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THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, APRIL 14,  1945            PAGE 5

                                  Look  Before  You  Leap!      ~I::: Th~ ·c;;;i 13~;i H~~;-,:: !
      ~SE~FRONTIER                Lisp-lipped  Fakers  Will
                 and~,~           Be  Primed  for  Vets         Do  you  thin/{  that  lasting  peace  is   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •
       LOCAL  DEFENSE               "Come-on  advertising  and  mis-  an illusion?                            _.__,.~.,,
                                                                  K.  E.  Trotter,  S2c (GM),  Receiv-
                                  leading  publicity"  about  the  loan  ing  Ship.  I  don't  see how  it can  be
                                  provisions  of the GI Bill of Rights  anything else but an illusion.  Sure,
    New  Chief  of  Staff
      Commander  George  F.  Martin,  were  hit  in  a  recent  speech  by_  it will  last longer this  time  before
                                                                another war.
    Chief  Staff  Offic-er  of  Sea  Frontier  banker  E.  S.  Rooney  before  the
    Sector,  has  re~eived  orders  to  re- New  York  State  Veterans  Service   I  think  that  it  will  be  more  ef-
                                                                fective than the last one. There was
    port to 12th ND for further assign- Agency.                 no  centralized  power  to  take  the
    ment.  His relief,  Commander Allen   "I f-eel,"  said  Rooney,  "that  the   lead  after  the  last  war,  but  this
    V. Bres, has reported to assume the   advertising  that  is  put  forth  by   time  stronger  nations  have  taken
    duties  as Chief of Staff.    banks  generally  and  the  misin-  leadership  responsibilities  in  order
      Commander  Martin  graduated   formation  that  has  unfortunately   to insure a  lasting peace. But I  still
    from  the  U.  S.  Naval  Academy  in  been  disseminated  to  the  veteran   think  that  there'll  be  another  war
    June,  1916,  and prior to  his  retire- has  created  a  _very  serious  situa-  after this one.
    ment  in  1937  was  serving  as  gun- tion.  The  veteran  feels  that  he  is
    nery  officer  aboard  the  USS  New  coming  home  to  his  bank  and  all   *  *  *
                                                                  Ruth  Roe,  SK1c,  Supply  Office.
    York.  Recalled  to  active  duty  in  he has to do is walk in and there is
    November,  1939,  he  was  assigned   $2,000  waiting  for  him  in  a  tiny   History  proves  that  no  peace  has
    to  the  staff  of  the  commandan~ as   little envelope  with his name on  it.   ever  been  in  vain  whereas  wars
    training  and  war  plans  officer   "The fact  is  that this  is  entirely   have. The question should. be "what
    under Admiral Hugo W. Osterhaus,                 .       .   will we do  to make a  lasting peace,
    establishing the first naval activity I untrue  and  the  banks,  m  my  opm- each  of  us  individually?"
                                  ion,  instead  of_ using  'come-on'  ad-  A  democracy  has  many  individ-
    on Treasure Island.
                                  vertising,  as they have  been  doing,  uals  whose  freedom  has  been  at-
      He  has  since  served  as  Deputy
    Commander and Chief Staff Officer   should  engage  in  an  educational  tained  at  great  price.  Every  man
                                                                who  prizes  himself  and  his  neigh-
    of the Naval Local Defense Forces   campaign  and  explain  to  the  vet-  bors  highly  holds  the  dearness  of
    and  Northern  Caiifornia  Sector,   eran  that  if  he  borroVl'.S  money  he   peace  intrinsically.  If  we  bring
    Western Sea Frontier.         most certainly has to pay it back."   forth  the  goodness  of  each  other
      This  is·  Commander  Bres'  third   Misleading publicity, he declared,   through  a  positive  frame  of  mind
    tour  of  duty  with  his  new  Com- has  some  legitimate  benefits   and  trust,  need  we  merely  "hope"
    manding  Officer.  He  served  with  of the  GI Bill  of Rights  appear as   for  a  lasting  peace?
    Captain  Paul  P.  Blackburn  in  the  careless  gestures  of  charity rather
    Asiatic  and  at  Coco  Solo,  a  sub- than  soberly  considered  assistance   * * *
    marine  base  in  the  Canal  Zone.   for self-respecting men.   June  Trugill,  S2c(GM),  Receiv-
      Ccmmander Bres,  a  graduate  of                          ing  Ship.  A  lasting  peace?  Nope,
    the  U.  S.  Naval  Academy  in  1923,                      can't  be  done!  It  may  be  quite  a
    was  retired  in  1935.  RecaEed  to  Brooks,  Ylc,  became  the  bride  of  while yet but there will be another
    active duty in 1940,  he served with  Elliott  H.  Levin,  AEM3c,  now  war.  You  see,  nations live by what
    ROTC  units  at  Marquette  Univer- stationed  at  NAS,  Alameda.  The  they  produce  and  when  they  pro-
    sity,  Milwaukee,  Wisconsin,  and   bride was given in marriage by her  duce  the  same  thing  competition
    prior  to  his  new  assignment  was   father ;  Selma  Horn,  CY,  acted  as  can't  be  avoided.
