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THE MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY, APRIL 21,  1945            PAGE 3

     Alameda  Socksters  Edge  T.  I.  In  Round  Ring                                         Clark-McGuire  Capture  Armed  Guard
                                                                                               12th  Naval  Handball         Trh~mphs  Over ·

                                                                                               Ti.tie From Coast Guard  Campi  Nine; 10-2
                                                                                                 Treasure Island's handball twins,   Sparked  by  "Rosey"  Rose,  the
                                                                                               Bob  McGuire  and  Kenny  Clark,  Armed  Guard  Gunners  handed
                                                                                               added another trophy to the grow- Campi's  Tavern  a  10-2  lacing  at
                                                                                               ing  athletic  showcase  by  annexing  Marchbank  Field,  Sunday.
                                                                                               the  12th  Naval  District  Handball   Rose,  playing  right  field  for  the
                                                                                               championship   from   Stein  and   Gunners,  got  a  single,  a  double
                                                                                               Campos of the Coast Guard, Thurs-
                                                                                                                             down the left field line and a  triple
                                                                                               day,  21-15,  7-21,  21-18.
                                                                                                                             to left center to give him a  perfect
                                                                                                 It was a  thriller all the way with
                                                                                               McGuire's  steadiness  and  Clark's  day at bat.
                                                                                               drives  telling  in  the  third  set.   Howton displayed plenty of class
                                                                                               Campos  and  Stein  had  previously   in  holding  the  Campi  nine  to  one
                                                                                               erased  the  lead  rung  up  by  Clark
                                                                                                                             hit  and  no  runs  while  he  toiled.
                                                                                               and  McGuire,  but  fell  easy  meat
                                                                                               to  their  exhausting  rallies.   Carlascio  relieved  him,  giving  up
                                                                                                 This  is  Clark  and  McGuire's  one  hit  and  two  runs  in  the  last
                                                                                               second  championship  in  two  years.  inning.
                                                   Lewis to try something.  H. Camps  (right)  is  dishing  SPORTS

     TANGLED  in  the  legs  of  Curly  Mendoca  is  his
     under-size  mat opponent, "Terrible  Lewis."  This was   out a  nasty  pasting  to  B.  Martinez,  who  is  attempt-
     one  of  the  few  times  that  Curly  wasn't  tangled  in   ing  to  ward  off  the  blows  by  covering  with  both
     the elastics.  Referee Carter looks on as if waiting for   hands. Camps took a  TKO verdict in  the third  r-ound.  •   •                     •   •

       Symmetrical  boxing  in  the  new  aesthetic  with a  right hand  smash
     round ring featured the Wednesday  that  put  Borunda  to  sleep,  but  Phillips  Departs,  T. I.
     night smoker as boxers and wrest- good.   Referee  Frankie  Carter
     lers slapped each  other dizzy while  tolled the count over the still form  Baseballers  Hit  Hard
     going in circles.  Gym No.  1,  site of  of  Borunda  only  as  a  matter  of   Over-seas  duty  has  beckoned
     the  combined  variety  - wrrestling  routine.              Jack  Phillips,  rangy first  baseman
     show,  was packed to  the rafters.   Two  lightheavies  dropped  the   of  the  Tl'easure  Island  baseball
       In  the  feature  wrestling  attrac-  curtain  on  the  punch  program,   team.  The  phenomenal -  fielding
    , tion,  Curly Mendoca  and  "Terrible   with  Art  Brown  getting  the  dec-  Phillips,  regarded  by  many  as  a
     Lewis," two rowdy comedians of the   ision  over  Hank  Watkins.  Brown   younger  version  of  the·  immortal
     mat  world,  mauled  each  other for   was in  command all  the  way . .   Lou  Gehrig,  reports  for  orders
     the  twenty-minute  period  with                            somewhere in the Pacific Area.
