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THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, APRIL 21,  1945            PAGE 5
                                  New  Navy  Policy                                           r :~ 1:h;~c;;rn-:i;rH~~; ·.: :1
       v.;~~piceS                 Frowns  On  All-Star

      ~/~~ ~iii                   Service  Teams                                               -♦-♦♦♦-----♦-------·--·····-····

                                    The Navy apparently has decided
                                  to discourage the formation of All-
                                  Star service teams in this country.   The chance to help in the making
                                    Navy  officials  were  asked  about   of  history  offers  many fascinating
                                  a  report  that  Bob  Feller,  former   possiblities  to  Treasure  Island
                                                                Waves.  The  ~oming  San  Francisco
      Johnny,  a  beloved village moron,  Cleveland  pitching . star  and  the
                                                                Peace Conference will hold its first
    was  put  on  the  dole  by  the  town  first  to  get  the  navy  axe,  will  not
                                                                broadcast from the stage of Theater
    council.  So  that  he  would  not feel  be permitted to pitch for the Great
    an  object  of  charity,  the  council  Lakes  team.        No.  3,  April  24,  and  the  Waves
    paid him a  salary of $3  a  week for   The  officials  said  they  had  no   who sing with the Chapel choir will
                                                                have a  ringside seat when the choir
    oiling  an  old  rusty  cannon  that  direct  knowledge  of  such  a  ruling
                                                                appears  on  the  program.  A  few
    had  stood  for  years  in  the  village  on  Feller,  but  that  th-ere  is  a
    square.                       general  practice -to  "break  up  all-  Waves  who  familiar  witlr
                                                                foreign  languages have applied for
      For  11  years  he  attended  faith- star squads and get the boys away
                                                                jobs  as  interpreters,  and  some  of
    fully to his duties. Then one day he  from  the  easy  life  and  back  into
    appeared in  the mayor's  office  and  the  war."           our  better  shorthand  experts  may
    resigned.  The  mayor,  amused  and   Considerable  criticism  has  been   have a  chance to show their ability
    curious,  asked him why.      received  from  men  overseas  of   as stenographers. World affairs will
      "Because,"  answered  Johonny,  "name"  players  being  rounded  up   be  moving  into  your front  yard  in
                                                                a  few  days  and  should . give  you
    "in  the  11  years I  worked,  I  saved  for  baseball  and  football  games,
    $2  a  week  and now I  have  enough  particularly  in  the  last  gridiron   plenty to tell your grandchildren.
    money  to  buy  a  cannon  and go in  season.               Waves  News  Letter
    business  for _myself."    '    How far the policy of discourag-  The monthly Waves News Letter,
                                  ing  this  might  be  extended  was  published by the Women's Reserve
      A  little  man  walked
               * *  *  to  the  box  not  immediately  indicated.  Other  under·  the  direction  of  BuPers,
    office,  bought a  ticket and went in.  former  major  league  players  are  featured  a  two-column  spread  on
    A  few  minutes  later  he  returned,  membe·rs of various Navy teams in  you  and  your  activities  in  the  re-
    bought  another  ticket  and  again  this  country.         cently  released  April  issue·.  In-
    went inside.  Three  times  the  same   Treasure  Island has already felt  cluded  were  descriptions  of  your
    thing happened. By the fourth time  pressure.               jobs  and  living  quarters  and  the
    the girl in  tl:ie  box office  was  com-  No  comment  from  the  War  excellent  work  you  are  doing  on
    pletely perplexed and asked:  "Why  Department  on  its  attitude  has  Treasure  Island.  If you  would  like
    do  you  keep  buying  tickets  to  go  been received.      to  see  a  copy  and  are  unable  to
    into the theater?"                                          find  one,  come  up  to  the Masthead
      "It's  not  my  fault,"  replied  the                     Office  and  read  ours,  but  believe
    little man. "They keep tearing them                         us,  in print you really look good.
    up  every time  I  go inside."   No  Need  to  Go  Barefoot   N-o  Bird on  Nelli-e's Hat
               * *  *             If You  Can't Get Shoes         Any little Neils in Navy blue will
      An  ensign  had  been  g1vmg  a                           be interested to know that the new
                                  At  C.  & S.  S.
    certain  blonde  the  once  over-                           cap  insignia  will  be  ready  for
    about  a  dozen  times- at  a  party.                       purchase  some  time  this month.  It
    Finally he moved over to her.   I  Foot-weary?  Do  you  take  off  will  be  a  metal insignia  similar to   A VACATION  ROMANCE was that of pretty  Betty  Friedland and Con-
      "Pardon me,"  he said,  "I'm with  your shoes at night and discover  a  the  collar  device  with  a  sterling   nie  Robinson,  GM2c.  They  met while  spending  the  summer  at  Deland,
    the  United  States  Navy . .  whom  fresh batch of bunions and blisters  silver propeller and and an  anchor  Florida.  She  is  now  in  Chicago  and  he  is  going  to  school  at  Treasure
    are  you with?"               because of poorly fitting footwear?  of  sterling  silver  gold-plated.  It  Island  but they keep  vacation  memories alive through the postman.
