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PAGE 6           THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, APRIL 14,  1945

     Navy  Cross  Given  Valiant -Marine  For
     Extraordinary  Heroism  Under  Heavy  Fire

       This nation's second highest com- r-egarding  the  enemy positions,  ac-
     bat  award,  the  Navy  Cross,  was  curately  directed  their  fire,  and
     pr-esented to Cpl.  Jacob H.  McDan- controlled  their  movements  until
     iel,  USMC,  for  bravery  in  action  the  enemy  forces  were  destroyed                           ~;~~~.~~l£1!Lec
     against  the  enemy  during  the  in- and  the  infantry  had  secur-ed  its
     vasion  of  Guam,  Marianas  Islands  objective.  His  relentless  fighting
     last  y-ear.  Th e  citation  was  spirit  and  outstanding  devotion  to
     read  by  Major  C.  R.  Milham,  Ma- duty  were  in  keeping  with  the  CHAPEL   •   •   •   •
     rine  Commanding Officer  of Treas- highest  tradition  of  the  United   Divine  Services   New Movie                     mov1c.t
     ure  Island,  at recent  citation  cere- I States Naval  Service."   Treasure  and  Verba  Buena  Islands
     moni-es  held  on  this  naval  base.   Approximat-ely  22  Treasure  Is-                    Schedule
       Cpl.  McDaniel's  service  as  set  land  bluejackets  were  summoned                                                          ~sr1-~
                                                                                                    MATINEES  SUNDAY                             ~
                                   by Commander, U.  S.  Naval Train-                                                                 ~  I           I   ?
                                                                                                All  Three T.  I. Theatres at 1400
                                   ing  and  Distribution  Center  to  re-                                                               ""'  ~ ·,   ~  L
                                                                                                                                    __::-)  I  ,. '"• ...  11  ,._ .. -  J  ::- •  •  ..
                                   ceive  citations  and  awards.  Their                                     *  SHOWS             -       '-=  -   .
                                   names  follow:                                                    EVENING
                                                                                                     All  Three  Theatres      Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  1
                                     Leong  Jin  Chun,  RT2c,  Bronze
                                                                                                   -  Fi rst  Show  at 1745-  Last Showing Today
                                   Star Medal;  J.  W.  Marchand,  Cox,                            -  Second  Show  1945  -
                                   Bronze  Star Medal ; Lt.  J . W. Cum-                                                     "ROUGH,  TOUGH  AND  READY"
                                   mins,  Presid-ential  Unit  Citation;                                                     Chester Morris   Victor McLaglan
                                                                                                (Theatre  doors  *  are  opened  15
                                   J.  R.  Vandal,  SK3c,  Presidential                                                                 *  *  *
                                                                                                minutes  before  starting  time,   Sunday,  April  15
                                   Unit  Citation ;  Ens.  William  B.      Protestant          and at the end of  the  first show
                                   Sharp of Public Works, China Serv-  Sunday Worship  Services- 0930  and  1030             CHARLES  COOPER-CONCERT
                                                                 Sunday,  Holy  Communion,  1130  (Chapel)   theatres  will  be  emptie'Cl  of per-  PIANIST
                                   ice Medal; Lt. W . W. German, Com-  Sunday  Worship  Service--1030  Theatre
                                                                    No.  3:                     sonnel  and  refilled  with  those   One Performance- 1330
                                   ipendation;  Alfred  G.  Benjamin,
                                                                            Catholic            wishing  to  attend  the  second
                                   Sp(F)lc, Commendation; F. A. P er-  Weekday  Masses-0630  and  1800  (Small                          *  *  *
                                   kins,  Sp(F)lc,  Commendation;  Lt.   Chapel)                show)                        Sun.-Mon.,  Apri I 15,  16
                                                                 Sunday  Masses-0630,  0'720,  0820
                                   0. A.  Phipps;  Roy A.  Abbqtt,  Slc;   (Chapel)                                               "SAL TY  O'R_OURKE"
                                                                 Sunday  lliass-1030  (Theatre  No.  1)
                                   R.  E .  Cyphers,  RM3c ;  0.  E.  Davis,   Weekday  Confessions-Daily  in  the  Small    Alan Ladd          Gail  Russell
