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THE MASTHEAD, SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 1945               PAGE7
         1111111111111111111111111II II II 11111111111111111
                                       Jap  Prisoner  Returns                          CROSS-WORD
                ~                        One  of  the  first  acts  of  "Pop"                                                             2- Lilylike African
             ,~~                        Marshall,  CTM,  upon  his  return                                               ACROSS              plant
              ~                        from  the  Bilibid  Prison  Camp  in   2   3   4   5   7   8   9   lO  IU  112   1-Deadly          3- Tip
            Wat ching                   Manila,  when'l  he  spent  over  three   l.3                             13- Fruit  used as relish   4- Ward  off
                                                                                                                                          5- Injury
                                        years  as a  Japanese  prisoner,  was                                     14-Copy
             Carrier                                                                                              15- Assumed  parts      6- Baseball  team
                                        to  be  t he  guest  speaker  for  Lt.   15                                                       7~ Foretoken
            L an di ngs                 (jg) .H . V.  Friedle  in the  American                                   16-Snare                8- Snicker
                                                                       18                                         17-Light  brown         9- Neuter pronoun
            Tough on                    Red  Cross  Drive.  "Pop's"  narra-                                       18-Damages             10-Mouse catcher
                                        tions on the atrocities that the Japs                                     21-Foot digit          11- Greek  letter
             Nerves                                                                                               22- Comforted
                                        inflicted  upon  American  citizens                                                              12- Lair
                                                                                                                  26-Crow cry
          111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111  were  unbelievable  and it was  from                                         19- J oins
                                                                                                                  29-N ot ever again     20- Identical
                BY  ERN IE  PYLE        his  own  conclusive  evidence  t hat                                     32-Egg-shaped          23- Inflamed
                                        the  audience  suddenly  realized  the                                    34--Join  firmly
            In  the  Western  Pacific- (De-                                                                                              24- Ireland
                                        importance  of  helping  to  support                                      35-P enn.  city        25- Act
          layed)-,-The  first  time  you  see  a                                                                  36- Those acting oppo-  26- F eminine  name
          plane land  on a  carrier you almost   the American Red Cross in  the  tre-                                 sitely             27- Affirm
          die.  At the end of  the first  day my   .nendous  task  that  they  have  un-                          39- Purpose            28- Flutter
         muscles  were  sore  just from  being   jertaken.                                                        40- Sphere  of  action   30-Contend
         all  tensed  up  while  watching  the   Due  to  his  efforts  on  behalf  of                            41- F rozen  water     31- Uncanny
                                                                                                                                         33- Make a  loan
         planes come  in.              ' the American  R ed Cross,  the  Deck                                     43- Discriminating     37- Dried  grape
           It  is  all  so  fast,  timing  is  so   3chool  netted  a  total  of  $517.75.                        52-Respectful title    38- Fragments
          split-second,  space  is  so  small-  Ei'rom  "Pop's"  many  friends  and                               53-Short for Adeline   42- Enrich
         well,  somebody  said  that  carrier   1hipmates came a  hearty "Welcome                                 54- H ermit            44- Location
                                        ·10me!"  and the wishes of a  speedy                                                             45-Algonquin  Indian
         pilots  were  t he  best  in  t he  world,                                                               56- Casts one's  vote   46- Unemployed
          and they must be or there wouldn't   ~ecovery  from  his  terrible  ordeal.                             57- Afternoon  theatrical   47- Egyptian river
          be  any of them· left alive.                                       Courtesy Harle Publications,  Inc.       performance        48- Adventure
                                                                                                                  58- Not sour
           Planes  don't  approach  a  carrier   "I  want  an  'E'  string  for  my   (Solution  on  Page  8)                            49- Border
         as  they  would  on  land- from  way   violin,"  said  the  G.I.  in  a  London                                  DOWN           50-Epoch
                                                                                                                                         51- Damp
         back  and  in  a  long  glide.  Instead,   music  store.                                                  1-River crossing      55- Musical  tone
          they almost seem to be sneaking up   The  ~irl  ducked  behind  the
          as  if to surprise it. They're  in such   ~ounter and came  back with  all  of
         an awkward  position and flying  at   the violin  strings in  the  shop.    EX            ''MAN  ABOARD"  at  Wave  · Barracks
          such  a  crazy  angle  you  don't  see   "Pick  it  hout   yerself,"  she   POTENTIA
          how  they  can  ever  land  on  any-  .::rowed,  "I  carn't  tell  the  blinkin'
         thing.                         'ees  from  the  she's.'I
           But it's been worked out  by years
          of experience, and it's the best way.   backs.  Sometimes  they  bounce  all
         Everything  is  straightened  out  in   1round and hit the  "island.''  Some-
          the last few seconds of flying. That   times they bounce 50 feet in t he air I
          is-if it works.               1nd still  get down  all  right.  Some- I
           Anything  can  happen  in  those   times they catch  fire.