                                    If for health  reasons you cannot  will be worn by all enlisted women
               *  *  *            wear regulation shoes,  or if Cloth- with  the  exception  of  chief  petty
      Saint Peter: "And what was your
    good deed on earth?"          ing and  Small  Stores  is  out of  the  officers.  Now  you  can  legally  pin   "Snuff  Box"  Navy  Gets   the fleet. Warships that might have
      Paymaster:  "I  s)owed  down  the   size shoe  you require,  it is  possible  your hat to your head.                  returned thousands  of  miles  to  the
                                  to  obtain a  shoe  ration  stamp  and
    pay  line  by  sey.eral  hours,  thus                       Officers Training  in  Washingt-on   Little  Glory,  Carries   nearest harbor now receive delivery
    giving  the  sailors  less  time  for   make  your purchase  ashore.   Enlisted  women  who  receive                    service  by such ships,  thus  saving
    foolishly  spending their money."   At  Room  121,  Administration   commissions  after  this  month  will   Gasoline,  Mail   millions of man hours and hundreds
                                  Building,  you may secure one  cou-  go to  Washington, D.  C.,  for train-               of vessels.
                                  pon upon presentation of the proper   ing  similar to  that formerly  given  .  This  is  a  story  about  a  ship  of   Excepting  mild  colds,  the  ship's
    Cross-Word  Answers           chit.  In case  of lack of proper size   at  Midshipman's  school  in  North- the  "snuff  box"  navy-a  ship  doctor  reports  that  health  aboard
                                  at  the  issue  rooms,  Clothing  and   hampton.  Approximately  fifteen  numbering among the many oilers  the  ship  has  been  excellent.  Four
                                  Small  Stores  will  issue  the  chit.
                                                                women  will  be  commissioned  each  and  tankers  o{  the  Pacific  Fleet  cases of appendicitis have occurred
                                  Personnel  who  have  something
                               0   wrong with their feet may get the   month  as. supply,  medical  and  line  Service Force.  Spe is a  member of  - fortunately,  the ship was in port
                               A                                officers.  Training  will  be  for  a  the  "snuff  box"  navy,  so  called  and  naval  hospitals  ashore  were
                             ffi  chit  from  the  chiropodist  at  Dis-
                                                                period  of  four  weeks  and  applic- because  of  the  preference  of  the   near.
                                  pensary  Numbe·r  One.
                                                                ations already on file will be given  crew for  tobacco  snuff  o·ve·r  smok-  The  oiler  is  rarely  at  sea  for
                                    Commissioned  o ffi c e r s,  chief°
                                                                first  consideration.         ing.  The  periods  and  places  of  more  than  a  few  weeks  on a  fuel-
                                  petty  officers,  and  Waves  will  be
                                                                Shoes Without Stamps          smoking  aboard  are  necessarily  ing mission.  During that time it is
                                  issued one shoe coupon without chit   G.  I.  shoes  may be  purchased at  more  limited  than  on  other ships,  probable  that  her  supply  will  be
                                  and may call directly at Room 121.   the  Coast  Guard  Small  Stores  in  and  because  of  these  restrictions,  replenished twice by tankers of the
                                             *  * *             San  Francisco  without  use  of  a  the  crew  rarely  smokes.   navy  and  merchant  fleet.  A  good
                                    Court:  "Seaman  Smith  you  are                                                        day's  work  consists  of  servicing
                                                                shoe  certificate.  If  your  last  pair  In  Three  Major  Offensives
                                  hereby sentenced to 20  days in the                                                       several  large  ship  and  a  number
                                  brig on  bread  and  water.  How  do   of  precious,  roomy  G.  I.'s is  about   The  ship  has  participated  in
                                                                to  give  out  we  suggest  you  take  three  major  offensives  in  her  six   of  destroyers.  Rendezvousing  with
                                  you  like  that?"
                                                                yourself to Bay and Taylor Streets,  short  months  of  duty  in  the  Paci-  the  fleet  in  a  sheltered  port,  she
                                    Smith:  "Toasted,  sir."                                                                has  sometimes  worked  all  night
                                                                turn left on Bay and proceed on the  fic.  Last  September,  she  refueled
                                                                                                                            moving from  ship  to  ship.