                                   GM3c;  and Ralph A.  Klawitter, Slc   Chapel,  Saturday  1400  to  2000.   Lost  and  Found          *  *  *
                                   -all  received  the  Purple  Heart        Jewish                                          Tuesday,  April  17
                                                                                                 Gear  and  articles  bearing  the
                                   Award.                        Saturday-Jewish  Service--1300  Hospital   following  names ·have  been  turned   "HIGH  POWERED"
                                     Of  the  22  men  cited,  nine  were   Sunday  Service--0830  Chapel  Reception         Robert Lowery    Phyllis Brooks
                                                                    Room                       in  to  the  lost  and  found  property
                                   from  the  R eceiving  Ship.  Each  re-  Mormon                                                      *  *  *
     NAVY  CROSS-"For  extraordin-  ceived  the  Purple  Heart.  Th-ey  are  Sunday   Study  Group-0930   (Theatre   bureau  located  in  the  Security  Of-  Wed.-Ttrurs., -April  18,  19
     ary  heroism  in  action  against  the                         No.  2.)                   fice,  Building  No.  222.  This  prop-  "BILLY  ROSE'S  DIAMOND
     enemy  on  Guam,"  Marine  Corporal   William  L.  Parker,  StM2c;  E .  B.   U.  S.  NA:VAL  HOSPITAL   erty  will  be  return-ed  to  the  own-
     Jacob  H.  McDaniel  was  :!lwarded  Heimer, Sp(F)3c; Morrison Barley,   Protestant       ers  upon  proper  id~ptification.    _HORSESHOE"
     the  Navy  Cross  by  Captain  H.  E.  StMlc;  Ralph  E.  Hilt,  SM3c;  Ray   Sunday  Worship  Service-1000  Hospital   Betty Grable     Dick H aymes
     Schonland,  Chief  Staff  Officer,  in   K.  McKay,  Slc;  G.  E.  Miller,  Flc;   Chapel   R.  T.  Murray,  A.  B. · Stone,  J.  L.
     a  military ceremony  here.                                             Catholic          Henry,  L.  C.  Montgomery,  E.  F.      *  *  *
                                   G.  W.  Wallace,  CY;  Albert Skroch,                                                     Fri.~Sat.,  April 20,  21
                                                                 Sunday  Masses-0630  and_ 0900  Hospital   Gibson,  W .  D.  Smith,  A.  Thomas,
                                   CBMA;  and W.W. Cox,  Slc.       Chapel                                                         "WITHOUT  LOV.E"
     forth  in  the  citation·  written  by                      Weekday  Masses-0645  Hospital  Chapel  G.  B.  Olson,  G.  Goxiolo,  R.  M.  Cur-  Spencer Tracy  Katharine Hepburn
     General Smith, Marine Commander                             Confessions-Saturday 1800' 1900 Hospital   nutt,  E.  A.  Moore,  T.  A.  McCona-
     in  Chief for  the  Pacific,  follows:                                                    tha,  V.  R.  Branley,  R.  P.  Butler, I  Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  2
                                                                    PRE-EMBARKATION  CENTER
       "For  extraordinary  heroism  in   U-Boats  Now  Recharge            Protestant         W.  W.  Weatherby,  C.  E .  Newton,  Last showing Tonight
     action  against  the  enemy  while                          Daily and Sunday Worship Services-1430   M.  E . Anderson.   ,   "KEEP  YOUR  POWDER  DRY"
                                                                   (Ship's  Service  Library)
     serving  as  a  m-ember  of  a  mortar   While  Below  Surface   Christian  Servicemen's  League  -  1900   The below listed articl-es were re-
     platoon  of  a  rifle  company  during                         Sunday                     ported  as  being  lost:      Lana Turner       Larain-e  Day
     the  attack  on  Guam,  Marianas  Is-  The  Germans  have  fitted  t heir   Catholic        6  wallets,  1  handbag,  1  bank      *  *  *·
     lands,  on  the  morning  of  26  July,   submarines  wit!1  special  extensible   Daily  nnd  Sunday  Masses-1600  (Ship's   book,  travelers'  checks.   Sun.-Mon.,  April  15,  16
                                                                    Service  Library)
     1944.  Cpl. McDaniel's company was   air  intak-e  and  air  exhaust  stacks   WEEKLY  CHAPEL  ACTIVITIES                    "COUNTER  ATTACK"
                                                                    Monday  of  the  Month)  1800  (Small  I
                                                                                                                             Paul Muni
     attacking  with  tanks  which  were   which  permit  them  to  recharge   Monday-Blessed  Virgin  Sodality  (First    I            Marguerite Chapman
     drawing  heavy  fire  from  hostile   batteries  without  coming  to  the                                                          *  *  *
                                                                    Chapel.)                      WA N f  A D S
     mortars,  rifles,  and  machine  guns.   surface,  it  was  recently  declared  Tuesday-Organ R ecital  (Hospital Chapel)   Tuesday  April  17
     When the man directing the attack   by  Hanson  Baldwin,  "New  York   Tuesday-Wave  Singers Rehearsal  (Chapel :----------------.! "BETRAYAL  FROM  THE  EAST"
                                                                    Reception Room-)  1630·1800.
