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PAGE 8           THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, APRIL 14,  1945  ---------------------------------------....,;...
                                                                                                           H_ollywood  Pin-up Parade
            lturbi  Brings  "Music  for  MilliDns"  to  T.  I.     NYLON  UNDIES  HALT
                                                                   BLACK-OUT  OF  PILOTS

                                                                     Navy fighter pilots these days all
                                                                   wear  green  underwear- it  keeps
                                                                    them  from  blacking  out.  These
                                                                   scientific  anti-blackout  suits  are
                                                                   now standard. Made of green nylon
                                                                   they fit next to the skin.
                                                                     Over the stomach and other parts
                                                                   of  the  body  are  sewn  little  rubber
                                                                   bladders,  like  football  bladders.  By    \
                                                                   inflation of these bladders, pressure
                                                                   is  applied  to  certain  parts  of  the
                                                                   blood stream to counteract the pull-
                                                                   ing  force  of  centrifugal  gravity.   \  \
                                                                   Thus  the  blood  r-emains  in  the
                                                                   pilot's  head  instead  of  rushing  to
                                                                   his  feet.
                                                                     The  anti-blackout  suits  are  sup-
                                                                   plied with zippers, but when donned
                                                                   the first  time must be f.tted  by the
                                                                   flight  physician,  who pdjusts  the
                                                                   lacing  device  for  snug  fit  to  the
                                                                   individual  form.  After  that  they
                                                                   can  easily  and  qui:::l,Jy  b}  zipped
                                                                   on ..
                                                                                                  AN  OUTSTANDING  EXAMPLE of modern  photography is this picture
                                                                                                  by  Jack  Woods  of  Hollywood.  Note  how  perfect  focus  brings  out  the
                                                                   Urgent  Appeal  Issued         detail  of even  the  intricate  bracelet on  the subject's  left wrist.  Balance
                                                                                                  is  maintained  through  subtle  lighting  and  use  of  the  well-known  tri-
                                                                                                  angle  technique.  A  simple  background  throws  the  emphasis  entirely
                                                                   For  Whole  Blood             on  the  subject.  But  just  in  case  you  aren't  a  camera  fan,  the  alluring
                                                                                                  young  lady is  Ramsay  Ames,  a  rising  young  starlet at Warner Bros.
                                                                   In  this  Area
                                                                                                 SLASHED                       Athletic  O·fficer,  15
                                                                     An urgent appeal for whole blood
                                                                   donations  from  the  West Coast  to
                                                                   replenish  the  large  amounts  used  Navy Chiefs  Knife    Specialists  "A"  Leave
                                                                   by  the  Army,  Navy,  and  Marine                          T. I.  Coaching  Staff
                                                                   Corps  in  the  Pacific  War  areas  New Billion-Dollar
       Jose  lturbi  Brilliant       their  musical  taste.  Best  gauge  of   was  issued  this  week  by  Admiral              Departure papers for at least 15
                                     the  audience  appreciation  was  the
       In  Piano  Concert  Here      sailor who near the end of the per-  Royal  E.  Ingersoll,  Commander  of  Warship  Program   of   Treasure   Island's   athletic
                                     formance  called,  "It's  O.K.,  Mr.
                                                                   the  Western  Sea  Frontier.    A   $1,000,000,000   "insurance"  specialists  have  come  through,
         This is the story of a  man and a   Iturbi,  just  play  anything.  Play   Large  amounts  of  whole  blood           sending them to the  various  points
                                     something you like." And Mr Iturbi                          warship  building  pr6gram  an-
       piano.                                                      were required for the armed fo-rces                         of  embarkation  while  a  few  still
                                     did just that. Written  "thank you's"                       nounced recently was slashed 75 per
         The  piano  was  merely  a  part of                       wounded  in  the  Philippine  cam-                          wait,  pending orders.
                                     are inadequate payment for a  gen-                          cent  by  the  Navy's  joint  chiefs  of
       the  equipment  at  Theatre  No.  1                         paign.  Approximately  14,000  pints                          Physical  Fitness  Officer,  Lt.
