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PAGE 4            THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, APRIL 21,  1945
                                                                ~~ __ ...,. ___ .._. __ ....,,,__...,. __ ....,,,,._....,,_....,,_....,, __ ....,,_....,, __ ..._,,_.....,._....,,.,.. ......  ~
   A BUSY  MAN  IS  A                           0                                             ban  Cupid  Scores  a  Direct  Hit
   HAPPY  ONE,  SAYS              ~:!1~~~~ s~~~oL l,!!~~~!~!!!~J
   SECURITY  CHIEF                                             What do  you plan to  do  with your
                                                                  mustering-out pay?
     The  seaman  first,  let's  call  him                        E.  S.  Thomas,  SK2c,  Small
    Bill  Jones,  has  just  drawn  a                           Stores. I'm going to take a  vacatio·n
    month's confinement in the Treasure   Commu nicati ons      and  get  to  see  some  more  of  the
    Island  brig.  Jones  is  sullen  as  he   Recent changes in the Communi-  good  old  states.  I  think  that  I'll
    is processed and  i'ssued  brig cloth-  cations  department  find  Lt.  R.  A.   spend  a  great  deal  of  my  time
   ing.  And  he  has  a  chip  on  his   Stock  as head  of  the  department,   swimming,  fishing  -  perhaps,  I'll
                                                               even  go  skiing.
    shoulder  the  size  of a  two by four  replacing  Lt.  E.  B.  Rhoads,  who
                                                                 One thing I'm certain of,  I  don't
   when  he  changes  into  his  brig  has  now  taken  over  instruction  in
   whites.                        classes  of  advanced  Communica-  want  to  go  near  a  clothing  store
     The  first  day of Jones'  sentence,  tions.  Mr. Rhoads is assisted by W.   for  a  long time.
    something happens  to him.  He and  0. O'Connor, QM 2c, and E. N. Eck-  After  my  vacation  is  over,  I'll
   his  cellmates  are  mustered.  Mech- man,  SMlc . .. The  office  of Lt.  T.   be  ready to  go  back  to  school  un-
                                                               der  the  educational  provisions  of
   anics are badly needed at the Public  S.  Duck is presently  located in  the   the GI Bill of Rights.
   Works  garage,  he  is  told.  And  Radio School, of which he is now in
   J ones,  because  he  was  a  grease  charge.  W.  A.  Johnson,  RMlc,  is   Robert  P.  D·uprey,
                                                                          * * *  S1c (MaM ),
   monkey  in  a  service  station  back  Mr.  Duck's  assistant  and  relieves   Post  Office.  I'm  going  to  take  the
    east  in  civil  life,  qualifies  for  the  H.  Kobert,  RM2c,  who  has  been   fastest plane home. Of course that's
   job.                          transferred for further assignment.   an experuiive way to travel on mus-
     Each  morning  from  then  on  •  •  •  G.  Keiper,  RM2c,  former  in-
                                                               tering-out  pay.
    Jones and other prisoners of mech- structor  in  the  coding  division  of
                                                                 Anyway, when I get there I'm go-
   anical  aptitude  and  experience  are  the  radio  school,  is now  in  charge   ing  to  forget  about  the  Navy- if
    taken  to  the  Public  Works  garage  of  the  classes in primary mainten-  possible- and take a  long vacation.
   where  they  put  in  a  full  day's  ance  of  radios  located  on the third
                                                                 ·Naturally, I'm going to take time
   work- vital, necessary work needed  deck  of the  OTS  Annex.   out  to see  my  best girl.
    to  keep  the  Navy's  wheels  rolling.  C. I.C.
     Jones, gradually drops  that hunk   Lt.  (jg)  R.  M.  Kelly  returned   H.  W.  Strickla nd,
                                                                          * * *  S1c ( AMM ),
    of  lumber  from  his  shoulder,  and   last week from Washingto~,  D. c_., I Training  and  Distribut ion  Cent~r.
