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   .             ·  I  d  h                 I                  Hollywood  Stars  to          From Aleutians To  Solomons
   T reasure Is an  C  ape  a  House p                                 t St     Sh
                      ,                                         resen      age  ow
   Of Prayer In Navy Tradition                                 Here  Next  Week              On Vesse·l 'From First War
                                                                                                  Beginning wi h four years in the Naval Academy during
                (Picture on  Masthead  Front Coyer)              The  stars  of  the  silver  screen
                                                               will again shine on Treasure Island   World War I, Commander Charles J. McWhinnie, head of the
       Treasure Island  Chapel  is  truly dedicated to the devo- next  Wednesday  evening,  April  4,  gunnery department at Operational Training School, has had
   tions of sea-going men.                                     at Theatre No.  1 when another one  a  varied and at times precarious Navy career.
       "He maketh the storm a  calm"-a verse from the Book     of  those  ever  popular  Hollywood   Plans  to  join  the  Navy  in  1917
   of  Psalms-consecrates  the  stained  glass  window  over  the   stage  shows  will  be  given  for  the   were  diverted  to  training  at- the
                                                               personnel  of  this naval  base.
   chapel  entrance.  Dominating  the  window  is  the  figure  of                           .academy with  subsequent  commis-
                                                                 An added feature to the gigantic  sion  and  duty  until  resignation  in
   Christ upon the waters,  beneath His feet the Navy anchor.
                                                               show  will  be  the  Alameda  Coast  1928. In 1940 he was called to active
     Each  service  closes  with  the   The  building  houses  a  large
                                                               Guard  band  under  the  direction  of  duty  as  lieutenant  (jg)  with  the
   singing  of  the  Navy  hymn.   chapel and a  small. Its interior was   Chief  Musician  Leonard  Hickson.  reserve.  After  serving  in  various
     An  9ld  Navy  call,  "Rig  for  constructed to  resemble  that of an  With  possibly  four  top  stars,  plus  capacities  in  local  defense  units,
   church,"  summons  chapel  person- eleventh  century  English  country- a  number of starlets, the show will  he filled  a  position as aide  to Rear
   nel  to  prepare  for  services.  All   side church.  Pews are of ponderosa  get  under  way  for  the  first  per- Admiral  Osterhaus,  then  com-
   faiths  on  th.e  island  worship  in  the   pine.  On  July  17,  1943,  the  struc-  formance  at 1 H5,  followed  at 2000  mander  of  Treasure  Island  and
   same  chapel,  so  this  call  often                        by  the  second  show.  No  movie  is  local  defense  units.  During  his
   signals  a  change  of  cross,  candle- ture  was  dedicated.
                                                               scheduled  for  the  evening.  In  the  stay here,  he  saw  an  island  naval
   sticks,  and altar frontals  to accord   Since then, in countless numbers,
                                                               last  Hollywood  Victory  Committee  base  emerge  from  the  ashes  and
   with  the  ritual  of  different  re- men  3.:bout  to  put  out  to  sea  and
                                                               surprise show such stars as Danny  mud  of the  exposition.
