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PAGE 4           THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, APRIL 14,  1945

    "Anc:horing"  Parade  Grounds  On  Verba  Buena  1s!and  25  Years  Ago

                                                                                                                             ~ .. ~~ til1

                                                                                                We  promised
                                                                                              your  · sunburn  lotion  you  would
                                                                                              have a  chance to use it. This week-
                                                                                              end another ski  trip  to the  Sonora   "How did you stop your husband
                                                                                              Mountains  will  leave  Treasure  Is-  from  staying  out  nights?"
                                                                                              land  with  a  busload  of  ski  en-  "When  he  came  in  late  last
                                                                                              thusiasts. If you have half as much  week,  I  called  out  'Is  that  you,
                                                                                              fun as the last group you will have   Jack?'"
                                                                                              a  wonderful  time,  and  we  will  be   "Well?"
                                                                                              looking for  your  sunburn  on  Mon-  "My husband's  name  is  Bill."
                                                                                                                                      * * *
                                                                                              Weekly  Movies                  Sailor:  "If  I  had  known  that
                                                                                                The weekly Monday night movies  tunnel  was  so  long,  I  would  have
                                                                                              have  been  resumed  and  are  being   given you a  kiss."
                                                                                              held  each Monday night at 1800 in   Girl:  "Gracious,  wasn't  that
                                                                                              the upper deck lounge at Barracks   you?"
                                                                                              275.  Present  series  is  "Why  We
                                                                                                                                      * * *
                                                                                              Fight."                         Ensign  (as they finished dinner):
                                                                                              Seattle  Hospitality          "Er,  er-how  about  a  little  demi-
                                                                                                Interesting note for Waves going  tasse now,  my dear?"
                                                                                              to,  or  passing  through  Seattle  on   Chorus  girl:  "I  knew  it!  You
                                                                                              leave  is  the  opening  of  a  club  for  weren't  treating  me  like  this  for
                                                                                              women of the armed services at 214  nothing!"
    APRIL,  1920-ln  pre-Receiving  Ship ·days,  Verba   ceremonies such  as  one  pictured  above.  As  many  as  University St. It h!l,S  sleeping privi-  * * *
    Buena  was  a  naval  training  station,  for  which  pur-  13,000  men  received  training  at one  time  on  island  leges,  lounges,  showers,  food  bar,   We  point  with  pride  to  the
    pose  part of  her acreage was  set  aside -by  President   during World War 1.  Earlier, Verba  Buena was home   etc.  Remember  the  address  if  you  purity of the white spaces between
    McKinley. Large number of apprentices lived i·n tents   of Tuchayune  Indians,  haunt -of forty-niners  and  (so
    (note  hill  on  right), on  holidays took part in  colorful   they  say)  smugglers.     should find yourself in Seattle with- our  jokes.
                                                                                              out  accommodations.
                                                                                                                                       * * *
                                                                                              CPO  News                       Sailor's  creed:  "What I  want  to
                                  coroner ordered. the body taken up,  Island's  Names
    Indians,  Smugglers,          brought  over  the  bay,  and  buried   Yerba Buena was  known  as  Sea  m  the  Navy  and  newest  honor  is
                                                                                              .  There  are  now  32  Wave  CPO's I get most out of the Navy is me."
    And  Forty-Niners  Onc:e      in a  pauper's  cemetery.     Bird  Island until about 1836; when  conferred  by  a  Navy  base  in  the
                                    A  second  suicide  was  attempted  a  ship's  captain  placed  goats  on  middle  west  which  presents  newly  introduced them ... Hospital Waves
    Haunted  Verba  Buena         in the same grave,  which remained  it  for  sale  to  trading  vessels.  By  rated CPO's with a  certificate which  are  advertising  for  woolies  .  .  .
                                  open for  a  period  of  years.  In  this  the  year  1849,  almost  a  thousand  states  they  are  now  entitled  to  their Donner Pass party last week-
      On  Yerba  Buena  Island,  where   case,  the  would-be  suicide  drank  of  the  sure-footed  creatures  were  wear "the hat."   end  was a  little  on  the frigid  side.
    sailors  "shoot  the  breeze"  today,   too  much  whiskey  and  fell  asleep.  grazing on its slopes.   More ,on  Hats   . .. Mary Hickey Thorne, Margaret
    once  the Red Man held  pow-wows,   Next  morning  he  was  discovered   In  1850  an  act  was  passed   Speaking  of  hats,  the  new  uni- Gnehm  Crey  and  Jean Howe  Pace
    fished,  and  finally  left  his  bones.   by soldiers,  disarmed,  and brought  naming  it Yerba  Buena,  after  the  form  memo  says we may officially  are  leaving us with lifetime future
                                  back to  the  city.           aromatic  little  trailing  vine  which  don  overseas  caps  at 1200  on  Sat- assignments .. .  The  Armed Guard
      The  island  boasts  a  colorful,
    pungent  past,  for  its  shores  have   Island  "Owners"   covers  its  slopes.  In  Spanish  the  urday. Ain't it a  wonderful world?  signal  school  endowed  Jean  with
    been  washed  by  every  wave  of   ·From  time  to  time,  alleged  name means "good herb."   Latest O.verseas Totals   $200  worth  of  War  Bonds  as  a
   . history  that  swept  up  on  the  Bay   owners  of  Yerba  Buena  have   Officially,  at  least,  the  island   There  are  now  1500  Waves  and  farewell  gift . . .  Enough is enough
    Area.                         presented  themselves,  basing  their  was  known  as  Yerba  Buena  till  672 women Marines in Hawaii with  for this week ... see you next Sat-
                                  claims on unrecorded grants issued  1895,  when  the  U.  S.  Geographic  114  Spars  in  both  Hawaii  and  urday.