     neither gaining the  nod  after their                         Phillips  was  a  mainstay  of  this
     humorous  exhibition.  Curly  spent   Lt. A. N. Higgins Replaced   year's  Treasure  Island  basketball
     most  of  his  time  tangled  in  the                       team  which  enjoyed  such  ove·r-
     ropes,  while  Lewis  continually   By  Lt.  Ruffa  As  T. I.   whelming success.
     abused  the  irritable  Mendoca  with                         Before  entering  the  Navy,  Jack
     his  unethical  tactics.      Athletic  Head                was the  property of the New York
       Floor show talent was  furnished                          Yankee  chain  while  playing  with
     by  the  Entertainment  Committee   The  detachment  of  Lt.  Nash  the  Newark  ball  club.
     of  San  Francisco.  Songbird  Pat  Higgins  from  Treasure  Island  as
     Evans warbled "What a  Difference  Physical  Fitness  Officer,  to  the  U.
     a  Day  Makes" ;  diminutive  Patsy  S.  Naval  Base,  Cocosolo  in  the   April  26  Smoker  To
                                                                                               LAYING  INTO  ONE-Treasure  Island's  first  sacker, ··Jack  Phillips,
     Colgate juggled three batons while  Canal Zone,  will  be a  hard pill  for               lays  into  one  of  Windsor's  fast  balls  and  sends  it  screaming  over  the
     performing  trick  feats  with  the  the Athletic department to swallow.   Feature  Irish  Johnny   center  fielder's  head  for  a  home  run.  Treasure  Island  lost  the  thriller
    .  o t h e r  o n e.  Curvaceous  Trudy   Lt.  Higgins  has  been  in  charge              to Portland, 7-5, at Treasure  Island.
     Mason  combined  tap  with  song;  of the fitness program on Treasure   Taylor,  Floor  Show
     Helen  Evelyn  clowned  her  way
     through  a  couple  · of  light-opera                         Boxing  and  entertainment  that  Treasure  Island  Drops  7-5  Verdict  to  Portland
     numbers  and  Chief  Max  Marek                             promise  plenty  of  abuse  on  the
     topped  off  the  show  with  his                           stomach from laughter and punish- Despite  Home  Run  Smashes  by  Phillips,  Olsen
     pantomine  of  "How  Servicemen                             ment  will  be  supplied  to  punch   Portland's  "Eager" Beavers, pre-  A  right field  poke inside the ball
     Should Care  For the  Baby."                                fans  on  Thursday,  April 26,  at the   sently  entrenched  in  second  place  park  by  Barney  Olsen  gave
                                                                 Gym No.  1 smoker.
       Ring proteges,  Neil Whiting and                                                        of  the  Pacific  Coast  baseball  Treasure Island another run in the
                                                                   Enlisted  men  coming  early  will
     Tommy  Delan,  provided  the  eve-                                                        league,  showed  just  why  they  be- fifth inning and stretched their lead
                                                                 be  guaranteed  ringside  seats.
     ning's first punch bout,  with Whit-                                                      longed among the "upper crust" of  to  3-J.  Portland  chucker,  Windsor,
                                                                   Headlining  the  card  will  be
     ing  coming  out  second  best  after                                                     the  Coast  league  by  drowning  had his share  of troubles  in  trying
     taking  a  flurry  of  blows  in  the                       Henry  Anderson,  Treasure  Island   Treasure  Island,  7-5  in  a  rain  of  to  get  by  Treasure  Island's  twin
     second  round  that  left  his  lip                         kayo  artist,  and  Sammy  Nagle,   runs  last Thursday.    bundles  of  trouble.