   ligions.  For  Jewish  services,  the  men  newly  returned  to  American   Kaye,  Bonita  Granville  and  Chico
   altar  is  slid  back  into  a  recess  in  soil  have  meditated  in  its  sacred  Marx  appeared.  We  will  now  see   Shipping  out  on  a  World  War  I
                                                                                             four stacker as executive  officer at
   the  wall,  above  which  is  a  taber- quiet  or  raised  their  voices  in  what Hollywood has in store for us
                                                                                             the  outbreak  of  the  war,  Com-
   nacle  to  hold  the  sacred  scroll  of  prayer.  It  has  been  the  scene  of  next  week.  Tickets  will  be  pro-
   the  Hebrews.                                               rated to Tadcen division heads and   mander  McWhinnie  rode  the  craft
                                 much  joy,  for  at  its  altars  many
     Gr·ound  for  Treasure   Island                           the Welfare officers of the separate   through  the  Jap-infested  waters   Commander  McWhinnie
   Chapel  was  broken  in  April,  1943.   Navy  couples  have  been  wed  and   activities.   surrounding  the  Aleutians.  Rough
   Fittingly,  on  that  site  once  blos-  the  Children  of  Navy  parents  bap-  U SO  Show  Monday   weather  was  the  worst  enemy,   "The  reason  we  were  uneasy
   somed  a  magRificent  .garden  of   tized.  On  an  average  day,  two   Theatre  No.  3  will  be  the  scene   however,  because  of  the  lack  of   was  that  we  knew  nothing  of  the
   flowers- the "Magic Carpet" of the  weddings  are  celebrated  at  the   of an  excellent USO show Monday   modern  navigational  equipment.   purpose  of  the  fires,  but  later  we
   1939-40  Golden  Gate  International  chapel-436 last year, 120 since the   evening,  April  2.  The  stage  pro-  Then  followed  the  months  of   learned they were used  by friendly
   Exposition.                   first  of  1945.              duction  "Who  Goes  There"  will  be  early 1943,  in which the  newly ap-  native  lookouts  to  communicate
                                                               given at 1800 and  2000.  No tickets  pointed  captain took over the helm   with  their  headquarters.  However,
                                                               are  necessary  for  admittance  and  of  his  converted  APD  and  headed   we knew Japs were  in  the  vicinity
                                                               no  movie  is  scheduled for  the  eve- for  the  South  Pacific.   and since these fires silhouetted us
                                                               nihg.                           "One  day  off  Guadalcanal,"  he   beautifully,  we  expected  to  be
                                                                                                                           taken under fire  by shore  batteries
                                                                                             recalls,  "we  shot  down  three  Japs.
                                                                                                                           at any moment.
                                                                                             One  dive  bomber  laid  his  eggs  so
                                                                                                                             "At  the  time  these  fires  blazed
                                                               COLORED  DANCE                ..!lose  that it felt  as if  the  old  ship   up,  I  suddenly  felt  the  old  bateau
                                                                                             Jumped  out  of  the  water.  I  re-  scraping and  straining on  the  bot-
                                                               SET  FOR  APRIL  4            ,nember looking aft, and the water   tom.  It is  a  sickening  sensation  to
                                                                                             spilling  over  the  ship  added  to
                                                                 Colored personnel of Treasure Is-  smoke  from  the  laboring  boilers   feel  a  ship lurch aground,  but for-
                                                               land  are  invited  to  be  on  hand   created  the  effect  that all  the· ship   tunately  we  cleared  without  dam-
                                                               Wed.nesday,  April  4,  at  another   .rrom  the  stacks  aft  was  blown   age.
                                                               dance  to  be  held  ·n  Gym  No.  1                          "We  steamed  on  about  a  mile
                                                               starting at 2000.             away.  However,  the  rugged  engi- further  to  the  small  beach  where
                                                                                             neers  came  through  with  a  growl  we were to land our Raiders. As we
                                                                 The  Treasure  Island  swing  band
                                                                                             by  phone  to  the  bridge  about why  !!.pproached  to  about  1000  yard;,  a
                                                               will furnish the music, and partners
                                                                                             we didn't give a little more warning  blinker  light  from  ashore  slowly
                                                               will  be  invited  from  the  surround-  when we wanted full  power.  All or  and  deliberately  flashed  'O.K.'  We
                                                               ing  area.  As  usual  there  will  be
                                                                                             the ships in the area were maneuv- suspected  Jap  ambush  because
                                                               plenty of food.  Tickets may  be  o_b-  ering  at  high  speed  to  avoid  the  'O.K.'  is  not  an  established  re-
                                                               tained  from  the  welfare  officer  of   planes.  One  of  our  innocent  crew  cognition  signal  even  if  things  are
                                                               each  activity.
