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       I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I 111111111111111 II 111                                                                        ,
                                         -. -=-~                                                                 ·---------------------------------,-.
                                       ~~SEA~FRONTIER                                                                  ACROSS          3-Perfect food       ✓
                                        ~-=~~                                                                    I-Transfer            4-Unit
                                                                                                                 7-Tenant              5-Poem
                                           $ec  an~                                                             13-Arranges
       SAILED  WARM                                                                                             14-Kingdom             6-Intrinsic natures
                                        LOCAL  DEFENSE                                                                                 7- Unaspirated
        AND  SMOOTH                                                                                             15-Kings               8-Issue
                                                                                                                17-Large deer          9- Noticed
        SEAS  UNDER
                                       Belying  her  age  and  the  bat-                                        18-Calm                IO-Yellow ochre
        BENIGN  SKIES                tering she has received from seven                                         20- Bill of fare       11- Before
                                                                                                                21- Assume
                                     seas,  from  the  enemies  in  tw.o                                        25-Leer                12-Suffix: profession
        111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111  wars and the hands of crews in the                    28-Gael                19-Lament
              BY  ERNIE  PYLE        past  30  years,  the  vene,rable  gun-                                    30-Sue                 20-Chess pieces
                                     boat,  U.  S.  S.  Sacramento,  re-                                        31- Monarch            22- Debtor
        In  The  Western  Pacific                                                                               33-Lamprey fishing
                                     cently  slipped  into  her  berth  at                                                             23-Minute orifice
         There  are  moments when  a  voy-                                                                         ground
                                     Section Patrol, Treasure  Island,  to                                      35-Metallic  element   24-Playthings
        age  to  war  has  much  of  the  calm                                                                                         25-Chooses
       and  repose  of  a  pleasure  cruise  in   await  her  next  assignment  whicb.                          36-Consumes            26- Clasp tightly
                                     will  continue  an  enviable  log  dat-                                    38-Irks                27-Merchandise  stock
       peacetime.                                                                                               39-Lance
         For  day  after  day  we  sailed  in   ing  back  to  1914.                                            41-Serpents            29- Abated
                                                                                                                                       32- Custodian
        seas  that were  smooth  and  war.m,   Her natty lines and overall smart-                               43-Affair              34-Fleur-de-lis  (Her.)
        under  benign  skies.  There  was  no  ness  is  an assurance  of her ability                           45-Edge                37-Dine
        air  of  urgency  about  us.  True,  we  to  continue  as  a  member  of  the                           51-Tyro                40-Startle
        kept  air  patrols  in  the  sky,  but it  fleet despite the  fact that just prior                      53-Brazilian river     42- Prostrate
       was  really  a  practice  gesture,  for                                                                  54-Glossy coating      45---Hoarfrost
        we were far away from any enemy.                                                                        56-Hate                46-Desserts
         Sailors  at  work  wore  no  shirts.                              Courtesy Harle  Publications,  Inc.                         47- Liquefy
        Little  bunches  of  flying  fish  skim-                                 (Solution on  Page 4)                  DOWN           48-Equivalence
                                                                                                                                       49~ Chalice
        med  the  blue  water.  You·  needed                                                                     I- Underdone          50.-::::Dally
        dark  glasses  on  deck.  Pilots  took                                                                   2- Hebrew month       52- Large tub  ·
        sun  baths on the forecastle.
                                                                    coal-burning  engines  were  ripped
         Up on the broad flight deck~ clad
        only in shorts, the chaplain and ex-                        out  and  modern  oil-burning  equip-
                                                                    ment  installed.  In 1940  the  Sacra-
        ecutive  officer  were  playing  deck
        tennis.  And  in  the  afternoon  the                       mento  was  recalled  to  duty  and
                                                                    after  an  extensive  overhaul  and
        forward elevator was let down, the
                                                                    refitting  at the  Boston  Navy  Yard
        officers  and men played basketball.
                                                                    was  again  sent  to  sea.
         Every night we had movies after
        supper.  It was  hard  to  keep  i  in                       It is  a  unique  distinction  of  the
        your  mind  that we  were  a  ship  of                      Sacram~nto  that  she  was  the  first
        war,  headed  for  war.                                     American  vessel  to  stick  her  bow
        Extended  Action  Bill                                      into several important international
         Then  ever so gradually the  wea-                          situations  or  was  present  when
        ther changed,  as we  plowed  north-                        world-shaping events were develop-
        ward.  Yesterday  and  all  the  days  LT.  COMMANDER  ROBERT  F.   ing,  including  a  series  of incidents
        behind  it  had  been  tropically  hot.  SHEFFIELD,  commanding  officer  in the  Pacific  which  culminated  in
        Today  was  surprisingly  and  com-  -of the  USS  Sacramento.   the  attack  on  Pearl  Harbor,  De-
        fortably  cool.  Tomorrow  would  be                        cember 7,  1941.