                                     erous  and  brilliant  performance,                         staff everr as Fleet Admiral Ernest
       until  last  Monday  night  when  it   but our appreciation and enjoyment   of  whole  blood  were  required  for   J.  King  said  "no  quick  and  easy   Higgins,  plus  10  chiefs  and  four
       joined  the  top  ranks  of  piano  so-  made  Monday's  concert  an  unfor-  one  landing operation  alone.   victory  (over Japan)  can be  taken   first  class  specialists  entrained for
       ciety  by  coming  to  life  under  the   gettable  experience for  the service   Admiral  Ingersoll  said  that  the   for  granted."   parts unknown, leaving the athletic
       fingers  of  a  great artist.  The  man   men  and  women  who  attended.   amounts  of  whole  blood  used  to   This  drastic  cut  back  reduces  a   department  looking  like  the  rem-
       was  Jose  Iturbi,  one  of  America's                      date  in  the  Pacific  war area  must   projected big new fleet  of  84  com-  nants of a  starving elephant.
       finest  pianists,  who  gave Treasure                       be  replaced  at once  to provide  the   bat ships of  all  types  totaling 636-  Chiefs  who  have  left  the  Island
       Island personnel  90 magic minutes   T. I.  Docs  In  S. F.  Open   blood  needed  for  the  present  cas-  860  tons  to  12  escort  carriers  of   are  Fred  Capers,  judo;  Cornelius
       of  music  Monday,  April  9.                               ualties  and  future  operations.   150,000  tons.  Other  phases  of  the   Oker, swimming; Bill Lewis, swim-
         Bluejackets and Waves called for   Bowling  Sweepstakes ·   "We  must  remember  that  the   Navy's  overall  construction  pro-  ming;  Clyde  ·Boutte,  swimming;
       one favorite after another, and from                        armed forces· throughout the  Paci-  gram were  not  affected.   Vince  Ghessi,  swimming.  Special-
       memory Mr. Iturbi played Chopin's   The  Treasure  Island  Hospital   fic  are  dependent  upon  the  whole   Although  a  note  of  caution  was   ists first  class who have  embarked
       waltzes,  Mazurka  and  Polonaise,  Corpsmen  bowling  team  placed   blood  donated  by  the  Red  Cross   included  in  his  annual  report  as   are  Ed  Rokosh,  basketball;  Bill
       DeBussy's  Clair  de  Lune,  DeFal-  fourth  in  the  Sweepstake  series,   Blood  Donor  Centers  on  the  West   Fleet Commander in Chief,  Admir-  Fassler,  all-around  athlete;  Fred
       la's  Fire Dance,  Liszt's  Hungarian                       Coast  to  save  the  lives  of  their                      Douse,  manager;  Bob Rose, utility.
                                     rolled  last  Monday  night  on  the                        al  King  also  said  that  the  war in
       Rhapsody,  Gershwin's Rhapsody in                           wounded  men,"  Admiral  Ingersoll                            Chiefs  awaiting  further  orders
                                     Bagdad Alleys  in San Francisco.                            the  Pacific  "today is  ahead  of  our
       Blue  and  finally  some  of  Morton                        stated.  "The  huge  drain  on  our                         but who have yet to leave are Max
                                       The Docs  rolled an 833  score for                        expectations  of  last  year."   Marek,  boxing;  Ray  Fee,  boxing;
       Gould's  boogie.                                            supplies  as  a  result of  the  casual-
                                     high game  in  the second round,  to                          The  Navy  said  the  full  project   Lou  DeLaussus,  swimming;  Bill
         Service men and women may not                             ties  in  the  Pacific  has  reduced  the   was  conceived  as   "insurance"
       realize  that  they  enjoyed  a  rare   come in for a  shai;:e  of the Sweeps.  Whole  Blood  reserve  in  the  for-  against the possibility of additional   Holman,  b a s k e t b a 1 1;   Frank
       privilege  not  offered  to  most  con-  Last Monday night's_ s"{eep,stake  ward  areas  to  a  dangerously  low   losses  as  the  fleet  closes  in  on   McGuigan, swimming.
