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PAGE2            THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, APRIL 21,  1945
                                                                                                HOSPIT Al  WARD  BECOMES  CONCERT  HALL

      * *                                      D      * *

      Official  Treasure  Island  publication  distributed  every  Saturday  without  cost  to  the
      officers,  enlisted  personnel,  and  employees  of Treasure  J:,,Jand.  All  communications  and ·
      contributions  should  be  directed  to  The  Editor,  Recreation  and  Entertainment  Di-
      vision, Treasure Island, San Francisco,  California. Phone: EXbrook 8931, Extension 69.
                                                                  Yan~s Name Bridge for F.  D. R.
                       COMMODORE .R.  W.  CARY,  USN
                                                                    The  newly-constructed  Franklin
               Commander  U.  S.  Naval  Training and  Distribution  Center
                                                                  D.  Roosevelt  Memorial  Bridge,  de-
                         CLYDE  F.  BABB,  Slc,  USNR             dicated  t.o  our  late  Commander-in-
                                                                  Chief, stands ,o•ut in  the  Nazi•home-
             Robert E.  Johnson,  Y3c -  Rex  N.  Olsen,  Y3c,  Associate Editors   land  as  a  symbol  of  a  champi-on's
      Carolyn  N.  Brown,  Ylc,  Waves  Editor   Robert  H.  Perez,  BM2c,  Sports   pathway  "to  conquer  the  aposHes
                       Frederick  Drimmer,  SK8c,  Reporter       of  greed  and  racial  arr-ogances."
                (Thl.l  Masthead  uses  Camp  Newspaper  ~ervice  Material)   The 2215-foot railroad bridge spans
                                                                  the  Rhine  river  in  the  American
      TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  APRIL  21,  1945  Third  Army  sector.  It  was  com-
                                                                  pleted  in  nine days, 22  h_ours and 10
                                                                  minutes.  Thirty  steel  piers,  19  of
      (Statements and  opinions  herein  are those  of the  writer and  are  not  to  which  are  set  on  pilings  in  the
      be  construed  as  reflecting  the  views  of the  Navy  Department.)   river,  were  included  in  the  con-
                                                                    The ceremonies were attended  by
                                                                                                A  PROFESSIONAL  CONCERT  SINGER  in  civilian  life,  Anthony  Cir-
      EDITORIAL-                                                  Lieutenant   General   George   S.  ino;  F1c,  gives  an  impromptu  concert  in. a  ward  of  Treasure  Island
                                                                  Patton and  Major Genera.I Terrance  Naval  Hospital  while  the  nurse,  Ens.  Kathryn  Cross  and  H .. J.  Scott,
                                                                  Moore,  Chief  Engineer in  the  Euro-  MoM M1c,  a  fellow  patient,  look  on.
                                                                  pean  theater of operations.
                                                                                                                              FORMER  OPERA  STAR
                                                                  Big  "Boats"  Bellow:'  SOS
                                                                    A  chief Boatswain's Mate's voice  No Substitute
           It may be that the British are fighting the war for "God and   is  often  noted  for  its  carrying                IN  HOSPIT Al  HERE
      Country;"  the  Germans for  "Hitler and  the Third Reich;"  and  power, and for once it has saved the  For Well-Trained   Once a  concert singer and mem-
      the Russians for  "Stalin  and  Mother Russia."  The Yanks  fight   Chief's  own  life.   Lookouts  On  Ship            ber  of  the  Akron  Light  Opera
                                                                    J.· J.  Nealand,  CBM,  swept o.ver-                      Company, Anthony Cirino, Flc, now
      because they know there is a job to do-and they' re willing to do
                                                                  board  from  his  destroyer  in  the   From the  countless  reports from  is a  patient in the Treasure  Island
      it. But there is another angle.                             Atlantic  recently,  was  bobbing  the  far  flung  battle  areas  of  the  Naval  Hospital  and  nightly  gives
                                                                  helplessly -in  a  wild sea.   Southwest  Pacific  comes  the  cry  impromptu  concerts for the nurses
          Even though they have become warriors for Uncle Sam, they
                                                                    Through  the  darkness  he  saw  a  of  need  for  properly  trained  look- and  other  patients  in  the  ward.
      have been unable to throw off the one unmistakable mark of an  merchant  ship  passing  150  feet  outs.  It  has  been  proven  without  Cirino recently was returned to the
      American  abroad-the mania  for  collecting  souvenirs.  At  least   away.  Into  a  50-mile-an-hour gale,  doubt that men will  always act as  United  States  after  more  than  a
                                                                  Nealand's  voice  boomed  a  call  for  the  eyes  of  their  ships,  regardless  year  overseas,  where  he  was  af-
      that seems  to  apply  to  three Seabees  attached to  the  105th Bat-  help.  There  was  no  reply  and  the  of the modem inventions that have  flictJd  with  arthritis.
