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THE  MASTHEAD,  SATURDAY,  APRIL  7,  1945          PAGE  3

       Camp Parks Throws  Dimmers  On Jammed Smoker

                                                                                                                                It  looks  like  Lt.  ('jg)  Chuck
                                                                                                                              O'Hara,  manager  of  the  Armed
                                                                                                                              Guard  Gunners,  pulled  one  out  of
                                                                                                                              the  bottom  of  his  sea  bag  when
                                                                                                                              he  came  up  with  Turk  Tomlinson
                                                                                                                              the  other  day.  Tomlinson,  a  well
                                                                                                                              stacked  up  right  hander,  showed
                                                                                                                              mid-season  form  in  last  week's
                                                                                                                              practice  and  appears  to  be  the
                                                                                                                              mainstay  of  the  pitching  staff.
                                                                                                                              Shading  the  six  foot  mark  and
                                                                                                                              tipping  the· scales  at  190,  Turk  is
                                                                                                                              a  cool,  heady  ball  chucker  with  a
                                                                                                                              good  curve.  He  won  12  and  lost
      TOPIC  OF  DISCUSSION-T<!king  it  on  the  chin  from  Hank  Shelly   positing  him  in  the corner for  the count with  a  flurry -of  right crosses
      is  aggressive  Acey  Rogey,  who  took  the  decision  fr,om  the  Camp   to  the  button.  That  long · right,  thrown  by  Max  Ankele,  is  ,one  of  the   eight  for  Muskogee  in  the  West-
      Parks  battler after three  rounds of  leather lunging.  Camp  Parks pro-  reasons  why  Henry  Anderson  suffered  his  first  set-back.  Anderson  ern Association on his last hitch of
      tested  the  verdict  rendered  by  ann,ounc,er  Ray  Fee.  Hank  Watkins   was tagged  repeatedly  by  these  right  hand  smashes and  was lucky  to  organized  base·ball.
      (center  photo)  rang  the  curfew  -on  ·the  ,outclassed  L,on  DeJohn,  de-  leave  the  ring  in  a  vertical  positi-on.
                                                                                                                                Carlascio,  a  small,  chunky right
                                                                                                                              hander  with  plenty  of  hurling  as-
      THRONG  VIEWS  DISPUTE  WITH  DELIGHT;                                                    Treasure  Island  Scores      sortment,  will  pitch  behind  Tom-
                                                                   AMATEUR  WRESTLING                                         linson  while  fireman  duties  will  be
      GORDON,  RODRIGUEZ  IN MAT  FEATURE                                                       Second  Win  In  38-4         handled  by  Smith,  a  lean  stick  of

        Riotous entertainment both in and                            Treasure  Island  is  organizing   Rout  Over  Jefferson   pitching efficiency who should help
                                                                                                                              the  Gunners  in  any  diamond  cat-
                                                                   a  team  to  enter  in  the  coming
      out of the ring was finally  squelch- sessions weathering an early storm                    Treasure Island's improved base- astrophe.  Kendrick,  however,  is
                                                                   A.A.U.  wrestling  tournament,
      ed  at  the  conclusion  of  the  last  from  the  flying  fists  of  Harry               ball  team  overwhelmed  the  Jeffer- O'Hara's   ace-in-the-hole.   Lean,
      smoker  bout  after  6500  howling  Camp  but  taking  the  initiative  in   April  20.  As  yet  the  place  of   son All-Stars Sunday afternoon  by  lanky  and  definitely  of  the  screw-
                                                                   action is unknown.
      fans  stared  starry-eyed  through  the  closing  chapter  to  nab  the                   a  score  of  38-4,  the  game  being  ball  tradition,  Kendrick  throws
      two  and  a  half  hours  of  mingled  verdict.                Weights  open  to  competition   called  after  the  seventh  inning.   from  any  side  of  the  barn  along
      excitement  in  Gym  No·.  1  Wednes-  Jimmy Vallo was just too big and   are:  115,  121,  128,  135,  145,  155,   Batting superiority plus  the help  with  a  wonderful  assortment  of
      day night.                    too tough for a  fellow of such small   165,  175,  191  and  unlimited   of a  strong wind paved the  way  to  wrinkles,  according  to  O'Hara.  He
        The  smoker  was  by·  no  means  dimensions  as J. Olivera. Although   heavyweights.   Treasure Island's  second win.   still  needs  more  control  but  when
      lacking  from  a  humorous  side  as  both  sailors  tipped  the  beams   Workouts and instruction will   Home runs were hit by Dick Dur- he  gets  it,  "Praise  the  Lord  and
      grapplers Babe  Rodriguez  and Joe  at an  even 142,  Vallo  stood a  good   be  held  in  Gym No.  1  under the   dan,  Jack  Phillips  and  Terry  Val- help  the  opposition",  they'll  need
      "Flash"  Gordon  went  20  minutes  six  inches  above  the  stumpy  Oli-  educated arms of Sp(A)'s Pollei   lero.  The  entire  Treasure  Island  it.