                                      to  the  present  conflict  she  was  a-
        cold.  We  were  nearing  the  great                         It was  soon  after  she  had  gone
                                      bout to be  junked to make way for
        hunting  grounds  off  Japan.   newer, faster additions to the Navy.   down  the ways in  a  yard at Phila-
          On  the  last day you  could sense                        delphia  in  1914,  that  she  was  dis-
        the  imminence  of  it  all  over  the   In 1939  her usefulness  was consid-  patched to Vera Cruz for the Naval
                                      ered  ended,  her  mission  completed
        ship.  Not  by  anything  big,  but  by                     landing and occupation of that city.
                                      and she was sent to the Great Lakes
        the little things.  Our weeks of mo-                        From that time  on  she  sweated  in
        notony and waiting were at an end.   to act as a  training ship. It was dur- the  tropics,  was  frozen  in  Arctic
          The  daily  briefings  of  the  pilots   ing  this  time  that  she  ended  an  ice,  weathered  typhoons  in  the
                                      era of naval propulsion, for here her  China  Sea  and  sailed  the  glassy
        became  more  detailed.  There  was                                                       "PLANK  OWNERS" of the  USS  Sacramento. These  men  are ten of the
        less  _playboyishness  among  the                           smoothness of inland seas.    original 237 of the  Indianapolis area who  put the  Sacrament-a  into com-
        crew.  Ordinary  ship's  rules  were   bomb  when  it  explodes.  On  some   Although the Sacramento patrol-  mission  in  Michigan  City,  Ind.,  in  1940,  and  are  still  members  of  the
        changed to battle rules.      ships  the  men  paint  their  faces   ed  the  Barbary  coast  before  the   crew.  Left  to  right,  rear  row:  Herbert  Simpson,  WT1c;  Ralph  Moore,
                                                                                                  CSK ;  R.  F.  Rayborn,  S1c;  R.  1-i.  Crouch,  SK1c;  W.  F.  Doughty,  CMM;
          What is known as the  "extended   with  an  anti-flash  grease,  making   first war and  was  the  first  Ameri-  Wayne  Montfort,  SK1c;  (front)  J.  F.  O'Connor,  MM1c;  C.  B.  Miller,
        action bill" went into effect. Sailors   them  look  like  circus  clowns,  but   can vessel in those waters since the   SC1c;  J.  H.  Moore,  GM1c;  and  E.  M.  Gaddy,  WT1c.
        could  let  down  their  racks  in  the  we  didn't  on  our  ship.   days  of  Decatur,  it  wasn't  until
        daytime, and get a  little extra rest.                      she  was  assigned  to  convoy  duty  Philippine  constabulary squelch an  to the states in 1939  and she start-
                                        On  the  lower  decks,  every  com-
          Meal  hours,  instead  of  being  at                      that  she  received  her  first  real  uprising  in  Socorro.  From  1926  to  ed_ home  the  long  way.  Only  226
                                      partment  door  was  closed.  This
        12  and 6 o'clock sharp, were chang-                        baptism  of  ,fir-e.  While  on  this  1931  she  operated  off  the  China  feet long and very slow, she headed
        ed  to  run  from  11  till  one,  and   was  done  so  that  if  a  torpedo   duty ·she convoyed 483  ships across  coast  and was  called  upon  to  pro- west  and  came  to  the  east  coast
                                      should  hit,  it would  flood  only  the
        from 4:30 and 6:30, so that men on                          the  Atlantic,  sailing  more  than  tect  the foreign colony in Canton in  by  way  of  the  Suez  and  the  Med-
                                      compartment  where  it  struck.  All
        watch  could  trade  off  and  dash  in                     63,000  miles.  While  in the  Atlantic  1927.  The  year  1931  found  her  off  iterranean.  While  on  this  trip  she
                                      the rest of the ship would be sealed
        for  a  bite.  The  captain  never  left  off from  it.     she  rescued  the  crews  of  the  SS  Bolize,  Honduras,  again  aiding  used her auxiliary sails for the last
        the  bridge,  either  to  eat or sleep.                     Sebastian  when  it  burned  at  sea  earthquake  victims and rescuing a  time,  when  in  order  to  conserve
                                       The  ship's  hospital  was  shut off,
        Issued  Flash  Gear                                         in  1917,  and of the  SS  Swan River  group  of  castaways  on  Cocas  is- coal  and  add  an extra knot  to  her
          When  you came into your cabin,   and  the  medics set  up  business  in   when  it  sank  while  being  towed  land.   speed,  a  jury  sail  was  rigged  on
        you  found  your  bunk  had  been   the  many prearranged aid stations   to  port.         The  opening of the  Japanese  in- her  mainmast.
