
                                                                    This  seems  unusual  until  the
                                                                                                L.  H.  Kentfield,  and  made  up  al- Keuren,   BMlc;   Jack   Davis,
                                                                  gunnery   instructors   introduce
                                                                                                most entirely of men from the Gun- Sp(A)lc  D.  R.  Dixon,  EM3c,  and
                                                                  themselves  as  ten  charming  and   nery  Department,  won  "Hirohito's
                                                                  quite feminine Waves. Evelyn Zink,   Horse,"  by  having the  highest per-  R.  G.  McGarry,  Slc ... Dorothy
                                                                  Sp ( G) 3c,  sounded off for the group   centage  of  participation  in  bond   Goodrich,  SK2c,  one  of  the  first
                                                                  when  asked  what  sort  of  civilian   pledges.  Their  percentage  is  93.1.   Waves  to  report  to  Operational
                                                                  jobs the ten had held before coming   Lt.  Kentfield  and  the  men  in  his   Training  School,  has  been  ordered
                                                                  to  Operational  Training  school  to                        to  Shoemaker,  Calif.,  fo,r  further
                                                                                                division  deserve  a  lot  of  credit for   assignment  to  the  14ND.  Dorothy
                                                                  teach gunnery.                the  wonderful  cooperation  they
                                                                    "Several of us were teachers, and   have  given  the  Navy  Bond  Drive   graced  the  bookroom  for  many
                                                                  a  few had finished teacher training   and  OTS.  Standings  of  the  other   months,  and  'tis  said  that  when
                                                                  and  joined  the  Navy  immediately   divisions  are as fo.Jlows:   she  transferred  to the Confidential
                                                                  after  graduation,"  said  Specialist                        Reading  Room  many_ of  her  cus-
                                                                                                Waves Div . . . .. . . ... . ..... . 89.4%   tomers  transferred  with  her.  J.
                                                                  Zink.  She  added  that  most  of  the   3rd Div ... . .. ... . ... .. .... . 77.0%
                                                                  girls had at least two years college   3th Div . .. .. ...... . .... . ... 69.4%   O'Connor,  QM2c,  can  unlash  the
                                                                  training  and  a  few  had  their  uni-  1st Div .. ..... ... . : . . .. .... 60.8%   cuffs  of  his  trousers  now  since
                                                                  versity degrees.                                             "Sopas,"  Dorothy's  pet  white  rat,
                                                                                                5th Div . ......... . .. . ...... 20.3%   will  be  going  too  and  will  not  be
                                                                  G·unnery  School              4th Div .. . . .. . .. ..... . .. . .. 10.0%
                                                                    Ruth  Carlson,  Sp ( G) 3c, ' told  the                    stealing  his  way  into  uninvited
                                                                  story  about  their  selection  for   Beginning   today,   "Hirohito's  quarters ... Do  you  have  gophers
                                                                                                Horse"  will  be  awarded  each week  in  your  victOi'y  gardens ?  If  so,
                                                                  training  in  gunnery  at  the  end  of
                                                                                                 on  the  percentage  of  participation  you will  be  intere•sted to know that
                                                                  their  boot  schooling.  "We  were  all
                                                                                                 of bond purchases. Let's all redeem  Lt.  Commander  R.  H.  Jacobs  has
                                                                  interviewed.  Since  we  had  been
                                                                                                 our  bond  pledges  as  soon  as  po-s- invented what he calls the "Gopher
                                                                  given  aptitude  tests  which  showed
                                                                                                 si ble !  The  Bond  Office  promises  Bomb."  He  has  successfully  elim-
                                                                  mechanical  ability  we  thought  of
                                                                                                 one  day  service.            inated  the  rodent  from  his  garden
                                                                  asking  for  link-trainer  or  control
                                                                                                                               and  now  recommends  it  as  a  sure