      to  a  draw.  Although  Rodriguez,  a  vera  and  used  this  advantage  in   and  "Flash"  Gordon.  Men  can   bench had  a  chance  to  play  in  the   Fr,ontier  Base  and  Dyn k,owski •
      Latin Adonis, used everything iri his  giving  the back-peddling Olivera a   see Jack White in Gym No. 2 for   wild-scoring contest.   Thumbs  up  to  "Ski" Dynkowski,
      bag  of  tricks  to  match  holds  with  two  round  drubbing.  Time  was   help.           Batteries  for  Treasure  Island   who  is  certainly  doing  wonders
      the  giant Gordon,  he  still fell  prey  1.04.                Prizes  will  be  awarded to  the   were  Condon  and  Vallero,  Condon   with  Frontier  Base  boxing.  His
      to  the  flying  tackles  and  slingshot   Day  Has  Field  Day   winning men  and teams.   going  the  limit  and  allowing  only   punch  stable  is  the  envy  of  every
                                      "Kangaroo"  R  a y m o n d  Day                           seven  hits.                  eye  and  no  wonder with  such per-
                                    bounced  and  bumped his  way  to  a                                                      formers  as Scott  Chapman,  James
                                    three-round  decision  over  Ray                                                          Alexander,  George  Teague  and
                                    ing  style  of  Day  had  Rucker  in .. SPORTS ..
                                    Rucker.  Neither  threatened  the
                                                                                                                              "Nat"  Huskey under his protecting
                                    canvas at any time but the confus-
                                                                                                                              wing. As  if they needed it.
                                    misery more than once.                                                                    Add  Volz.
                                                                                                                                "Body  building  in  Gym . No.  2
                                      A  lean  stick  of  dynamite in  the                                                    is at a  new  high in attendance  but
                                    form  of  Lorenzo  Clark  exploded                                                        it  could  be  better,"  states  Chuck
                                    in  the  face  of  Elmer  Rogel  in  the  Comedian Wrestlers Will  Montgomery  All-Stars   Volz,  athletic  specialist.  The  finest
                                    second round after the classy Clark   Headline April 11 Smoker  Pace  Intra-Mural  Hoop   of  equipment  and  instruction  is
                                    had jabbed his way to an enormous                                                         at  your  disposal  at  any  time  so
                                    lead  in  the  first  stanza.  A  right   Alameda'sinvadingpunchhordes,  League  In  Gym  No. 1   why  not  drop  around  to  th~  gym-
                                    cross  to  the  button  spelled  the   recent  winner  of  the  12th  Naval               nasium  and  give  it  a  try.'  After
                                    end  for  Rogel,  leaving  the  game   Boxing championship and Treasure   Heated  floor  play  continues  in   all  it  takes  a  fine  body  to develop
                                    youngster  a  bewildered  battler   Island's own sock stable, will  clash   the  free-lance,  pick-up  league  rag- a  fine  mind.
                                    and in no fit condition to continue.   in  an  atmosphere  of  salt,  air  and   ing  in  Gym  No.  1  as  the  Mont-
                                    Riot  Fest                    choppy  water  here  in  Gym  No.  1   gomery  All-Stars,  spearheaded  by   Island  Chatter
                                                                                                                                Reviewing  the  '45  rugby-football
                                      The  sputtering  engine  of  Acey  on  Treasure  Island,  April  11.   their  name  sake,  hung  up  their   season we find Treasure Island not
                                    Rogey  finally  roared into full  gear   Lending support to the two-team   seventh  win  in  as  many  starts  by   only walked off with _the bacon but
                                    after a  disastrous first  canto when   struggle  are  the  rowdy  Mendoca   humiliating the  Administrative An-
                                    he  hit  the  deck  from  a  solid  right   brothers, mat sensations of the mid-  telopes,  51-16.   also  placed  three  men  on  the  all-
                                                                                                                              star  squad.  Named  to  the  tradi-
                                    hand  thrown  by Hank  Shelly.  The   west,  an array of night club enter-  Twenty-two of  these points were   tional rugby honor role were Chuck
                                    counter-punching Shelly ran out of   tainers  and  local  talent  furnished   contributed by little Bob Montgom-  Pinzone,  hard  hitting  scrum;  Dan
                                    gas in the final round giving Rogey   by  the  specialists  department.   ery,  who  hooked  and  vaulted  his   McCarthy,  backfield kicking artist,
                                    just the incentive he needed. Rogey   Fun begins at 1900, so·come early   way into the scoring column. Silent
        Muscle  M-en  Payne and  LaLane                                                                                       and  rough-and-ready  Bob  Pickett.