      talion somewhere in the  Philippines.                       ship  steamed  on.  But,  unknown  to  come  out  of  this  war,  as  there  is   Since  his  ailment  keeps  him  in
                                                                  Nealand,  his  shout  was  heard  by   yet  no  mechanical  device  invented  bed  only a  part of the  time,  Cirino
         _ The battalion had ~een  under attack for  days  and daily air
                                                                  the  convoy  Commodore  on  the  that  is  free  from  error  or  break- has  given  brief  concerts  in  other
      raids we,re a common occurrence. One night while W. 0. Roper,  ship's  bridge.            down due to damage.  In answer to  wards of the hospital and has sung
      MM2c; L. B. "Williamson, CMlc, and George L. Harvey, MMlc,    Five  hours  later  Nealand  was  this cry,  the Lookout and Recogni- in Treasure  Island  church services
                                                                  rescued  by  a  Coast  Guard  frigate,  tion Department of the Operational  and hopes eventually to give a  full-
      were  working  a  big  "Cat"  along  the  airstrip,  an  enemy  plane   sent  by  the  convoy  Commodore  to  Training  School  have  intensified  size  concert  for  the  island's  per-
      zoomed  out  of  the  twilight  and  simultaneously,  the  American  search for  him.     their training program and at pres- sonnel.
                                                                  Mars  Nabs  Flying  Record    ent are  striving to  keep  their stu-  Cirino,  who  is  from  Cleveland
      gunners  opened  up,  scoring  a  direct  hit. The plane  crashed  in
                                                                    Flying  20  scheduled  trips  into  dents abreast of the war in the Pa- Heights,  Ohio,  says  that  he  is
      flames.                                                     the  Pacific  and  two  test  hops,  the  cific.  Students  are  given_ instruc- amazed  at  the  interest  his  ship-
           Watching  from  their  foxholes  nearby  the  three  men  saw   Mars,  world's  largest  flyipg  boat,  tion  in  relative  bearings,  target  mates  display  in  the  so-called
                                                                  shattered  all  previous  records  for  angle, position angle and correct re- "long-hair"  music.  "If  they  can
      the plane hurtle past their heads by a few yards and as it crashed
                                                                  monthly operations in March on its  porting phraseology. In addition to  understand  the  words,"  he  says,
      about  SO  yards  away  the  Seabees  bounded  from  their  foxholes  regular  Naval  Air  Transport  Ser- this,  they  are  given  instruction  in  "they  like  the  song,  so  I  sing
      and dashed towards the burning wreckage.                    vice  run  from  Alameda,  Calif.,  to  recognition on planes and ships and  mostly  numbers  with •  English
                                                                  Pearl  Harbor.                are  informed  as  to  the  latest  de- lyrics."
          The Nip gunner and pilot were both  dead and despite the   The  72-ton flying  boat carried  a  velopments in aircraft and surface-  His greatest thrill, he says, came
      fact  that two  unexploded  500  pound  bombs  were  still  hanging  total  of  419,332  pounds  of  cargo  craft in  all theatres of war.   aboard the ship upon which he was
                                                                  and  473  high-priority  military                           returning to the United  States. On
      under the plane they searched Tojo's flyers  for  souvenirs.  After   passengers during its 290.3  schedu-              Christmas eve far out in the Paci-
      a  hurried  but  thorough  search  they  garnered  a  precious  haul;  led  hours  of  flying.  In  addition,  a  Navy  Has  Good  Bite   fic,  he  was  asked  to  sing  "Silent
      an American cigaret lighter, a pack of American cigarets, a small   full  crew  of  13  and  two  trainees              Night"  at midnight over the  loud-
                                                                  were  carried on  all  regular flights.  As  Well  As  Punch,  Says  speaker system  of  the  blacked-out
      Jap flag,  a 38  caliber pistol,  the pilot's map,  a parachute and  a
                                                                  The two  other test hops  consumed                          ship.
      gold tooth.                                                 an  additional  three  hours  and  12  T.  I.  Dental  Head   When  he  returns  to  civil  life,
           Satisfied that they had overlooked nothing of value, the Sea-  minutes.                The Navy's teeth, like the Navy's   Anthony says he  will  join  the San
                                                                  It's  a  Fact                 punches,  are  getting  better all  the   Carlo  Opera  Co.  While  in  the
      bees finally withdrew from the burning plane and by some strange   •  Roughly  eighty  per  cent  of  the   time.       South  Pacific  he  composed  two
      stroke of luck, the bombs remained unexploded.              enlisted  men  in  the  Navy  are   That  is  the  observation  of  the   ballads  of  his  own  and  now  is
                                                                  reservists.                   senior dental officer of the Training   negotiating their publication.
                                                                  •  Sixty - eight  Medals  of  Honor   and Distribution Center here, H. F.   .