                                                                  tower jobs as possible assignments.  Bits  About  Hits
                                                                                                                               cure. The Gunnery Office has moved
                                                                   However, these billets were full and   A  return  game  with  Tadcen,
                                                                  the  selection officer  assigned us  to  Monday,  found  the  OTS  officers'   again,  but  this  time  they  hope  to
                                                                   the  gunnery  school  at  the  Great  softball  team  on  the  high  side  of   stay  put  for  a  while.  On  hand  at
                                                                                                                               all times you will find Lt.  C. Jones,
                                                                  Lakes  Naval  Training  Station.  It  an  11  to  O sco·re . .. Wednesday  the
                                                                  sounded new and different,  and be- 6th  dawned  brightly  and  at  1130   officer-in-charge;  Miles  Standish,
                                                                  lieve  me,  it  was!"          the officers'  team played off with a   OGM,  in charge  of instruction,  and
                                                                    This  remark  called  for  explana- strong Receiving Ship  team.  Field-  J .  Varner,  Ylc.  Maintenance head-
                                                                  tion from ';I'helma  Smith,  Sp ( G) 3c,  ing  by  Lt.  C.  Jones,  a  three-base   quarters  is  still  in  Revetment  B,
                                                                  from  California,  who  said,  "This  hit by Lt.  R.  Stock,  and wonderful   and Lt. Dewey and his Fire Contro,l
                                                                  special  training  found  us  in  dun- support supplied by the "Boys from   Team  Training  are  now  holding
                                                                  garees for  the  next  five  weeks,  up  Deck,"  aided  and  abetted  by  Lt.   forth in Building 318 .. If we hadn't
                                                                   to  our  necks  in  black  grease  the  (jg)  Marjorie Beacom and Lt.  (jg)   checkeq. our records  of vital statis-
                                                                   better  ,share  of  the  time.  What's  Simpson,  held  the  day  and  OTS   tics  we  would  never  have  known
                                                                  worse  there  were  16  Waves  and  retains  its  top  place  in  the  league.   that F . H.  Softye, Sp(X) (ED)3c, is
                                                                   600  sailors  in  our  class,  and  we  . . . Lt.  Friedle on first base starred   now  a  married  man .
                                                                   couldn't  say  a  word  to  the  boys  for  OTS  in  a  practice  game  with
                                                                  except  about  guns."         the "Yoo-Hoo Men." The final score,   Cross-Word  Answers
                                                                    Evidently  they  learned  about  1-0,  tells  the story  of  a  fast  game
                                                                   guns in spite of the restrictions, for  with  some  fine  pitching  on  both
                                                                  ten  of  the  sixteen  received  orders  sides  of  the  fence . .. Lt.  Eddy  de-
                                                                   to  report  to  Treasure  Island  as  fea,ted  Lt.  (jg)  Marjorie  Beacom
      KEEP YOUR  EYES OPEN,  SAILOR!  Girl  gunnery instructors at OTS  gunnery  instructors  in  January  of  in  last week's  tennis  playoffs.  The   SE  A
       admonish sailors to watch the target. Above,  Emily Castiglione, Sp(G)3c   this year.     tournament carries on with Lts.  D.
       ex~lains  the  gu_nnery  trainer  to  Coast . Guardsman  H.  W.  Greenbeck;               C.  Schwartz,  R.  A .  Stock,  A.  C.
      while  R. J.  Mulligan  operates the  rangefmder.  At bottom  Wave  special-  New  Duty  at  OTS   Eddy and T.  S. Duck, the next com-
       ists  Laura  Fe~ris, _Sp(G)3c,  an-cl  Mild~ed  Weed,  Sp(G)3c,  explain  the   The  story  of  their  daily  work  is
      process  by  which  film  targets  are  proJected  on  a  screen  to  be  used  i,n  best  told  by  their  division  officer,   petitors . .. The   umpire   shouted
       gunnery practice.                                           Commander  C.  J.  McWhinnie.  He  "Batter  Up,"  and~ the  first  batte·r
                                                                   says it is a  unique kind of teaching.   in  the  first  half of  the  first  inning
       Lost  and Found               Lunstrum,  E.  Buttwezler,  G.  F.  It  requires  poise,  tact,  personality   stepped  up  and  slammed  a  home
                                                                                                 run  out into  the  field.  W.  M.  Still,
                                     Nichols, .StM2c;  R.  E.  Noble,  B.  B.  and  endless  patience;  most  impor-
                                     Blackmon,  J.  R.  McKelvey,  A.  L.                        Sp (A) k, set the pace and the OTS  LOA
        Gear and articles bearing the fol-                         tant,  it requires  brains.