          last  few  seconds.  Once  in  a  great
                                         During  the Tokyo  strike,  one  of   fff51:W'T -+WI; \
         while  the plane loses  its  speed  and   the  big  carriers  r unning  near  us  RADIO  MATERIEL  SCHOOL
          spins into the water just behind the                       1
                                        lost  three  planes  in  10  m inutes.
          ship.  And  planes have  been  known
                                        One was shot up  and had to  "ditch"  Red  Cross Ca mpai gn
          to  ram  right  into  the  stern  of  the   in  the water alongside  the  ship.   The  contributions  continue  to
                                         The  next  one  slammed  into  the   pour  in  toward  the  objective  of
          Air  Currents  Bad            "island,"  and was  so  wrecked  they   $2,000 for this command in the Red
           · The air currents are always  bad.   •just heaved  the  wreckage  over the  Cross  War  Fund  drive.  As  we  go
          The ship's "island" distorts the cur-  side.  The  next  one  to  come  in  to  press  total  contributions  have
          rents,  and  makes  the  air  rough.   :rashed  the  "barrier"  and  burned  reached  the  $1,900  mark  and  it  is
          Even  the  wake  of  the  ship- the   up.                   a  safe  assumption  that  our  goal
         waters churned up by the propellers   And  on  the  other  hand,  you'll   will be surpassed by a  considerable
          - has  an  effect on  Ute  air through                      amount.  At  the  St.  Patrick's  Day
                                        land  planes  for  weeks  without  a
          which  the  planes must pass.                               Smoker held in the small RMS Gym
                                        bad  crackup.  We  wrecked  three
           If half  a  dozen  planes  come  in                        a  certified  che'Ck  for  $1,400  was
                                        planes  our first  t hree  days  out  in
          successively  without  one getting  a                       presented  to  William  Collier,  Red
                                        : rashes-and not a  single one  after
          "wave  off"  from  the  signalman,                          Cross  Field  Director,  by  Lt.  Com-
          you're doing pretty well.  For land-                        mander W.  H. Keplinger, chairman
                                        A  Little  Rusty
          ing  on  the  deck  of  a  small  carrier                   of the campaign for this command,'
                                         The first time I  watched our  boys
          in  a  rough  sea  is  just  about  like                    and  which  represented  a  substan-
                                        land,  they  were  pretty  bad.  They                       "VISITS  TO  TREASURE  ISLAND,"  popular  weekly  fifteen  minute
          landing on half a  block of Main St.                        tial  down  payment  against  our
                                        hadn't flown  for  about  two  weeks,                       radio  show  invades  the Wave  barracks for the  next program,  Sunday at
          while  a  combined  hurricane  and                          quota.                        1115,  station  KGO.  Above,  Ernie Smith, master  of ceremonies,  rehearses
                                        and were  a  little  rusty.
          earthquake is going on.                                     Fleet  Refreshe r  School     a  bit  of repa rtee w ith  Lt.  Irene Will iamson, as  Patrici a  Vorhis, Sp (G)3c,
           You would call it a  perfect land-  It's a lways t hat way after a  ship   In recent weeks  a  special  school   and  Theresa  Perry,  Sp (G)3c,  await their t urn  to  be  interviewed.
          ing  if a  plane  came  in  and  hit  on   has been in port for a  while. Every-  for  fleet  men  has  been  organized
          both  wheels  at  the  same  time,  in   body  dreads  the  first  two  or  three   with  the  objective  of  acquainting   The  regimental  ping  pong  tour- The tournament was organized and
          the  center  of  the  deck  headed   days,  until  they  get  their  hand  in   technicians  who  have  been  on  sea  nament which  has  just drawn  to  a  supervised  by  Sps(A)  Barnett  and
          straight forward,  and caught about  again.                 or advanced base assignments with  successful  close · drew  total  entries  Carey and they are to be congratu-
          the third one of the cables stretched   As I  was watching the first flight  the  latest  information  in  the  field  of 250 students with 48  men in the  lated on their good work.