       cert-goers.  Seldom  are  those  who  series  concluded  the  winter  San  level.  It  is  imperative  that  this   Japan  and  the  tempo  of  the  war   All  have  served  Treasure  Island
       love  music  given  the  opportunity   Francisco  open  league  season,  in  reserve be built up at once."   steps up. It was calculated that the   through  its  infant stage,  watching
       to  listen  to  a  great  artist  and  at  which  the Docs  placed  in  a  tie for   Every  available  type  "0"  donor   program  could  be  abandoned  if   it  blossom  into  one  of  the  finest
       the  same time  meet that artist in- third  position  in  the  final  league  living  in  and  near  San  Francisco,   progress  of  the  war  made  it  evi-  training  centers  in  the  United
       formally  over  the  footlights.  Jose  standing.           Oakland,  Los  Angeles,  San  Diego,   dent  that  the .  additional  ships   States.
       Iturbi  charmed  his  audience  not   Corpsmen  team  lineup:  Ben- and Portland,  is urged to call their   would not be needed.
       only  by  the  quality  of  his  music,  jamin,  Merle,  Johnston,  Bender,  local  Red  Cross  Blood  Donor  Cen-  The  cut,  decided  upon  by  the   Excited· S.  F.  cu tie:  "Oh  officer,
       but by his  personality and genuine  Neuhiemer and Lt.  Simon,   ter at once  for  an appointment.   joint  chiefs  of  staff,  was  based   please help me.  I've lost my aunt's
       friendliness.                                                                                                           pay!"
                                                                                                 upon  several . factors.  One  was,  of
         Presenting the third concert in a   A  girl who  tries  to  talk her boy                course,  the  present  size  of  the   S.  F.  Cop:  "Well,  stop  talking
       busy day,  Mr.  Iturbi replied  to the  friend  into buying her a  new dress   Man-hunt  on  for   fleet.   ,           pig  latin  and ·maybe  we  can  get
       applause  of  his  audience  by  ap- shouldn't mind too much if he tries                                                somewhere."
       plauding  them  for  the  quality  of  to talk her out of it.   10,000  Lost  People
                                                                                                  The Wolf                                 by-Sanso·ne
                                                                    ·. A  man-hunt  for . 10,000  people
                                                                                                   Copyri&ht  1945  by  Leonlrd  S.MOnt. distnl,1afd bJ C,11p N..,,.,. Wrice
                                                                   -all  former  civilian -employees  of
                                                                   the  Navy  who  were  interned  by
                                                                   the  Japanese  when  they  occupied
                                                                   the  Philippines  -  is  being  con-
               z                                                   ducted by a  group of Naval officers   I                                              .,
                                                                   and  enlii,ted  men.                                                                   I
                                                                     The search is being conducted in
                                                                   the  Philippines  and  Guam  by  a
                                                                   Mobile  Personnel  and  Settlement
                                                                   Unit, consisting of officers from the
                                                                    Navy's  Division  of  Shore  Estab-
                                                                    ishments  and  Civilian  Personnel
                                                                   and  the  Bureau  of  Supplies  and
                                                                    Accounts,  representatives  of  the
                                                                    U.  S.  Employees  Compensation
                                                                   Commission and five  enlisted spec-  ,-
                                                                    ialists.  They  _are  trying  to  locate
                                                                    the ex-interned civilians in order to
                                                                    reimburse  them for  the  time  spent   ii
                                                                    :n  enemy  prison  camps.
                                                                     Of  the  10,000 employees,  only  a-  '
                                                                    °Jout 250  are United States citizens   \?
                                                                    :ecruited  in  this  country,  but  all
                                                            entitled  to  benefits  under  the
                                                                    "Missing . Persons  Act"  of  March   ~ s~,-11;;~::::,\~,,
                                                                    1942.  This  act states  that employ-
                                      .                 ·          ees  of  the  Navy  interned  by  the
        Southwest Japan, heart -of Nippon's industry, was the target of the most I enemy are entitled to the same pay
        recent  B-29  Superfortress  rai·d,  a  raid  that  shattered  the  steel  center   .   .   .      "Unless  th~ rules have changed, he pl~ys. a pretty
        of  Yawata.  Some  day,  soon,  the  Jap  islan<ls  of  Honshu,  Shikoku  and  they  received  before  bemg  captur-  rough game of ch~ckers!". •
        Kyushu may play host to our land forces, as well as those from the skies.  ed.
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