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---------------------------------------- THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, APRIL 14,  1945                                                             PAGE  3

        Mat  Champ  Rodriguez  Clark Drops 12th  Naval               Treasure  Island  Sluggers  Stifle  Fleet  City,  6-1
        Joins Pre-Commissioning  Handball  Title  To
                                                                    Wilson  Hurls  Three
        Athletic  Forces             . Alameda's  Silber            Hitter; Shoemaker Drops

          Nine  hundred  bouts  tell  the  tale   Unheralded  Jack  Silber  waltzed
        behind the colorful wrestling caree·r  off  with  the  1_2th  Naval  District  First  Game  of  Season
        of  Babe   Rodriguez,   grappling  Handball  championship  held  at   Errorless baseball paved the way
        mammoth from Pre-Commissioning  Treasure  Island  Monday,  by  sub- to  Treasure  Island's  fourth  con-
        Physical Training Department.   duing  Treasure  Island's  Kenny  secutive  victory  and  their  fifth  of
          Babe  is  a  Sp(A)2c  who  devotes  Clark in  the finals,  21-19,  21-12.   the  season  in  humbling  the  Fleet
        his  time  to  teaching  sailors  how   The  Alameda  Air  Station  flash  City  bluejackets  last  Saturday,
        to  bend  arms  and  legs  enough  to  had  too  many  assorted  shots  for  S-1.
        do damage but not enough to break  the  classy  Clark  and  ran  out  the   The  rain  gods  saw  fit  to  give
        them  although  in  the  case  of  a  second  set-to  b-efore  Clark  could  Treasure  Island  a  beautiful  game-
        Jap it wouldn't hurt to eX'ercise the • catch  his  second  wind.   day  and  Richard  "Rebel"  Bartell's
        extremes.                       Silber  had  previously  upset  Bob  rowdy  charges  took  care  of  the
          Hailing  from  St.  Louis,  Mo.,  McGuire,  last year's champ.   other  end  in  stick  work,  banging
                                        Clark  and  McGuire  of  Treasure  two Fleet City hurlers for eight hits
                                      Island  entered  the  finals  of  the  and  six runs.
                                      doubles  competition  against  the   Going  the  limit for  Treasure  Is-
                                      Coast  Guard  combination  of  Swin  land  was  Frankie  Wilson,  string-
                                      and  Campo  Wednesday.        bean  chucker,  who  allowed  three
                                           -----~----               scattered  bingles  and  one run.  His
                                                                    assortment of curves and 1tlow balls
                                      Pitchers,  Catchers,          was phenomenal, and he continually  SLUG-FEST-Crowded  stands  watched  the  Treasure  Island  "Blue-
                                                                    had  Fleet  Ctty's  "murderous  row"  hawks"  turn  back  Fleet  City  in  Saturday's  baseball  thriller.  It  was
                                      Needed  Immediately!          swinging  in  thin  air  without  con-  strictly  a  pitcher's  duel  until  the  eighth  when  Glavins  of  Fleet  City
                                                                    necting  the  sound  wallops  they   wilted  and  allowed  four  runs.  Right-fielder  Williams  is  jList  about  set
                                                                                                  to club  his second  hit .of  the day for Treasure  Island  in  the fatal  eighth.
                                      Women Only Need Apply  were  accustomed to.
                                                                      Treasure Island got to Jim Glav-
                                        Plans  for  the  Women's  Softball
                                                                    ins in their half of  the  first inning  scratch  single.  Right-fielder  Wil-
                                      League of Treasure Island are now                                                         liam's three-base hit. Big Jack Phil-
                                                                    on  a  two-base  hit  by' Lowe  and  a  Iiams  sacrificed  him  lo  second and
                                      completed. Team application blanks   line  drive  by  Williams  that  was                 lips  walked  and  then  all  hands
                                      reached  all  commands  this  week.                         Erp's second fumb 1 e  of the  inning,  scored  as  Dick  Bartell  poked  one
                                      All  women  interested  in  turning   fumbled  by  J.  Erps,  Shoemaker's  accounted  for  Treasure  Island's   between Abreu and Erps for a  two-
                                      )Ut  for  softball  are  urged  to  get   third-sacker.     second score.                 bagger.  Bartell  crossed  the  plate
                                                                      A  fast  double-play  by  pitcher
                                      ·:ogether,  form  a  team  and  choose   Wilson,  who  tossed  to  shortstop   Both  pitchers  settled  down  and   later on Sheeley's long fly  ball.
