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U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center

       VOL  IV-No. 8                                         TREASURE  ISLAND, SAN  FRANCISCO, CALIF.                                           APRIL 7,  1945

       life  On  Carrier              Broadway  Come~y  At  Theatre  No .. 3  TARS  LEARN  TO  COMBAT POISON

       "Just  Routine" to  Chief                                                                 GAS AT CHEMICAL WARFARE  SCHOOL
       Who  Es'caped  Death                                                                        Tucked  away  in  a  corner  of   During  the  jittery  period  in  the
                                                                                                 Treasure  Island  is  a  little-known  first  part  of  1942  when  the  West
         They look like voodoo witch doc-                                                        activity  vital  to·  the  training  of  Coast  was  considered  endangered
       tors  making  ,nedicine,  the  writh-                                                     every  man  who  leaves  this  base  by  the  Japs,  civilian  workers  on
       ing,  gesticulating  men  who  guide                                                      for  duty  with  the  fleet  or  at  an  the  island  were  given  instructions
        the airplanes across a  carrier deck.                                                    overseas base.                in  the  workings  of  a  gas  mask.
         "The  job  is  just  routine,  -more                                                      In  the  beginning,  the  Chemical  Periodic  refresher  drills  were  also
        dangerous  than  glamoroi:rs,"  de-                                                      Warfare  school  consisted  solely  of  given  to  Navy  personnel.  Lt.  Lar-
        clared  Chief  Stanley  J .  Dudek,                                                      a  small  classroom  on  the  second  son,  in  charge  at  that  time,  was
       formerly  a  plane  director  on  the                                                     deck  of  Theatre  No.  2  and  a  gas  able to crowd only 50 students into
        Enterprise,  one  of  the  most  illus-                                                  chamber  in  the  northeast  corner  the  classroom  for  the  theoretical
        trious ships in American naval his-                                                      of the island.                part of the course.
                                                                                                                                Moves to  New Quarters
                                                                                                                                 In  October,  1944,  the  school  was
         "Suppose you're leading the plane
        to  its take-off spot on  the forward                                                    Shapely  l ynne  Sherman      moved  into  the  new  building  near
        section  of  the  carrier.  You  always                                                                                the  transportation pool where  it is
        walk backw~rd, facing the pilot.  A                                                      'Delightfully  Dangerous'     today.  With Lt.  L.  B.  Johnson now
        stiff  wind _comes  in  over  the  bow.                                                                                in charge,  the  activity boasts a  de-
                                                                                                                               contamination  magazine  and  a
        so.  strong  it  can  blow  you  right   HILARIOUS  COMEDY-In  the  living  room of the  Struthers  home,  be-  In  Broadway  Stage  Hit   large  area. for  practical  instruc-
        into  the  plane's  propeller  if  you   tween  Scranton  and  Wilkesbarre,  Pa.,  is  Esther  Trynin  of  Pasadena   "P ersonal  Appearance",  a  three  tion.
        don't  watch  your  footing."   Play  House  ( left)  observing  Lillian  Fontaine  of  Paramount  Pictures   act  comedy  which  stars  Lynne   Chemical  warfare  tactics  could
         According  to  the  aviation  chief  as she converses  with  Cpl.  Kent  Herndon  of  Birmingham  General  Hos-
                                      pital.  This  is  a  scene  taken  from  "Personal  Appearance",  a  three  act  Sherman  and  Cpl.  Kent  Herndon  offer  quite  an  effective  stumbling
        machinist's  mate,  who  is  now  at-  comedy,  which  was  recentiy  presented  in  two  performances  at Theatre  of  Birmingham  General  Hospital,  block to landing operations in par-
        tached to the air facility here, every
                                      N-o.  3.                                                   was recently presented in  two per- ticular,  and  obviously  men  who
        weird movement the plane director
                                                                                                 formances  at  Theatre  No.  Three  have  full  knowledge  of  chemical
        makes is a  standard signal, helping                                                     before  two  capacity  audiences  of  agents will be able to combat them
        the pilot steer his pliJ,ne to the per- RESTRICTED  AREAS   Blueiackets May Obtain                                     more  effectively  than  those  who
        fect · spot for a  take-off or a  secure                                                 Treasure  Island  bluejackets.   do  not.  To  further this  knowledge
                                                                                                   The  broadway  stage  hit,  pro-
        berth on  the  crowded  deck.   OUTLINED  FOR              Plane Reservations At
                                                                                                 duced  by  Pfc.  M.  J.  Nurick  of   is the aim of the Chemical Warfare
         In  his  five  and  one-half  years                                                                                   school.
        aboard the Enterprise,  Chief Dudek  TREASURE  ISLAND      Island Travel Office          Birmingham  General  Hospital  and   Effective  But Costly
                                                                                                 directed by Barbara Vajda of Pasa-
        was  never  chewed  by  a  prop,  but   The  following  areas  as  outlined   Commercial  Air  Line  Reserva- dena Play House, is a  spine  tickler   Although every  ship  in  the  fleet
        he  did  have  some  mighty  close                                                                                     is vulnerable to gas attack, the use
                                      are  designated as  restricted  areas.  tions  may  now  be  made  through  packed with spicy lines  and  risque
        calls.                                                                                                                 of gas at sea is  not generally  con-
                                      Unauthorized  personnel  having  no  the  Ship's  Service  Travel  Office,  actions.