                                 where  he  attended  a  special  proJ- I  never  really  thought  about  1t.
   by  the  time  he  is  restored  to  duty
                                  ect  school  for  two  weeks.  His
                                  travels  also  took  him  to Orcacoke I But now  th at you've  mentioned it,
                                  Island off the  coast of North Caro- I  know  that  I'd  catch  the  fastest
                                  lina where he received one week of   cab  to  San  Francisco--my  home.
                                 special  instruction  in  practical   That would  only set me back about
                                 work.  His  return  brings  many  in-  a  quarter  and  would  leave  me
                                  teresting  reports  for  this  depart-  $199.75.
                                                                 I  suppose everything will b-e  get-
                                 ment.  .  .  Mr.  Green,  the  question
                                  has been asked by a  young lady of   ting back  to  normal when  I  finish
                                  Ship Service No.  2 if those were oil   catching up on my rest, so I  would
                                                               take  enough of  my  pay and  go  to
                                 wells on top of the CIC department.
                                 Your attention to this matter would   some  advance  Navy  base  in  the   T HE  HAP PY  COUPL E  pictu red  above  are  Leroy  Scheppmann,  CY,
                                  be  greatly  appreciated  by  this  de-  South  Pacific  that  offers  employ- and  his . bride,  t he  former  Catherin  Cremeens,  Y3c.  The  picture  was
                                 partment.  .  .  It was with great r e-  ment  and good  pay  to veterans  of  made  at  their  reception  at  the  Hotel  Claremont  in  Berkeley.  Schepp-
                                                               the  Navy.  Then  I'd  brush  up  on   mann's home  is  Alg-ona,  1-owa, and  at  present he  is  attached  to Western
                                 gret that  we  learned  of  the  death                      Sea  Front ier.  Mrs.  Scheppmann  hails  from  Springerton,  Ill.,  and  is  on
                                 of "Barney" Bernard's brother, one   my  trade  and  really  stack  some   duty  at t he  Receiving  Ship.
                                 of  the  Marines  killed  in  the  in-  dough away.
                                 vasion  of  Iwo  Jima.  We  send con-    *  *  *                                          owner's  commanding  officer.  With
                                 dolence from all of ship's  company,   E.  C.  Brown, SK3c, Small  Stores.   Rationing  Sedion   the  application  must be  submitted
                                 "Barney."                     The  first  thing  in  order  will  be  a
                                  Recogniti on  Lookout  Department   long-needed  vacation.  I  want  to   Takes New  Quarters   an  auto  insurance  policy  covering
                                                                                                                           property damage and public  liabil-
                                   Returning  to  duty  after  conval-  emphasize  that  it  will  be  needed,
                                 escing from his recent illness is Lt.   too.                In Ad  Buildin_g              ity.
                                  (jg)  L.  F .  Macon.  Instead  of re-  I  would like to visit  some of my                Bridge  Passes
                                 laxing  by the sea, he  turned to the   shipmates who will be  returning to   The rationing section of the Pass   Car owners permanently a ttached
                                 desert of California and got his first   their homes in different states.   Office,  furnishing  Treasure  Island  to  Treasure  Island  may  secure  a
                                 good look at sagebrush and horses.   Maybe I  won't be  able  to  do too  civilian  and  naval  personnel  many  bridge  book  permitting  them  to
                                 After  one  month at a  Dude Ranch   much  traveling  on  my  mustering- impo-rtant  services,  was  recently  drive  to  and  from  work  free  of
       Lt . Com mander  W.  J.  Quinn   in Lucern, California, he returns in   out  pay,  but  I've  stacked  away  installed  in  Room  121,  Adminis- cha rge  across  the  San  F ranci.sco-
                                 top  running  condition,  but  with  a   enough  war  bonds  to  back  it up.  tration  Building.   Oakland Bay Bridge if they live on
                                                                 When  my  vacation  ends,  I  sup-  Among  the  matters  handled  at  the Oakland side of the bridge.  San
              tt·t  d  .