      First  dwellers  on  the  island
                                  by Spanish and Mexican governors  Board  rechristened  it  Goat  Island.  Alaska.
    were   the   Tuchayune   Indians.
                                  of  the  region  long  ago.  Later  This  sobriquet  was  too  unsavory
    Traces  of  their  residence  were   claimants  lived  on  the  island,  one  for  many Bay Area residents,  who   Exercise
    reported  by  seamen  who  landed                                                          Complete details on the beginning I Cross-Word  Answers
                                  operating a  stone quarry,  but their  repeatedly petitioned the board for
    there  in  the  opening  year  of  the                                                    Softball League will be found else-
                                  titles were never 'recognized  by the  a  return  to  the  Spanish  name.  In
    gold  rush,  1849.  On  the  eastern                        1931 it yielded to their entreaties.   where  in  this issue  and  also infor-
    shore  they  found  remains  of  an                                                       mation  on  the  tennis  tournament
    extensive  village,   with  ruined                                                        which  is  to  be  held  for  rank,  and
    houses, cremating pits for the dead,                                                      !]-Ot  so rank  a_mateurs.  This spring
    and a  vast collection  of bones  and                       Naval Training_               air has brought the ground hog out
    shells.                                                     Schools                       of his hole and it is time you came
      Later  in  the  century,  laborers                                                      out  too.  Let's  get  in  the  play  and
                                                                                              get  some  famous  California  sun-
    uncovered  Indian  skeletons,  all                          The Skipper  Returns
                                                                                              shine  at the  same  time.
    buried  in  sitting  position,  with                          Commander J. H. Falge was wel-
                                                                                              Just  Between  Us
    knees  doubled  almost  to  the  chin.                      comed back to NTSchs after spend-
                                                                                                This part  of  the  column  started
    In 1933, other bones were exhumed                           ing nearly a  week in  the Treasure   out as an experiment and it seems
    during  excavation  for  the  building                      Island· hospital.  We  are  all  happy
                                                                                              to have grown into one of our most
    of the  San Francisco-Oakland Bay                           to see  the skipper back at his desk,
    Bridge.  These  were  sent  to  the                         even  though  Lt.  W.  E .  Blum  has   interesting  problem  children.  .  .
    University of California.                                   been  doing  a  good  job  in  his  ab-  Last week after the paper came out
                                                                                              we found that we had slipped some
    B·uried  Treasure                                           sence.
                                                                                              male  hospital  corpsmen  in  by  \l,C·
      According  to  legend,  in                                Greetings  From  Lt.  Upson   cident.  .  .  It  isn't  altogether  our
    richly  laden  Spanish sloop  went to                         The first  news has been  received   fault and we lay some of the blame
    pieces  on  the  island  coast  during                      from our former Exec.,  now an old.  on  Elizabeth  Grooman,  just  the
    a  storm.  People  said  survivors  of                      "sea-gain' salt." He claims that be-  same  three  men  thrown  into  the
    the  ship  buried  much  of  the                            cause  the  location  of  his  practice
                                                                                              Wave  column  ·at  random  added  a
    precious  cargo  on  Yerba  Buena                           battle  station  is  on  the  flying   little  seasoning  to  the  brew  . . .
    and  never  came  back  to  claim  it.                      bridge,  he is fast becoming weath-  think  we'll  try it  again  some  day.
    In  1849  and  1850,  with  the_ gold  MAN  OF  WAR-Verba  .Buena's  er-beaten  and  salty!  He  is  Asst.   .  .  .  After  following  the  Twelfth
    fever  at a  high  temperature, for  a  stolid  old  USS  Dispatch,  on  which  Navigation  Officer and  Aide  to  the   Naval District Women's Basketball
    fee  San  Francisco  clairvoyants   Navy  men  now  study  radio,  was   Executive  Officer  on  his  AP.  He
                                  USS  Boston  in  her youth,  a  power-                      Tournament around for months we
    told  prospectors  how  they  could   ful  slugger on  Commodore  Dewey's   sends  his  regards  to  all  NTSchs   learned  yesterday  that  the  Com-
    locate  the  buried  treasure.  When  team  at  Battle of  Manila  Bay . .Pic- friends.   mandant's Trophy went  to  Moffett
    they  reported  back  unsuccessful,  ture,  taken  in  1899,  shows  hands   Annual  Leave  Reports   Field ... Now  we  can stop  worry-
    the  unscrupulous  clairvoyants  in-  manning  yards  on  gala · centennial   Max  G.  Blank,  FC2c,  has  re- ing . . .  Spring seems to have taken
                                  o!__Washington's  i~auguration.