                                                                  have  been  awarded  by  the  Navy   Delmore,  who  has 28  years service   •
                                                                  in  this  war.  The  majority  of  the   with the Navy and was promoted to
                                                                  Medals of Honor prior to December   the  rank  of captain last month.   Nazi  !Minstrel  Men'
           If the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the measure of  7,  1941,  were for acts  that did  not   Captain  Delmore  was  Navy
      a choir's worth is  in the demand for  its music.  By this criterion,   involve  combat  with  the  enemy;   Dental Officer Number 141,  having   Given  'Coup  de Grace'
                                                                  and  since  December  7,  1941,  they
      then, .the  Treasure  Island  Jubilee  Choir  rates  with  the  best  of   have  been for  acts  involving  com-  joined the Navy in 1917,  when  the   By  92nd  Reconnoiterers
      them. Every Sunday finds  its members singing somewhere in the  bat with the enemy.       Dental Corps was in its infancy.   A  hawk-eyed  group  of  battle-
                                                                                                  "In  this  war,"  the  captain  de-
      bay  area.  The demand  for  their  services,  however,  far  exceeds   A  Sail maker on  a  BB,  Eh?   clared,  "we  see  many  more  men  wise  U.  S.  Infantrymen  peered
                                                                    Modem  battleships  can't  boast
      the time they can spare from their duties.                  of  a  single  sail,  but H.  C.  Bennet,   with teeth in perfect_ condition than  critically at the faulty "burnt cork"
                                                                                                during the last war. In 1917,  about  make-up on four Nazi soldiers when
          Their repertoire consists  of their own music,  the beautiful,   BMlc,  claims  the  title  of  "sail-  eight  per  cent  of  Americans  ever  they  attempted  to  infiltrate  the
                                                                  maker"  aboard  the  big  battle-
      hauntingly effective  Negro spirituals. They catch the simple but   wagon  on  which  he  serves  some-  bothered  to  visit  a  dentist;  and  famous  92nd  Division  and  opened
                                                                                                this fact was reflected  in the state  up  a  screen  of  fire  that  sent  the
      profound faith expressed in this music, and translate it into pow- where  in  the  Pacific.   of  recruits'  teeth.  Now  the  figure  death-bell  tolling  for  the  ill-fated
                                                                    Sailmaking,  traditional  in  the
      erful sermons.  Whether it's the quiet,  moving strains of  "Were                         has climbed to 40 percent."   foursome.
                                                                  Navy,  has  been  trans~ated  aboard   "The  dental  picture  looks  good   Aware  of facing  a  Colored  divi-
      You There?" or the rhythmic,  joyous notes of "Didn't It Rain!"  a  battleship  into  making  canvas
                                                                                                for  after  this  war.  The  armed  sion,  Hitler's  "human  robots"  de-
      the music of the Jubilee Choir never fails to delight its audiences.   covers  to  protect  its  guns  from   forces  are  teaching  vast  numbers  cided  to  darken  their  faces.  The
                                                                  storms  and  salt-spray,  motion   of  men  the  importance  of  dental  minstrel  showmen,  part  of  the
          Among  its  recent  engagements  was  the  Easter  program   picture  screens,  seats  for  chairs,   treatment,  and  they  are  bound  to  Nazi troops engaging the American
      broadcast over the coast-to-coast  Blue Network on  Easter morn- huge  bags  that  hold  20  men's   see to it that their children's teeth  Fifth  Army  in  Italy,  were  armed
                                                                  laundry,  covers  for  plane  motors   are  not  neglected."   with regular GI carbines and wore
      ing.  The choir is  under the  general  charge  of  Chaplain R. W.
                                                                  and  valuable  instruments,  and                            American uniforms.
      Towner,  while  its  musical  direction  is  under  Hugh  Folkins,  even handbags for officers and men  active  duty,  but  ship  maintenance   The trick failed and the Hitlerite
      Sp(W) le, and E. E.  Gaskill, Sp(W) 3c.                     being transferred.            experts know that present methods  quadruple  'paid  a  debt  to  nature"
                                                                  Navy's  Safety  Valve         would  enable  the  entire  Reserve  when  they  joined  the  platoons  of
                                                                    The Bureau of Ships of the Navy  Fleet  to  become  operational  in  30  invisible  who  upheld  the  "master
      Navy Nurses  Fill             schedule.  At  present  extra-quota   Department is ready for one -pf  its  days,  and  that  the  preservation  .race  theory."
                                    applicants  are  currently  being  ad-
                                                                  biggest  post-war  Jobs-the  pre- will cost only one tenth of one per
      Present  Quota                vised  to  seek  commissions  in  the   servation  of  those  fighting  ships  cent of the cost of the ships.   For  Vi~tory
                                    Army  Nurse  Corps.  Future  war
                                                                  which  national  policy  determines  Quote-Worthy
        The  existing quota of nurses  re- developments may make a  revision   should be maintained in an inactive   "Incivility  is  not  a  vice  of  the
      quired  for  the  Navy  nurse  corps  of  the  present  quota necessary,  at                                              ) _·, ;~  IT TAKES BOTH
                                                                  reserve  status.  The  size  of the job  soul  but the  effect of several  vices   ....   1. Taxes
      has  now  been  filled  and  only  a  which  time  more  women  will  be
                                                                  will depend on how many ships the  ·of  vanity,. ignorance  of  -duty,  lazi-  2 •. War Bonds
      limited  number  of  applicants  will  accepted  for  service  as  Navy
                                                                  government decides  should  be  pre- ness,  stupidity,  distraction,  con-
      be  accepted  under  a  replacement  nurses.                                                                                    PLUS  MORE  WAR  B.ONDS
                                                                  serve~  for  possible  restoration  td  tempt  of  -others,  jeal-ousy."
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