    serving  with  the  ROTC  unit  at   bridesmaid  and  the  groom  was   The  moment  they  try  to  under-  BETROTHED-Lovely  Connie  Pattison,  our  "Girl  Back  Home"  fea·-
    the  University  of  Southern  Cali-  attended  by  his father.   sell  one  another as  rivals their ac-  turette  this  week,  is  the  charming  fiancee  of  L.  R.  Snow,  S1c,  of the
    fornia.                         Present at the wedding were the  tions bre-ed  war.  So  there you have  Armed  Guard  Ce·nter.  She  resides  in  Hayward,  Calif.,  where she awaits
                                                                                              the  retur.n  of  her  groom-to-be.  The  amiable  bluejacket  ant icipates
               *  *  *            bride's  family  of  Cleveland,  Ohio ;  it_  Of course, I wouldn't  say that the  making  a  trek  to  the  altar  with  his  sweetheart soon,  and  says  "there
                                  the  groom's  family  of  Cheyenne,
    Waves See  Golden  Gate       Wyo. ;  Captain  Paul  P .  Blackburn,  peace  won't  last  longer  this  time.   is  no other girl  like  her."
      Our sincere thanks  to  Joseph A.
                                  and  friends  of  the  couple.   Maybe it will; maybe it won't. Per-
    Moore  of  the  Moore  Dry  Dock                            haps  none  of  us  in  this  outfit  will
    Company, Oakland, for his generous       * * *              have  to fight  again but maybe our   OP!ERATi ON Al       I Keener Visii>n  Pays Big
    hospitality   in   affording  many                          '.tids will.
                                    Four Waves of this command are                            TRAJN~NG SCHOOL Dividends, Navy  Meets
    Waves  of  Treasure  Island  the   now  wearing  additional  stripes  .  .   There's  a  lot of talk about a  po-
    opportunity  to  "go  to  sea."                             lice system to keep the peace. Sure,
                                  congratulations  to:  Anne  Brooke,                                                       Eye-Glass  Needs of Men
      Stationed  in  the  middle-of-the-  RM1c;  Isabelle  W.  Durham,  Y2c;   :t'll  work  as  long  as  the  big  pow-
    bay,  we've  looked  at  the  Golden   Marjorie L.  Fay,  RM2c,  and Betty   ers  agree.  Otherwise,  bah!                Near-sighted  or  far-sighted-
    Gate  for  many  months  and longed   J .  Lancaster,  T2c.                               Talent  Needed                can  you  rely  upon  your  "peepers"
    to  pass  it . . .  to  see  it  from  the                             *  * *               With  the  proposed  party .  for   to  give  you  unblurred  vision?  Are
    ocean side . . .  and  to feel  the pitch   *  * *            J.  H.  Patterson,  BM2c,  Training   ship's company this month we sug-  you  in  the  habit  of  seeing  pink?
    and  roll  of  a  real  deck  under                         and  Distribution Center. No, it's not                      Are  you  a   victim  of  phan-
                                    By press  and radio  it was  bally-                       gest that members  of OTS provide
    our feet. Now that dream has come  hooed  around  our  fair  land  that   an  illusion.  Lasting  peace  is  pos-       tasmagoria  (incorrect  vision)  and
                                                                sible  if  it is  carried  out  according   the entertainment for the party. Oh,   find  no  cure  in  a  good  night's
    true.   _                     the  primary purpose  of  the Waves   to  its  charter  without  going  over   so you  don't think that there's tal-  sleep?  If your answer is yes to the
      After  a  beautiful  day  spent  in  was  to  relieve  the  big;  strong,               ent  around  here?  Well  just  listen
                                                                its  margin  to  infringe  upon  the                        last  two  questions,  here's  good
    the sun and wind  we  have  but one  husky  men  for  sea  duty.   rights  of small~r nations.   to  this:  We  have  four  gobs  and  a   news for you:
    comment  to  make!  ... "There's                                                          gal who  "don't  have to  cook  it be-
    a  pitch  and  roll  all  right!  . .. and   So,  from  unimpeachable  sources,   This  is  not  the  last war as  long   fore they eat it" on tne guitar. They   For the first time in any war the
    we're  mighty  glad  that  the  'good  it  has  been  revealed  that  the   as  the  "superior  race  theory"  is       United  States  Navy,  through. the
                                                                upheld  by  any  nation.  Any  race   are  Kenneth  Perkins,  Ylc;  Roy   development  of  optical  units  over
    ship  Treasure  Island'  has  an  even  equation has been reversed . . .                  Crabtree, S2c;  Frank Boeck, RT1c;
                                                                that  believes  it  is  superior  to  oth-                  the past two years, is now meeting
    ke-el  and  that  her  scuppers  take   A  certain  line  officer  of  the   ers  is  dangerous  not  only  to  itself   L.  A.  Hall,  PhM2c;  and  Mable   all  the  immediate  needs  of  Navy
    water  only  from  'topside'!"   aforementioned  big,  strong  and   but  to its  neighbors.  It is not pos-  Hayth,  Y3c.  Incidentally,  "Doc''   personnel for eye-glasses, originals,
                                  husky variety has been assigned to   sible  to  carry  out  such  a  theory   Hall  has  composed  _several  songs   replacements, and repairs, to main-
               *  *  *            the communications office to relieve   and ke-ep  lasting peace  among na-  that  really  sound  good.  Lt.  B.  F.   tain  vision  of  its  fighting  men  at
      On March 20 at the Temple Beth I a  Wave  officer  who  has  been  tions.               Swope plays a  mean saxophone and   the  highest  possible  level.  ·
    Israel  in  San  Francisco  Marcia  detached  for  duty  overseas!   I  believe that nations. can get to-  with the  trumpeting of  H.  L.  Ros-  As ·of  March  15,  the  Navy  will
                                                                gether  and  settle  their  disputes   son,  Sp(X)3c,  the  combination   provide  eye-glasses,  _,as  well  as
                                                                without  resorting  to  war.  They've   should be  "solid on the  beam." For   optical  repairs  and  replacements,
                                                                got to do it to keep the peace when   our  vocal  department  we  have   for  all  naval  personrn:il  at  govern-
                                                                it is  won.                   Janeth  Keen,  Y3c,  who  gained  re-  ment  expense.  Navy  style-gold
                                                                                              cent  popularity  with  her  songs  at
                                                                  The coming United Nations meet-                           colored frame,  gold-filled,  full-view
                                                                ing  in  San Francisco  is  a  big step   the Bush Street Music Hall and also   construction.
