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PAGE  2          THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  APRIL  7,  1945

                                                                     TELES                       CHEMICAL  WARFARE  TEACHES  GRIM  USES OF GAS
                                                                    .. , , ..
       * *                                             * *         -........ ..:
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       Official  Treasure  Island  publication  distributed  every  i3aturday  without . cos~  to  the
       officers,  enlisted  personnel,  and  employees  of  Treasure  l,:la!'d·  All  commum?at,ons  an_d
       contributions  should  be  directed  to  The  Editor,  Recreation  and  Entertamme!'t  Di-
       vision,  Treasure Island,  San Francisco,  California. Phone: EX brook  393.1,  Extension 69.
                                                                   Sensible Sailors
                        COMMODORE  R.  W.  CARY,  USN
                Commander  U.  S.  Naval  Training  and  Distribution  Center   If  the  financial  situation  at  the
                                                                   Majuro Atoll base is  any criterion,
                          CLYDE  F.  BABB,  Slc,  USNR             Navy  personnel  believe  in  prepar-
                                                                   ing for  the  proverbial  rainy  day.
              Robert E.  Johnson,  Y3c -  Rex  N.  Olsen,  Y3c,  Associate Editors
                                                                    In one  unit,  for  example,  where
       Carolyn  N.  Brown,  Ylc,  Vl'aves  Editor   Robert  H.  P erez,  BM2c,  Sports
                                                                   a  monthly payroll of approximately
                        Frederick  Dri~mer,  SKSc,  Reporter       $175,000 is  paid  out  to Navy  men,
                 (The  Masthead  uses  Camp  Newspaper  Service  Material)   naval mail specialists estimate that
                                                                   at least  $125,000  is  almost  imme-
       TREASURE  ISLAND,  S.  F.,  CALIF.,  SATURDAY,  APRIL  7,  1945  diately  dispatched  home  through
                                                                   money orders. This means that five
                                                                   dollars out of every seven are sent
       (Statements and  opinions  herein  are those  of the writer and  are  not to   "stateside"  for  safeke_eping.
       be  c~nstrued  as reflecting  the  views of the  Navy  Department.)
                                                                     And to add to what is apparent-
                                                                   ly  an  overwhelming  trend  among
                                                                   Navy  men  to  conserve  funds  for
                                                                   postwar years, the sailors from this
                                                                   same  unit  are  in addition allotting
                                                                   at  least  another  $225,000  each
                                                                   thirty-one  days  for  their  families
         ~-\re  we  losing  the  cause  for  which  we fight?  Is  lasting peace  and  for  war  bonds-meaning  that
       an  illusion?  Are  our Allies  resorting to  "power politics"  in lib-  only about one dollar in every eight
       erated portions of Europe?                                  is retained in cash.
         Those questions  came  to  the forefront  recently  as  friction  de-  * * *
                                                                   Good  Chow,  Good  Morale
       veloped among the Allies in connection with Russian and British
                                                                    There is no way of getting around
       moves in Poland and Greece. The following excerpts from a New   it,  good  chow  is  good  morale.  The
       York Times  editorial  answer  those  ques_tions  clearly  and  force- Navy  knows  this  and  is  taking
       fully:                                                      every possible step to keep its food-
        - "It is  preposterous to say that by winning this war,  regardless   stuffs  well  preserved for  bluejack-
                                                                   ets in the  South Pacific.
       of anything that may come afterward, we shall  not have  accom-
                                                                    In  the  sweltering  heat. of  the
       plished a great and good purpose, commensurate with whatever   tropics,  a  huge  southwest  Pacific
       cost it may entail.                                         island  cold  storage  plant  operates
         "We shall have preserved our independence as a nation.    against a  jungle backdrop,  provid-
         "We __shall  have  kept  our  friends,  and  helped  to  keep  our   ing  the  fleet  with  fresh  meats,
       friends  alive.                                             dairy  products,  fruits  and  vege-
                                                                   tables.  Men  of  the  fleet  call  it the
         "We  shall   have  preserved  a  world  in  which  democracy  can  "icebox  of the  southwest  Pacific,"
       live.                                                       and there's nothing else in the world
         "All  is  not lost when this is  true. All is not lost when_ Britain  quite  like  it.
