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U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center

        voi...  IV -  No.  10                                TREASURE  ISLAND, SAN  FRANCISCO, CALIF.                                          APRIL 21,  1945

       CBS  Pre-Conference  Broadcast  Will. Originate  Here

       Island  Personnel  To         Paying  Tribute  To  :our  late~ Commander-In-Chief  "WORD  FROM  THE  PEOPLE"  WILL

       Suffer  Sharp  Cut-Back                                  .                                BE  VOICES  FROM  ALL  OVER  GLOBE
       In  Revised  Complements                                                                    Treasure Island will be the scene of one of the important
                                                                                                 radio broadcasts of the year when the Columbia Broadcast-
         "As  the  Burea1,1  of  Naval  P er-
                                                                                                 ing System presents its San Francisco pre-conference radio
       sonnel  has  already  indicated,"
                                                                                                 show from Theatre No.  3,  April 24 at 1900.
       states  Commander,  Training  and
                                                                                                   The  men  and  women  of America  and  her fighting  allies
       Distribution Center,  "our personnel
                                                                                                 will voice their hopes in the San Francisco Conference from
       situation  is  acute  and  fast  becom-
                                                                                                 more than 40  points on six continents in the full-hour pro-
       ing  more  acute.  Measures  are  be-
       ing  taken  to  work  out  the  ways                                                      gram titled,  "Word From the People."
                                                                                                                                 The  show  was  especially  writ-
       and means by which the time-table  t
       in  the  Pacific  can  be  met.  When                                                     $2,700  In  Prizes            ten and  will  be  directed  by  one  of
       the  program  is  in  final  shape,  it                                                                                 radio's ace .script writers, Mr. Nor-
                                                                                                                               man  Corwin.  The  master  of  cere-
       will be clear on all sides that dras-                                                     To  Be  Awarded  For          monies  will  be  a  young  marine
       tic  cuts  of  supporting  activities,                                                                                  sergeant,  Harry Jackson,  who  has
       particularly within  the  continental                                                     Navy  Writers-' Contest       recently  returned  from  action  in
       United States,  will  be  required.
                                                                                                   Officers  and  enlisted  personnel  the  Pacific  theater.  He  will  have
         "It  should be made clear that re-                                                      of  the  Navy,  Marines  and  Coast  the  job_. of  acting  as  "traffic  cop
       visions  downward,  to  an  extent                                                        Guard,  who have  a  talent for writ- to  the  world"  as  the  program  is
       hitherto  thought  impossible,  will                                                      ing,  may  win  as  much  as  $500  in  aired on a  world-wide hook-up.
       be  expected.  If  these  revisions  do                                                   War  Bonds  for  original  material   An  American  farmer,  a  factory
       not  accomplish  a  large  saving  of                                                     submitted  in  the  Navy  Writers'  worker,  a  GI  Joe,  such  American
                                                                                                 Contest  opening  May  1,  1945.  The  notables as Paul Robeson, Carl Van
       personnel,  there will be no  alterna-
       tive but to impose drastic cuts and                                                       contest  is  sponsored  by  the  Com-  Doren, Thomas Hart Benton, Thom-
                                                                                                                               as  Mann  and  Bette  Davis,  a  Rus-
       let the  chips  fall  where  they may.                                                    mittee  on  Scripts  for  Soldier  and
                                                                                                 Sailor  Shows,  part  of  the  Writers'   sian soldier, a British housewife and
         "The  Bureau  is  presently  con-  MEMORIAL  SERVICES  in  honor  of  the  late  President  Franklin  D.              many more  will speak from  differ-
       templating, for those ~ctivities  who  Roosevelt were  held  at 0930 Sunday,  April  15, on the  mustering field  of   War Board,  and will  be  judged by   ent  spots  around  the  globe  to  be
                                                                                                 such  famous  American  writers  as
       accomplish these substantial reduc-  the Receiving Ship  Barracks on  Treasure Island. Waves and bluejackets,           tied  into  the  original  broadcast
                                     representing  all  commands  here,  stood  silently  in  military  formation  John  Mason  Brown,  Pa.ul  W.
                                                                                                                               here  by  the  magic  of  radio  short-
       tions, that a  percentage of the sav- as Chaplain  H.  G.  Gatlin delivered the  mem?rial  address.  In  accordance  Gallico,  Oscar  Hammerstein  II,
       ing will  be  made  available  to such  with  Navy  Regulations,  all  colors  on  the  island  will  be  flown  at  half-  George  S.  Kaufman  and  Chris-  wave.