                                      1,  team  captain.  The  choice  of  a   Bartell,  who  in  turn  threw to  first   kept the two ensuing innings score-  Fleet City went down in the ninth
                                      :aptain is  important since she will                        less.  Glavins  kept  streaking  them  to  end the  game.
                                                                    baseman Phillips, prevented a Fleet
                                      be largely responsible for her team.                        past  Treasure  Island  batters,  and   "Lanky"  Jack  Phillips  was  a
                                                                    City uprising in the third. The base-
                                      There will be  a  meeting of all team   ballers  from  Shoemaker  finally   Wilson  caJmly  turned  them  back  standout  on  defense  for  Treasure
                Babe Rodriguez        captains  in  the  Wave  Athletic  of-                      in "one, two, three order."   Island  while  Williams'  power  paid
                                                                    made  the  grade  in  their  half  of
                                      1ce,  April 18  at 1830.  One hundred                         Treasure  Island's  power  at  the  off in scoring dividends.
        where  he  grew  up  in  a  neighbor- per cent attendance is  requested.   the  fourth  session  with  little  Joey       Umpires  for  the  game  were  Fi-
                                                                    Abreu going to first on four passed  plate  was  realized  in  the  eighth
        hood of toughies and bullies, it was   You need not be  a  f.emale  "Babe   balls and advancing to  second on a  inning  as  hapless  Jim  Glavins,  oresi  behind  the  plate  and  Drury
        only  natural  that  Rodriguez  soon  Ruth"  to  play.  If  it  is  impossible   bad pitch. Harvey Story's long two- Shoemaker's fireball artist, took an  on  the field.
        took  up  the  art of  self-defense.   for  you  to  join  a  team  and  you
                                                                    bagger scored Abreu with the tying  unmerciful pounding on the moand,  Score by innings:   R.  H.  E .
          Tossing  a  body  around  became  want  to  turn  out  for  softball,  you   run.       allowing  four  hits  and  four  runs  Fleet City  .. 000  100  000-1  3  4
        an  obsession  with  the  powerful  3hould  contact  Mary  Jane  Smart
                                                                      Treasure  Island  unleashed  an- before  relief  hurler  ·watkins  could  T. I ......... 100  001  04*-6  8  O
        Babe  so  with the  proper schooling  3,t  Gym  No.  2  (Ext.  684)  before
                                                                    other  assault  in  the  sixth  inning  come  to  the  rescue.   .  Batteries:  T.  I.,  Wilson  and
        and  place  to  perform,  Rodriguez  April  18.
                                                                    with  left - fielder  Barney  Olsen   Lowe  beat out an  infield  hit and  Sheeley;  F.  C.,  Glavins,  Watkins
        donned  his  first  pair of  trunks.   Arrangements for practice games   spearheading  the  attack  on  a  then  scored  on  "powerhouse"  Wil- and Fernandez.