                                                                towards  peace.  The  city  has  the   with  her  rendition  of  "Beat  Me
                                                                proper  background  where  interna-  Daddy  with  a  Baked  Potato."  A
                                                                tional  peace  can  be  discussed,  for   special  added  attraction  is  J.  M.
                                                                it  leads  all  others  in  living  up  to   Evans,  liAlc, who had the reputa- Bowling Takes  Spotlight
                                                                the  ideals  of  goodwill  toward  peo-  tion  of  being  the  best  jitterbug in
                                                                                              St.  Louis  before  joining  the  Navy.  In  Hospital  Sports
                                                                pie of all nationalities.
                                                                                              Doubtless there are. many others in
                                                                           *  *  *            the  school  who  ar~l  equally  as  tal-  The  Treasure  Island  Hospital
                                                                  Eileen  D.  Alexander,  Y3c,  Phy- ented, so contact Lt. W.  R. Watkins   team bowling title will  be  at stake
                                                                                                                            in  matches to  be  rolled  on  number
                                                                sical  Fitnel;ls  Department,  Lasting  or  Lt.  (jg)  R.  N.  F_'asick  and  help
                                                                                                                            two  alleys  during  the  current
                                                                peace  is  an  illusion.  I  think  it  is  to make this party pne of our best.   month. ·
                                                                foolish  for  us  to  believe that there   To  Oak Knoll Hospital this week   Officers,  Corpsmen  and  Chiefs
                                                                will  be  a  lasting  peace  because
                                                                                              for  their  probable  transfers  to  will  roll a  round robin series to de-
                                                                man  alone  cannot  expect  to  find
                                                                                              civilian  life  went  'CIC  Instructor  cide  !Jae  championship  in  each  di-
                                                                pe9.ce vnless he  is a  believer in  the
                                                                                              Walter  Kearney,  RdM3c,  and  Fer- visiol.\  of  competition.  Nurses  and
                                                                Lord  Jesus  Christ,  who  is  the  su-
                                                                                              gunson,  GM1c,                Waves will compete in two matches
                                                                preme  ruler.
                                                                                                Our  congratulat~ons  to  Frank   of three  games  each.
                                                                                              Boeck, RTlc, who iii the proud papa   The tournament will be  rolled on
                                                                                                                            a  handicap basis,  with gold medals
                                                                                              of  a  seven-pounq  ooy- William
                                                                PRINCESS  ELIZABETH                                         to  be  presented  to  the  champions
                                                                JOINS  BRITISH  WAC           Frank  BoecJ,;.  Joining the  force  of   in both  the  women's and  men's  di-
                                                                  London  (CNS)-Princess  Eliza-  the training office  ii,  Miss  Marjorie   visions.
                                                                beth,  heiress  to the British throne,  MacNabb, better known as "Duffy."
                                                                has joined the Auxiliary Territorial                          Chief:  "Now  if  you  stood  with
                                                                Service, •Britain's equivalent of the                       your  back  to  the  north  and  your
    VETERAN  NAVAL  OFFICER  turns  over the  duties  of  Chief-Staff Of-
    ficer  to  his  relief.  Commander  George  F.  Martin  (left)  shakes  hands   WAC. The Princess, who is _18, was   Definition of the week: .Optimist  face  to  the  south,  what would  you
    with  Commande'r  ~lien  V.  Bres,  the  newly  assigned  Chief  of  Staff,   awarded  a  commission  with  the  - A  crossword  puzzle  fan  who  have  on  your  left  hand?"
    Northern  Sector,  Western  Sea  Frontier.                  honorary rank of second subaltern.  starts with  a  fountain  pen.   Recruit:  "Fingers."
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