        made  up  with  a  "flash  sheet"   scattered  on  higher  decks  about   The  close  of  the  war sent her to  vasion  of  China  found · the  "old   Although  recalled  from  active
                                      the  ship.  They  could  even  perform
        around  it.  That is  a  black  rubber-                     Murmansk,  where  she  was  frozen  lady" on hand when she was in the  duty  she  reached  the  east coast  in
        ized  sheet,  to  protect  you  from   operations  at  any  one  of  a  dozen   in while  serving the  troops  guard- midst  of  the  first  bombing  of  time  to  perform  another  outstand-
        bomb  burns.                  temporary  spots  set  up  in  mess   ing the Russian  and  Siberian rail- Shanghai.  One  Japanese  bomb fell  ing  service  for  the  Navy.  She  ar-
          Everybody  was  issued  "flash   halls or cabins.         way.  Three  years  later she was at  within  20  yards  of  her,  shatter- rived in New York in time to serv-e
        gear."  That  consists  of  several   After supper on  the night before  Vladivostock  to  take  on foreigners  ing  her ports,  smashing  her  boats  at  the  sce·ne  of  the  Squalus  dis-
        items  -  a  thin  gray  hood  that  our strike, we saw the movie,  "The  who had been caught in the middle  and  injuring  several  members  of  aster.  She stood by during the long
        covers  your head  and  hangs  down.  Magnificent  Dope."  I  guess  it's  of  fighting  between the  White  and  her  crew.  Although  damaged  she  weeks of struggle raising the sunk-
        over your  shoulders;  a  white  cloth  old  but  it  was  good  and  awfully  Red  Russians.  Disturbances  in  evacuated refugees from  Shanghai  en  sub from  the  bottom,  providing
        on  an  elastic  band  to  cover  your  funny.              Honduras  in  1922  recalled  her  to  and  Hong  Kong  to  Manila.  When  quarters  for  rescue  workers  and
        nose  and  mouth;  isinglass  goggles   Except I  noticed there were only  Central  American  waters  which  the Nips  )?lasted the  gunboat,  USS  helping  tow th:e  Squalus  to  Ports-
        for  your  eyes;  and  long  gray  half  as  many  people  at  the  movie  were followed  by seven  years duty  Panay,  to  the  bottom,  the  Sacra- mouth.  Following  this  episode,
        cloth gloves with a  high gauntlet.   as  usual.  And  not  long  after  it  along  the  China  coast.   mento  was  on  hand  aiding  crew  which  some  thought  would  be  the
         All  of  this  to  save  your  hands  was  over,  -everybody  had  gone  to   In  1923  she  relieved  earthquake  members of the first American ship  last  in  her  long  career,  she  was
        and  face  from  the  searing,  flame- bed for  they  knew  there  would  be  victims in  Yokohama and then an- sunk  by  the  Japanese.   sent  to  the  fresh-water  port  of
        throwing  blast  of  a  big  shell  or  no  rest  tomorrow.   swered  an  urgent  call  to  help  the   The Sacramento was called  back  Michigan City, Ind.
              Male Call          by Milton Caniff, creator of "Terry and the Pirates"     Personnel Officer,  Female,  Civilian~  Hep
                           Ml½  !..ACE, I'M SO  WOJ.:!RIED   I  THINK  I  K~OW
                           ABOUT  FRANK ••• Wf TOOK      TI-lE  ANSWEri.,MA'AMf
                           THESE  HOME  MOVIE5  ID       JUNIOR:., WILL YOU
                          -SHOW  HIM  WHEN  J.IE  GOT     DO  ME  A l=AVog?
                           BACK. - AND  HE  DOESN'T
                            SEEM  TO  ENJOY  THEM
                                  AT  ALL •••
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