          In  1930  the  160-pound  division  :nust  be  made  by  team  captains
        of the  A.A.U.  Ozark  championship  jirect  to  th~  Athletic  Field,  Ext.
        was  the first to  fall  to  the  "pocket  385.  Teams  should  provide  their                                          Armed  Guard  Officers
        tank."  The  following  year  he  :>wn  umpires  for  practice  games
        duplicated  this feat by overcoming  md  softball  diamonds  should  be                                                 Hurl  Softball  Challenge
        a  vastly  improved  field.   reserved  in  advance  for  practice
          Growing  into  a  175-pounder,  workouts.  Women _with  experience   .• SPORTS ..  In  keeping  with  their  recently
        Rodriguez went to the finals  of the  'n  umpiring  or  score-keeping  are                                              inaugurated  physical  fitness  pro-
        National A.A.U.  in  1934,  where  he  3,sked to contact the Wave Athletic                                              gram,  the  Armed  Guard  officers
        lost  on  default  when  he  pulled  a  :>ffice  immediately.  Further  infor-                                          have formed  a  sharp softball  team
        leg  tendon.  Babe  recovered  from  :nation  may  be  obtained  from                                                   to  bring home  the  bacon.
        his injury a  better and wiser man.  Smart at the Wave Athletic  Office.                                                  Coached  by  Lt.  J .  B.  Foreman
          A  little  urging  from  the  people                                                                                  and  Lt.  W.  Burgett,  they  are  pre-
        in  the  "know"  prompted  Babe  to                                                                                     pared  to  throw  a  star-studded
                                          PRE-COM  DUNGAREE
        turn  professional.  His  first  year                                                                                   aggregation  on  the  field  against
                                           SOFTBALL  LEAGUE
        was  a  matter  of  getting  used  to                                                                                   any club rating themselves an even
        the  different  styles  and  rougher                                                                                    foe.
                                                      Won  Lost  Pct.
        competition.  This  he  did,  gaining
                                      Yo  Ho  Men  ....... 4   0   1000                                                           The full squad led by Commander
        weight  and  knowledge  as  he  went   D.D.A's  ..... ... ... 4   0   1000                                              E . D.  Flaherty, who will play when
                                      USS  "T"  ... ........ 3   1   750                                                        his duties  do not interfere,  is  com-
          The year 1940 paid dividends for   USS  "G"  . . .. .. .... 2   2   500                                               prii:;ed of twenty-three bat-wielding
        the  Babe,  when  he  won  the  Dixie
                                      USS  "L"  .. . . .. : ... 1   3   250                                                     soft ballers.
        Heavyweight  title  of  the  southern
                                      AM-GD  ........... 1   3   250
        states  on  one  of  his  barnstorming   USS  "O"  .......... 1   3   250
        tours.  Everything  fell  before  the
                                      USS  "K"  ......... . 0   4   000
        curly  headed  Latin  that  summer.                                                                                     Armed  Guard  Gunners
        To  this  day  Rodriguez  still  holds
        the  Dixie  title.            Armed  Guard  Falls                                                                       Topple  Gordon's  Air
         Rodriguez has wrestled the  best,
        including Jim Londos,  Dave L,evin,   Prey -To  Montgomery                                                              Transport Saturday, 10-8
        Dean  Detton,  Hardy  Kruskamp
                                                                                                                                  Joe  Gordon's  Air  Transport
        and  a  host of others.       All-Stars,  49-4S
          Babe . stays  in  tip-top  condition                                                                                  baseballers  got  off  to  a  flying
        by  Working  out  w,ith  the  lads  in   Montgomery  All-Stars  ran  off                                                start  but  suffered  a  crash  landing
        his  instruction  classes  and  also  with  the  noon  league,  pick-up                                                 when  the  Armed  Guard  Gunners
        finds  time  to  donate  his  services  basketball  title  by  outlasting  the                                          drove  them  from  the  airways  of
                                                                    JIMMY  ALEXANDER,  Frontier  Base  belter,  shuffles  in  for  the  "kill"
        to  the  boxing  smokers.     Armed  Guard  Gunners  Saturday,   in  one  of the  many  AAU  boxing  bouts  being  staged  at the  Civic  Audi- Hamilton  Field,  10-8.