       and  the  democratic Commonwealths of Canada,  Australia,  New   Figures  do  not  tell  the  whole
       Zealand  and South "Africa  can  defend themselves  so  successfully   story but at capacity, the big plant
       that  their  free  institutions  survive  the  struggle.  All  is  not  lost   will store 5,500,000 pounds of food-
                                                                   stuffs-2,500,000  pounds  of  meat,
       when  democracy can  begin  again,  with  fresh  hope and courage,
                                                                   2,200,000 pounds of fruits and veg-
       in  the  only  countries  on  the  continent  of  Europe-France,  the  etables and 800,000 pounds of dairy
       Low  Countries,  and  Scandinavia-where  democracy  has  ever  products.  Meats  are  kept  at  10
       really prospered.                                           degrees  above  zero,  Fahrenheit,  in
         "All is  not lost when South America is  spared invasion. All is   reefers.  Outside  the  reefers,  the
                                                                   temperature  may  reach  130  de-
       ,;iot  lost  when  a  new  League  of  Nations  offers  us  a  chance  to
                                                                   grees. Dairy products are stored at
       prove  that we  can help this  time to  accomplish  what was  never  36  degrees.
       tried  with  our assistance  at Geneva.                               * * *
         "\X' e owe it to  the  men  who  are fighting to do all we  can  to  Did  You  Forget  Your  Change?
       help make a wise and lasting peace. We owe it to them to come   A  sailor  walked  into  the  War
       out  of  th~  ivory  tower  of  our  own  perfectionism  when  com-  Bond  office  at  Naval  Air  Station,
                                                                   Jacksonville  and  placed  a  jar  of
       promise is  necessary.  We shall need  patience for  the task ahead.   pennies on the counter, stating that   MOST  OF THE  INSTRUCTION  given  in  the  Chemical  Warfare  school
                                                                                                 is  of  a  practical  nature, as shown  by the above  pictures. The  top  photo
       Patience  and  perseverance, and willingness  to  try  to understand  it  contained  enough  cash  for  an  shows  an  explosion  of a  white  phosphorus  bomb.  Flying  particles  from
       other peoples'  point of view-and faith,  above all  e1se.   $18.75  bond.  The  office  took  the  this  type  can  cause  severe  burns.  The  weird  creature  in  the  center  is
                                                                                                 nothing  more than a  student in  gas-pr,oofed  cl,othing and  mask.  Bottom,
         "And because we shall need faith,  let us  be done with this talk   word of the bond buyer that the jar   a  decontamination  crew cleans  up  after an  "attack."
                                                                  contained  the  correct  number  of
       that -:we  have lost the cause for which we fight.  We are winning
                                                                  pennies and issued the bond.
       that  cause,  winning  it  splendidly  and  for  the  benefit  of  gener-  When  the  pennies  were  finally  Tars  learn  to  Combat   Jobs,  Raises  to  Greet
       ations still to come, with every step that brings us closer to Berlin   counted  it  was  found  that  there
       and Tokyo."                                                were  1883  pennies.  The  office  is  Poison  Gas  at  Chemical  Vets  Formerly  Employed
                                                                  now  trying. to  locate  the  sailor  in
                                                                  order to return his overpayment of  Warfare  School         By  Telephone  Company
       Ceiling  Price  Set  for      life on  Carrier             eight cents.
                                                                                                Continued from page 1-          Veterans of this war coming back
      Alterations  & Repairs  to     Continued from page l -                 * * *                                            to  their  old  jobs  with  the  Pacific
                                     at  it.  Dudek  is  certain  not  much   Navy  Finds "Pearly"  Islands   oned  atmosphere  to conduct clean- Telephone and Telegraph Company
                                                                    The  Naval Military Government,
       Uniforms  of  Servicemen  was left  of the  pilot after that.                            up operations.                will  have  a  real welcome  home.