         One day,  shortly before  the  raid                                                                                   sidered practical in that it is neces-
                                      connection  with  the  areas  are  not  located  at  the  south  end  of  Bar-  It  telLs  about  the  "loose-lang-
        on the  Marshalls  and Gilber:t;s,  the                                                                                sary  to  cover  a  large  area  to  be
                                      permitted  therein  and  will  be  sub- racks  E .  Non-priority  passengers  uage"  movie  star  Carol  Arden
        carrier  was  receiving  her . planes                                                                                  effective.  However,  some  gases
                                     ject .to  arrest  by  station  patrol  have  little  chance  of  security  res- (Lynne  Sherman),  who  attempts
        after a  scouting mission.  She rolled                                                                                  (mustard, lewisite)  can be sprayed
        and pitched in  a  heavy sea,  a  high   anq- assigned  guards: ·   ervations  east,  but the  possibilities  to sabotage  the betrothal of Jessie   from planes at a  height of as much
                                      Air  Facility                 are fair for points south and North  Struthers  (Catherine  Kennedy  of
        wind  blasting  in  against  the  air-  · 1:he  area boµ_nded 'by the water- - Los Angeles,  San Diego or Seat- Universal  Pictures)  and  Chester   as 20,000 feet.  One  hundred planes
        ships ·'trying  to  land  on  her  un-                                                                                 can  cover  an  area  of  16  square
                                      front  or  First street on  the  south,  tie.  Anyone  holding  a  "4"  priority  Norton  (Cpl.  Herndon),  by  using
        steady stern.                                                                                                          miles.  White  phosphorus  has  been
                                      Second  street  on  the ·north,  and  or  better  should  have  no  trouble  all  of  her  appeal  on  the  bashful,
          In charge of a  fueling job, Dudek                                                                                   used on land, particularly in trench
        stood  facing  the  bow,  just  behind   by  the  ··se_cqrity  fences  enclosing  reaching  any point in  the  country.  open-natured groom-to-be.   warfare,  as  well  as  for  smoke
                                      the  Air  Facility  on  the  east  and   Personnel who are on emergericy   The  screen  celebrity's  plans  are
        the  barrier  strung  amidships  to                                                                                    screens at sea.
                                      west.                         or Pre-Embarkation leave  or those  exposed  and  in  the  end  she,  for
        catch  planes  that  are  not  stopped                                                                                   The  use  of  gas  as  a  weapon  of
                                      Industrial  A rea             who  have  returned  to  the  contin- the  first  time,  failed  to  get  her   war  has  been  outlawed,  and  it  is
                                       Bounded  by  the  waterfront  on  ental  limitr;;  of  the  United  States  man.        improbable  that it will  be  used. by
                                      the  south  and  east,  on  the  west  on  leave  from  an  overseas  station   The moral of the play is:  "When
                                                                                                                               the U. S.
                                      by the security fence  enclosing the  or  sea  duty  and  who,  pursuant  to  it  comes  to  tempting  a  man,  a
                                                                                                                                Hut  Used  by  Clean-up  Crews
                                      Air  Facility,  on the north by  Sec- orders  there  issued,  will  immedi- city  'chic'  may  be  slick;  but  it's   On  the  grounds  of  the  school  is
                                      ond  street,  Aven1Je  M  and · Third  ately  return  to  the  same  duty  or  the  country  gal  who  usually  gets   what looks  like an ordinary Quon-
                                      street  between Avenues  M  and  N.  other  duty  outside  the  continental  him by turning an innocent trick."   set hut. On closer scrutiny it proves
                                      RMS  Sonar  Building          limits  of  the  United  States  upon   A  strong  supporting  cast  in-  to  be  the  air-tight  and  complex
                                       Bounded  on  the  west  by  the  expiration  of  such  leave,  are  en- cludes  Esther Trynin  of  Pasadena  decontamination  magazine.  In this
                                     I  waterfront,  south  by  continuation  titled to  a  class  "4" priority.   Play  House  as  Gladys  Kelcey,  building--or  rather,  as a  result  of
                                      of  Ninth  street,  on  the  east  by
                                                                                                  Sara Tescke of Pilgrimage Players  it-students  are enabled to develop
                                      Avenue A  and on the north water-                           as  Joyce  Struthers,  Pvt.  Robert  gas  neutralizing  techniques.  The
                                      fr9nt  to  A venue  A,  distance  about   V-E  DAY         ,Carlin of BGH as Gene Tuttle, Staff  unit consists of three separate air-
                                      100 yards from  the building.                               Sgt.  Daniel  Jay  of  BGH  as  Clyde  tight rooms:  One for entrance dur-
                                       Radio  Materiel  Building  No.  27   Navy  Won't  Pemobilize   P elton  and  Pfc.  Mason  Nurick  of  ing gas attack, a  second for chang-
                                      and  the  ammunition  facility  are                         BGH  as  Johnson.  Author  of  the  ing  into  gas-proof  clothing,  and
                                      sun:ounded by security fences.  Al-  Says  Fleet  Admiral  King   hilarious   comedy  is  Lawrence  the  third  to  emerge  into  the  pois-
                                      though the brig area is enclosed by                        Riley.                         Continued on  page  2-
                                      a  fence,  personnel.  are  authorize,d'   Because it plans to throw every-
                                      to  visit  the  adjoining  . Security  thing  it  has  at  Japan,  the  Navy  ·
               Chief  S.  J.  Dudek   Office.                       won't  demobilize  any  of  its  forces  Beckum Takes Table Tennis Title  From  Goodelman
                                      Transportati-on  Pool         when Germany falls, declared Fleet
        by  all  the  arresting  cables  on  the   The  area  bounded  by  Avenue  E  Admiral  Ernest J.  King.