                                     mast for 30 days-0800,  April  13,  to  sundown,  May  12.
       for  assignment  to  meet  local                                                          topher  La  Farge.              On  Treasure Island a  new sound
                                                                                                                               booth has been built at Theatre No.
       emergency  situations  and  tem-                                                            A  total  of  forty-one  prizes  and
       porary shifts 'for work load.   SAILORS!  WAVES!.                                         $2,700  in  War  Bonds  will  be   3  to  accommodate  the  program,
         "Activities are requested not only                        Tiny  Prisoners               awarded  for  the  best  sketches,   and  from  its  stage,  Mr.  Corwin,
                                                                                                                               Sergeant  Jackson  and  Lud  Gius-
       to  suggest  that  the  numbers  can   COME  ONE,  COME  All!  Get First  Glimpse         skits,  blackouts, monologues, M.  C.   kin's orchestra, the Treasure Island
       be  cut,  but also  to  suggest unnec-                                                    patter and songs submitted. Mater-  choir  and  foreign  dignitaries  and
                                                                                                 ial  may be  of a  serious  or comedy
       essary activities and functions, now   Tonight  is  the  night  to  try  out   Of United  States                        delegates to  the conference  will  di-
                                     those new jitterbug steps you have                          nature and suitable for either stage
       requiring  personnel,  which  could                                                                                     rect  the  skeleton  of  the  broadcast
                                     been  learning.                 Life  is  much  more  fun  in  the   or  microphone  production.
       properly  be  disestablished  or  dis-                                                      One  grand  prize  of  $ 500  will  be  to  which will  be  added  the various
                                       The  wide  open  spaces  of  Gym  Treasure  Island  Naval  Hospital
       pensed with."                 No.  1  will  lend  themselves  to  than  in  the  Japanese  prison  camp   given, four first prizes of $250 each,  voices of our fighting  allies  around
         All Command Activities will sub-                                                        four  second  prizes  of  $100  and   the world.
                                     another  Treasure  Island  dance,  at  Santo  Tomas,  say  Mary  Ellen
       mit  their  r-espective  reports  to  be  starting at 2000.   Lippe,  three,  and her brother Mar-  thirty-two  third  prizes  of  $25.  All   th For the  most part,  admission  to
       forwarded via Commander Training                            vin,  six.                    entries  should  be  original,  unpub-.   e  program  Will  be  by  invitation.
                                       If  you  want  a  ticket,  see  your                      lished and owned exclusively by the   A  minimum number of seats will
       and Distribution Center today.  Ad-  Welfare  Officer,  he  will  be  glad  to   With  their  mother,  Mrs.  L.  E;   contestant.  There  is  no  limit  to  be  available  to  enlisted  personnel ..,_..
       ministrative  activities  under  the   give  you  one  to  admit  you  to  the  Lippe, and an older brother Myron,   the  number  of  manuscripts  to  be  and  will  be  distributed  from  the_..
       jurisdiction of  ComTadcen will  de- biggest  dance  in  San  Francisco  they were given medical treatment              box office  at Theater No.  3  at 1700
                                                                                                 submitted,  but only  one  prize  will
       liver  their  respective  reports  to  County.  Waves  are  not  required  here  after  being  returned  to  the   be  awarded each contestant.   on  th e  day of  th e  broadcast,  April
       ComTadcen not later than April 21.  to present  tickets for admission.   United  States.                                24
                                                                                                  Entries  should  be  addressed  to   ·
         It has  been  emphasized  in  a  re-  As  a  special  attraction,  the  Al-  "In  1910,''  Mrs.  Lippe  recalls,   the  Navy  Contest,  Writers'  War
       cent Training and Distribution Cen- ameda  Naval  Air  Station  Band  "my  husband  and  I  sailed  on  our   Board,  122  East _ 42nd  St.,  Room
       ter  Order  that reporting  activities  will  provide  the  music  under  the  honeymoon.  But  we  never  came   509,  New York 17,  New York,  and  Snack  Bar  Provides
       must comply with provisions of the  direction  of  Johnny  Lyons,  Mus.  back." When the Japanese bombed
                                                                                                should  be  postmarked  not  later
       directive,  the failure  of which will  · 1c. Theirs is a  fifteen piece orches- the  navy  yard  at  Cavite,  P.  I.  on   than August  1,  1945.  Winners will  Refreshments  For
       result  in  action  being  taken  by  tra and a  crack  dance  band.   December 10,1941, her husband was   be  announced  October  15,  1945.