                                                                left-hand side of the street for two  carriers  of  the  Third  Fleet  while
                                                                blocks,  which  should  bring  you  planes  were  taking  off  to  engage   Carries  More  Than  Fu-el
                                                                close  enough to buy a  new pair.   approaching  Japanese  planes.  At   Besides  fuel,  the  vessel  carries
                                                            ~  Gym  Jamboree                  the  same  time  a  carrier  was  tak-  ammunition,  provisions  and  mail.
                                                                 The Alameda Naval  Air  Station  ing  oil  and  aviation  gasoline   When a  combat ship  draws  along-
                                                                Band will play tonight for you and  aboard,  destroyers  were  being  re-  side,  or  vice  versa,  the  intercom-
                                                                your bluejacket friends at Gymna- fueled,  one  at  a  time,  from  her   munication  telephones  are  busy
                                                                sium  No.  1  from  2000  to  2400.  other  side.  She  was  the  last  ship   with  queries  from  the  other  crew
                                                                No  ticket  is  required for  your ad- to  refuel  the  Princeton,  three  days   about news from back home.  Other
                                                                mission  and it will  be  hard  to  find  before  the  carrier  was  sunk.   ships invariably think the oiler has
                                                                a  roomier dance floor  in San Fran-  During  the  Palau  operations  in   Just  returned  from  the  States.  As
                                                                cisco  tonight.  Make  it  a  date  for  early  September,  the  oiler  fueled   are  most fleet  oilers,  she  is  either
                                                                the  Gym  at 2000.            four  destroyers  at  one  time- two   replenished  from  tankers  at  sea
                                                                                              on each side.  At Guam and Saipan   or at  an advanced  base  port.
                                                                Just  Between  us                                            While refuelling, the larger ships
                                                                 This  part  of  the  column  will  be   in August there was  little  sleep  or
                                                                                              rest  for  the  crew  because  of  the   usually  pass ice  cream over to the
                                                                short  this  week,  because  we  were                       oiler which has no ice-cream mak-
                                                                unable  to  tell  if  it was  the  sun  or   heavy  fueling  schedule.
                                                                other  causes  which  brought  on  so  All  Types  And  Sizes   ing  machine.  Combat  vessels  al-
                                                                many cases of perpetual embarass-  Never "too little or too late," the  ways  transfer  mail  for  home  and
                                                                ment  this  past  week.  Never  have  21,000-ton,  526-foot  oiler  moves  once two wounded men were taken
                                                                we  seen  so  many  red  faces  and  right in with the fleet to nurse her  aboard  for  delivery  to  the  nearest
                                                                fearing  to  bring  on  any  more  dis- "big  sisters"  with  vital  cargo.  All  hospital.
                                                                comfort  we  feel  it  best  to  halt  sizes  of  ships-from  aircraft  car-  There  is  little  glory  in  the  job
                                                                here.                         riers  to  PT  boats-have  been  ser- of  an  oiler,  but for  the  most part,
                                                                About  Mother's  Day          viced.  She  carries enough  gasoline  the  crew of this one likes its duty.
                                                                 Wrappings and ribbons are avail- to ·supply  1000  passenger  cars  for  Several "well dones" have been re-
                                                                able  at  the  Hostess  House  to  add  a  year.  In a  four-month period she  ceived from  the captains of battle-
                                                                that  extra  touch  to  your  package  refueled 92  combat ships while  un- ships  and  carriers  and  from  Ser-
                                                                for  Mom  on  Mother's  Day.  Buy  derway.                 vice Squadron commanders, for the
                                                                your  purchases  early  and  wrap   Time  is  an  important  factor  in  speed  and  efficiency  of  her  crew
     •                                                          them  at the  Hostess  House.   the  Pacific,  and  "while  underway"  in passing lines  and pumping fuel.
                                                                                                                                      * * *
     'FAU,                                                                                   means  that  the  techniques  of  the
                                                                                 .  .
                                                                    .     * * *              supply forces  have kept pace  with   Prayer  of  an  advertising  man's
        "Sometimes  I  wish  they  wouldn't  plan  these  things   This  :"eek_ s  defimt10n:  Shot-1 tho~e  o~  the  fleet.  Distances in  the  child:  "Give  us  this  day  our  daily
                                                                that  which  if  some  people  have  Pacific  mcrease  the  importance  of  golden  crust   slo-baked   whol
                     on  .such  a  large  scale!"
                                                                more than one,  they are half.   this  and  other  ships  that  supply  wheat bread.','_   ·'   e
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