     of  the  tanks  with  a  radio  became   Times"  military  commentator.   Tuesday.:......Miraculous  .Medal  .Novena,  1830  LOST- Maroon  pencil   L  ee  racy   Nancy Kelly
     a  casualty  from  the  heavy  enemy   These stacks act like a  periscope   (Large  Chapel.)          •                           )(-
                                                                 Tuesda_Y-Chri'l}1an  .Science  Group  l800   engraved  with  name,  "W.  P.   ~  ¥
     fir-e, Cpl. McDaniel, who was nearby,  and  cr-eate  very  little  more  wake   (Chapel  Reception  Room).   Langenberg."  If  found  contact  Wed.-Thurs.,  April  18,  19
     immediately and on his  own initia- than  one.  They  permit  the  sub-  Tuesday  -  Holy  Name  Society  1915   owner  at  Bks.  20  Co.  68  RMS   "  THE  HORN  BLOWS  AT
                                                                    (Small  Chapel)
     tive,  voluntarily  took  up  the  radio  marines  to  cruise  at  periscope  \Vednesday  -  Christian   Servicemen's   .   '   '   '   MIDNIGHT"
                                                                    League  1830  (Ch ape 1  Reception   or  brmg to Th-e  Masthead  office.
     and continued to direct the attack of  depth  or  even  deeper  almost  in-  Room)                                      Jack  Benny       Alexis  Smith
     the tanks and the infantry support- definitely.             Thursday  -  Chapel   Choir   Rehearsal
                                                                    (Chapel  Gallny)  1800        Send  The  Masthead  Home             *  *  *
     ing  them.  With complete  disregard   "The  submarine's  d e fen s iv e  Fridav-WAvP  Rini;,Prs  Rehearsal  (Chapel    Fri.-Sat.,  April  20,  21
     for his own safety,  he  continued to                          Reception  Room)  1800   ·                                   "A ROYAL SCANDAL"
                                   qualities are thus improved," states  Friday  -  Mor111on  Study  Group  1900
     direct  the  tanks  for  a  period  of   Mr.  Baldwin,  "but  the  enemy  h_as   ( Chapel  Gallery.)                    Anne Baxter   Tallulah Bankhead
     about two hours, during which time  not  yet  been  able  to  exploit  this   YERBA  BUENA  ISLAND   Week!y Gym Schedules   Treasure  Island  Theatre  No.  3
     he  killed  four  Japanese  who  at- device  to  increase  his  offensive  Sunday  Worship  SPrvice--0930  Theatre
                                                                                                    Gym  Schedule-No.  1
     tempted  to  attack  the  tanks  with  strength  to  any  extent,  for  our   Catholic                                  Last  Showing  Today
                                                                 Sunday  Mass-0830  Theatre       Skating-1300-1600  and  1800-
     demolitions.  Shortly  after  this  ac- underwater  sound  detectors  and  Sunday  Confessions  in  Theatre  Office  -    "A  SONG  TO  REMEMBER"
                                                                    0800                        2100.                        Merle  Oberon       Paul Muni
     tion,  he  was  wounded  by  hostile  other  detection  devices  make  it   All  Service  Personnel  Are  Welcome.   Bowling-0800-2100.
     mortar  fire.  Cpl.  McDaniel  gave  di-fficult  for  a  submarine  to  pen-e-               Boxing-0800-2100.                     *  *  *
     the  tanks  invaluable  information  t r.ate  a  convoy's  screen."                          Ping  Pong-0800-2100.      Sun.-Mon.,  April  15,  16
                                                                                                                                "GOD  IS  MY  CO-PILOT"
                                                                 At The  Chapel ...               Badminton-0800-2100.       Dennis Morgan  Raymond Massey
                                                                                                  Body Building-0800-2100.