                                                                                             members,  observing  the  fall  of  O.K.  ·
                                                                                             machine  gun  strafing  fire  as  ii::   "About  that  time,  two  native
                                                               If  You  Can                  Janced  alongside  the  ship,  com-  canoes  came  out  of  the  darkness,
                                                                                                                           one  heading  for · each  of  the  two
                                                                                             ,nented  on  how  many  fish  were
                                                                                                                           ships composing our force.  We had
                                                               Sing  or Dance                jumping.''                    them  covered  with  machine  guns
                                                                                               In  the  spring  of  1943,  the  old   but  as  the  canoe  neared  our  ship,
                                                               You  Are  Needed              Waters  (nick-named  "Old 8-Ball")   a  Marine  called  out  and  identified
                                                                                             joined  a  division  of APD's  operat- himself  as  part  of  an  advance
                                                                 Talent  for  future  Treasure  Is- ing in the  Solomons area.   Marine Reconnaissance  unit.
                                                               land  shows  is  urgently  needed.  If
                                                                                               Describing  the  first  landing  on   "After  the  Marine  came  aboard
                                                               you are an actor, dancer, comedian,
                                                               singer,  acrobat,  or  magician-we  New  Georgia  in  which  several   with directions for our Raiders,  we
                                                               want you!                     hundred  Marine  Raiders  were  put  put our boats  in  the  water,  loaded
                                                                                             ashore,   Commander  McWhinnie   them, and sent them ashore.  It was
                                                                 Anyone, male or female, with any                          daybreak  before  we  finished  un-
                                                               type  of  entertaining  talent-pro-  says,  "It  was  one  of  the  blackest,   loading. A few Jap planes appeared
                                                                                             rainiest  nights  ever  seen  in  the
                                                               fessional or amateur, naval person-                         but they made no approach,  doubt-
   T REASU RE  ISLAN D  CH AP.EL'S  three  choirs  will  sing  during  the  nel  or  civilian  -  please  contact   Solomons, and the only chart of the   less  because  the · green  of  our
   special  Easter  services  in  the  chapel  -on  Sunday.  The  chapel  choir  of   Sps(A)  Wise  or  Paige  at  Theatre   area  where  we  were  to  land  con-
   thirty voices sings each  Sunday  in  the chapel  and the Wave sin(rers and               tained  a  note,  'Do  not  navigate   camouflage - blended  with  that  of
   Jubilee  choir  each  sing  at  regular  intervals.  The  chapel  and  Jubilee   No.  3,  phone  Extension 15.   ·      the  island.
   choirs  will  sing  at  the  Sunrise  service  at  0630,  to  be  br,oadcast  by  the     these  waters •  without  intimate   "Covered  by  some  of  our  own
   Blue  Network.  The  chapel  and  Wave  choirs  will  sing  at  the  0930  and            knowledge.'                   fighters  on the way out,  we passed
   1030  services .. All  personnel  are  invited  to  attend  all  services  Sunday,          "Fortunately,   some  helpful  over shoals five  times  and  in  each
   including  the  1130  Easter Communion.                           :l)~o/;                 natives gave us a  boost when they  case  had  less  thal\  one  fathom  of
                                                                  Se/,J,  ~ .<J.  J.   lighted  some  signal  fires  on  two  water under our keel.  Guadalcanal
   Many T. I.  Sailors           which  Spencer  Tracy  was  starred.   p e/U(J.H,H,eL       small  islets near which we  passed.  was  supposed  to  be  a  pretty  grim
                                   The  unit  includes  seven enlisted
                                                                                             We steered so close to one that the  place even in  those· days,  but after
   To  See  Their  Faces         men,  all  specialists  ( P),  photo-       *               natives'  fires  looked like  they were  our  experience  it  looked  like  a
                                 grapher's  mates,  or  strikers  for
                                                                                                                           beautiful  safe  haven.''