   his   men a  a  1 u  e  1s  soun  an  d I bit  of  Texas  in  his  talk.  Welcome   pose  I'll  be  ready  to  settle  down  this new office  are applications  for  F rancisco  residents  should  not
                                 back, Mr. Macon.
   chances  are  good that he  won't be                        in  my  hometown  and  invest  some  gasoline  rations,  tire  certificates,  apply for  this book.
   a · customer of the shore patrol for   Facets ,of  OTS      money  in  a  small,  profitable  busi- food  ration books,  vehicle  permits,   F or  o-fficial  trips  across  this
   . the  rest of his  tour in the  Navy.   Both  Lt.  (jg)  M.  Beacom  and   ness.  I've  been  thinking  about  a  bridge  books  and  passes,  and  shoe  bridge,  the  Golden  Gate  Bridge,
                                 Dorothy  Bakits,  Y3c,  were  on  the
     This  story  is  a  typical  example                      night club.  I  believe  I  can make  it  coupons.          and  the  Carquinez  or  Antioch
                                 list  of  convalescents  at the Treas-
   of  the  rehabilitation  work  under-  ure Island Hospital last week.  Re-  pay.          Food  Rati-0,n  Books         Bridge,  daily  passes  ar.e  issued  in
   way  at  the  Treasure  Island  Brig,                                  *  *  *              Naval  personnel  who  eat  more  Room  121.
   under  the  supervision  of  Lt.  Com-  ports are that both are doing nicely   Robert  McCr,ee,  Cox,  VP--.  than 14 meals  at homes ashore are  On  Leaving Treasu r,e  Island
                                 and  will  return  to  duty  soon.  .  .
   mander William J .  Quinn,  Security   Farewells for last week go to R. B.   Well,  I  just  can't  see  how  I'll  be  permitted t o  apply  for food  ration   At  the  rationing  section  office,
   Officer.                                                    able  to  resist  joining  some  of  my  books.  Application  must  be  signed  naval  personnel  being  detached
                                 Jackson,  GM3c,  and  J .  L.  McDon-
     "It  has  been  officially  estimated                     shipmates  in  drinking  a  toast  to  by  the  applicant's  commanding  from Treasure  Island,  and  civilian
                                 ald, F l c,  both  of whom were trans-
   that the  use  of  prisoners  in  P ublic                   our  victory over the J aps. I'm with  officer  and  brought  t.o  Room  121· workers  leaving  jobs  here,  will
                                 ferred  to·  Camp  Shoemaker  for
   Works  saves  the  Navy  about  $250   further assignment . . .  Miss Donna   a  swell crew and I  don't think that  for  endorsement.  Thereafter,  the  turn  in  all  vehicle  permits,  bridge
   per  day  on  Treasure  Island,"  Lt .                      one  little  get-together  of  that  na- application is refer:red to the  ration  books,  and  gasoline  coupons.  In
                                 Freeman,  Y3c,  of the  Training Of-
   Commander Quinn asserts.  "Thi~ is  flee,  attended  the  graduation  ex- ture will really  hurt my mustering- board ashore.   addition,  naval  personnel  will hand
   but  one  of  the  projects  on  which  ercises  of  the  Maritime  Training  out pay.    Vehicle  Permits              in dependents' passes and dungaree
   prisoners  are  employed.  Men  con- School  at  Alameda  last  week,   I'll  have  plenty  left  when  I  get   Vehicle  permits  are  issued  to  passes.  Civilian  badges  are  to  be
   fined  here  have  also  rehabilitated  where her cousin received his com- home  because  the  first  thing  I'm   personnel  wishing to bring cars on  returned to the P ass Office  proper.