       ~;~ ,j,,,~t:;i.i-\~c  -                             ··, . .,_   artist  with  the  Cleveland  Opera   Handball- 0800-2100.   Tuesday,  April  17
                                                                                                                                        *  *  *
                                                                       Protestant  Services
                                                                   Anthony E . Cirino, Flc, a  former
                                                                                                                                  " SEE  MY  LAWYER"
                                                                 Company and  at present a  patient   Trampoline-0800-2100   Olsen & Johnson  Grace McDonald
                                                                 at the  Naval  Hospital  at Treasure   Tumbling-0800-2100              *  *  *
                                                                 Island,  will  be soloist  at both 0930   Judo- 0800-2100   Wed.-Thurs.,  April  18,  19
                                                                 and 1030 s-ervices Sunday, April 15,   Tennis-0800-2100          "IT'S  A  PLEASURE"
                                                                 in the Treasure Island chapel sing-  Swimming -  0800-1500,  week   Sonja Henie   Michael O'Shea
                                                                 ing "Open the Gates of the Temple"   days,  Warfare  Aquatics;  1500-  * *  *
                                                                 (Knapp). At the same services the   1600,  week  days,  Officers  only;   Fri.-Sat.,  Apri I 20,  21 ,
                                                                 chapel choir will sing "Hark, Hark,   1600-1800,  week  days,  Colored   "THE CLOCK"
                                                                 My  Soul"  (Shelley) .         personnel;  1100-1500,  Saturday,   Judy Garland   Robert Walker
                                                                                                Recreational swimming for Col-
                                                                   The  sermon  by  Chaplin  H.  G.
                                                                                                ored personnel.              Y~·RBA  BUENA  MOVIES
                                                                 Gatlin  at  1030  will  be  on  the  sub-  Sunday-Pool ·secured.
                                                                 ject  of  "How  Old  Are  You?"  At                           Shows start at 1715 and 2000
                                                                 0930  Chaplain  Robert  K.  Staley   Gym Schedule-Nq. 2
         !.,··                                                                                                               Last Showing Today
                                                                 will speak on the subject "Faith of   Recreational Swimming, .0800-  "A  SONG  TO  REMEMBER"
                                                                 Abraham."                      1600,  1700-1900,  2000-2100  (,en-  Merle ·Oberon   Paul Muni
                                                                                                listed);  Saturday,  0800 - 1600;
                                                                        Catholic  Services                                              *"' *  *
                                                                   The  1030  Sunday  morning  Mass   1700-1900  (enlisted);  . Sunday,   Sun.-M-on., .April  15,  16
                                                                                                1300-1600, 1700-1800  (enlisted) .
                                                                 formerly  held  in  Theatre  No.  3  is                             "THE. CLOCK"
                                                                                                  Recreational Swimming, 1600~
                                                                 now  observed  at the same  hour in                         Judy Garland     Robert Walker
                                                                 Theatre No.  1.                1700,  190Q-2000  ( Officers  and
                                                                                                Waves);  Saturday,  1600-1700           *  *  *
                                                                          Wave  Singers          (Officers  and  Waves) ;  Sunday,   Tuesday,-April  17
                                                                   The  ·wave  Singers,  one  of  the   1600-1700  (Officers and Waves).   "M-ANPOWER"
                                                                 chapel  musical  organizatiqns,  will                       George Raft   Edward G.  Robinson
                                                                                                  Boxing,  0800-2100.
                                                                 be  heard  Sunday,  April  15,  on  the   Body  Building,  0800-2100.   *  *  *
                                                                 regular  Treasure  Island  broadcast   Basketball, 0800-1900.   Wed.-Thurs.,  April  18,  19
                                               _:-:t:,;,,  ., _._ .. :, .,:  : .  .,   on  KGO  at  1115.  Memoership  in   Volley  Ball,  0800-2100.   "A  ROYAL  SCANDAL"
                                                                 this group, which is heard frequent-                        Tallulah Bankhead   Ann-e Baxter
                                     ·"/("'""   -~~'t ~          ly at  the  chapel and on  other spe-  Badminton,  0800-2100.
                   ,,,,..,,,         . .          , . u'.~· .':JIC                                Judo-0800-2100                        *  *  *
                                                                 cial programs, is open to all Treas-                        Fri.-Sat.,  April 20,  21
                                                                                                  Tum bling-0800-2100
            "JONES,  OUR  STENCILLING  DOES  NOT  INCLUDE        ure  Island Waves who wish to sing.                              "SALTY  O'ROURKE"
                          PHONE  Nt.;MBERS                       Rehearsals  are  held  at the  chapel.   Trampoline-0800-2100   Alan Ladd      Gail Russeii
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