      lowing names have been turned into   Rasley,  Slc;  J .  D.  Shoats,  RM3c;   "These  girls  spend  about  six   enlisted  men's  team  defeated  the  EPI   ..:+==+"'-  REK
       the lost and found property bureau   V. Collins, J . C. West, W. J . Marson,  hours  a  day  teaching  both  in  the   Post  Office,  6-4.  These  Wednesday  SEN   -=-i.:~   SPY
      located  in  the  Security  Office,   F .  R.  Arnold,  Slc;  M.  A.  Mueller,   classroom and in the gunnery train-  night  games  are  usually  thrillers,
      Building  No.  222,  Treasure  Island.   J .  D.  Noel,  Ens.  R.  T.  Swanson.   ing  devices.  Each  of  their  classes
                                      The  following  articles  have  been
       This  property  will  be  returned  to                      consist  of  approximately  15  Navy
                                     reported  as  having  been  lost:  One
       the  owners  upon  proper  identifi-                        and  Coast  Guard  men.
                                    suitcas_e,  1  seabag  and  hammock,   "I  am  especially  proud  of  their
        W .  Waldrup,  MMlc;  C.  J.  Hub-  I  handbag,  13  wallets,  ankle  brace- marks  in  competitive  examination
                                     let, notebook.
      bard,  S2c;  W.  F.  Fairweather,  W.                       for  third  class ratings.  They made
                                                                   as  good,  if  not  better  marks  in
       Johnson,  GM3'c;  R.  A.  Ervin,  W.
      Downing,  J.  W.  McLanaham,  E .                           seamanship,  signalling,  semaphore
                                      Little  Girl:  "Mummy,  look·  at  and  water-tight integrity  than  did
       Miller,  C.  W.  Miller,  W.  A.  Good-
                                     that funny man across the street."  the  men  and  needless  to  say,  all
       son,  HAlc;  J .  H.  Wood,  E .  S.  El-
       liott,  J .  W.  Hooper,  J.  C.  Tomlin-  Mother:  "What's  he  doing?"   were  rated."
       son,  S.  N. Weiss, J.  C.  Hines, R. H.   Little  Girl:  "He's  sitting on  the   All of the girls take frequent re-
       Shue,  RdM2c;  E.  P.  Casillas,  P .  D.  sidewalk talking to a  banana peel."   fresher  courses  to  keep  them  on
                                                                   their  toes  and  recently  they  com-  ~
                                                                   pleted  anti-aircraft  training  at
      I.EADS I.EAOfJE FOES IN 11.110 CHASE                         Point Montara.
                                                                    Asked  if  they  felt  any  timidity
                                                                   when  it came  to teaching men  the
                                                                  manly art of gunnery they replied,
                                                                   "the  boys  think  it's  odd  some-
                                                                   til:nes,  but we're  really  too  busy  to
                                                                   F·uture  Plans
                                                                    Some  of  the  ten  express  doubts
                                                                   as  to  whether  they  will  return  to
                                                                   teaching  after  the  war.  "Think  of
                                                                   going  back  to  the  ABC's  again,"
                                                                  said the  three who are native New
                                                                  Yorkers.  Whether  they  go  back  to
                                                                   their  old  jobs  or  not,  one  thing  is
                                                                   certain.  They  may  not  have  actu-
                                                                   ally fired a  shot against the enemy,
                                                                   but  as  the  girls  behind  the  men
                                                                   behind  the  guns they  are  doing  an
                                                                   excellent  job  and  have  a  right  to•
                                                                  feel  pride  in  every  shot  that  ac-
                                                                  curately finds  the enemy.

                                                                    Wife  (to husband who has had a
                                                                   few  drinks  too  many):  If it  were
       LEAGUE-LEADING PLAYERS of the Armed Guard softball team from  the  first  time,  Archibald,  I  could
       left  to  right  are:  Bottom-Streychartz,  Marszalec,  Schneider,  coach  forgive  you,  but you  came home in
       CSp(A)  Dave  Medigovich,  Glassnapp,  Kelly.  Center-Maddy,  Warner,   just  the  same  state  in  November,
       Ingle,  F.  Brown,  J.  Brown,  Finley ..  Top-Peccia,  Gonzales,  Scheely,
       Lugowski,  Hazer                                            1916.
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