                                                                  moving  into  the  captured  islands
                                      Still  the  bomber  came  in  over                          In each end  of the  hut is  an air
        If you  have  been in  the  habit ·of                     of  the  Japanese  mandates  in  the   pumping and purifying unit. Out of   Each of the 5078  employees  now
      griping  because  your  small  store   the  stern.          Pacific is expected to have eventu-  the  machines  every  minute  comes   on duty with the armed forces was
      issue  won't ·fit  snugly,  you'll  have   Twenty  feet  from  where  Dudek   ally a  potentially valuable pearl in-  500  cubic  feet  of  pure  air.  Pres-  informed by President N. R. Powley
      to  keep  on  griping.  But  if  you've   stood,  the  bomber  sheared  the  tail   dustry on  its hands.   sure  is  maintained  at  a  . slightly   that  returning  service  personnel
      been  griping because  it's, too much   off  a  plane  parked  on  the  flight   The  industry,  an  extension  of  higher  level,  thus  pushing  the  gas  will receive a  rate of pay which in~
      of  a  drain  on  your  Navy  pay  to   deck, dropped its wing on the Num-  pearl culture in the Japanese home  away  when  an  outside  door  is  eludes  all  increases  they  would
      get  proper  alterations,  you  can   ber Two  gun  gallery,  and  plunged   islands,  is  primarily  on  Koror,  in  opened.   normally have received if they had
      calm  d_own-thanks to  the  OP A.   over  the  side  into  the  water.   the Palaus. It produced 4,106 pearls   Complete with'showers and sani- stayed on  their jobs,  and they will
        Maximum  dollar-and-cent  char-  A  hot  summer's  day  threatened   in  1931,  2,949  in  1932,  10,000  in  tary  facilities,  the  whole  unit  is  also  have full  time  credit for  pen-
      ges  hive  been  established  on· the  to  turn  into  a  holocaust  when  a   1934  and  1,000  in  1935,  according  prefabricated  and  can  be  torn   sions during the leave  period.
      Pacifiq  Coast  for  alterations  and  Jap  aircraft,  one  of  40  divebomb-  to  the  only  figures  now  ayai!able.  down  and  moved.  A  great  many
      repair$  to the military uniforms  of  ing the "Big E," laid an "egg" with   .In the year 1932, however, the Jap- advance  bases  are  equipped  with   Powley  urged  all  company  em-
      enlisted  men,  the  Office  of  Price  a  delayed-action  fuse  that  pierced   anese are reported to have exported  this  unit.   ployees to return immediately after
      Administration  announced.    through to the hangar deck,  where·                                                       discharge,  and  within  the  Govern-
                                                                  7,055  from  the  islands,  and  the  Course  Is  Short  but  Thorough
        Excluded  from  the  ceilings  are  it  exploded  and  started  a  raging   value  of  these  is  listed  as  35,745   The  usual  length  of  the  school's   ment-specified period.
      alterations· and repairs made at the  fire.                 yen.                          instruction period is  five  hours for
      time  Uniforms  are  sold.      With  others,  Dudek  played  a   The Palau pearls are known to be  enlisted  men  and  two  days  for  of- and students walk through and at-
        For  sailor  blue  uniforms  there  stream  of  water  on  the  flames.  It
                                                                  of unusual size, many of them from  ficers.  Once  each  month  a  special  tempt  to identify it.  Because  some
      are  28  listed  ceilings,  ranging  all  was  20  minutes  before  the  last
                                                                  one-fourth  to  one-half  inch  in  di- five-day  course is  given  to men se- gases  have  a  tendency  to  cling,
      the way from 25  cents for machine  sparks  hissed  out.  His  comrades
                                                                  ameter.  Most  are  white,  but  some  lected from  the Twelfth Naval Dis- students learn to decontaminate ex-
      sewing of new stars on the uniform  and he received letters of commen-
                                                                  are  black and a  few are mauve.   trict  who  are  to  take  advanced  pmied metal parts of the ship-such
      to  $5.00  for  ,. changing  undress  dation from  the skipper of the  En-
                                                                                                training  elsewhere.  In  this  course  lj-S guns-with a solution of.chloride
      jumpers  to  dress  jumpers  where  terprise.                                             is  covered  all  gas  agents,  protec- of lime.
      all  necessary  operations  are  per-  In 1942  alone,  while  Dudek  was  entire  British  and  German  fleets  tive  equipment,  decontamination,   During 1944 more than 1000 men
      formed.                       aboard  her,  the  "Big  E "  and  her  in  the  great  battle  of  Jutland.   gas  mask  drill  and  inspection,  gas  per  week  received  instruction  on
        All tailors are subject to the new  pilots sank or damaged 35 Jap ves-  "It  was  lots  of  excitement,  lots  chamber  exercise,  and  first  aid.  Treasure  Island.  This  figure  in-
      ceiling  and  are  required  to  post  sels,  shot  down  185  Jap  aircraft.  of  hard  work,"  Dudek  said,  "but  During  the  gas  identification  drill,  cludes  those  from  other  activities
      them for your benefit.        It accounted for more tonnage than  I  was only  doing  my job."   a  small  amount  of  gas  is  released  ;n  thP.  Twelfth Naval District.
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