                                                                                             on  the  ship.
   On  Silver  Screen            these  rates.  Prior  to  entering  the   BANKING  FACILITIES  '
                                 Navy,  they  were  employed  by  the
     Every  sailor  on  Treasure  Island   motion  picture  industry  in  Holly-  WESTERN  UNION   Mobile  Opera ting  Room  for  Use
   knows "there's a  job for you in the   wood.  To  make  the  film,  they   PosT  OFFICE
   Navy"-but  not  one  ever  guessed   brought  with  them  three  truck-  w AR  BOND  OFFICE   In  F"ront  Lines Shown  by  N avy
   it might  involve  acting in front  of   loads  of equipment.
   a  motion  picture  camera.     In their  work  on the  island,  the   Atl 4 services  located in Bldg. ·   The  Navy this  week  unveiled  its  surgical  attention  within  the  "gol-
    Last  week,  many  men  attached   movie-makers were assisted by Lt.   258,  Ave.  H,  near 4th  St:   answer  to  the  urgent  need  for  a  den  six  hours"  after  men  are
   to the Operational Training School,   (jg)  T.  H.  Collinson  of the  Opera-  *          complete  mobile  operating  room  wounded.
   the  Frontier  Base,  and-the  Naval   tional  Training  School.   SMALL  STORES          permitting major surgery in front-
   Training Schools played "bit" parts                            Bldg.  215,  10th  St., between   line  areas of the Pacific.
                                                                                               The  self-contained  unit,  measur-
   in  film  sequences  which  wer.e  shot   Cross-Word  Answers       Aves.  M  and N.      ing  8  by  10  by  20  feet  inside,  is  THE  MASTHEAD  TO
   at  those  activities  by  a  Bureau  of                                  *
   Aeronautics movie unit from Holly-                    E D         TRAVELERS·  Arn         mounted  on  a  trailer  that  can  be   FEATURE  ERNIE  PYLE
   wood. The picture concerns the role                   T E                                 towed  by  any  vehicle.
                                                                    RAILWAY  EXPRESS
   of  colored  personnel  in  the  naval  ROLE                                                The Navy said 28 such units have   Articles  by  GI  Joe's  favorite
   service.                     I                                Both  located  in  Bldg. 221,  rrth   been  ordered.  Eighteen will  be  de- columnist,  Ernie  Pyle,  now  cover-
    Technical  adviser for  the  film  is                         St.,  between  Aves. G and H.   livered  to  lhe  Pacific  in  the  next  ing the  battlefronts  of the  Pacific,
   Lt.  Commander_ C.  N.  Dillon,  for                                      *               30 days, three to a  Marine division.  will  be  published  weekly  in  The
   one  and  a  half  years  in  charge  of                        SmP's SERVICE  :tqo.  I   The other 10 will be held in reserve  Masthead,  starting with this issue.
   the colored s'ection of the Bureau of                         Bldg.  r:;2,  9th  St. and Ave.  C. '.   for  replacements.   Pyle's  column is  published daily  in
   Naval Pers·onnel. Working with him ·                                                        The  unit  can  be  unloaded  and  the  larger  newspapers  of  the
   are Lt. D.  M.  Stuart of the Bureau                                      *               ready for· use within one  hour.   United  States  and  is  appearing  in
                                                                   Sm~'s SERVICE  No .  2
   of  Aeronautics,  previously  an  art                                                       Navy  medical  officers  explained  this  naval  publication  through  the
   director for Walt Disney, and Fred        I R   AD D IE       Bldg. 8,  ;th St.,  between  Aves.   that any type operation can be per- courtesy  of  the  United  Feature
   Zinnemann  of  MGM,  who  directed  E R   T E   POL L S               M  andN.            formed in it. They said it will be of  Syndicate  anq  the  San  Francisco
   the  film  "The  Seventh  Cross,''.  in I  MA   E E   S WE ET                             immeasurable  benefit  in  providing  News.
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