                                                                 Coast  Guard  king-pin  and  runner-
     bleeding  like  an  open  faucet  and 1 ,                                                  Although  the  Treasure  Island   Gilson  set  the  stage  for  Port-
                                                                 up  to  Johnny Samson for  the 12th
     too  hel1;}ess  to  continUJ.  Dolan                                                      "bluehawks"  slammed  two  homers  land's  big  sixth  inning  rally  by
                                                                 Naval District boxing titles.  Seven
     displayed  a  brisk  body  attack  in                                                     -one  by  first  baseman  Jack  walking  the  first  two  batters  to
                                                                 other  supporting  bouts  will  be  on
     the  early milling and his  elevation                                                     Phillips,  the  other  by  left  fielder  face  him.  Shone,  Beaver  center
                                                                 the  punch  menu.
     of  blows  in  the  second  session                                                       Barney  Olsen  -  and  out-hit  the  fielder, plastered Gilson's next pitch
     caught  Whiting  by  surprise.                                Irish Johnny Taylor, well known.  Beavers  12  to  10,  it  was  still  the  for  a  sizzling  single  that  would
                                                                 professional  boxer  and  comic  per-
       Middleweight   Phil   Horman,                                                           clutch  hitting  at  the  right  time   h~ve gone for two bases except for
                                          Lt.  A.  N.  Higgins   former will exhibit his wares along
     small-dimensioned  Tony  Galento,                           with  a  crew  of  entertainers  furn-  by  the  northerners that spelled in-  the  expert  fielding  of  Dick  Bartell
     absorbed  the  hooks  and  jabs ·of  O.   Island  since  his  assignment  from  ished  by  the  Military  Entertain-  evitable  defeat  of Treasure  Island.   that  kept  all  hands  from  scoring.
     Sexton in the initial round but got                                                         Experienced  h an d s,  some  of
                                   the  U.  S.  Naval  Base,  San  Diego  ment  Committee.                                   Gilson,  a  19-year-old lad from  Los
     in  a  few  good  ones  during  thEl.                                                     whom  have  seen  plenty  of  major
                                   in  March,  1943.  He  came  to   Hot  licks  from  the  Treasure  league  action,  launched  the  Port- Angeles, . faded  under  this  assault
     closing frames to  cop  the  decision.   Treasure Island with a  background  Island  band  will · accompany  the
     The  power  of  Horman's  blows   studded with outstanding serviee in  jazz  folks.  Remember  to  get your   land  batting  attack  that  reached  and walked Souza forcing Schmidt
     were noticeably effective on Sexton,   the athletic  field.   guest  passes  signed  a  day  in  ad-  its  peak  in  the  sixth  inning  when  across the plate.
     sometimes  turning him  completely                                                        they  scored  six  runs.  Frank  Dem-  Windsor  helped  his  own  cause
                                     Prior  to  his  enlistment  in  the  vance  for  the  smoker  that  com-
     around  or  ·sending  him  reeling                                                        aree,  Marvin  Ow~n  and  Spenc~r I consider_ably  by doubling  to  center
     across  the  ring.            Navy,  Lt.  Higgins  served  on  the  mences at 1900 sharp.   Harris  were  all  mstrumental  m  field,  driving  in  another  pair  of
                                   athletic  staff  at  the  University  of
       H.  Camp,  off  a  D.  D.  craft                                                        Treasure  Island's  fatal  sixth.   runs. Calvert relieved Gilson at the
                                   Florida  where  his  knowledge  of                            Demaree  had  a  field  day  at  the
     punched  his  way  to  a  three-round                                                                                   mo1,1nd for Treasure Island and was
     T.  K.  0 .  over  Bill  Martinez.  The   aquatics  was  enjoyed  by  the  zeal   T. I.  Scores  lopsided   plate  for  Portland,  connecting  for   promptly  tagged  for  a  single.
     160-pound  Camp  got  off  the  deck I of  the  swimming-enthusiasts.  His                three solid blows while Phillips and   Demaree  hit  his  next  offering  for
     in the first round to have Martinez  understanding  of  character earned   18-0 Win Over Fort Barry   O1.sen  contributed a  pair of homers   a  two-bagger  and   Marv  Owen
     in serious trouble at the bell. Camp  him  the  job  of  Director  of  Ath-               and a  trio of two-base smashes for   singled him home  to  end the Port-
     finished  the  job with  a  right  hand  letics  and  Superintendent  of  Re-  Treasure  Island  returned  to  its  the  locals.
     to  the  head  that  left  Martinez  a  creation  of  the  City  and  Univer-  winning  baseball  form  Sunday,   Portland  drew  first  blood  on  a  land scoring.