          Smooth  riding  on  that  bumpy  49-45.                   t.orium  in  San  Francisco.  Alexander  is  the  favorite  for  top  honors  in   A  bit awed by big league names,
        mat  road,  Babe.               It was  a  nip  and  tuck  affair  all  the  147-pound  Senior division.  Inset  in  the _corner  is "Ski"  Dynkowski,   the  Gunners  gave  up  four  runs  in
                                      the  way with the  All-Stars pulling   Frontier  Base  mentor,  who  is  guiding  the destinies of  his stiff-punching
                                                                    trio-Alexander, Teague and  Fortner.                        the  first  inning  but  settled  down
                                      away  at  the  finish.  It  was  the
        ADVICE  FOR  VETERANS                                                                                                   enough  iri  the  second  to  lambaste
                                      ninth  consecutive  win  for  the
         · Cpl.  Max  D.  Novack,  legal  ex-  Montgomery men.                                                                  opposing  pitcher  Meyer,  for  six
        pert for YANK, has written a  book                          ALEXANDER,  TEAGUE,  FORTNER -ENTER  AAU                    hits  and  seven  runs.
                                        Montgomery  and  Dunham  led
        designed  to  give  Gis  the  lowdown                                                                                     After a  short conference, Gordon
                                      the  wave  of  tallies  with  17  points
        on the rights of discharged service-                        BOXING  FINALS  AT  CIVIC,  FRIDAY
                                      each, · while  Hal  DeJulio  sparked                                                      allowed  Meyers  to  remain  on  the
        men and women. Entitled "How To   the  Armed  Guard  attack  with  20   Loss  of  Nathaniel  Huskey  to  figured  a  lead-pipe  cinch  to  repeat  mound  but  the  third  session  saw
        Cash  In  On  Your Discharge  Bene-
                                      digits.                       Treasure  Island's  Frontier  Base  this year.              his  finish  when  hits  by  Mooney,
        fits,"  the book will be pu):>lished  by
                                        Exceptionally  good  on  defense  boxing  hasn't  hurt  them  a  bit  as   Stiff-punching  Georgie  Teague,  Correll,  Rose  and  Howton  were
        William H.  Wise  &  Co: 1 -New York,   for  the  Gunners  were  Lt.  Jl1:arsh,  far  as AAU fistic  competition goes.  160-pound senior, belted Jess Walk-
        and  will  sell  for  $1.  ·                                                                                            good for  three more  markers.
                                      former  Detroit  Eagle  star,  and  Without Huskey, "Ski" Dynkowski,   er  at  will  to  gain  an  easy  three-  Gordon went hitless at the plate.
                                      Harry  Wineroth.  Lynch,  Sieger  Frontier  Base  mentor,  came  up   round  verdict.  Teague  entered  the
         Softball ...                 and  Dunham  sparkled  with  their   wlth  three  finalists  out  of  a  pos-  finals  on  a  default  from  Charley
                                      floor  play  for  the  Gym.  No.  One                       Fields  who  had  suffered  a  broken   For  Victory
                                                                    3ible  three in the elimination bouts
                                                                                                  hand the night before.
           All team entries for the Treas-  men.                    :1eld at the Civic Auditorium Tues- conwnder and third of the Frontier  .,.
                                                                                                                                  ..~  IT TAKES BOTH
         ure  Island  Softball  league  must                        jay.                            Hal  Fortner,  senior heavyweight     1. Taxes
         be  submitwd  to  Lt.  Matt  Zunic   Roses are_ b_lue,       Jimmy   Alexander,   147-pound  Base  to  enter  the  finals,  punched I  I
         in Gym. No. 2 by April 18.   Violets  are  pink                                                                                  2. War Bonds
                                      Immediately  after            title holder,  went untouched in the  out  a  close  decision  over  Joe   ,_ _____________ _,
           Play will commence May 1.                                                                                                    PLUS  MORE  WAR  BONDS
                                       The  thirteenth  drink.      tournament  preliminaries  and  is  Thompson.
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