   tons of discarded clothing, which is  mission  as  an  Ensign  in  the  U.  S.  going  to  do  is  get cleaned  up  and   this base, providing the applicant is   Names  of  persons  who  fail  to
   later  cleaned  and  made  usable  by  Ma ritime Service.   rush  over to  see  my girl.  Then I'll   permanently  attached  to  an  activ- give  back_unused gasoline  coupons
   the  brig  laundry."                                        take her out  and  give  her the best  ity  here.  Applications  for  permits  are  referred  to  the  Office of P rice
                                 Well  Done
     "Even  more  impor tant  to  the   Volleyball has taken hold at OTS   time  she  ever  had  in  her  life.  We   require  the  approval  of  the  car- Administration.
   Navy  is  the  fact  that  these  jobs  like a  pair of woolen underwear to   won't  miss  a  single  spot  that  is
   'rehabilitate'  the  average  prisoner  a  Californian at the North Pole.  It   still  jumping-and  won't  have  to
   mentally_:_and  to  a  certain extent,  ·was  a  gratifying  surprise  to  Lt.   worry  about  curfews  either.
   morally,"  he  stated.        (jg) R. N. Fasick when all of ship's     * * *                                        ...... ..  _.,
     To  an  observer  making  his  first  company  organized  their  depart-  Nathan iel  Reddick,  GM3c,  Re-
                                                               ceiving  Ship.  As .soon  as I  get my
   visit  to  the  brig,  the  outstanding  mental  and  division  teams  and
                                                               mustering-out   pay,   I'm  going
   impression  is  cleanliness.  After  a  signed up to compete for the award
                                                               straight  home  and  get my car and
   prisoner  is  registered  and  issued  for  the  winning  team.  Strangely
                                                               fill  the  tank  up  with  gas and  get
   brig  gear his first  responsibility  is  enough, the No.  1 team comes from
                                                               two or three  extra five-gallon cans
   seeing  to  it  that  his  person  is  his  own  Specialist  (A)  depart-                                                                      ·~
                                                               filled up. Then I'll drive over to my                                               "'·
   clean- and  remains  that way.   ment,  but  this  is  no  reflection  on                                                                      -- ~ $:a
                                                               girl  and  take  her  out  riding  until                                          -
     The prisoner's day is a  busy one,  Mr.  Fasick!  Last week's casualties
   but  is  not  without  its  relaxing  were L.  Sweeney, BMlc, who is ac-  I  will have  only  enough gas to get                               .t
   moments.  Work  routine  is  broken  cused of getting his  fingers  caught                                                                    t
   up  by half-hour  smoke periods and  in  the  net  whiLe  trying  to  lower it
   between  the  1930  muster  and  for the low serves of G. Carpenter,  home  and  also to former members                                        1
   lights  out  at  2130  he  is  free  to  BMlc,  and  Lt.  F .  D.  Langworthy,  of  OTS  who  would  like  to  hear                            -~
   browse  through  a  2,500-volume  who  irritated  a  long-injured  hand.  about  their  old  shipmates,  we  are
   library  of  specially  selected  liter- They  are  all  donning  new  splints  planning  to  inaugurate  a  policy
   ary  fare.  This  privilege  is  not  al- trimmed  with  white  gauze  and  whereby  each  week  copies  will  be
   lowed  to  men  in  solitary  confine- beautifully spotted with  a  summer  set  aside.  If  you  would  like  extra
   ment,  who  have  their choice  of the  shade  of  iodine.   copies  or would  like  to have  them
   BibJ.e  or  the  Bluejacket's  Manual  M ailing of The Masthead   sent to  you  in  your  travels,  please
   -and nothing  else.  Guards  report   With  the  surprising  number  of  deposit  your  name  and  number  of
                                                                                                   "Maybe  your  mother  would  rather  have  the  money."
   that  the  former  is  much  more  requests  for  extra  copies  of  The  copies  desired  in  The  Masthead
   popular.                      Masthead  which  are  to  be  sent  suggestion box at the  duty desk.
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