          across  the deck.             coming  in  one  by  one,  my  room- of  radio  and  radar  gear.  Lt.  (jg)  final  playoff.  The  tournament  was  Sha des of Spring
           But  very few of them are perfect.  mate,  Lt.  Commander  Al  Masters,  Ragsdale has been in charge of the  organized and supervised by Sps (A)   There  is  every  indication  that
          They  come  in a  thousand  different  came up behind m e  and said  "Well,  special  courses  with  Lt.  (jg)  Mc- Harkins  and  Regan  who  are  due  spring  is  in  the  air  judging  from
          ways. If their approach is  too  bad,  I  see  you've  got the  carrier stance  Neil as his assistant. Only men who  much credit for  their skillful  hand- the affairs of Cupid that have taken
          the  signalman waves  them  around  already.  I  noticed you  leaning way  are  graduates  of  radio  materiel  ling of all the many details that go  place  recently.  Latest  to  take  the
          again.                        over to  help  pull  them around  into  schools  and who  have  been  on  ac- into a  successful tournament. J.  M.  leap  is  Louise  Trimpe,  Y3c,  of  the
           They'll  sometimes  come  in  too  position."              tive  duty at sea or foreign stations  Sudarsky,  Slc(RT) ,  of  Company  Instruction  Office  who,  on  March
          fast and hit the deck so hard a  tire   When all the planes were back, I  are eligible to attend. Many gradu- 68B,  earned  the  title of regimental  22  in  San  Francisco,  became  the
          blows.  They'll  come  in  half-side- walked  over  to  Commander  Al  ates  of  RMS  are  returning for  the  champion by defeating J . M. Stone,  bride of Loren A.  Herbison,  MMlc.
          ways,  and the cable will  jerk them  Gurney, the air officer, and said "If  course  and we  will  soon be  able  to  Slc, (RT),  of  Company  66B  in  the  Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Dean
          around in a  tire-screeching  circle.   I'm  going  to  watch  this  for  the  organize  an  alumni  club.  It  is  our  finals.   Bubar  who  only  the  week  before
          Varied  Approaches            whole  trip,  you'll  have  to  provide  plan in the future to present in this   In  the  free  throw  tournament  were  bride  and  groom  themselves.
           They'll  come  in  too  close  to  the  me  with  some  heart-failure  medi- column  some  of  the  experiences  which has been in progress for t he  On March  25, Bill Taylor, Yl c,  Per-
          edge of the  deck, and sometimes go  cine."                 of  our  graduates  on  the  various  past  30  days  the  winner  has  been  sonnel  Office,  married  Miss  J une
          right  on  over  the  catwalk.  They'H   But  as the trip wore on t he  boys  battle fronts.   determined  after  an  elimination  Pimley  of  San  Francisco.  The
          come in so high t hey'll miss all the  improved and my own nerves hard-.  In  the  Sports Arena   contest  which  saw  total  entries  of  couple  were  married  in  Oakdale,
          arresting  gear  and  slam  into  the  ened,  and between  us  we  managed   The   RMS   basketball   team  75  men.  The winner is  J .  J .  Lucas,  California,  with  Miss  Louise  Bush
         high  cables  stretched  across  mid- to  get  all  our  planes  down  for  the  clinched  t he  runner-up  spot  in  the  RT3c,  Company 55B,  with a  record  attending the bride and Dave Seret-
          decks,  called "the barrier.''   rest  of  the  t rip  without  a  single  Treasure  Island League by  defeat- in  the  final  round  of  41  out  of  50  sky, Y2c, best man. Our  best wishes
           Sometimes they  do  a  somersault  casualty  either  to  them  or  to  me.  ing the DD  Pool in  the  final  game  throws.  Runner-up  is  J .  R.  Lof- to  these  happy  couples  for  a  long
          over  the barrier,  and land on  their   (Courtesy San Francisco News)  of the  season 41  to  25.   strom,  Slc(RT),  Company  66B.  and happy married cruise.
              Male  Call                by  Milton Caniff. creator of "Terry and the Pirates"              Briefs for Observation Mission
             W              W            Y       W   17         W'                         ,-,..---.----=-=~=-=-
              M0 5T EVEIZ.Ynlltl/6                                W~EN  TH                                                                     HMM-eED
              ABour JET PIWPUL<;ION                               C.01..0NE                             ! ~                                    WOOLSHOIZTl5
              IS  STILL SECRET, MIS<;                             6 ET~  6 0                                                                   -VER- EE
              I..ACE- SUT  YOU  MAY                                                                                                             Po!ACTICAL.]
              ~AVE  A  LOOI::  AT Tl-IE
                  AI RPLANE  f
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