        flight  deck.                 on  the  east,  on  the  west  by  a   Explaining why "there will be no
          One  airship  came  in  hopping.  line  dividing  the  Chemical  war- partial  demobilization,"  the  Chief
        She  missed  every  cable.  She  was  fare  school  and  Transportation  of Naval Operations said:
        hurdling  the  barrier  when  Dudek  P ool  parking area, on the south by   "All  forces  are  required  to  pro-
        glanced over his shoulder ~d saw  Twelfth  street,  and  all  the  paved  secute  the  war in the  Pacific.  It is
        her headed  directly for  him.   runway  occupied  by  the  transpor- the intent to shift to the Pacific all
          Automatically,  he  took  three  tation  vehicles.        naval  power  now  devoted  to  the
        steps  to  one  side  and  dove  down ·  Degaussing  Range   war in  Europe  and in  the Atlantic
        into the  catwalk,  banging his head   The  area  bounded  on  the  west:   as soon as may be.
                                                                      "This  shift must  be  made as ex-
        against  a  lifeline.         by  t he  waterfront,  on  the  east  by
          Three  stitches  is  a  low  price  to  Avenua A,  on: the south by Twelfth   peditiously  as  possible,  to  the  end
        pay  for  one's  life.  The · plane  ca- ,treet,  and  on . the.  north  by  a   that the  war in the  Pacific may be
        reened  ahead,  stopping  only  after  fence  approximately 100 feet north   brought lo a  successful  conclusion
        she  had  torn  up  the  fuselage  of  ~f  Building  No.  192.   at the  earliest possible  date."
        four others parked beyond the bar-  Commanding officers of activities
        rier.                         having  personnel,  who  by  reason   Snack  Bar, Opened  at
          Not   long   afterward,   death  of  their  duties,  must  enter  a  re-
        brushed  shoulders  with  Dudek  stri-cted  area,  should_  make  ar-  Bowling  Alley  No.  2
        again.  On  the  catwalk,  he  was  rangements  with  the  officer-in-
        helping  a  gun  crew  pump  bullets  charge  of the restricted area prior   Keglers  at  Bowling  Alley  No.
        into  five  twin-engined . ,Jap  bomb- to thifwarranted ingress  or egress  Two  may  now  celebrate  their  vie- .
        eI'.~  gli,ding  out.  of, a cloµg_ at ,.2,000  _of . the are·a.   tories  right  .on· the  premises  with
        reet.   ·          ··           Officers  and  key  civilians  con- sandwiches;  milk,  foe  creamt  and
          The  Japs  dropped  their  bombs  nected  with  construction  who  are  other  treats  sold  topside-at. a  new
        and  raced  off.  Suddenly  t he  fifth  required  by  nature  of  their  duties  snack  bar.
        plane  turned  back,  to  strafe  or  to  enter  restricted . areas  will  be   The  bar,  open  1400°2200  daily,  UNABLE TO  COPE with  the.looping  forehand  strokes of George  Beck-
        make  a  suicide  landing:  Gunners  furnished  a  special  j;ype  ~f  pass  is  operated  by  the  Ship's  Service  um  (pictured  at  right),  game  Sol  :qoodeJ!'l1an  went  down  in  defeat  in
        hurled  salvo  upon  salvo  of  steel  upon  application  to  .· the  Pass  department.   five  sets  to  the  steady  play  of  Beckum  in  the  finals  of  the  Recreation
                                                                                                  Building Table Tennis Championship last Friday. Pre_senting the awards
        Continued on page  2-         Officer.                                                    to  the  two  finalists  is  Captain  Schonland,  chief  of  staff  of  TADCEN .
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