                                                                 trouncing  the  Fort Barry  soldiers,  double  by Demaree and a  single by   Treasure  Island  ran  its  total  to
     very dazed hombre.            sity of Tampa.
     Naval  Air Surprises ...        Lt.  Higgins  was  instrumental  in   18-0,  at Fort Barry.   third  baseman  Schmidt.  Gilson,  five  runs  on  singles  by  Olsen
                                                                   A  sparkling  pitching  perfor- Treasure  Island  pitcher,  settled  Williams and Phillips, in the sevent~
       Paul  Mitchell,  Alameda  Air  im-  building  Treasure  Island  into  the
     portation,  cuffed  Roy  Rucker  al-  giant  athletic  arsenal  it  is  today.   mance  by Treasure  Island's  Odum  down  and  retired  the  side without  t
                                                                 shut out Fort Barry and kept their  allowing  further  damage.
                                                                                                                             s  anza.
     most at will  in gaining the verdict   He states, "I feel that I  have given   five  hits well scattered. Third base-  Treasure Island missed a  scoring   A  pair of hits by catcher Sheely
     from  judges  Chief  Ray  Jewel  and   the  thousands  of  men  who  have   man Lowe aided the cause by blast-  opportunity  in  the  third  stanza  and  pinch-hitter  Tauby  failed  to
     Chief  Al  Green.  The  blazing  belts   passed  through  Treasure  Island  a             when  Lowe  and  Durdan  singled,  materialize  a  score  in  the  eighth
     of Mitchell,  who  sometimes landed   good aquatic background and it has   ing  two  home  runs.   by  advanced  on  a  badly  pitched  ball,  and  ended  any  further  Treasure
     five  or  six  successive  blows,  were   been  a  privilege  serving  with  the   Treasure Island broke up a  pair of  but  died  on  the  bases  when  Olsen  Island scoring threats.
     too  much  for  Rucker  to  soak  up.   fine  body  of  instructors  who  have
     Experience  was  the  telling  factor.  made  this  possible."   Fort  Barry  threats  and  allowed  struck  out  for  third  out  of  the   Scoring:
       Pete Borunda was an easy target   Lt.  E.  J.  Ruffa,  who  has  an  il-  Odum  his  first win  of the season.  inning.    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  R.  H.  E.
                                                                                                 A  long,  center  field  homer  by
     for  the  sharpshooting  of  Willie   lustrious  background,  will  assume
     Richardson  and  went  out  via  the   duties  as Physical Fitness Officer.   A  chief putting his  unit through   big Jack Phillips and a  pair of hits  Prtl'd  1  0  0  0  0  6  0  0  0 - 7  10  1
                                                                                               by  second  sacker  Dunham  and
     K.  0.  route  in  the  first  round.                       calisthenics:  "Hips  on  shoulders-  shortstop Bartell provided Treasure   T.  I.  0  0  0  2  1  0  2  0  0 - 5  12  1
     Borunda  was  dropped  by  a  hard                          place!"                       Island with  a  duo pf runs that put   Batteries:  Portland, Windsor,  Carr
   -  right  lland  and  got  up  without   Tight  clothing  does  not  stop  a   Then,  after a  bit of deliberation:   Treasure  Island  in  front  for  the   and Souza; Treasure Island, Gilson,
     a  count but still  in  a  dazed  condi- girl's  circulation.  The  tighter  the  "As you  were.  That can't be  done.   Calvert  and  Sheely.
     tion.  Richardson  applied  the  an- clothing, the more a  girl circulates.  Hips  down!"   first  time  during  the  game.
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