                                    sailed in with mittens flying to the   for choice seats.    Dunham,  Jim  Lynch,  Lt.  McAteer   Honorable  mention  went to Ronnie
                                    stomach  and  head  at  close  quar-                        and its playing publicity man,  Wil-
      tactics  of  the  wrestling  professor.                                                                                 Easter  and  Bill  Fassler.  Bernard
      Fifteen  minutes  later,  a  disputed   ters to  give  the  tired  Hank  Shelly           lie  Si~ger,  played  leading  roles  in   Erricsson,  Slc,  writing in  response
                                    a  pasting.  Judges Dave  Stevenson   Cotton  bolls  bloom  in  bright  the  lopsided  victory.
      boxing  decision  brought  heated                           0                                                           to  baseball  plea  claims  the  84th
                                    and  CSP(A)  Ray  Jewel  saw  nose'  hues of blue,  green,  red and brown   Fassler's "Elbow Benders" scored
      quibbling from the Camp-Parks de-                                                                                       Seabee  battalion  is  the  answer  to
      fenders  and  threatened  to  end  in   to  nose  in  favoring  Rogey.   in  Russia,  where  scientists  have  their sixth win against two defeats   Dick  Bartell's  woes.  Heading  the
      flying  hands,  but  the  agitators   Hank Watkins carried too many  succeeded  in  growing  the  textile   and earned the  right·to  oppose  the   list  of  Seabees  eligibles  is  Ensign
      were  silenced  by  cooler  heads  and   guns  for  Lon  DeJohn  of  Camp  plant  in  colors,  Woven  into  cloth,   All-Stars.  The  "M.  &  M.  Bellbot-  McNeil, former George Washington
                                    Parks,  abusing  him  with  looping  the  material is just as bright after   toms"  have felt  the sting of  defeat
      the  bouts  continued.                                                                                                  University player who scoops them
                                    right hands to the jaw in the initial  washing,             twice fron,  "Monty's"  charges.
        An  all  specialists  show  by                                                                                        up  at the  initial  sack  for the  84th.
      Treasure  Island's  leading  muscle   round  and  finishing  the  job  in  the                                          Hurry with those claim checks,Mgr.
      men was topped by the sensational   second  in  a  flurry  of  blows.                                                   Bartell,  while  the  nabbing's  good.
                                    Anderson's  Streak  Halted
      exhibition  of  hand-to-hand  juggl-                                                                                    Belting  Henry Anderson  continues
      ing  of  Jimmy  Payne  and  Jack   Max  Ankele  of  Camp  Parks                                                         his  winning  ways  by  out  pointing
      LaLane,  possessor  of  one  of  the   put  an  end  to  the  win  streak  of                                           Hunter's  Point  man  in  a  smoker
      most beautiful bodies  in the world.   Henry Anderson by outpointing the                                                last  Wednesday  at  the  docks.  The
      Jimmy  Lawson  went  through  a  sepia  socker  in  the  three-round                                                    feminine  sex  is  certainly  going
      series  of  flips  and  spins  on  the   feature  after  a  bruising  battle.                                           masculine  what  with  basketball
      trampoline.  Allee  and  Faust  per-.  Both boys  were  recipients  of  right                                           teams  and  now  softball.  Armed
      formed  spectacular  tricks  off  the  hand  clouts  with  Ankele  getting                                              Guard,  0.  T.  S.,  Pre-Commission-
      horizontal  bar  and  Ed  Buick,  who  the  bett~r  out  of  the  exchange.                                             ing  and  the  Hospital  will  enter
      recently  returned  from  the  Aleut- Ankele  had the hard-punching An-                                                 Waves  teams  in  the  12th  Naval
      ians,  giving  out  with  a  bit  of   derson  in  trouble  in  the  third-                                             softball  league.  Only  the  wet  con-
      juggling.                                                                                                               dition  of  the  athletic  pasture  is
                                    round  but  just didn't  have  enough
        Prying  the  lid  off  the  evening's   stuff  left  to  dispose  of  him.                                            holding  up  practice  sessions.  Golf
       boxing card were  Clarence  Smith,                                                                                     is  scheduled  for  the  early  part  of
      a  Treasure  Island  youngster,  and   Referees  Frankie  Carter  and                                                   April  with  a  large  turnout  in  a
                                    Eddie James donated their services
      Joe  Dwyer  from  Camp  Parks.                                                                                          new  Treasure  Island  sport  hoped
      Punches  flew  fast  and  furious  in   while  CSP(A)   H.  McLaughlin                                                  for.
      the  second  and  third  stanza  after   handled  the  time-keeping.
      a  slow  first  round  with  both  boys
                                                                                                                                Two  bobby-socks  girls  stole  a
      eatching haymakers in a  toe-to-toe
                                                                                                                              two-cent look at the headlines on a
      slug-fe~t. A  draw decision was well   The deepest spot in the  Atlantic-                                               crowded  street  car  recently.  One
      .receiveq..                   is the  Nares Deep,  north of Puerto
                                                                                                                              of them read aloud:  "British Bomb
      ·Cl-ose  Call                 Rico,  where  the  keel  of  a  ship  is                                                  Sumatra."  The  other  exclaimed:
        One-sixty-five  pound  Joe  Roscoe  more  than  five  miles  above  the  GRUNT  AND  GROANERS-The  robust,  comedy  Mendoca  br,others,  "Why  are  they  picking  on  poor
                                                                  t-0p  entertainers  in  the  big  time  mat circuit,  will  unroll  their carpet of
      found i:~e  going tough in the early  ocean floor.          frolics  at the  April  11   smoker.                        Frankie?"
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