       higher authority to accomplish the   Beautiful hostesses,  lots of food,  killed,  and  now,  rescued  from  the   Further  details  concerning Bowling  Fans
       desired  reduction in personnel.   the  best  in  music  .  .  .   prison  camp,  she  is  back  in  the
                                                                                                 royalty  rights  and  proper  entry
                                                                   United  States  with  her  three   form may be obtained from Bureau   A  man  can raise a  thirst  on  the
                                                                   children.                                                   polished runways of Bowling Alley
                                                                                                 of Naval Personnel Circular Letter,
       Better Than  a  Merry-Go-Round                               .Mrs.  Lippe,  together  with  63  No.  61-45  and  from  TADCEN   No.  2  -  and  promptly  quench  it
                                                                                                                               at  the  snack  bar  newly  opened
                                                                   other  naval  employees  and  their  Memorandum No. 56-45.  If you can
                                                                   families,  received  medical  treat- write,  this  is  your  chance  to  use   topside.   ·
                                                                                                                                Chocolate milk and "white" milk,
                                                                   ment  after  being  prisonem  of  the  your  talents  and  put  a  war  bond
                                                                   Japs  for  three and  one-half years.  away for  that rainy day.  Get  busy   sandwiches,  p o p c o r n,  c a k e s,
                                                                    Mr.  Lippe  was  working  at  the  today,  and  remeµiber,  all  entries  cookies,  pies,  ice  cream,  and  other
                                                                   navy  yard  as  a  civilian  employee  must  be  original,  unpublished  and  favorite  treats  are  on  sale  there,
                                                                   when  the  Japs  came- three  days  in your exclusive possession.   1400-2200  daily.
                                                                   after  Pearl  Harbor.  He  didn't  live                      For the convenience of the bowl-
                                                                   to  see  his  youngest  child.  His                         ing fan  patronizing the  snack  bar,
                                                                   family  was  first   interned  at  ARMED  GUARD  CENTER     there are windows looking down on
                                                                   Ateneod,  Manila,  but  were  later                         the  bowling  alley,  so you need not
                                                                 i  transferred  to  Santo  Tomas.   PERSONNEL  MUST
                                                                                                                               miss a  toss  if you  are taking time
                                                                    During  her  stay  at  the  latter
                                                                   camp,  Mrs.  Lippe  had  Mary .Ellen  HAVE  SO-MILE  PASS   out  of a  game.
                                                                   and  Marvin  with  her,  but  Myron                          Presiding  over the  bar is  an  old
                                                                                                  Due  to  the  nature  of  duties  on  seafaring man, genial Ivor d. Long,
                                                                   was  kept  in  a  separate  building
                                                                                                 Merchant Ships, Armed Guard per- who  for  28  years  was  a  ·steward
                                                                   with the men and older  boys. When
                                                                                                 sonnel  will  continue  to  apply  for  and chief steward aboard ship•. Mr.
                                                                   American  forces  came  to  the
                                                                                                 passes  to  go  beyond  the  50  mile  Long  even  ,served  a  hitch ,on  the
                                                                   rescue,  a  number  of  Jap  soldiers
                                                                                                 limit,  it  was  announced  by  Com- Sacramento  river  liner,   Delta
                                                                "  entrenched  themselves  in  the  edu-  mander   Thomas   M.   Macklin,  Queen,  later  the  mother  ship  of
                                                                •  catibnal building of  the  camp,  and
                                                                                                 Executive  Officer  of  the  Armed  the  naval  base  here.
                                                                   Myron was held a  hostage for two
                                                                                                 Guard  Center.                 Sailors  get  excellent  service  in
                                                                                                  To  correct  any  misunderstand-  Mr.  Long's  "galley,"  for  they  -are
                                                                     Of  the · future,  Mrs.  Lippe  says   ing,  Captain  H.  Ertz  has  brought
                                                                   she  knows  nothing definite,  except   it to our attention that all person-  all  shipmates  of  his  son,  a  Navy
                                                                                                                               man  for  many  years.
       NEWCOMERS TO THE  U.S. are  Mary  Ellen  Lippe, 3,  and  her brother  that  she  is  going  to  see  that  her  nel attached to  the Receiving Ship
       Marvin,  6.  Now  at  the  U.  S.  Naval  Hospital,  they  were  prisoners  of   family  gets  "good  food  and plenty  San Francisco,  must obtain a  pass
      . the  Japanese  for  three  and  one-half  years.  Power for  their  ride  on  the                                         Send  The  Masthead  Home
       "pushmobile"  is  supplied  by  Estella  M.  Moore,  HA2c.   of it."                      to go beyond ·the 50-mile limit.
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