    formed  them  too  much  whiskey                            turned  to  his  duties  in  the  Fire  its toll at RMS . . . Louise Herbison,
    and  blasphemy  had  broken  the  United  States  Government,  which  Control  School  after  a  4.0  leave  Isabelle Baxter and Naomi Franke
    spell.                        in  1867  sent  troops  from  the  fort  spent with his family in New York.  now attach "Mrs."  to their yeomen
      Smugglers are said to have used  on Alcatraz Island to occupy it.   Jerry  S.  Alperstein,  EM3c,  pro- rates.  .  .  Old  friend  is  Specialist
    the  island  to  cache  contraband.  Navy  Comes  Aboard    jectionist,  and  his  wife  have  also  Tucker  from  Cedar  Falls.  .  .  She
    Good  citizens  sometimes  surprised   A ·  naval  training · station  for  just returned from  that metropolis  reported here this week to  take up ,.
    men digging there at night.   apprentices  was  established  on  where they visited families  and be- duty as M.A.A. at the hospital quar-
    Romantic Suicide              Yerba  Buena  in  1898.  During  came  acquainted  with  new  "in- ters ... Not  a  few  of  us  learned
      Yerba   Buena  ihas   had  its  World War One,  there were at one  laws." We.can't tell the local Cham- our  left from  our right  foot  under
    romantic  suicide,  a  noble  Italian  time 13,000 men under training on  ber · of  Commerce,  but  New  York  "Tucker's" able  instruction .. .  Can
    refugee  who  hollowed  his  own  the  island.              has  been  much  warmer  than  San  anyone  tell  us  if  Dorothy  Bakits
    grave  near  the  island's  highest   Between the two world wars, six  Francisco recently! The Alpersteins  is  in  or out  of the  hospital.  . .  We
    point. He had escaped from Naples  or  seven  thousand  111en  passed  enjoyed  the  balmy  w_eather  in  the  don't  know  whether  to  be  sympa-
    when  Garibaldi  drove  the  king- through  Y!)rba  Buena  Receiving  East  and  in  Los  Angeles,  where  thetic or not . . .  Gloria Jean Smith
    from that city.  Find¢g life hard in  Ship  annually,  enroute  to  or from  part of  the  leave  was  spent.   has  vanished from  the  Pass. Office
    the  New  World,  one  night  in  the  Pac.ific  stations· and  the  fleet.   The  Golfers   and  is  now  at Livermore.  .  .  Eliz-
    late  50's  he  crossed  to  the  island,   California's  first  Arbor Day  was   The Rangefinder Operators  have  abeth  Ellis  and  Ella  Hanson  both
    dug  the  grave,  and  ·by' means  of  celeb~ated on the island on Novem- been  swinging  their  stereo  vision  hoped  for  sunshine  today.  .  .  Eliz-
    dirt  piled  on  boards  set  upon  a  ber 27, 1886, with the poet Joaquin  around on the golf range again and  abeth will be married in Hollywood
    trigger,  contrived that earth would  Miller as a  leading spirit. He, other  promised  to  relate  a  good  story.  to  Lt.  Carl  Juleen,  army  naviga-
    fall  upon  him  when  he  fired  his  California  dignitaries,  and  thous- Apparently.  they  couldn't  make  it   tor ... Millie  Kahler  will  go  along  GRETA  CHRISTENSEN,  former  Chi-
    plstol.  Thus  he  killed  and  buried  ands  of  school  children  assembled  fit  for  publication,  and  all· we  can  to  see  that  the  knot  is  properly  cago  model,  prepares  to  wade  right
    himself.                     I on ·  Yerba  Buena  and  held  _a  say for sure is_ that it was a  rough  tied . .. Ella and Rodney Scott have  into  a  "speaking"  role,  her  first,  in
      A  few  days  later the  grave was  ceremony  with  music  provided  by  game  last  Sunday.  Sixty-four  dol- a  date  at  the  Treasure  Island  RKO  Radio's  musical  comedy,  "Pan•
    discovered  and  the  poor  suicide , an infantry band.  Many trees were  lar  question  is  "How  did  Lt.  Ep- Chapel  with  Emil  Adam  as  at- / A~e~icana."   The  show   features
                                                                                                             Y              Phillip  Terry,  Audrey  Long,  Robert
    was  not  allowed-to  rest in · it. -The  planted.   '      person  break  that  club?"
                                 1                                                            tendant  .  .  .  she  was  the  gal  that   Benchley  and  others.
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